Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Inside my Wallet

Mitch tagged Me.. She wants to know whats found inside my wallet. Sorry, but i don't have a pic now. But here's a few of my wallet must-haves..

** cash
** ATM card
** our family pic last May
** membership cards / discount cards
** papers to remind me of something

Thanks a lot Mitch..enjoyed it !


Joaquin and his cousins had their trick or treat a while ago at SM. Whew! Lotsa lotsa kids! They all had fun going around the mall. Before lunch, Joaquin was already asleep! LOL. Lunch came after and Jollibee is full so we settled for Flavors of China. My niece joined the Costume Contest inside SM. We dropped by the Supermarket too for a few groceries. I am dead tired and I want to sleep, but the little boy is so wide awake, so I just keep myself busy (sana may opps hehehe) checking the net. Later I will feast with the candies and chocos of Joaquin. Yum! Yum!

* pictures to follow!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Be insured

Gelo and I recently started out as a family. It's only been two years since we were married, and all this time , I am proud to say that we were able to invest some of our money. But recent events made me think ahead. His father died last June, and It was good enough that he left a good amount of money for them. We found out about his insurance, so Gelo and I decided that it's time to get one.

We are looking for Family Insurance Plans with the best rates. It is good to have this kind of insurance than having individual ones since we are a family now. That would not only cover us but our children as well. Insurance Quoting Services are now available online, so it really saves my time than going to insurance offices which can really be tiring. Who wouldn't love to get a quotation at the comfort of your home? Lastly, we are searching for the cheaper insurance rates because there are still other things that we need to fund for the coming years, like Joaquin's schooling. I would really feel great if ever we can get a good deal by this year.

Belle de Jour Planner 2008

It's here!!! I already placed my order at their website., This is a one of a kind planner, because it has lots and lots of discount coupons (36 in all) from stores like Flip Flops/Havaianas, Bayo, BYSI, Celine, Charles and Keith, Chocolate Clothing, Claw Daddy, CMG, Cocorama, Crustasia, Culte Femme Rustans, Cupcakes by Sonja's, Fiorgelato/Fiorcafe, FlyWear Eyewear, Freeway, Get Happy Accessories, Heaven 'N Eggs, Karimadon, Kashieca, Laybare Waxing Salon, Levi's Girls Store, Luna Rustans, Maybelline, Moschino Fragrances, New Orleans Restaurant, RedCrab Seafood Club, RedBox, Rred Rustans, So! Fab, The Ramp Crossings, Tomato, VNC, and Ace Water Spa!

It also contains affirmations , articles, menstrual period tracker, time management tools etc etc.. At the discounted price of Php 548, it's really a steal! check out

This is the ultimate fashion planner!

Daddy and casinos

I am missing my dad nowadays so I called him last night. We had a short talk about Joaquin then he told me about his recent casino winnings. My dad wasn't into gambling when he was still here in Manila, but now, he is enjoying it in California. They would even travel to Las Vegas with my relatives. But I told him that there's a list of top usa online casinos that he can find online. He doesn't need to travel, he can play at the comfort of his home. He can choose from a lot of websites. A detailed review is also available if you are still hesitant at first. Some even offer bonus money which is a great way to start. You just need to start downloading it so you can play and enjoy. This site is a big help for US players because it provides safe and fun online gaming destinations.

Now I know, my dad will get even more excited with this. He doesn't need to dress up, and drive all the way to Las Vegas for a fun filled casino game. I do wish him luck too, because for sure, if he will be lucky enough to win, then I can ask for some shopping money. Are you into casinos? Better try this one. Good Luck!

trick or treat tomorrow!

The little boy will have his trick or treat tomorrow at SM. If you noticed, I wasn't really that excited at all, wala lang hehehe. But last sunday, Gelo and I decided to buy him a Superman costume for the halloween. He do have this super cute superman footies and pail from my mom to match the outfit. We had a dress rehearsal last Sunday night, and the little boy had fun with the costume. He loves raising his hand whenever we shout "Superman!" Hahaha! Last year, he wore his Pooh costume, pero hinika eh.. so im not risking it now, though im so tempted.. coz this time he can walk on his own and i know that he is soo cute wearing it... here's his pic last year..

ano? ipasuot ko ba? hahha! lagot tayo pag hinika!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shoes galore

Jody's question tag of "How many pairs of shoes do you currently have?" made me excited to count my shoes. Thanks Jody, because of your question I was able to clean some of them , and some are still buried deep down our cabinet, and I have no plans of resurrecting them. I wasn't able to take a pic of my formal shoes, but i think I only have 4 of them plus my wedding shoes pa pala. Yeah, Im kinda Imeldiffic! LOL.. ..Here, take a look at some of my shoes

** these are my rubber shoes and sneakers. Would you believe Gelo and I loves to have the same shoes when we were in college? We have the same red Nike Presto shoes (though his is balck and red), and that Nike in Black and Pink, Black and green naman sa kanya**

** flats that I still use til now. This will be updated very soon. The daddy gave me a yellow shoes that is extremely cutie, plus the 4 flat shoes from my mom hehehe **

** and more casual comfy footwear**
I really cant get enough , I know. My mom too, she bought me a lot recently. I think you should have seen her shoe collection before she migrated, walang sinabi mga sapatos ko. LOL :) Notice, no wedges or stilettos? Oh , and my office shoes are not included too. I had a "choose, grab and run away with my shoes" day early this year. As in pinamigay ko pati office shoes, coz I know, i wont be working na hehehe :) I will try to update this site for some of my shoes . And you might just wonder, cheap lang ang ibang shoes ko, as in! I just love to wear different pairs every single day.. aylavet! That's my therapy.. retail therapy, not to mention closet theraphy, hahaha!

So to answer Jody's question, i have 24 pairs of shoes posted here :) Thanks Jody :)

** christmas party wishlist**

Im hoping na hindi pa nakakabili yung giver ko hehehe :) im changing my list ...

1. Canvass tote bag at Tomato Store.. its php 200 each, and if its not too much to ask, can i have 2? para 4oo sakto ;) i want the brown one (print is 2 girls facing each other yata) and the yellow one please:) you'll spot it easily sa store.

2. a paddle brush for my hair , or if its more than 400, any hairbrush will do.

3. coin purse

and for the little boy...

1. any Barney or Blues Clues book .

2. anything barney or blues clues toy, but no stuffed toys or furry materilas pls, he is asthmatic eh ..

thanks! im soo excited to see all of you :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Joaquin and the Holy Family

Yes, that's the Holy Family , and he isa carrying it around our room the other day. I asked our maid to wipe it clean, and the little boy cried to death when our maid took the image from him. He was crying while saying "Papa Jesus.. Papa Jesus..".. I was laughing out loud! Is this because he doesnt have any toy to hug? (he has asthma so no stuffed toys for him). And look at that first pic, parang kinakausap nya diba? Oh my ! And he is hugging it too while watching Barney. I'm telling you, this image is heavy, so i am following him whenever he carries it around. Would he be a priest soon? Let's see. Would you believe I dreamed of being a nun when I was at Grade four?! Yeah, I always read the bible then, and i got close with my religion teacher who happens to be a nun :) Now, I want another baby boy, baka kasi magpari ang panganay ko.

