Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy with party planning

My blogs lack personal updates because I barely have time to blog lately. I try to squeeze it in before going to bed , and I also do my best to hop into the sites of my friends. Anyway, I feel updated with their lives because there's facebook, twitter and flickr.

With the birthday of the princess in a few weeks ahead, I am doing my best to lose weight , but I always feel tired so I eat a lot. You think the best diet pills would work it's magic on me? 10 months after giving birth, I still feel big though my friends told me that I look great with our beach photos last moonth.. take a look

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The kids ..

So far, they get along well, except for those times that the Kuya will play wrestling with the girl. But guess what? She's enjoying it and you will really hear her giggles.
I enjoy watching them play FOR NOW. I know things will change in a few month or years when they are a bit older. Anyway, I have been good with shopping for the kids. I dont spend much on them now because I know that my mom shopped for them already , and she will be here in 4 weeks! She really ahd a great time shopping , i guess she used all of the coupons i gave her, especially the Medifast coupons . Now she is having a hard time to fix everything in her luggage so she will surely get a box to fit all in .

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling

Don't you find it hard to arrange things in a small room? At most times , we wanted to put some more decors aside from the basic furniture and it usually happens to me that I dont have a place anymore for the decors that i like. Say for example our small bathroom for the guests. It should have the complete toilet stuff, but i want really nice mirrors, towel rack, etc. So since i have these for my requirements, i always look for space saving items. I seriously thought it is hard to do some Small Bathroom Remodeling, but I think you need to have the right resources to start everything at the right path.

I want a new shower unit and vanity mirror this time. Though it may be for guests, i still use our small bathroom when i am downstairs. I also pay attention to details of the decors so it matters even if our room is just small. You might think that i am getting expensive items.. oh no! I am such a practical spender when it comes to these things. I want quality and style combined at such a good price. Bathroom Remodeling can seriously eat up your money if you will not allocate a certain budget at the start. Yes, you have to. There's a lot of nice to have items online that could end up in your shopping cart, but you have to think if that would still be of use in your small bathroom. Remember that we are considering space and functionality. Lastly, you have to find contractors near you who will do the work for you. A good contractor who wont be a source of your headache. Oh well , i cant wait for our small bathroom to be remodeled in time for my parents arrival by the end of October.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A new desktop for us

It is high time that we have a new one. Our old one is really too slow that you can do a lot of things before it opens up a window . I rarely work there and usually my son would just play with it as if he is doing some work like me. Then last week my husband and i decided that we check some desktop computers at the mall that are on sale. And yes, we really got it at a good prie. My husband installed it and since then I am enjoying it. Now I am loving our internet more. I get to work at the desktop when my husband needs to finish his office tasks at the laptop. I just wish that my little boy wont discover that its faast now, he will definitely play with those games again online.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Zenni Shopping

This is My favorite high fashion eyeglasses now. I noticed that my eyes are getting teary so I had it checked. It showed in the results that I need to wear my eyeglasses again because my astigmatism is acting up. Of course, I got myself an $ 8 Rx eyeglasses for everyday use. I am quite on a tight budget now so this one is really the best for me. Imagine a cheap one for a very nice piece? This is my answer with the question ,How You Can Start Spending Smart .. I love Zenni Optical !