Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007.. Hello 2008 !!!

A Happy New Year to all of us!!

May God shower our families with more blessings this 2008..

gelo, peachy & joaquin

Best Car Loan

After we go married in 2005, Gelo and I decided to get a car we can call our own. So after a month of searching for the car, we landed on what we have now. But deciding on where to have a car loan wasn't that easy. We found some but mostly of high interest, and who would grab that, right? Car loans are getting hard to acquire now, since most of the companies that provides this type of loan requires a lot of paperworks and credit investigation. I have also seen some auto loans at banks, but their interest rates would really reach the ceiling, so we have to scratch it from our list.

For next year, we are planning to get another car, something bigger for the whole family. So here I am again, searching for the best auto loan deals. I am really excited with this, because this would be another investment for us. I found a website that offers free car loan quoatations, so I immediately tried it out for my chosen vehicle. The pirce and the interest rates are by far the most competitive I've seen. What excites me more was reading their car loan blog. I have read many interesting topics and tips like acquring loans , interests, loan applications and more. I di hope we can get a bigger car by next year, our family is really growing. And i know, it's not impossible with the latest quotes I have in my hands.


I need to finish opps for my two sites. Everything is due on the 1st, and I am pretty sure that I'm busy on the 31st, so I better type and blog and wrap up everything.

Today is my cousin's birthday and our family reunion too (here at home). We all had fun , bonding and catching up with all of our stories. I never thought that my cousins were that drinkers.. grabe! No one got drunk after 2 cases or more pa yata. We even went to Bluewave at Macapagal for coffee at 12mn. It was a day of fun with my cousins. Will post pics soon. Meanwhile, let me do my opps hehehe

Online Backgammon

I recently posted that I do enjoy to play backgammon online, and it's really taking most of my free time. I visited a lot of websites already, and I al so lucky to land on great ones. It helps me a lot when the site is user- friendly because I'm no good with exploring at all. Online backgammon is really making it big lately, and most of my friends play it too. Why don't you give backgammon online a try too, you will definitely enjoy playing it, you can later on jooin tournaments too.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

more pics

** we don't have a christmas tree, so i first thought of this spot for the photo opp**

** obviously, Santa can't be seen.. hahaha! **

** So we transferred here.. and it's better. Too bad, Gelo's not in flaming red hehehe**

** after the mass, Joaquin opened his gifts. That's one of the shoes I bought at Shoebuy, he actually wore that at the Barney concert, LOL! For the sake of opening gifts, and receiving something from me, I had it wrapped:) **

** The necklace with a cross pendant was Gelo's gift. JOaquini is inspecting hehehe **

** nicee.. I also received a necklace from Gelo, with a cross pendant to match Joaquin's. He wanted to get Morellato's Letter pendant for our initials, but can't find one at MOA.. maybe next time daddy, let's try Podium hahaha**

** And here's the gift from Santa Claus.. **


The little boy before the Christmas Eve mass. He looks good in that red polo shirt.. love it! Hehehe. We attended the 10:30 pm mass on the 24th, had a simple Noche Buena, then opened our presents. Joaqui was up til 1:30 in the morning,LOL! I have lots of pics to share.. will upload later:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The gift.

It was Thursday of last week when Gelo arrived with these..

I was able to peek at Joaqui's gift, but mine was kept sealed til Christmas eve. I admit that I was so tempted to open it, and to keep me away from the temptation, I have it locked inside our cabinet. Hehehe.. We opened gifts after hearing the Christmas eve mass. The little boy was ecstatic..

** Here is santa's gift , he arrived early at our home**

* notice the gift tags of santa claus and mommy? i think it's a giveaway who Santa really is :) *

Let's play poker

I usually have to wait at night to get hold of the computer, since Gelo is so much into online poker. That's really one thing that keeps him busy when he's not working. I tried checking the game, and would you believe that he even have this poker calculator that he got from this very nice site? He even explained to me some poker odds while we were browsing through the site. We already downloaded the free trial and I do wish I can play well. Oh, and we also have the holdem calculator, I am still figuring out how to use it. Let's see if I'l do good with poker.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Welcome Back !