* pardon the pics, i just used our webcam for that... **

our dining room for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and I'm getting excited with our menu for the Christmas Eve. I am also thinking of some dining room furniture that I can add up to what we have right now. My sister bought our new dining table so I'm thinking which Dining furniture to buy from my own money. Since my inlaws will join us on Christmas eve, I am planning to decorate the table with a little sense of formality, so I'm checking out some formal dining room furniture. We will also get a counter height table for my inlaw's place. It is so relieving to find a website that offers great styles and prices. Now, i dont need to look any further.


is this true? my pagerank is 3 already.. teehhheee.. thanks to all of you :) i have a lot of opps now! yey!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Thanks Thea! Sorry for the delay of my post, internet was down.. hehehe

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? Joaquin, of course :)

2. What were you doing at 0800? breakfast with my family

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? watching TV, waiting who will be evicted at PBB

4. What happened to you in 2006? gave birth to joaquin and became a proud, devoted mom with no yaya at all :)

5. What was the last thing you said out loud? Joaquin! Give that to mommy!

6. How many beverages did you have today? lots of water coz i have colds

7. What color is your hairbrush? black

8. What was the last thing you paid for? joaqui's alphabet and number chart ( its barney this time)

9. Where were you last night? home

10. What color is your front door? snow white

11. Where do you keep your change? if im at home, in our small crystal bowl, if im out, bag or wallet

12. What’s the weather like today? cloudy

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? anything chocolate

14. What excites you? - my everyday life with joaquin, coz he has something new to show me every single day... and im getting excited with thursdays, the daddy spends his time at alabang while waiting for 7pm for the color coding scheme cut off, so he shops for me and for joaquin during his waiting time. HEhEH

15. Do you want to cut your hair? Yes, though this is short, it needs to be trimmed on a regular basis

16. Are you over the age of 25? yes

17. Do you talk a lot? Yes, 24/7 :)

18. Do you watch the O.C.? No.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven? No.

20. Do you make up your own words? Yeah sometimes.. feeling ko nga may sarili akong gay lingo hahaha!

21. Are you a jealous person? Yes :)

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. - Angelo? Asus!

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. - Kay Lenz

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? Gelo

25. What does the last text message you received say? - "what is it girl?" - o told my friend that i have something impt to tell her kasi

26. Do you chew on your straw? nope

27. Do you have curly hair? wavy i should say..

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? - bed coz im sleepy na hehehe

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? luckily wala naman

30. What was the last thing you ate? Brownies from kfc

31. Will you get married in the future? I’m married na.

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? haven't seen any at the big screen since harry potter 5. pathetic ba? :)

33. Is there anyone you like right now? Romantically, hubby of course

34. When was the last time you did the dishes? when we lost our helper last

35. Are you currently depressed? No.

36. Did you cry today? No.

37. Why did you answer and post this? Thea tagged me and i enjoy answering tags. :)

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey: please feel free to answer this, most of my blogging friends posted theirs already :)

Thanks again Thea! Had fun answering :)

still looking for furnitures

We had our house warming last week in time for my grandmother's 82nd birthday, but would you believe that we still don't have a new sofa? Our old one is still in good condition, but we wanted to have a plain black or red this time to stick with our color theme. Our place still lacks a few items so a friend of mine asked me to check out the Bush furniture. I spotted a well crafted drawer and cabinet for our room. Would you believe that their price is 57% off and items are shipped from 1 - 2 weeks? It's a great deal for such furniture. So until now, I am checking on their other items because most are really on sale now. I might grab a few other things for the little boy's playroom.

Vacation Homes

Who wouldn't want to have one? Or better yet, if you still can't afford, just rent one. Yes it is so possible to rent a vacation rental home with Outer Banks. Having this type of accommodation is better than staying in a hotel, because with this, you get the "feel" of your home in such a great price. There's a lot of destinations to choose from and most of it are located near the beach, so it's just a walk away and you are ready to relax by the beach. They provide safety swimming precautions too and a lifeguard to monitor safety of guests who will visit the beach. We are planning to reserve a vacation home for summer because my sister will visit us here and we are definitely hitting the beach.

home theater experience

You all know by now that Gelo and Joaquin enjoys watching TV. Either the regular tv shows or DVD's, they really love being in front of the TV screen. We already have a big screen at home, and last week at the mall, Gelo spotted this Bose home theater that is so fitted to our new TV. I checked the items over the internet, and I found a better value at the site. They even offer a free shipping for their customers. We are planning to get the complete entertainment system for the home theater experience. Aside from that, they also have outdoor speakers that would be great for our garden area. I am so definite that Gelo and Joaquin would spend the whole day watching from their home theater.

Friday, October 26, 2007

no hopes

yes, no smartbro connection til this very moment, im stuck with dial up! grrr! i had the worst customer service experience from smart today. gawd, i wonder how they train their agents regarding phone etiquette. I asked for the agent's supervisor and i said that i am willing to wait. and his reply "ma'am kahit naman po yung supervisor ang makausap nyo, yun din naman po sasabihin nya sa inyo".. so i said " sya ang gusto ko makausap, hindi ikaw, so can you please just get your supervisor for me?"... he placed me on hold for like 3 mins, so i thought that by the time he's back, il get the chance to talk to the sup. But when he get back on me he said .."ma'am i'v e already forwarded your concern to the support group. rest assured that its being taken care of".. hay, ano ba ang hindi nya naiintindihan sa sinabi ko?would you believe it happened twice.. i asked for the supervisor again pero yun pa din sagot nya every time babalikan nya ko. I was pissed na talaga.. so i said " Ano ba ang hindi mo naiintindihan sa sinasabi ko? sabi ko gusto ko maka usap ang supervisor mo. wala akong paki alam sa support group nyo! yung supervisor mo ang gusto ko makausap. bakit ba hindi mo sya maibigay sa akin? meron ka bang hindi naiintindihan sa sinasabi ko?"

finally, after that i was transferred to the sup! haay, actually hindi na yung connection ko ang ni report ko, but this agent na walang etiquette at all. I even asked if he is new pero hindi naman daw. So matagal na pla sya and he still don't know how to handle calls. Im giving them til sunday, and im thinking of pulling out my account, i dont care if they have a lock in period of one year.. basta i wont pay them na, and wala akong pakialam kahit i disconnect pa nila ko. bwiset!

shopping at Beverly HIlls

I have always dreamed of visiting Beverly Hills, California because of it's distinct fashion and style, not to mention the celebrities that flock around the area. I wanted to experience world class shopping at Rodeo Drive and boutique openings, family day celebration, a concert at the park and a whole lot more. Beverly Hills offers a variety of activities for all of it's visitors.

If ever we will be granted a visa by next year, I am so definite that Beverly Hills would be on our top list to visit. But as of now that I don't have one yet, I just feast my eyes on websites that offers the very best of beverly hills shopping . First to look for would be clothes of course! A lot of designer brands are situated here and they also have online stores that I can check for now. I would also need to take note of the Rodeo Drive Map found on the websites. Of course, shopping won't be complete if I won't buy anything for the little boy. He is so much into tboys now so I need to check for toyshops. I would also need to research on stores for our DSLR and our latest laptop. Lastly , I found this online shop that sells contemporary dinnerware which I find so beautiful and elegant. I would love to have one for our new dining table. I got so excited with the website and the products it offers, because it is located at the heart of Beverly Hills. I can ask my cousin to go and check it out for me because I am really eyeing on a lot of home products. Items like table top items, china wares, linens , watches and fine jewelries really caught my eye. Now, I really can't wait to see the store.

But since I don't have the visa yet, I will just keep on visiting the online store to check on their new arrivals and most of all, I love to check for markdowns. I already saw a very stylish blue bracelet that would be perfect for dinners or parties. Oh, is it shopping time again? Might as well include that bracelet in my Christmas wishlist.

down.. down..down

Smartbro is still down, for friggin' 42 hours !!

I am now down with colds!

Water supply will be down tonight!

