Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Jollibee Party

It was a treat from my mom , lucky me! hehehe. She wanted to throw a simple party for Dom at her house for our neighbors but I said it would be so hard in our case since we don't have enough manpower to help us with the cooking, cleaning and food setup. So I suggested that we just have a Jollibee party for the kids, where food is good and as we all know, Jollibee is a hit for kids. Most of all, we don't have to worry about cleaning time. Hahaha.
I had everything done two months prior to Dom's exact birthday. Paid the reservation and chose the food. I just bought the prizes and souvenirs from 168 3 days before the party. Boy, i got a lot of stuff for the kids , i even got myself a pair of safety glasses at a cheap price. Overall, it was a great party, we all had fun , most especially my parents.
Now, I feel like preparing a simple party for my little boy who will soon turn four. I want to treat the kids fairly , and that includes birthday parties and simple celebrations. Hello budget:)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kids and Me

We had a simple celebration at Jollibee last Oct 27 for the first birthday of my daughter. Here I am with the joys of mylife before the party started. Most of our visitors noticed that I look slimmer than before ( they thought I used some diet pills like Fastin ) and i think I owe it all to my top. LOL. Seriously, i think i lost a few pounds before this party because I get tired taking care of the kids, human exercise, you know! Its not a joke to carry a load like Dominique who is a size 2T already at her age. Okay, back to my fab top, my sister got it from Forever 21, it was a first time for me to try this cut and it didn't disappoint. I got hooked with the style , i bought a few more hahaha. More updates from the parties soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Duty Free Shopping

The day after my parents arrived here in Manila, we have decided to check out the Duty Free shop near the airport. Well, we only want to get some chocolates for the party and look at the price of Samsung HDTV if it is lesser there than at the mall. The price difference is not too big i think it is still cheaper if we get it online. But I am willing to wait until the Thanksgiving sale to get one for our bedroom.
Anyway , we had fun shopping and looking for other things to get. Our cart was loaded with candies and chocolates , too much sugar fix huh ?! Here are my boys looking at some toys.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

What to wear?

The party is on Sunday already but I haven't decided yet on what to wear. I have two choices , and its just so hard to choose. Both looks nice and chic but i just need to check which one is more comfortable to wear. Both dresses will require accessories too and that I have to check tomorrow. I wish I have designed my loose diamonds into a very nice piece but i dont have the time to do it now. I need to find a perfect jeweller.

So what do i need to think else? Shoes. I have my choice already , and its something i got thru a friend . I love it coz its too comfy to wear. I hope to look really great at the party despite the fact that i still look fat because of post pregnancy weight.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Looking forward

Aside from the birthday celebration of the princess on Sunday , I am so looking forward to our family vacation on Nov 10-12 . This time we are really a complete family and we are going to Shangrila Mactan. It was the choice of my family since they haven't been there and they want a really nice place where there is beach. They've been to a ski vacation last year so they want something different this time. Different because their place in CA doesnt really have many beaches. Eventhough this is my 2nd time for this year , I am excited as usual. Our family loves Shang Mactan because of what it offers. Its kid - friendly , something i look for in a place to stay. I dont need to say more about the food , service .. its just superb!