I know that all of us has a lot of stories and pictures to share.. I can't wait to bloghop!

Everybody had fun during Christmas Day? I bet. We all had a tiring but happy day. I will post some pictures tomorrow, as I am too lazy to get our camera and memory card. Had a few good shots here at home before the Christma Eve Mass. We even have our red dish chair for our photo opp, so with the Santas and a few gifts at the floor.. LOL! Joaqui was so excited. I dont know why.. could he feel that it's Christmas? No "matinong" picture of the little boy. It's either he wanted to go down while we carry him, or he's hugging Santa, or plainly not looking at the camera. I guess. boys are not really with photo opps, hahaha!

We were in red, flaming red I should say.. except for the daddy who had a lighter shade. My fault, it was a last minute decision, and his red shirt is kinda body hugging already. But it was still a nice Christmas photo for our family.

Joaqui and I received a surprise gift from Gelo. And we somehow match.. Thanks Daddy!

How was your day? I wanted to sleep a bit early today, but I have to finish a few opps... Back to work for now!

Easy Logo maker

Do you know how much a simple business or company logo can help you out in making it big? I previously posted about our uncle who holds business about coins. He is on the state of redesigning his logo, and sis he knows that I am so much into the internet and computer designs, he asked me to create a Logo Design related to his business. I would actually wanted to decline, but I was too shy to do so. So, since I know a bit in designing, I decided to give it a try. I found this good site wherein there is a Free Logo and Business Card Creator that I can use. It was fun creating and designing. The process is completely free, you only have to pay once you decided to buy the design itself. I have not landed on something definite yet, though I have a few drafts saved. I would still need to show this to my uncle, and ask for his approval. The price is not expensive at all, so I am pretty sure we will buy from them. Custom Logo Design is something I never thought I could do. But with the help of this site, I was able to design a few good ones. There's really a lot of colors and designs to choose from, so you won't have a hard time to finish one design. I would love to recommend this site to those who are looking for their own logo designs. It can help out a lot of first timers in the world of entrepreneurship. I am so proud I was able to design a business logo, a new milestone for me.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Barney Pics Part 1

I am posting by parts.. We went there with my niece, Joreen ( 5 yrs old) , Justin ( 2 yrs old) and Khloe (2 yrs old). They were the first to hit the edge of the stage, and I have pics to prove that hehehe...

*that's my niece, Joreen..she's watching Barney since she was 7 months old**

** I am talking to Joaquin here, he keeps on saying "UP..UP" He wants to be at the stage**

** The little boy in polo is Justin, my nephew, sila pa lang kids that time**

** The little boy dancing**

** waahh. parang sarili nila yung harapan.. super addict talaga sila **

** oh we are flying in an airplane.. looking at the window.. **

I'll post some more pics.. I need to download some more:) Used my DSLR here, but in automatic mode. I just can't shoot with the manual, i am panicky that moment and shaky as well LOL. I have good shots naman, so kay na din:) Pitik lang ng pitik, coz I keep on following Joaqui..

Can you tell if he had a great time?

Medical Assistants

The medical world is one industry which is really booming at this moment. There is a massive hiring at different hospitals and healthcares. This leads to a lot students attending medical schools. Aside from the usual courses at this type of school, now there are medical assistant training programs that provides relative education to the students. There's a wide variety of medical assistant schools to choose from. You can also choose which course would you like to pursue. I am really curious on some courses that I saw online, because it really sounds promising. I bet there's a lot of students there, since all hospitals would need a medical assistant. If you have decided to enroll in one of the medical assistant programs, you can check a list of schools within your vicinity, and from there, you can see the courses each school has to offer. The site would really help you find the most suited school to fit you. I know a lot who are really doing everything just to make it in the medicine world, and these programs would be a great first step to take.


Go and check this today. You will be shocked to see that I am on their top earners! Bwahahaha :) 570USD in earnings landed me to Top 4 :) Bwahahaha!