Ang saya saya!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

high waist Couture shorts this time

I spotted a red version of this couture short at Topshop Podium last month, but the price is Php 2000 + ! Huwaaatt! So I had no choice but to place it back on the rack. I was a bit sad then, i want it badly coz i know the style would hide my "puson".. I even went back to topshop to check it out a week after, it was still there in flaming red!I didnt even bother to show it to Gelo. It would be too much for 2K!.. A week after, I spotted a somewhat the same style at Folded and Hung (but i just love the one from topshop more), I had 4 outfits to try on that time, including the shorts.. LOL. I feel great with the shorts, but since i'm wearing a long graphic top, parang it doesnt match at all. I ended up buying a choco brown jumpsuit (still in shorts), and gawd.. love it! love it! I won't be posting a pic, coz I'm planning to wear it next month, at the Mommy bloggers christmas party.. hehehe :) excited! wish ko lang kasya pa, I eat a lot na naman..grrrr! diet! diet!

online shopping again

I have always loved shopping, whether I really end up buying something or just plain window shopping. But when I gave birth to Joaquin and decided to be a full time mom with no nanny, my shopping time at the mall was minimized. So I am so thankful for online shopping. I usually check on toddler clothes, shoes and toys, then a few stuff for me and Gelo. It's a good thing that most websites now offer a state-of-the-art shopping cart that takes care of all my purchases.

I am actually thinking of getting this kind of software for our online shop. It is affordable, easy to use, and they have a technical support group that can assist us during the set up. What is also good about this software is its accessibility. It is integrated with major banks, credit cards and even paypal. That would be a great help for the customers too. Not to mention that they can place and track their orders easily. I just wish that online shops would get this kind of shopping cart software so that customers would be more willing to shop online knowing that it's easy and safe.

Evacuate !

This is so fun.. no internet and no water this weekend. Yes, it was on the news and our barangay chairman announced today that there will be NO water supply in our area from friday night til satuday evening i guess. It's a total of 32 hours with no water at all. We are evacuating to my MIL's place on saturday morning. Water is something I really can't live without. I have to clean bottles, wash the little boy, take a bath, wash hands blah blah..blah.. I already asked our maid to fill all our containers, but that won't be enough if me, gelo and joaquin would stay here. My sister is here, and so as our maid, so its better to be at gelo's place in ermita. My sister is the only person i know na walang pakialam kahit wala ng tubig, deadma lang.. *sigh*.. so im still with dial up til sunday? HELP!

Really Smart!

Wow! SmartBro is down again in our area.. Ang saya saya.. and it's freakin 24 hours already. I'm using dial up now coz I need to finish some paid opps. I called them since last night, i had 7 calls na yata. And with my last one, i was sooooo irate! The customer support agent told me that this is only "temporary"..of course! Dahil kung permanent to eh di wala na kong account sa smartbro diba? So i asked her "how do you define temporary?".. kawawang agent, sakin pa natapat. I mean , its either temporary or permanent diba? so better yet, dont use the word temporary..

I even asked her to stop saying " i do apologize" ,, and "sorry for the inconvenience".. heard that a thousand times. feeling ko nga kahit ano sabihin ko that's her answer. So I said to her " i know, it's part of your script, it's in your metrics, to say those words for QA, but can you please try to rephrase it? or think of something else, bleeding na tenga ko eh"..

And here's more.. I said to her " My business depends on the internet, do you have any idea how much i'm losing now?" (naksss! negosyante!)... "Mababalik ba ng sorry mo, and ng apologies mo yung nawala sa kin?"....And she replied.." Ma'am, pwede nyo naman po pa rebate yung time na wala kayong connection, i deduct po sa bill nyo".. GRRRRR! Maloloka na yata ako.. So I repeated my question and told her na yes or no lang ang sagot sa question ko. I was so desperate na and i asked for her supervisor..Grabe, i spent 30 mins yata on the phone, and the best part of it all, im carrying joaquin because the little boy is asleep. Partida ko pa yun sa kanila, nagpapatulog ako ! Ok, back to work muna.

cheap tonneau covers

Do you own a pick up type of vehicle? Have you ever experienced inconvenience when it rains? Or when your vehicle is fully loaded at the back and you need to cover it? Well, worry no more because the most affordable tonneau cover is here. They, offer a wide variety of materials to choose from like hard tonneau covers, soft ones, hinged or tri-fold to name a few. They also carry the most popular brand names at the best price.

I am recommending this site to my uncle who owns a pick up type of vehicle for his business. He can be assured that his products are well-covered and secured. This would also protect the interior of his vehicle, protecting it from the sun and rain. Gelo is also thinking of purchasing one for their van. He is comparing the two popular brand names from the site. It is good to get reviews from previous customers first before deciding which style to buy. We are so lucky to land on this site because it offers the best price we could ever get.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

~ My Christmas Wishlist ~

This is for the Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party on November

1. a coin purse - No particular brand or design yet, so I might update this later. I badly need one. But whatever style would be ok, i trust my fellow mom's style :)

2. a long necklace , wag lang heart ung pendant coz i have 2 already:)

3. body wash with a long lasting scent - like the ones at body shop

4. make up kit at essences - its in black.. some combinations has plastic cases pa.

if ever i will see a specific style or store where to buy the items, i will post it asap :) thanks!

sip sip

...finally the little boy can drink water using a straw. I bought him this Playtex bottle with straw (and cover of course!)last June, but he just keeps on biting it then. So he drinks water using his Avent Magic Cup with spout. Last sunday, I tried giving him the bottle with straw and played with it again.. i was kinda losing hopes that he will ever learn.. pero sige, patience is a virtue ( motto ko na naman yan),and good things come to those who wait ( OA.. hahaha), so this morning, though we woke up late at 9, ayun he started sipping and i knew it.. he enjoyed drinking from there. I wasn't able to take his pic, I was still groggy then. He was seated on his booster chair with his food tray, his suction based cup of cookies, yoghurt and his drinking bottle. He still eats with a mess, pero ok lang, he is having fun while eating. And i had fun watching him too.

Cool Mom

Thanks Jacqui. I just wish I'll be a cool mom til he gets 18 huh?! LOL. Super thanks .. way to go cool mummies! ( yes, i wanted to spell it with a "U" , feeling brit eh hehehe)

Japan, Japan, sagot sa kahirapan

** at the lobby waiting for our room card**

** trying to do the signature "japan, japan, sagot sa kahirapan" hand peace sign**

** there you go.... japan, japan sagot sa kahirapan.. peace **

** don't do it mom**

Yes, some people call it the Korean peace sign, i call it that way too, especially when we were at Plantation Bay, and all the Koreans were doing the peace sign during photo opps. What's with the peace sign huh?!.. So we ended up doing it too.. I also noticed this with our fellow Filipinos working at Japan.. im sure you noticed it too. Two hands pa nga dooing the peace sign, at the sides of their cheeks most of the time. Hmm.. tell me more about its history. The "japan.. japan.. term" is something I learned from my gay friend at my previous job ages ago.. LOL. .. I wanna see your pictures doing this pose too :) Look at the last pic, Joaquin trying to put my two fingers together..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Laguna trip

Here's a few pics to share.. Kinda delayed since October 12 pa to. We went to my Uncle's place then checked out SM Sta. Rosa after lunch. We went with my cousin Jing, who lives in Sta. Rosa too.

** after lunch, getting ready to leave, Joaquin was making pa bibo na naman**

** with my dear cousin Jing, and her niece Alyanna**

** feel ko mag dress, bakit ba?!**

** he literally went crazy with these books..Look at those fingers, browsing for more.. **

*sigh* I have loads of pics to upload here at my PC, i don't even plan of editing those, i just need to resize so it would be easier to post it later here and at my Multiply account.

