Saturday, January 22, 2011

Term 2 Portfolio

These are parts of my son's Term 2 Portfolio in School. The first picture is about their Practical Life activity which is sweeping the floor. It also helps their fine motor skills development. Second picture is one of his art activities. The topic was animals that lives on trees and they decorated their squirrels. I love looking at his portfolio every now and then because it shows his development not only in school but also his total being. I will soon be having a 5 year old, how time flies.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Food Storage

The roles of a homemaker is endless. Anything that concerns your home concerns you too. From furniture, to bathroom fixtures , laundry, gardening and of course food! We are 5 in this house, and two are working so most of the time, they eat at the office and would not have dinner here at home. Regularly, I have leftovers and I stock them in microwavable containers so I will just reheat them the following day. My mom gave me the best food storage last Christmas and I am so thankful for that. Finally, storing food was never this easy! I love how the different sizes are so fitting in our fridge. I will surely be giving away these storage pieces next Christmas to my mommy friends.

Sweets overload!

This is one area that I usually check during buffet dinner. I love sweets and I usually try everything that I see at the counters. During our stay at Manila Hotel, there were lots to choose from like cakes, fresh fruits, Gelato, Chocolate fountain etc. It was such a piece of heaven for me.

During the Holidays, I had a grand time enjoying good food everyday. Someone should handed me the best diet pill for women as a Christmas gift. Now I usually spend my mornings at the bike while watching television. I seriously hope it would help me lose those extra pounds I gained during the Holidays!

Business Intelligence Software

And just like that, it's Monday once again. I wasn't able to work during the weekend because we had a full schedule since Saturday morning. I make it a point to give most of my time for the kids during these days. It's only now that I remembered, my husband asked me to look for business intelligence software online. He needs one for their business presentation next month and as early as now he needs to prepare for all the materials that they need. I should start looking for sites where I can get one, hopefully it's not expensive at all. After this, I plan to work a little to lessen my workload for the coming week, been really lazy lately, certainly its not the best way to start my 2011.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stock up

As a mom , I always make it a point that we have some emergency medicines here at home. Having a first aid kit is really vital because it can provide cure right at that very moment. We have two medicine cabinets here at home, one is for the kids and one for adults. I don't want to mix up what I can use for them so I got two. A lot of online drugstores are having promotions now, so I listed what we need and stock up for the coming months. I usually have some alcohol, antiseptic for wounds, bandage, cold compress , gauze etc. Check it online and see what you need for your home. It is better to be prepared than be sorry in the end. Ger everything now while the market offers it at such a good price.

Enjoying the water

Last December 24 to 26, we stayed at the Hotel to celebrate Christmas together. After resting for a while, we headed to the swimming pool to enjoy the water. It was a little cold, but my kids still enjoyed it. I had a hard time though because my eyes are a little sore from too much watching TV and the rays of the sun adds up to the glare. I should have gotten some cheap glasses before heading there to keep my eyes somehow protected. Anyway, I just gave it a good rest after. We all had a nap after swimming then we prepared for our Christmas eve dinner which is really one of the best we had. I wish to spend some more time with the kids like this. Time flies really fast, they will soon be spending time with their friends.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Looking for a job?

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job? Or are you bored with the current one you have and would like to apply to a new one? I have seen some accounting finance jobs in great companies. My sister is an Accountancy graduate and she is currently looking for a job. I better tell her to submit an application here so she can give it a try. Who knows, maybe she will be accepted her and land on here and land on her first corporate job. Now, I better look for some writing jobs fr my life, or some work from home jobs that I can squeeze in my time.

Boots this season

I love the weather lately in our area. The cold breeze the whole day makes me want to just chill in my bed. Me and the kids are usually in sweaters and whenever we go out, I let them wear their bonnets! We are all in boots too ! My husband loves his polo boots that I gave him during his last birthday. We better enjoy this weather while it lasts , summer will soon be here and I we will be surely hitting the beach again. So what is your fashion statement this winter season?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Choosing the right Moving Company for your needs

The decision to move from one place to another may already be a tough one. Giving up the life you already established and the people who already became your friends are just two things that would come into my mind when we talk about moving. But aside from that, the process of moving is something that is quite hard too. Luckily now, we have moving companies in each area that can help you transport your stuff with great ease. But choosing one out of a good number from the list is not easy at all. You may fill up some forms online to get moving quotes that you can compare. Here are some tips to help you out when choosing the right Moving Company for you:

1) Call local real estate agents – These people have contacts to moving companies. They can give you a shortlist and even provide you with feedback regarding services. Keep in mind that getting one from your area is beneficial on our part to avoid some hassle.

2) Choose the one that suits your needs – Not all customers require the same service as you do, so choose a company that would best suit your needs. Most provide two types of services: first, they ship your belongings to your home directly; second is they drop your belongings at some drop- off location. If you wish to get the second type of service, make sure that the drop off point is near your home so it will also be convenient for you.

3) Consider insurance – if you have worries that your belongings might have damages during transportation, you may consider getting an insurance. If an unexpected thing will happen during the transportation, the insurance will cover the damages and loss of your items.

How poker can exercise your mind

My husband has been playing poker even before it became popular online. He would often have poker night every week with his friends or sometimes his cousins. When the game became popular online, he got hooked even more because he can play anytime with anyone when he is just at home. Whenever I would see him play, I seriously try to understand the game because it really seems interesting. He gave me a primer on what the game is all about and the mechanics as well. I realized that this is a game of great strategy and thinking, not to mention the use of mathematical skills.

He told me about the small blinds , big blinds and the raise. This is about the betting involve in the game when you are playing for money. This can really test your simple mathematical skills. He also taught me about the card combinations that can lead you to win the game. Strategy and mind skills are very important here because you have to be very good in determining which possible combination can make you win the game. Your opponents are surely thinking hard to on how they can beat you with their own set of cards. I think this is really addicting , I am actually considering of checking out the poker tables at the mall. This will surely be great during parties or in house dinner with friends and families. I would need to practice more everyday because this is how I will develop my own strategies in playing. Maybe I would try playing online for fun then try playing with my husband when we finally have the poker table.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Medical Uniforms in great prices

Medical uniforms nowadays are mostly scrub suits. I find it really nice because I can see how the staff can easily move around wearing their suit. It is really appropriate and fitted for the nature of their job. My dad works at a medical clinic and he asked me to look for some medical uniforms in classic designs. I found out about and the great collection they have for men. The cut looks great , i just need to get the perfect size for my dad. There is a pocket at the chest area where staff can place pens, notepads etc

The discount medical uniforms are so timely because I can buy a set for my dad , a few pieces will be great so he can have a new set of uniform in the coming year. This could have been a pefect Christmas gift since most of my friends work in the medical industry. There's a lot of scrubs on sale now, so if you are looking for one, better check out the website before it goes out of stock. I am getting this classic piece for my dad.