First of all, I find it vague.. I didn't earned 570 at that site alone. How could that be when all they can give are 3 opps. I didn't even grabbed the 3rd one.

Second, if that would reflect my total earnings from blogging, that's not updated :)

I really earned a lot in 3 months, but that's nothing as compared to the veterans in this field. Right Aggie? Hehehe. But I am so thankful with what I earned. Really, I am.

Let's dance Salsa

Salsa is one form of dancing that I really enjoy watching. I see it as something really expressive. My high scholl friend recently enrolled in salsa dancing and in just a few sessions, she dances like a pro. I do wish I can try to do the salsa dance soon. Dancing is an exercise and I find it therapeutic too. I am seriously giving it a try. Don't be shocked to see me at world salsa championships.


I am catching up with a lot of pending opps. Sorry if you will see a lot for now and less intersting ones to fill in. I was out last Friday and today, too busy, I can't even bloghop :( Hope I can visit all sites before the 25th.

My other site is also into paid blogging, and it's taking my time too. Plus my sisters site. I'm blogging for 3 sites, and too bad, I dont have much time this week. Bear with my opps please :)


Do you have plans of moving to another home or simply relocating? One big problem I am seeing with that would be the transferring of my beloved items. We are planning to move to the suburbs on 2009, if plans will push through. I am definite that I will bring along some of our items as it is precious to us. I find it stressful but seeing the company like New York movers made me a little less panicky. They are here to help those who are relocating. The services is so easy to avail, you just need to call their toll-free number and they will be right at your doorstep. Isn't it great?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Color it RED..

My hair is now Reddish Brown, I forgot the complete shade.. whatever! I am so bored with my black with a small hint of brown hair, so I decided that it's time to say goodbye on that. Wow, so Christmassy.. I also bought a Red ( bloody as in!) Satin top at Meg Eastwood Mall.. Nicee..This is my very first purchase at Meg, and I can say that they have a few good items, plus the price is good enough too..

And today,it's confirmed. I'm back to being a SMALL size for tops.. bwahahaa! I was even extra small at Kashieca.. woohoo!! but for the hips. ah forget it! I wont tell you the size of my jeans :) And speaking of jeans, I am happy with my skiny jeans, used it today and I feel good wearing it. I am comfortable.

So guess who's back in shape now? Bwahahaa * evil evil laugh atalaga*

Someone said this line to me last June.. I will never ever forget, coz I felt na inaasar nya ko talaga. " Uy Peachy, ang taba mo ngayon, buntis ka ba?"

WTF! Look at me now byotch! And look at yourself! Mas mukha ka pang may anak sa akin noh?! Wait til you see me in shorts! Bwahahaha * evil pa din *

Don't worry, that girl is not reading my blog as she is so outdated I guess. I told you, Im back with vengeance. Am gonna show that girl how a mom's body should look like even if she already have a son! Common mommies.. let's unite, show our sexy side! LOL!

Enough of her, she might gain popularity here. She doesnt even belong here, hehehe..

Gotta go, Im brushing my red hair.. hehehe ..

Donate Boat

I have read a lot of fund raising activities, but today, I found something unusual that I wanted to share to all of you. Did you know that you can help a lot of kids if you will Donate Boat ? Yes, Boatangel accepts boat donations and sells it on Ebay. Then from that profit, they create and distribute Children's Animation DVDS. Isn't it great? You really help a lot with a simple act of charity. I know someone who owns a boat, and he is actually thinking of donating it. This coule be a perfect choice for him. I will provide my friend with a few details on this for him to think things over.

I am also thinking of ways to help out on some children throough this simple acts af charity, and this is so timely fot the Christmas Season, it is bestto share with everyone , after all the blessings we received, giving would be the best thing to do, to reciprocate the love. If only I have a boat now, I'll whole-heartedly Donate my Boat in order to help in this lovely cause. Aside from the DVD's , they were able to finish a documentary about Anti Drus use. The money that they earn provides them with more fundin for their projects. I do wish , a lot of people would help them in this lovely act of sharing and kindness.

flooding a bit

So Sorry if i have been posting opps most of the time and fillers.. quizzes.. I just really need to finish a lot now. As of writing, it's the 22nd of December, and it's Barney day!! My day will be focused on Barney and Joaquin. No computer in the morning, LOL.