Online Casino

I am really not into casinos or gambling in my 28 years of existence, but here I am today looking for one online. Gelo is into playing a number of card games, not to mention poker, and he recently learned that there is a casino online. It was good enough that we landed on a good site that is like a directory of online casinos, giving a detailed review. It also gives information about the sites such as game experience, trust score and some other bonuses they offer. I would actually love to try playing poker, but I would still need a lot of knowledge about the game, observe on game strategies and expose myself. I am allowing Gelo to browse through the websites for now, just to have the idea, but not really gamble because we still have a lot of domestic expenses and financial obligations to prioritize. Maybe in the future, I can let him try it out. Who knows, I might get hooked into it too.

Bad Credit

I have recently read an article about credit cards and a bad credit. But of the two topics, I got curious with the bad credit. I never had one though but it seems that if you have one, it is quite hard to apply for a credit card or any other loan. It's a good thing that there is a website that provides a user guide to bad credits. Imagine, you can even compare compare credit card offers for people with bad credit and apply online instantly. Or even get a home loan at a great rate, regardless of your past credit history. This is soemthing new for me, as I thought that people with such wouldn't be given loans of any sort. Here, you can find the best offers that can fit your need. But better be sure that once you apply, you can guarantee that you will make payments on time, so that you can rebuild your credit status again.

Shopping. Crazy.

My sister went shopping again. And for the first time, nothing for the little boy, all for me and my sis and Gelo too. Well, let me introduce her to you guys, she's Ricca, our youngest and she lives with my mom and dad at CA. She's 24 years old, a graduate of Accountancy at the College of the Holy Spirit Manila, and is now working at The Bank of Stockton. Anyway, enough of those info and lets talk about her being shopaholic ( kapatid ko talaga, hindi makakaila!)..

The name of her blog says it all. She is little miss shop a lot!.. If I'm sick with shopping, then she is worse, she is dying, hahaha! I can't blame her, she has money, and still single, and she shops for me, for joaquin and for gelo, how could i possibly stop her, right? I love reading her new blog (she's blogging at multiply before).. she even has this "What kind of shopper are you" post last September, and she personally classified her own shopping styles, effort talaga, i thought it was was one of those quizzes, but I was wrong.

So for her latest addiction.. take a look..

** this patchwork purse is for my older sister**

** a stripe tote for me, it's big so it's mine hahaha **

** a wristlet, sling bag and a denim purse for her**

Thanks sister! Hindi ka naman addict.. I wish i can do that in one power shopping.. LOL *inggit!* Take care and we will definitely see each other on May '08.

Baby Talk from Aggie

1. Are there any babies in your family or circle of friends?

There's a baby boom in our family. Joaquin is not the youngest anymore. Aside from his 4 cousins who are all older than him, I have a 5 month old nephew (from my cousin), and one about to pop on Feb. But if you'll ask on my HS friends, wala pa. From college none pa din. Hehehe.. Manang at Manong mga friends namin, they are not even married yet. Except for Sierra of Erika.

2. Are you one of those people who use a high-pitched, sing-song voice when talking to babies and small children?

Not really. I guess my voice is naturally sweet sounding,, hahaha! Joke!

3. If you were standing in line next to a *very* pregnant stranger at the bank or grocery store, what would you say to her?

Nothing. I don't usually open up conversations to strangers, not unless her water bag would break infront of me.. ibang usapan na yun.

4. Similarly, what do you say or do near babies in public?

I smile most of the times, then i tell Joaquin to say HI (with matching wave of his hand).. Then if the kid is ok with my son, I make chika to the mom :)

5. When walking through a department store, are you the sort of person who can go by the baby clothes without even a glance or do you have to stop to ooh and ahh?

I always make it a point to check the baby section, not primarily for the clothes but for toys, and other gears. We all know that boys always stick with shirts, polo shirts, shorts and pants. So there's nothing new for them. really hehehe :) I look for sale items though. But I seldom buy, I am fortunate that my mom, dad and sis shops for his clothes. He has something to wear til he reach 5 years old, believe me. Even shoes, madami pa syang stocks. I just shop for Pj's and sandos.

I Had fun answering Aggie! Thanks!

Now it's your turn, Erika, Ann, Alpha and Jacque

Fireplace Mantels

Sure, you've found the fireplace that you want, but you want to match the marble in your kitchen to the fireplace in your living room. Thanks to Agee Woodworks you can get marble, granite, and slate fireplace facing kits that will let you upgrade the look of your wood or ventless gas fireplaces with the stone facings that you want to match the rest of your house. They're experts at helping you to find the fireplace mantels, surrounds, facings, and cabinets that will give your fireplace the personal touch. I can't think of anybody else I'd rather go to for my fireplace needs, and I'm sure you'll feel the same way after you visit them. Check them out today and see if I'm not right.


credit : Little Sailer by Netmaus

I am still in the practicing mode in doing layouts. What can you say?

I love this pic of Joaquin at PINR, he enjoys the sand , the beach and this small boat. I think the aquashoes my mom gave him was a big help during our walks, he was never afraid of the sand at all. I'm looking forward to May 2008, we might go back to Bohol with my sisters and cousins. *crossfingers*.. Can you tell if i'm excited? hehehehe...

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's So Easy

It's not always easy to transport and construct your trade show display, which is why ExhibitDEAL is offering Entasi Tension Fabric Displays with an easy to assemble, sturdy aluminum frame. Not only do these tension fabric displays have the best graphics around, but they're so easy to put together that you'll be set up and surrounded by impressed customers in no time. Banner stands offer a great opportunity to display additional graphics and information at a trade show.

make way..

i am feeling a lot better now, so i am back to blogging too. Please bear with my paid opps, i just need to meet my deadlines, and make money too , LOL :)

be back in a while.

Quality Doesn't Have a Price Tag

I know that you have a lot of bills already in your life, and having car insurance be a bit one isn't high on your priorities list. That's why I've got some advice for you…check out Insurance Doctor. They're doing a great job of finding affordable, cheap car insurance that's still of the same quality as that policy you're paying more for. Whether you need North Carolina car insurance or Virginia car insurance they can help you out. They even have great deals on motorcycle insurance. Check out Insurance Doctor today and start saving yourself some money on your auto insurance, because I think you'll agree that you deserve to save some money somewhere.

Down Memory Lane

Thanks Toni.. Here's my list of songs..

** By your Side (Sade) - our wedding song. Heard from an episode at sex and the city , and from then on i fell in love with it.

** All my Love (innervoices)- from the dreamsounds album. This song will forever remind me of Gelo.

** Didn't we almost have it all (whitney houston) - i always sing this sa karaoke, yeah karaoke pa that time. I guess i was 6 or 7 yrs old then.

** Supersonic (JJ FAD) - who wouldn't remember this hit? It was used by my sis for her Ms. United Nation's talent portion, yey! heheheh

** Get here (O. Adams?) - My ultimate videoke piece aside from the songs of Joey Albert. And yes, kinanta ko pa yan sa Zirkoh Timog :) My first and only stint, never na naulit hahaha

** No Ordinary Love (Jennifer Love Hewitt) - reminds me of my college life and my dear college bestfriend, June.

That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to do this tag if you haven't done it yet,, have fun!

LIfe beyond imperfections.

I feel so down today. Domestic issues has taken over me. So let me share with you something i found at my cousin's blog..

After all, happiness is relative. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you have decided to see life beyond the imperfections. Don't be happy because everything is alright. Be happy because everything sucks but you're still doing fine.

Yes, my life is not perfect. I am not perfect.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tagged by Jane

Thanks Jane :)

THE RULES - List of 8
write 8 facts about yourself.
in the 8 facts, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. at the end, you tag as much other bloggers to keep the fun going. each blogger must post these rules first.
each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
at the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose as much people to get tagged and list their names.
don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here's my share:

** I'm a certified Taray Queen. It is even included in my highschool yearbook personal description, LOL.

** I solve Physics problems in a jiffy. Nerdy girl huh?!

** I did not attended pre school, i was in kinder for less than a month. I got bored, and was accelerated to grade 1. Nerd talaga.

