Saturday, November 25, 2006

updates.. updates

* MULTIPLY * been in front of the pc almost everyday, but i wasnt able to blog for quite a while. got addicted with my account, where i can post pics, write blogs and sell stuff all rolled into one website. hahaha ! its easier than webshots i guess, pkus u dont have to memorize that long web address. =) but currently , i made a site for the stuff that il be selling this december, and i have items already reserved.. woohooo.. but i still wanna retain this site for my blogs.

* COWBOY * joaqui will attend a costume birthday party this december, and since we cant use his pooh costume anymore, i just decided that he will be a cowboy this time. i just ordered a cowboy hat from maita of bumbleebee and company. hmmm excited =)

* FANG * would u believe that his third teeth ia a fang?! hahaha! oh yeah, upper right fang. sorry, i forgot the medical term for that. haay kaya pla he sucks his hand again. he usually does that when he's teething.

* CRAWL * so fast that i need to be wide awake whenever we are in bed. he can climb up of the pillows all around our bed. patay ako kay gelo pag nalaglag sya. hehehe =)

* DECORS * until now, wala pa kaming xmas decor.. haaayy its just so hard when u have an asthmatic baby. i need to bring him to my MIL , so i can decorate the house. takot kasi ako may ma inhale sya pag naglabas kmi decors.

* NOT THIS ONE PLS * i found out before na parang may asthma of the skin sya, coz i saw one sa arm nya.. then nawala after putting a medication. and its back now.. sa leg naman. haayyy im quite familiar on how it looks since some of my cousins and my dad suffered from that.. oh wel, its in the blood.

Friday, November 10, 2006

only once in his life.

been reading baby books, surfing the net and reading blogs on how babies should progress at a given time (or how their babies progress by this time).. like at seven months, your baby..should be able to.. will probably be able to...may possibly be able to..may even be able to... and it took me some time to think.

** every child is different, every family is different..and babies reach milestones in their own developmental time.

as for me as long as joaqui is on the normal range for his weight and showing good and early signs of development physically, emotionally (and other aspects as well), i am a satisfied and happy mom.

everyday is different .. though we spend each day at home usually, i see new things in him. and that makes me more thankful that i am a stay-at-home mom. i am with him at all times. i carry him when he cries.. i feed him when he is hungry.. i put him to sleep.. i play with him.. i am with him always.. and i love it that way.

i believe that he is a BABY only ONCE in his life... this stage passes like a wind. time surely flies. and i sooo wanted to cherish and treasure every single day as i see my little boy grow.

i dont wanna push him to do things.. i want him to learn how to do those things. i am just here to guide him as soon as i see any signs that he wants to explore on something new.

like what gelo and i would always say " minsan lang baby si joaqui, so he should be doing stuff suited for baby. pag laki nya, ma eexperience din nya lahat. hehehe..just one step at a time.. we will get there"

and to dear baby joaqui, i will write this too on your journal.. remember that we are so happy that we have you in our life. love you munchkin joaquin hehehe

Friday, November 03, 2006

something to keep me sane

here's something that keeps my world beautiful everyday. sorry, my entry before this is quite a negative one. im catching up now =)

enjoying his shot glass pictorial

my baby pooh during trick or treat

pretty damn tired.

>> gelo spending 16 hours per day at work, not including the travel time (di ka na kilala ng anak mo, tulog na sya pagdating mo)

>> gelo working even on holidays and saturdays (muntik pa nung sunday, kakahiya naman sa officemates mo)

>> joaqui's 2 lower incisors are half way showing (could he be experiencing toothache? he gets cranky sometimes)

>> joaqui eating rice cerals in the morning (another addition to my morning sked, reason to get up at 8)

>> joaqui got cough and colds after the trick or treat (time to nebulize... throwing up milk after nebulization)

my daily life is more than tiring.. not even the word "exhausting" could compare on how i feel now...

i feel sad... i wanna cry...and im f***ing pissed with gelo's sched at work! ( why go home when u just spend 5 hours at home sleeping!) this is getting into my nerves! this is affecting me in so many ways, and not just me, but our family.

i cant wait for this one to pass.