And speaking of the concert, we will bring along our DSLR. Our Tamrac bag is so nice, the compartment for the cam is not noticeable at all, it's at the bottom part of the bag kasi. The top zip would be for Joaqui's extra clothes :) But I will bring a point and shoot cam too, just in case... :)

I am so excited! Im excited for Joaquin actually.. Can't wait.. :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

GPS Tracking Key

Technology is really making it big nowadyas. I always get amused with the latest in technology and science. A few weeks back, I am searching about tracking devices that are currently being used with shopping and courier. I was able to get some good informtation. But as I wqas browsing the site, I chanced upon GPS Tracking Key. I thought it was just about tracking cars or roads, but it doesn't end there at all. Did you know that the GPS tracking systems can even track people?! Wow! talk about innovation.

GPS unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. It ca track vehicles, people, assets and a lot more. I studied how it works, and its plaina nad simple. They will actually provide you with a complete kit upon purchase. It is battery operated, and the kit is so easy to use. I am thinking of this as a good investment for the car, just in case it get's carnapped, you can automatically track for your vehicle. If you have a teen at home, you can also track them if they are going somewhere else after school. It provides security and real time information. Now, the price.. it is competitively priced. Considering the benefits you can get from this item, it is surely worth the purchase. I will provide more feedbacks as soon as I tried it. I am excited to try it out with our car.

Well said

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Snagged this from Jane (again).. hehehe ... enjoyed answering the questions for this. Try it out.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

At last

.. I'm done wrapping gifts

.. I already ordered Revel bars from Joy and we will pick everything on the 24th.

.. We have a few items already for the Noche Buena, but I still lack a few. I also need to grab a choco bar for the fountain.

.. I arranged some of our Cd's at the box. Even labeled per category.. Series.. cartoons.. Anime.. hehehe

.. I am catching up with the opps. I have some that will expire on the 25th.. better do it before Monday.

A Psychologist

I recently mentioned that I wanted to go back to college and I am considering an online university for that. I am weighing the advantages and disadvantages if ever I will push through with my plans. But if you will ask me, I plan to take up a psychology degree. I have been inclined with Psychology during college, and little did I know, there were a lot of aspects in Psychology. If there is Child Psychology that is being offered, that would be perfect. Clinical Psychology is interesting too. I am confident that the online university will provide me with an academically and professionally online oriented education. They are the best and trusted in this field, so choosing them is really not a mistake at all. Anytime this week, I am starting my application form, and I also need to read more about their school guide. They also have a toll-free number I can call for some more queries that may arise. I do wish I can finish my decision by this week. I am excited to go back to college.

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

busy bee again

** finish wrapping some more gifts

** order Revel Bars to Joy San Gabriel

** buy items for Noche Buena

** clean up.. clean up.. clean up! Ang kalat ni Joaqui!

** Save our pics on CD's for my mom and for backup

** Finish my LO for 2008 Calendar and place my order on weekend hopefully.

** Arrange our outfit for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. LOL

I will bloghop tonight during my free time. I miss reading posts.. Buti na lang wala masyadong tags:) Hehehe

All about handwriting

Snagged from Jane :) ThankS!

What Your Handwriting Says About You

You are a fairly energetic person. You know how do pace yourself, and you deal well with stress.

You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.

You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.

Back to School

It's been 7 years since I graduated form college and I really wanted to go back to college and take up a course that I am considering for quite some time now. But since I have a little boy, I have to disregard that option yet. But today, I saw an accredited online university that offers a variety of courses. capella university is really one of the best in it's field. There's a lot of options on classes, competitve price and high caliber online instructors.

