Thursday, December 29, 2011

Addiction Treatment Centers

Over the years, ou society has been experiencing problems with different types of addiction. The popular cases are drug and alcohol addiction. In one way or another , it has affected a lot of lives already and it will continue to affect others if we will not put an end to it. That's one reason why addiction treatment centers are growing in numbers , they aim to help out the victims to have a brand new life. These treatment centers have different programs that would help patients with their concerns. They also invite the family to be involve in the process of rehabilitation because it is a big help for the patient as well. There are different activities to help them live a normal life once more, like physical activities, arts and crafts , group and individual therapy.

Happy Christmas!

Here are some snapshots of my family during Christmas Eve..

We started our celebration with the Christmas Eve Mass. After that , the kids started opening their gifts from Santa Claus and from us. They were truly ecstatic! Its quite obvious with their pictures, right?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Tube Video Downloader

My kids love to watch videos online. Among their favorites are some cartoon series and documentaries. Downloading videos can sometimes take up your time that's why getting a free YouTube downloader is the best option. Now We can all easily download videos online. MY kids usually watch videos whenever we are on the go, it keeps them busy and gives them so much fun. My husband also also likes the You Tube Video Downloader because he likes to watch some Anime movies and shows. Now he doesn't miss the episodes even if he is at home. Try it out for yourself and see how easy it is. Everything will surely be a breeze once you have it.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A signal booster for my old phone

I already got myself an iPhone but I am not giving up with my old Nokia phone. I just love it's QWERTY pad and I think I got so used to it already. Its what I use for calling and sending messages as well. But lately I noticed that it's signal is dropping, or sometimes my call will be cut as soon as the receiver picks up the other line. Im thinking of trying out the phone booster , as suggested by one of my friends. Hopefully it will do the trick, or else I will be forced to get myself a new phone, or might as well use the iPhone for sending messages and calling. Do you have other suggestions for new phone units? Or do you have other solution to my phone's problem?