** I have a bad side you wouldn't wanna see. Scary ba? hehehe

** I am tactless / frank, I always speak my heart out.

** I enjoy the company of my gay friends. I can even speak their language. :)

** I can't sleep without a blanket.

** I love to eat, and I don't gain weight easily. Talk about being fortunate. :)

Now I'm tagging Abie, Dorx, Ricca, Lutchie, Macy, Nice, Jade (Omar),and Rowena

Mommy is still looking for Melissa

(insert sad face here)

I still don't have my pair of Melissa sapatilha or anything design that would fancy me. We went to Rustan's at Shang last week before we went to Linden Suites, but they only have the Zigzag Campana in Lilac, and the other model (sorry forgot the name) in red color. It was a nice design too, and it is extremely soft (with a sweet smell) , but I have a red flat shoe coming from my mom, so I didn't bought it na lang. And besides, there's no "love at first sight" between me and the shoe, so I didn't bother at all. I am willing to wait for the perfect Melissa for me.. Yeah! That's the spirit. And speaking of shoes, i haven't done yet the tag from Jody, asking me how many shoes do I own.. Ngarag pa, pasensya na.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Travel Insurance for us

We are looking forward to an exciting and adventure-filled 2008. My sister will arrive on May, and we are planning one domestic destination and one international getaway. I really feel excited with our plans, because we will all be together again. Amidst all of it, we are also considering of getting ourselves a travel insurance. It is better to be safe and invest on such a thing because we love traveling. We are still searching for insurance policies where we can save and at the same time not risking our benefits. We saw a few sites, but we still need to compare though. I just wish we can land on a good one by early next year. That would make our travel worry-free.

another question tag , 3 awards and a treat!

this time its from Abie.. thanks sis!

How many kids do you plan to have?

Maximum of 3 kids :) I think that would be enough.. magastos eh hehehe :)


Super thanks
... to Macy for the Fab award Jade for the Halloween Treat!

... to Mitch for the thoughtful blogger award

... and to Jane for the friendly site award..

.. My sincerest thanks...

What a saturday! Lots of tags , and awards.. love it.. love it! ** hugs ** will post later for my own share of friendly site awards

The Perfect Luggage

Travelling is one of things that we things we really enjoy doing now as a family. In our most recent trip to Bohol, we decided to invest on a good luggage that can carry all our stuff. I believe that spending a good amount of money would mean getting the best in terms of quality, not to mention style of course. Our luggages go through a lot during the course of ourtravel, so it really needs to be made of a good material that can withstand pressure and weight. I feel so happy that we own this red luggage now, because I was able to spot it easily amidst all the black lugagges. We also got ourselves a very nice hand carry that also served as our baby bag for Joaquin. I wonder where our next destination will be.

question tag by erika

what is your most expensive purchase with your own money? walang daya...

Most of the things I own were given by my mom, dad or by Gelo. Hmm.. maybe the Nokia 6610 that I was able to buy because of my swarovski creations, i designed and hand made necklaces, earrings and bracelets before. I never had enough money because I never experienced working that long, LOL.

For my question, " what is something that you bought that you find reaally useless, hehehe:)"

Im tagging Jean, KAthy, Kelly and Melisse.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Question Tag from Jody

Can you tell me how many shoes do you have, Peachy ?

I just love this question.. Thanks Jody :) Honestly I am clueless on how many shoes I have right now. I WILL COUNT ALL OF THEM, PROMISE :) If time would permit, I would love to take their pics too. I am so excited for this, sayang, i'll be busy tomorrow for the house blessing. I'll try to count on sunday, for the mean time, magsusulat muna ako ng shoe list hehe.

* my little star *

QP by Calico's Digital Designs

My first ever layout for the little boy. I chanced upon ths cute QP and I thought of using it for these shots taken last weekend at The Linden Suites. He loves showing us those random cute faces. He even enjoyed playing with the tripod, looks like photography will soon be his hobby too.

Speaking of Linden Suites, I haven't posted some of our pics. I am kinda busy today, because tomorrow will be our house blessing. I bought RED candles this morning at Divi, yes, red.. hehehe. A few ribbons, and outfit for sissy and me. We will be wearing the shades of red and white, since the theme of our house is black , red and white. I wanted to wear a black and white top, pero kumontra si Ate. So i went to tutuban, bought one plain red long top, and one red graphic top. I still need to fix the playroom later. I already cleaned the puzzle mats last night. Later we will go to Dangwa to buy fresh flowers for the altar and for my Mama. It's her birthday too. Tomorrow morning, need to pick up the mini cakes from Joy San Gabriel for our give- aways.

Weee, busy na naman

An Internet Marketing Blog ?

Is there such a thing? Yes, certainly.

I stumbled upon last night, and I got curious on what a marketing blog is. I explore the site to get more knowledge on what they offer. They have a lot of well-written articles which are categorized to blog marketing, brand management and search engine optimization. I admit that I have a little information on search engine optimization, so when I read the article, I was able to grab some useful tips that I can somehow use here at my blog. So if you are maintaining a blog and would like to know more about internet marketing, try reading today! And be equipped with the knowledge you deserve.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

For Daddy

QP by Molly 'n Max Digital Creations

Here's a little something for the Daddy.

I love working with Quick Pages, good for newbies like me. I am still checking on DS sites, checking out other layouts and downloading freebies of course. If you can recommend good sites (basta free ha), please leave me a note. Thanks :)

The Question Tag

Here's another one from Kelly..

Which local or foreign celebrity best describes your style?

I play with fashion. I can be Mikee Cojuangco who stays with the basics, Mariel Rodriguez who is so hip and funky , and Cherie Gil , who is so glam looking ever, i love her style (pareho din kaming maldita hehe)

Now for my Question:

How would you describe your life now in one word? I'm tagging my new online buddies, Ann, Kero, Yvette, and Trinity.

Health Watch

So, the Daddy is really into diet and exercise now huh!? Last night, we checked on his weight and he already lost 6 lbs., not bad. But it seems that he is really taking it seriously. He is even planningto try out Weigh Loss products that he saw over the internet last night. He was actually browsing for some Hair Loss remedies because after using this newly commercialized anti-dandruff shampoo, his hair went crazy that it was falling all of a sudden. I also had my series of hair fall episodes after using the same shampoo, so we both stopped using it.

He was still browsing the website when he saw the topic about Colon Cleanse . His dad had a colon operation last year before Christmas, and that started the series of his illness after. He wished that we have read colon cleansing even before so that we have prevented complications after his dad's operation.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

getting hyper again

oh yeah, opps are pouring in.. i'll be back:) the hungry wolf attacks again. My christmas shopping list is getting long, so I'm working my way to make sure everybody gets a good gift from our family. Last week was not really good enough, so now that I am seeing a lot nowadys, I grab it at once. Thank heavens for paid blogging! You wouldn't believe how much I earned already considering I only started last September.

So please bear with me and my posts :) See you in a while.


Credits: Shabby Prnicess Vintage Flowers

my first ever digiscrapping layout! (clap! clap! clap!)

I wanted to try it out for the longest time, but I got chickened out thinking I won't be able to do it. So last night, I just asked Mitch for some Photoshop techniques and from there we talked about digiscrapping. I had my first layout after following the Shabby Princess tutorials. It is so easy , especially for someone like me who doesn't know how to use the photoshop. I actually have 2 other layouts that I did just this afternoon. Addict ba? I am enjoying it, and I know i still have a long way to go. If u have tips, comments or any other remarks, please. ..please leave me a message.