I am thinking of this as my best option for now, since I don't have to leave home for schooling, and I can still be with my son. I am still browsing the site for some other information I can grab before I discuss matters with Gelo. Eversince, I wanted to get a post- graduate course and his may be the right time. Capella University has been getting good review from reputable institutions, so I know that I am on the right track. It gets me excited because this is really something new for me. Wish me luck.

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jesus and Mamery

I was bout to blog about this , when I saw Joy's post a while ago. Here's my share Joy..

Gelo, Joaquin, my MIL and I were at SM Manila a while ago for a quick trip before dropping off my MIL at her place.

At SM, on our way to Tenderoast, I decided to check on St. Paul's Publications store. I was with Joaquin then, while Gelo and my MIL went ahead and ordered food. I am looking for a cross for little kids. Joaquin is really addicted with any image of Jesus and Mama Mary ( Mamery for him). I saw one at Php50, and its such a cutie with rounded edges pa.. but its in pink! Anuva! No stocks in Blue so i decided to check a few items. Joaquin kept pointing to Jesus everywhere! Tinitignan na talaga sya ng mga tao, and they commented, " Kilala mo pala si Jesus"..and the little boy said "opo.".. oh my, I am touched!

We went out of the store, and to my shock, he cried! As In cry to death! Jesus! pa din ng Jesus! while pointing at the store.. Aww.. So Gelo and my MIL asked why he's crying. I explained. I ended up asking Gelo for some money, and Joaquin and I went back to St. Paul Store.

I let him move around. Grabbing a few books, touching some images.. kissing Jesus.. and doing his own version of the sign of the cross! Wow! I asked him to get what he likes from the "estampita" stand.. the small images of Jesus and saints with prayers at the back.. Would you believe he got the following:

1 image of Mama Mary
1 image of Jesus (sacred Heart)
1 Image of Jesus at the cross
1 image of Sto. Nino

He had variety talaga. So I paid our bill and left the store. He was holding his small plastic til we get Tenderoast. I opened the plastic while waiting for or food. He immediatley showed everything to Gelo. As if reading the prayers at the back. My oh my! MIL said na baka mag priest later on.

It hit me.

Am I ready? Will I ever be ready?

They said that having a priest in the family is really a big blessing, and I have nothing against that , really. I will feel terribly blessed if Joaquin will have "his calling". I do hope he can live up with that.

Is priesthood something you can sense at an early age?

Or is this normal with some other kids? I can write a lot of stories about Joaqui and his love for Jesus....on how he would first notice an image of Jesus at any house we enter, at any place.. he can spot Jesus. He would love to stand in front of an image and stare.. or touch. He actually loves to just stay in front of Jesus. That makes him giddy happy. Really happy.

This early, we support his happiness..We are getting him a nice cross pendant. He already have one necklace with cross that's originally Gelo's own( yes, Gelo used it during his own baptism, and Joaquin used it during his baptism too) , but I saw a nice one in black.. hope the daddy will read this. Common, lets buy Joaquin a nice necklace, LOL! Palusot na naman! I even asked my cousin Dorxie, who is one of Joaqui's ninang to find a nice cross for Joaquin, something he can carry around. He is playing with my Lola's Antique cross and a few images here in the house.

Here's a pic of Joaquin a few months back yata.. embracing the Holy family while watching Barney. This is heavy , im telling you.

I hope and pray for the best. Thy will be done.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Am I cool?

You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.
You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.
While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.
You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!

Thanks to Vannie for this tag.. Parenting is not easy at all. Whew! But I am enjoying it..

Feel free to grab this!

Bathroom lights

One of my favorite part of the house aside from our bedroom would be the bathroom. This is a place where I can truly relax after a tiring day, and I love taking a warm bath before gooing to sleep. Just last night, everything was ready, and when I switched on our bathroom lights, it went busted! So, while out a while ago, I managed to get some very cozy bathroom lights that I can use at night. I tried it already, and I love effect at our bathroom now.

