Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's day celebration

Last June 19, we had an advanced father's day celebration at Joaqui's school. All families were invited to take part of the event. There were games , we actually won a Starbucks GC for the Finders Keepers game. We had no luck with the trip to Jerusalem though. Joaqui enjoyed that day with his dad, while Dominique enjoyed eating the snacks and playing around.

I took a lot of photos that day that's why I don't have a good picture of myself. When we arrived home, I was too excited to transfer everything to my laptop, online to find out that it crashed. Thanks to the 3 year laptop warranty I have, everything is okay now, I was able to transfer all my pictures.

I'm looking forward to more family celebrations at school.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hand carry

okay, here I go again, I am making a list of what to bring for our next trip. The hand carry bag always excites me since I have 2 kids full of stuff. They both drink milk, needs water and a lot of toys/ art materials to make them feel not bored at all during the entire trip. So I have Joaqui's Color Wonder, a writing tool, and his LMAX. Dominique is not really into toys that she is contented in sharing whatever his brother has. We are also bringing our ipods and play their favorite songs to reduce some airplane noise in their ears. Don't be shocked to see that I carry a big bag for hand carry, it is loaded im telling you.. fully loaded with everything I need.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Defense Lawyers

I have been hearing news about crime on the street lately and I can’t help but wonder if all of the people charged with a criminal offense are actually guilty of these accusations. I remember circumstances where there are people who are trapped in a situation and that they can no longer defend themselves during those times. Thanks to the kind people: the denver criminal defense lawyer who are willing to help out those in need of their professional services. An accused person has all the rights to defend themselves as stated in the Constitution. Fairness and Justice must be ensured to both parties, so the criminal attorney would always come to defend the other side. Their security and rights should be protected in a way that their rights as a person will not be violated just because they are accused. Currently, there is a lot of cases on DUI or “ Driving under the influence of”, even known celebrities are accused of this so thanks to the denver dui lawyers who are really efficient enough to handle the cases. Justice surely needs to be served , but equality and fairness should also be evident all throughout the process. Now, everyone has a voice for justice and equality.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denver accident lawyers to the rescue

Aside from the sad news of death, one news that I wouldn’t want to hear would be accidents. It pains me to know that a family member, a friend or someone close to me got into an accident. But in real life, this really happens and we have to deal with it with faith and hope. I remember when a cousin of mine got into a car accident last year because of a trucking accident at the freeway. We got really worried right that moment because it was in the news and they said that a lot are terribly injured. Good thing, my cousin had minor bruises and cuts, but nothing really serious. That was something we were so grateful for. But still, we got the services of denver car accident lawyers to make the suspects liable for everything. Imagine that due to another person’s negligence and carelessness on the road, so many innocent motorists were affected. What if someone died? I don’t think I can handle that pain of loss due to accidents. The denver accident attorney was with my cousin the entire time of the process and they showed all help and support to him. He was truly a great help to my cousin who was recovering that time. It is really good to get a denver car accident lawyer in times of emergencies like this. They will truly handle your case and will make sure that those who are liable will face the court.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

For your credit counseling needs

It is but natural for people to have financial problems in life. The question is how do we deal with it? Most of my friends have problems with their credit cards, the amount of money to be paid is getting bigger as they are not paying the entire amount at the due date. Some have problems with their existing loans too. Whatever your problem is, you might want to try the consumer credit counseling that I saw online. The website is so helpful that they deal with your concerns and your woes too. I found out about credit counseling when one of my friends was deeply in debt last year. She got really stressed with it and she is looking for ways on how to pay for it. It affected her so much and her work too. Now, she is in the process of paying out everything, slowly but surely. She had a credit card consolidation process that really summarized all her credit card payables into just one. So don’t lose hope if you have financial problems because you are not alone. You just need to find the right company to help you out and work things for you. In no time you will see yourself debt- free .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Understanding the Betting Language

The world of online sports betting can be a confusing place. When you start betting you will see that there is so much terminology to take in and process that it can certainly be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Just knowing some simple terms will save you from big headaches when placing your bets.