My special thanks to Mitch, for the encouragement, and for unceasingly helping me , answering my questions, You are such an angel :)

To Gelo and Joaquin for being my inspiration inevery photograph I capture. You always make me feel complete (and loved, of course!)

To my sister Ricca, for being my first model, you are and you will always be my little sister. Kamusta naman ang cleavage sa picture mo? LOL

And to my fellow bloggers who is not into this yet, better try it out. Believe in yourself . I am willing to help you out if you wanna start. Start lang ha, im not a pro, newbie lang din, so sabay tayo mag aral :) Let's keep on sharing notes:)

Ano ba? Para naman akong nanalo ng award.. ! Hahaha! Layout pa lang yan ha..

Questiona and Answer portion.. this is long :)

Thanks Kelly :) Had fun answering it

First name?: Maria Paz
Like your name?: Yes
Named after anyone?: Nuestra Senora dela Paz y Buenviaje of Antipolo.. my lola owns a replica and it was given to her on the day of my baptism ( story na ba?!)
Any nicknames?: Peachy Pie , Peachy ( from Peachy Peachy and Pizza pie, my mom's cravings when she was preggy)
Age?: 28
Birthdate? : May 10
Birth place?: Manila
Time you were born?: around 9am
Current location?: Manila
Height?: 5′4
Like your height?: Yes
Eye color?: Dark Brown
Contacts/glasses?: No/Yes
Hair color?: Mahogany something
Natural hair color?: Black
Dye your hair often?: Not really
Righty or lefty?: Righty

Your favorites…
Type of music?: R&B, Music of Dreamsounds the album
Band or singer?: I'm a super fan of Usher
TV show?: Desperate Housewives even before the controversy, Ghost Whisperer, Blue's clues LOL
Movie?: White Chicks, The Notebook, Mean Girls (for the kikay in me), Harry Potter
TV channel?: Lifestyle Network, ETC, and channel 2 for my daily dose of teleserye
Radio station?: aww i don't listen to the radio,
Place to be?: At home, and California with my family ( hopefully)
Thing to do?: Play with Joaquin, Blog, Shop and edit pics
Food?: I'm a sucker for italian food :) sinigang, and other native favorites
Non alcoholic drink?: Iced Tea
Alcoholic drink?: not for me, allergic ako and I palpitate
Animal?: none din, asthmaitc kami dito hehehe
Holiday?: Christmas and New Year
Season?: Summer .. love the beach!
Sport? : None! Wala akong talent jan.
Place to shop?: Local? Divi/Tutuban and 168 would still be the best for cheap good finds. Actually, kahit saang mall, no problem sa kin.
Clothing brand?: Roxy & Hollister shirts (c/o my mom), Dorothy Perkins, Mango basic tees, other are unbranded that I got from tiangges all over.
Scent?: Clinique happy, Burberry weekend, Light Blue, and Ralph (dont use much now)
Restaurant?: Chef d Angelo for affordable Italian yum, Mann Hann, Gerry's and Jollibee for Joaquin
Fruit?: Grapes
Vegetable?: Egplant with bagoong (hmm), kangkong
Fast food restaurant?: McDonald’s, Jollibee
Pizza topping?: pepperoni and lotsa cheese!!
Ice cream flavor?: anything with choco and cheese
Magazine?: smart parenting, Yes, Kris, Metro
City?: currently, i wanna go back to Bohol
Color?: black and white
Number?: 28

This or that…
Chocolate or vanilla?: chocolate
Pepsi or coke?: Coke , preferably light heehe
Hot or cold?: Cold
Black or white?: both :)
Dog or cat?: cat
French toast or pancakes?: pancakes
French fries or onion rings?: french fries
Hamburger or hot dog?: hotdog
Pepperoni or sausage?: Pepperoni
Britney or Christina?: Christina
McDonalds or Burger King?: McDonalds
50 Cent or Eminem?: 50 Cent
Canada or Mexico?: Can’t say. Haven’t been to both
Hug or kiss?: Kiss
Movies or TV?: TV
Truth or dare?: Truth!

Do you…
Shower daily?: Naman!
Sing in the shower?: Yes
Like to sing?: Yes.. super love
Like to dance?: Yes
Smoke?: No
Drink?: No
Curse?: Hmm
Talk to yourself?: sometimes
Believe in yourself?: Yes
Play an instrument?: Piano when i was young,and guitar in high school, pero now,don't know na heheh
Go to school?: Went, yes
Go to college?: Finished it
Have a job?: Yeah, Super Mommy
Like your job?: Of course
Want to get married?: I am
Want to have kids?: Yes. I already have one
Get along with your parents?: Yes
Get along with your siblings?: Yes, love 'em
Drive?: Yes

Random …
Do you think you’re trustworthy?: Yes.
Think you’re funny?: Sometimes…
Ever toilet papered someones house?: nope
Gone garbage can tipping?: nope
What are your parents names?: Bong and Thess
Siblings names?: Alma and Ricca
Do you wash your hands frequently?: Yeah.. paranoid ako sa germs
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: 3x
Collect anything?: yes, letters from old friends.. pooh stuff when i was in college, hello kitty in grade school, LOL.. , and sige, include shoes in the list, and bags LOL
Ever been in love?: Yes
In love right now?: Yes!
What color pants are you wearing right now?: light green bermuda shorts
How does your hair look?: dont know, the usual stressed hair as it is hahaha
Ever had your heartbroken?: yeah
Ever broken the law?: unknowingly
Been arrested?: No
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?: No!
When was the last time you got drunk?: Never
Do you do drugs?: Never tried them
When was the last time you were high on anything?: whenever i enter a store then see a lot of goodies that i fancy, literally, nanginginig ako, LOL
Do you prefer the lights on or off?: Depends
Would you ever get plastic surgery?: dont think so
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: Boxers
Do you like to laugh?: Yes
Ever had a bloody nose?: Never
Have you ever caught a fish?: Never
What was the last thing you ate?: fish and rice
What time do you go to bed?: Usually around 12 mn
What’s your favorite color?: Black, white
Do you like to give or receive?: both . more on receiving syempre ;)
Are you obsessed with anything/any one?: None except for joaquin hehehe
Do you live alone?: No
Do you own a blender?: Yes
Do you like the snow?: Wouldn’t know. Haven’t experienced it yet
Ever been up a mountain?: No
Ever been rootin’?: rootin for what?
Do you like surprises?: Yes!

It's your turn Nice, Jody , Melisse and Ricca.

Diet & Exercise

The countdown begins. Gelo started his daily rituals of diet and healthy eating after realizing that his weight is not healthy anymore. He plays basketball every Wednesday after work and he thinks that it is not enough to lose some undesirable weight until Christmas. Last Saturday, we checked on some treadmills at the mall. I never thought that a treadmill can offer a lot of workout varieties in a person's daily exercise. We are still thinking which one to get if we still have a budget by next week. Maybe we can squeeze it in since we are getting a good deal from the store. The daddy is so decided to have his workout at home. He really doesn't have the time to go to the gym. Plus if ever we get the treadmill, my sister and I can use it too.

Memory Upgrade

Computers are so much needed nowadays especially if you are still in school. My cousin, who is taking up Computer Science is upgrading his old Personal Computer. He had second thoughts of buying a new unit so we opted to have a memory upgrade. The Dell Memory is his personal choice. There is a wide range of items to choose from, but we are narrowing down our choices on what his budget would permit. He trusts this brand because he knows its performance when it comes to upgrades. It is relatively priced, and probides maximum performance for your computer. We also checked a few websites and we were able to get good reviews of the product. He is now eager to start the upgrading process so he can use his computer for schoolwork and online games.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Thanks Melisse. Here's my list.

1. Designer bags. - I would rather have lots of designs in different colors.. para it would match what I wear. Hehehe ang arte. And besides I don't have the money to buy the luxurious ones.

