Saturday, January 20, 2007

more pics

blogger is giving me a hard time uploading joaqui's pics. just view

i am still in the process of transferring it to his multiply account. kainis kasi when u give the webshots address to other people, its too long. hehehe =) so im switching to multiply so i can post a blog there too. good luck to me. hehehe

happy weekend!

Friday, January 19, 2007

joaqui at 9 months

i know.. its been almost a month (again!) before i had a new post. hehehe! but i always read other's blogs, its just that im too tired to write my own. =)

so here.. i wanna brag (este blog pala ) on joaqui's development now that he is 9 months old:

** sits unsupported (from any position, at straight body sya ha )

** works his way to get a toy or a celfone that's out of his reach

**looks for dropped objects and tries to act like he wants to pick it up though he's on his high chair

**pull up to standing position from sitting

** stands firmly when holding onto someone or something.

**crawls soo fast, kaya muntik na mahulog from bed. thanks to our bedside table.

** has 7 teeth! and another one about to erupt. the first 2 (lower) erupted when he was 6 mos old. then on his 7th month, 4 (upper)erupted all at the same time. when he was 8 mos old, another 1 on his lower gum came out.

** cries and makes a paawa face when u take away a toy from him

** says mom mom, dadad, papapa, bababa, tatata and atetete (referring to my niece joreen)

** loves to make gigil when u say gigil joaqui .. grinding his teeth, naninigas arms and legs! cute!

**picks up anything and puts it in his mouth

** still loves peak a boo!

** knows how to wave bye bye, clap, and close-open his hands when asked to

** barney addict. period.

** can hold a biscuit but i dont let him feed himself yet hehehe

** eats mostly veggies and fruits, though not that much of a takaw baby. but he is still so much into his milk.

** enjoys it when i brush his teeth, gums and tongue

** knows where baby Jesus is at the altar. he will look at it when asked where baby Jesus is. im stil teaching him to put his hands together and pray. =)

** makes a pacute face when he sees a bright light especially yellow lights.

** and a lot of people say that he is tall for his age. hehee he is not a chubby baby (he is asthmatic kasi) though his weight is in the normal average range. he wears clothes of size 12 -18 months hihihi

theres still a lot more that i wanna share. i guess this is all because i spend every minute of the day with him =) i know and i am with him whenever he accomplish anything at every stage. Nothing compares seeing him reaching new developments in his life.

truly i am so grateful to be a stay - at home mom. this is the best job in the world. i work 24/7, and get no pay. but the rewards that come with it are worth so much more than all the money you could ever get your hands on.