The Line

This is the betting line. It’s fairly simple. It tells you what team is favored and by how much. Football and basketball have fairly simple betting lines. By simply looking at the line of the Virginia vs. Washington basketball game you can see that Washington is favored by 2 points because they have a -2 next to their name.


A team that is favored to win is, of course, the favorite. The team that is not favored to win is considered the underdog or “dog.” You will see this term a lot when you read betting reports.


Sometimes when teams are evenly matched there is no favorite and no underdog. So it becomes a pick meaning that it is a straight up bet. You pick one team or the other, there are no point spreads to consider.


This is where a game ends and both teams end up with the same points (after the point spread is factored in). This means neither you or the better wins and neither of you make any money.


You will hear experts say a bet is a “lock” this means in their estimation it is a bet that cannot lose. Of course we all know that this is never the case, but it’s just a word used to entice betters.

These simple terms will be helpful when placing your bets online. Just remember to bet responsibly and have a good time enjoying your favorite sport in a different way.

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Refrigeration

The food industry is a fast-paced business. Different types of beverages and food are available from all over the world, any time, offering nutrition and refreshment to billions. To keep those people healthy and happy, food needs to be prepared and cooked properly. But, before either of those steps can be taken, food needs to be stored properly.

Foods like eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and many others all need to be kept at cool temperatures to ensure that they don't rot or spoil. Food that becomes rotten or spoiled can cause both inconvenient and serious illnesses, sometimes even death. So, it's very important that all food served in a restaurant be kept in conditions that will ensure it is safe to eat. In a restaurant, huge quantities of these foods are used, so the required refrigeration space must be large enough to hold the food. In other businesses, the amount of food being refrigerated may be smaller. This is the case with bars and most convenience stores. For such places, smaller refrigerators are available that won't take up too much room.

Refrigerators that meet these requirements come in all shapes and sizes. There are vertical and horizontal refrigerators, drop-in, and walk-in, even refrigerated display cases that are meant to meet whatever space limitations a restaurant, store, deli, or bar has.
Commercial refrigeration is a necessary part of any business that offers food and drink to the public.

The cost of these refrigeration products ranges from about $1,200 for a one panel reach-in, to over $9,000 for a full size walk-in. Bar-type refrigeration units fall roughly in the lower to middle section of the price scale. Whatever size you need, there is certain to be a refrigerator that will meet the requirements of your business.

Haircut time

Last weekend, my son had his haircut at the Kidz Hair Salon . He was so behaved that we didn;t had a hard time at all. Its a sign that he is a big boy now. He would cry then when he was still a baby . Dominique is scheduled for a haircut maybe next month. Im still thinking of what to do next with her hair. How about some bangs?

Sentinel for Dogs Keeps on Working

When you take your dog to the veterinarian's office for a checkup, ask what they think of Sentinel for dogs. Ask if they recommend it or think that it's a good treatment for your dog. Your vet knows the name and will certainly tell you the good news. Sentinel for dogs is not only an effective one-time treatment for some mighty nasty ailments, it's a terrific monthly barrier between your pet and things you hope you never have to learn about.

Sentinel is a flavorful little tablet given monthly. It can be offered as a snack or reward, or it can be mixed in with their meal. It won't give your dog bad breath or gas. What it will do is set up a system of protection in the bloodstream and throughout the body.

First, it attacks and kills whatever worms may be already on board your pet. That includes almost every parasite found in a dog, and probably a few extra. Hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm are all halted in their tracks. Sentinel also controls fleas by attacking the adult fleas, whose infected blood kills the eggs and new larvae.

Monthly treatments keep heartworms away too. Heartworms will kill your dog, you can be sure. It's very important to have monthly heart worm treatments so the medicine builds up in their blood for the most effective control.