2. Designer Watch - opps Gelo might read this one. Don't worry Dad, ul still get ur watch soon. Not now lang talaga, promise ko yan. He is really wanting this watch for the longest time, and since i'm not voting for something reeaallly expensive, lagi na lang hindi matuloy tuloy ang pagbili nya. Even if you have Casio or whatever.. it would still be the same . Buti sana if ur watch can turn back time, or it can stop time, baka pag isipan ko pang bumili.

3. Cellphones that depreciates after a month or two. - I own a pink Motorola L6 and I'm happy with it. I dont need something with cam kasi we have a cam naman. sabi nga ni Gelo, ang imporant may load ka pang call and text hehehe :) I guess, di lang talaga ako mahilig sa cellphones. See, my motto is I thrift on most things, then i spend on some.. para may sense of equality.. hahaha! Palusot pa!

4. Professional Fees of Doctors and Immunizations - obvious bang suki kasi kami sa pedia? Why does it have to cost u much? wala na bang discount? Would you believe when i gave birth, i have an endocrinologist who charged me 5K for PF. Susme, she never visited me at all in my room. It was just her residents who went to my room and told me to drink my meds (which iam so aware of) even if im breastfeeding and its perfectly safe. Kapal! 5K agad yun for her.. now if ul ask me, im not consulting with her anymore. Mamumulubi ako.

5. My sister, Ricca is overrated I guess. - She has a new blog, and it talks about shopping hahaha! I will post some kwentos soon.

These are a few that I can think of right now. Don't get me wrong... Wala kasi akong pambili ng mahal eh. Yes, I shop a lot, Im aware of that, but I am a bargain hunter, LOL. My line forever is "meron sa 168/tutuban / divisoria nyan". And never naman ako nagkamali(except for authentic designer bags and the likes ha).. most of my clothes and flats are from there. Asahan nyo, pag ako bumili ,mura lang yun. The branded stuff i own ( so as for Gelo and Joaquin), like clothes, bags, shoes, make up.. etc etc are mostly from my mom and my sis. Sometimes the generous dad would buy me and joaquin stuff too *winkwink*.. Ano naman ipambibili ko eh wala nga ako work (thank heaven for paid blogging) ...

Monday, October 15, 2007

award. bag. laptop.

Thanks Kathy for this recognition..

I think I'm a bit cool nga when it comes to my Joaquin :) Si daddy ang strict hehehe:) To all the cool moms out there. this is for you! :)


I still have a few money left from my first earnings, so I decided to purchase a flaming red faux croc- patent carry all bag. I need a big bag to carry the little boy's sutff ( plus my make up kit, celfone and wallet). Lookie..

I am awaiting for the shipment maybe tomorrow. I need a red bag, in preparation ( talaga naman) for the red flats my mom is giving me. The only red bag I have for now is quite small..


The daddy gave me a laptop today. It's the Acer Aspire 4710 ( tama ba?, sorry forgot). Thank you so much daddy.. I wasn;t actually asking for one, as I love our newly upgraded PC, but he said na whenever we are out, may mga opportunity lost daw hahaha, LOL! Looks like you are resigning from work soon and you want me to go Blog all day.. joke! Anyway.. whatever is the reason for this gift.. ( may kasalanan ka siguro), thank you so much! It means a lot to me, and I realllyyy appreciate it. Im so excited to use it :)

Joy San Gabriel Cakes

I first spotted her works during a bridal fair at Westin way back Feb of 2005 when I was still busy with our wedding preps. From that moment, I decided that I should get our cake from her. We met , and had a smaple of her works.. and yes.. I instantly love her and her yummy cakes.

Click here for the better view of the cake alone :) We had her Kilauea, A choco walnut cake that is so tasteful.. A lot of our guests asked for her contact details after hehehe.

A year after, we met again. I asked her to do the cake for Joaqui's baptism. And here it is.. all in! Love eating the teddies :)

I wasn't able to get her during Joaqui's birthday, coz I never thought she's into cupcakes na din pala. I saw her cake stall St. Gabbie's at Megamall A, (they also have a place at Market! Market!), they don't have her design cakes there, but they do sell the choco mud cake, which is a must try for choco lovers. I sent her a message last Saturday after seeing her booth, and she said that her blog is up and running, and I was amazed with her new works.. Take a look

Now, you have it and can eat it too-- an all edible apple walnut cake!

To Joy, Thanks for the yummy cakes and for the wonderful friendship. You are more than a supplier for me. I'm actually ordering one for my MIL's birthday on Novemebr. Gelo is craving for the Kilauea Cake.. so might order mini versions so we can give it away to relatives after:)

You can reach Joy at 0917-5278837 :) enJOY the cake!

Fab Mommy

Super thanks to Jody, Nice, and Jacq for this..

Moms are reaally fab ! Cheers to all of us!

I am passing this award to Joy, Jane , Erika and Kathy

we are back

At last, I was able to have my much awaited ME time at Linden Suites. Went swimming last saturday night with my sis in law while the little boy was asleep with the daddy. The blue lights at the pool surrounding is relaxing i should say, however, we need to vacate the place at 10pm..bitin!

I will post some later today maybe, pag di tinamad. I wanna do some bloghopping this morning, i miss all of ur kwentos. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for the 3 awards I received over the weekend.. thanks ! will post that later. Enjoy the rest of the day :)

Lighting that works

Last Saturday we went to Laguna to visit my uncle and his family. They have a new house which was constructed last year. I enjoyed touring the house and see the well designed rooms and furnitures. It's simple but very classy. Joaquin had a great time playing at the garden and pond area. We didn't notice that it was already 5 in the afternoon, so we decided to have an early dinner at 6pm. On our way out, my eyes were caught by the lovely landscape lighting that made the garden look so magestic that night. We stopped for a few minutes of chitchat again before we call it a night. On our way home, I just can't stop talking about the lights. I love gardens, because it always looks refreshing, and the lights at night just makes it perfect.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gimme a Break

I previously posted that I am treating my family for an overnight stay at Linden Suites this weekend, courtesy of my very first blogging money. Woohooo!! I feel so tired today , I do hope I can have my much deserved ME time tomorrow. I can leave Joaquin o my MIL and to the daddy for a few minutes as I relax at jacuzzi. If i would still have a budget, I'll check the spa services.

I am so tired today after the Laguna trip. I will reply to your comments on Sunday night. I am actually seeing double now. Gotta go.. Happy weekend to everyone. Have Fun..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Off to Sta. Rosa.. and a few kwentos

Gelo needs to report at work tomorrow morning and he asked us to go with him since he will stay at the office for like 3 hours.. Joaquin and I , together with my MIL will stay at my Tito's place till the daddy is off from work. MIL will check on my Tito's new house, since the Antipolo house will be renovated soon. Mama needs a few inputs in house construction and design. The place is not that grand, simple lang, suited for a small family.

We might check a few properties there.. If plans will push through, we wanted to transfer in a place far from the noise and pollution of Manila.. seriously. Feeling ko kaya to hinihika, one factor is the environment. So wish us luck to find a good deal. Scouting pa lang naman :) I enjoy open houses.. teehheee!!!

The little boy will play with his cousins there for sure.. Ang likot recently since his cousins would visit him everyday.. He loves sliding his back at the edge of the bed.. as in padulas na parang nasa comfort sya ng isang malaking slide.. then jump off sa mattress on the floor.. swimming daw yun sabi ng cousins nya.. Goodness! Wala ako balak magdala sa ER ng nabalian ng buto! LOL! Joaquin loves to follow his cousins during playtime, hellow.. they are 3-5 yrs old kiddos whose built eh parang buddha.. LOL.. and he is just 1 year and 6 mos! .. Our room is a mess.. DVD's , books and tous all over. Deadma lang, I let them tidy up things naman.

