Monday, November 23, 2009

Kids and Me

We had a simple celebration at Jollibee last Oct 27 for the first birthday of my daughter. Here I am with the joys of mylife before the party started. Most of our visitors noticed that I look slimmer than before ( they thought I used some diet pills like Fastin ) and i think I owe it all to my top. LOL. Seriously, i think i lost a few pounds before this party because I get tired taking care of the kids, human exercise, you know! Its not a joke to carry a load like Dominique who is a size 2T already at her age. Okay, back to my fab top, my sister got it from Forever 21, it was a first time for me to try this cut and it didn't disappoint. I got hooked with the style , i bought a few more hahaha. More updates from the parties soon.

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