Your veterinarian can prescribe Sentinel for your dog. It's easy to buy online and it's a better bargain than from the vet. It comes in six or twelve tablet packages that contain varying amounts of medicine based on the weight of your dog. It's an affordable way to deal with a possibly ugly situation.

Should I Hire a Group or Individual for Property Management?

If you own any commercial property, then having that property managed is an incredibly important part of maintaining the highest bottom line. After all, regardless of the essential value of the property itself, the amount of revenue will depend on your ability to avoid vacancies and maintain positive, long lasting relationships with your renters. When looking at commercial property management options, one of the major choices you have to make is whether to hire an individual or a management group. There are advantages to each option.

The more affordable option is almost always to hire an individual. Despite the fact that you will be employing this individual full time, rather than on an "as needed" basis, the pay required to hire directly will still save money in most circumstances. A property manager can generally be found by posting a job listing in local classifieds. In order to get the best possible results, it is important to hire someone who has extensive industry experience. An individual can also have a much more personal relationship with your renters.

Doing the hiring yourself does also mean you'll have some additional expenses and difficulties, however. The human resources requirements, the need to provide office space for the individual, and the need to replace the individual should the business relationship end can all require some additional work on your part.

Hiring a management group does cost more, but it reduces your hassle and your overhead. Without having to provide office space or employee resources, a property management group will maintain the total resources of your commercial property, making sure to reduce the number of vacancies. These management groups may not create a personal relationship with your renters, but their resources in advertising and maintenance for your facility tend to be far more expansive than an individual manager could ever provide.

my pre-schooler

This is my pre-schooler on his 1st day at pre school. The dad was with us to witness this milestone in his life. I was one happy and excited mom as always . He's not wearing his uniform yet during that day. We arrived a little early than the their 8:30am time. He firtst played at the outdoor area with some of the kids. Im glad how he enjoys school.

A Bill Consolidation Professional can Help you get out of Debt

If you're going into debt paying interest on several debts every month, you may want to consider debt consolidation . There are many professional loan counselors who can help you consolidate your debt into one monthly payment and help save you a lot of money on interest.

Once you have decided to get help with your debt, you'll want to bring your bills to your loan counselor. He or she will then come up with a plan on how to pay it off in a comfortable way for you. Your counselor may even contact your debtors and see if a lower payment can be negotiated or to drop the interest owed on the account. Once your counselor has negotiated with your creditors, they will come up with a lump monthly sum you pay them to pay your creditors off. This will prevent you from receiving individual bills from the creditors every month, the high interest charges, and the phone calls from the debt collectors.

You will have to do your part, too, when working with a loan counselor. The first thing you'll be asked to do is cut up all of your credit cards. This is perhaps the most important part of stopping your debt, because it prevents you from accruing new debt. You'll then have to make sure that you are paying the monthly fee on time every month until the loan is paid off.

If you have a large debt and are receiving numerous calls from creditors every month, seek help from a loan counselor. They can help you clear your debt and end the hassle of having several different loans from several different companies. You will be charged a fee for their services, but it will be added to your monthly loan payment. A professional loan counselor can help ease the stress of dealing with your debts on your own.

Joy with Toys

My parents gave these to the kids last month ,, and from their faces you can really tell that they love it. My son is so much into tools now, he loves to play pretend, like fixing some stuff around the house and even fixing his toy cars.

My little girl on the other hand is into cooking stuff, anything that involves plates and cups. This Tea Set is just perfect. Thanks grandma and grandpa!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding and Using a Pottery Barn Promo Code

Going online allows many people to shop at their favorite stores from the convenience of their own homes with just a few clicks of the mouse. It is especially useful for people who live in areas that don't have the stores and products that they want to buy.

Retailers tend to like online shopping as well because it means that a broader customer base has access to their products. That will help their bottom line. Many online stores use special incentives and promotions to help draw shoppers to their sites. These promotions are a great way to save money that you wouldn't have otherwise saved had you made your purchases in the brick and mortar store.