And speaking of DVD.. our player here in our room is busted.. Told you the daddy and the lil boy are addicts.. Hindi na kinya ng powers ng DVD player.. This morning ok pa, we were able to watch .. but around 6pm, The Play counter is working, but nothing on the screen, just a black screen i should say. I checked the jack connections( yes, I'm a partime repairwoman too) and its perfectly fitted. The daddy checked on it too, pero wala talaga. I checked our warranty card ( thanks to my sis who compiled everything.. OC talaga.. with matching photocopies of receipts, since the prints at the receipts fade away daw easily..) pero lapsed na pala. I might call Sony to check pa din, since this is quite new. Tsk.. I don't know if i will feel happy or sad. Sad for my little boy, pano na sya watch? This is the only player in our house that accepts his DVD's. The other one asks for a goddamn regional code, whaterver that is... but on the contrary, I'm a bit happy, coz the daddy will be away from his dvd's for a while.. not unless mapilitan sya na sa sala manood. Pero I have a feeling , he would settle sa sala, mas malaki TV dun, and a better sound na din, LOL. .. Let's see..

Let's get kikay .. Again!

Lovely Hand painted wooden Bangles from Baubles, Bangles and Beads. The makers guested at Lucy's show at QTV ( wasn't able to see it though).. I'm not sure of the price, Php 500-600 yata each. It's a nice accesory if you are wearing plain tops.. Designs are quite limited. My dear friend from high school, Weng, sold some of her collection, still unused coz she has a lot na daw.. hahaha. I bought these 3 at a steal price.. Thanks Weng.. **hugs** Can't wait to use it :)

wedding invitations

My only best friend from college is getting married next year and I'm so excited for her. I 'm helping her out with the preparations and currently we are looking for wedding invitations. She is looking for something simple but elegant, not too much of words. I remember my own wedding invitation in a diamond white paper and black embossed writings. It was so simple but the guests who receive it said that it looks so elegant. I recommended a few suppliers and websites that she can check and visit. Prices are also affordable and you can even customize your own according to your specifications. There is a wide variety of templates to choose from, papers and colors. Wedding invitations need to be have a good impression to the guests because it is the their first glimpse of the wedding.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moments with Joaquin

.. the little boy is turning 1 year and 6 months on the 12th! Gawd. It made me realize a lot of things..6 months is way too fast.. didn't even notice that it's half a year already since his 1st birthday. now. i'm preparing some plans for the second LOL. And yes, its been 6 months since my family was here..God knows how I miss them terribly. i wish my sis would be here again by May for my birthday (and another beach vacation maybe).

As Joaquin grows older, he soooo looks like me, HAHAHA! Honestly, I have the same smile when I was his age. Oh, everyday is a journey for us. We stay together every minute of the day. We play, we laugh, we watch DVD's , we sleep embracing each other realllyyyyy close ( yung tipong pagdilat ko mukha na nya nakikita ko, nostrils pa nga eh!).. and I just love each moment that I spend with him. Most of the times, he gets makulit , trying to get everything inside the room.. alarm clocks,DVD's all over, game cube controllers, the Game cube unit itself, DVD jacks, old keyboards that I gave to him as his new toy (para wag ako istorbohin while typing), keys, his basketball court..but i look at it positively. He will only be a baby once in his life, so i better cherish what I have now. I am in no rush at all for this phase pass, I am enjoying it to bits.

** he loves to give us this look recently, i'm clueless actually, he's not mad at all :) our maid is holding him because he keeps on bouncing himself at the pillow.. obvious ba that he loves TV, he's in control of the remote LOL **

** his smile is so PEACHY! **

BTW, i started to potty train him even before he was hospitalized. That's one story you shouldn't miss. Blooper agad si mommy! Kakahiya ako.. LOL..

Another Award

Many thanks to Abie and Nice for this award.. Friendship is something I truly value..and most of all, it's worth keeping :)

So I’m passing forward this First Class Friendship Award to Abie, Nice, Erika, Toni, Aggie, and Kathy...

Hair Loss

Gelo recently had his hair colored because a few gray hair can be seen already. While we were at the parlor, I asked him if that woories him, and he said no. He is more afraid of hair loss actually. Some say that it is partly genetic, so hair loss, being evident from his dad is something that needs to be prevented as much as possible.

There are so many products nowadays in television and evenin print that claims to be good if not the best. But i guess it would be best if the claim woulcome from testimonials of the users, right? Hubby is not planning to do implants at all, and he is not even close to taking preventive maintenance meds, but still, I managed to check for some Hair Loss products over the net. It seems to me that provillus is one of the leading meds now in the market. It helps the scalp create new and healthy hair. It also supplies the proper nutrition required to bring damaged and dead hair follicles back to life. Proper nutrition is so much needed to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. Lack these nutrients makes our hair dull, thus resulting to hair loss.

While doing the search, I remember my dad, because he is a bit bald now. I might introduce this to him, there's no harm in trying anyway.. that is if he still wants his hair back. But for now, I will keep this info in mind, just in case I might use it in the future.

not that smart

I just hate it when i don't have my internet connection. It was down from 11pm last night til 4 in the afternoon today.. No internet for 16 hours felt like a lifetime , LOL... is this a manifestation that I'm an addict already? oh, i guess it's because of blogging and YM chat with my family. :) I was able to grab 2 good opps today.. i need to blog a few other things, llike the friendship award from abie and nice ( thank you so much !).. some more pics from the Mithi spa at panglao, and updates on my little hurricane who got constipated (again!) last night **sigh**... but before i continue, i need to cook dinner.. big boss will be dead tired for sure after his basketball game ( he is on a diet, and doing some exercise weekly,, seriously this time ) .. be back...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

my 1st ever blogging money

... is coming tomorrow! woohoo!!! for real!!

I got too occupied on how will I spend it, I went crazy in window shopping online, and I forgot that the first ones to have a "feel" of my earnings should be my own family of course! Oh yes, sila muna bago sarili ko.. LOL ! We are having an overnight stay at The Linden Suites on Saturday together with my MIL and SIL. Gelo's cousins my drop by there too at night for a drinking spree.. Coolness! What a way to spend my hard earned money from blogging.. It's best to share what we have, right?! Next time na lang for my "heart's own desires".. Patience is a virtue.. Good things come to those who wait (Hahaha! Yan ang mga motto ko nowadays) . Im waiting for the Thanksgiving sale at US actually :)

And for those of you who are wondering how much I earned, it's not that big as compared to other mommy bloggers. I'm a member of the Linden Suites club ( i forgot how it's called) and I have discount and upgrade vouchers that I'll use for the weekend. If you need discount vouchers, let me know, I have some left valid til July 2008 :)

Coming Soon ..

I'll be selling these Authentic Ralph Lauren Polo Dress For kids. Size Avail is 2T - 4T.. Please leave me a message if you're interested.. Super cheap for my fellow mommies.. RL for Boys soon. This will be availbale next week maybe :) Thanks ...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Make up class

I just miss posting the little boy's pics. I so wanted to share with you my shopping finds recently, I forgot to post some of his latest pics after the hospitalization episode ( which i hope won't happen again).. Here's a few taken during his make up class last Saturday..

** preparing for pull over **

** woohoo! ako ang nervous always.. Joaquin was holding onto the bar firmly, even managed to give Teacher a High 5 after **

** the eyes.. galit sa bubbles?!**

** "bubbles on my tummy, teacher" .. body parts awareness that he loves to do every bubbles time**

We are happy and proud parents :) We are still enrolling him for the Spring Quarter which will start on January 2 til April. Thanks to Little gym, for being a part of Joaqui's development (and sa pagpayat ko na din , LOL) .