What Are Promo Codes?

Most sites will use promo codes to apply the savings to your bill. These promo codes are often words, numbers, or a combination of both and frequently specify the kind of savings you'll receive (for example, a code might be "FREESHIP"). Customers then enter the code into a special field when they check out and the savings is automatically calculated.

What Can I Save?

Promo codes let you access different types of savings, from free shipping to discounts on specific collections to a certain percentage off certain items. Usually, these savings are only available online and not in stores. In some cases, the savings can actually be quite significant.

Where Can I Find Promo Codes?

If you're looking for a pottery barn promo code, check out the company's website. Many times, online retailers will list their promotions right on their site. Or, you can find websites that list offers and promotions for various stores and include the promo codes for you. Then, you just need to copy and paste the codes into the discount or promotion field when you check out.

Let's talk about beauty

The woman of today always wants to achieve the perfect look. Those in the corporate environment would try to look presentable and formal for any unexpected meetings. Make-ups have somewhat become a must have for every woman’s closet. My vanity box includes a couple of eye shadows, lip gloss and a face powder. As summer is fast approaching, its time to start browsing some beauty magazines and see what’s the beauty trend for this season. There are countless of products available at the cosmetic counter of department stores. This might make the selection process very hard, but one thing to keep in mind is to find one that will truly match your skin complexion. Estee Lauder products are proven over the years, this is one brand which your mom and aunties know and use. The best thing about their products is that throughout the years, the name has lived up to its expectation. Among their products, the Beautiful perfume is one of my favorites. I remember my mom’s make up kit filled with these items and the first time I tried it on, it blended perfectly on my skin tone. My other choice is Bobbie brown makeup and it’s because I love its smooth finish on the skin. I always go for a simple, natural look and using this product line has helped me to achieve it. For his season, I think I would go with just a light foundation, a little blush and a slight dab of lip tint to get me going throughout the whole day.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Interested with cigars?

Looking for men's gifts can really be hard especially if the one you are sending gift seems to have a lot of things already. I always experience this during Christmas time, I find it hard to find gifts for my husband's office mates and uncles. But now, I found a great gift idea for men, and that's Cigars. As most of them use cigars , a cigar humidor has always been my favorite item. A humidor is a container designed to hold the cigarettes and other tobacco products. A friend of mine is suggesting the Acid cigars , but I frequently see one at the mall. I usually buy the samplers or some flavored ones. For his boss, the limited editions are great choices . Some who doesn't smoke can even receive cigars , as i know some who are into collecting these pieces. My uncle is not a smoker, but he loves collecting cigars and some tobacco products that he even has a display cabinet for it. Most of those who received cigars from us as gift are so happy to have a unique gift. They told us that gone are the days that men would receive mugs, pens and hankies as gifts. It is fulfilling in my part to know that they appreciate our gift. Now, I am looking for CAO cigars. There are many variations of this type of cigar and the price is a little expensive as compared to the ones I previously bought. The husband is asking me to get this one specifically for their guest speaker next week. Its great that I got it in a good price.

Spa time!

Things have been crazy around the house lately. I can really say that I am overstressed! I worry about so many things in life that I sometimes forget to slow down a bit. I should always remember that I am here to enjoy life with my kids and my family. This is why the husband is giving me a free time at the spa. Yes, it is a much awaited moment for me because I certainly needs pampering and detoxification. If only my friend's spa is operational by now, I will surely be saving big bucks than paying it at a whole price in other spas. It is still under construction and he needs a lot of things like hot tub filters at some of their hot tub units. He started out the construction last month and he told me that it is 80% complete now. He even need pool cartridge filters and pool filter replacement cartridge . I suggested a website to him where he can get these items at really discounted prices. Imagine getting the product at such a low cost while providing you great customer service. They have a wide array of products available so he may even find there the above ground pool filters that he is looking for.