Be yourself tag

Thanks Trinity :)

1. Whats one thing thats heavily weighing on your mind?
- our plans of getting a property at Laguna by 2008.

2. what's one thing you've learned from a good friendship gone bad?
- Don't trust too much

3. whats one thing you've learned lately from love?
- Love is unconditional.

4. is there anyone special in your life at the moment?
-Gelo and Joaquin

5. whats a happy time you've had in the past week/s?
- exchanging gifts with Joaqui's friends at Little Gym and a little shopping. Is there such thing as little? :)

6. how far would you go for love?
- until there's no more to give? Echos!

7. is there anything in your past that you'd like to do/try again?
- as in anything? i guess be with my family again, but its not happening anytime soon. Maybe next year.

8. whats your favorite kind of weather?
- cold, like Tagaytay..

9. why is this?
- to save up on air conditioning. Gelo, Joaquin and I loves cold surroundings as in. My two boys dont use a blanket at night.

10 . who do you like to spend your nights with?
- Gelo and Joaqui. I am an advocate of co sleeping/ sleep sharing.. hehehehe

11. are you an emotional person?
- yeah.. move out of your throne Judy Ann! bwahahaha

12. can you cry in front of others easily?
- I can. Talent ko yan.

13. whats something that can always make you feel better?
- Just seeing Joaquin makes me feel better , and a little shopping. That's my therapy:)

14. what does love make you feel like?
- complete!

15. and losing love?
- incomplete!

16. are you self conscious?
- not really, pa-minsan-minsan lang

17. do you think of others before yourself?
- most of the time. Kaya nga my paypal account is almost gone:)

18. where do you see yourself some time next year?
- at our new place in Laguna , or being with my complete family

19. do you tend to make relationships complicated?
- hhmmm no, not really.

20. do you think you'd be able to survive a whole year in jail?
- nope! Joaquin needs to be with me inside the jail too. We are inseperable

21. who do you feel the most comfortable to go around?
- gelo, of course
- mommy, ricca and ate during shopping sprees

22. is there something that you're waiting for? someone perhaps?
- a house and lot at Verdana Homes! Yeah! Gimme that!

23. one thing you're looking forward to..
- Christmas

24. how do you feel about change?
- If its for the better.. then go

25. any plans this summer?
- if Ricca will be here, at least one trip for us. Bohol or HK.. if budget permits, i want to have both!

26. what are your plans for your next birthday?
- travel with Gelo and Joaqui.

27. do you think someone out there is in love with you?
- Naman! Feeling.. hehehe

28. how do you feel right this second?
- I wanna finish this coz am gonna eat chocolates:)

29. one word that describes you at this point of your life?
- complete

30. what do you think about this survey?
- nice questions.. i enjoyed it

online backgammon

Since Gelo and I are enjoying the world of backgammon, we would usually spend our nites playing, he's at the laptop while im at our desktop. I never imagine that whenever we play backgammon online, the more we are getting hooked with it. We are kidding each other, that if ever we will get really good at this game, we can try joining some competitions. So I checked if there are some backgammom tournaments, and lucky me, I was able to see one! So don't be amazed to see us in tournaments soon.


So I blogged about my online shopping grabs, and so does Aggie. We even YM each other for some online sale, thus the reason I am broke now. But guess who saw each other at the mall Monday night, LOL! Huli talaga. She's with Edil and Martha. Joaqui just woke up that time, not really in the mood but managed to make "bless" to Tito and Tita. He and his fellow asthmatic friend Martha kissed each other.. Hehhehe.. Aggie and I were in our casual clothes, Gelo and Edil were so at home at SM.. our friendly neighborhood store.

So who else lives near SM San Lazaro.. Abie! Common, lets all meet up. Let our kids stay with the daddies and shop some more.. joke! We can have coffee then shopping.. or the other way around. Just dont forget to shop.. okay?

In need of Car Parts

When we were still looking for a car, aside from Gelo asking the specifications, I would always ask about availability of car parts in our area. . This factor is so important especially when it's time for some repair. Some auto parts are easily available, and there are just some that can cause some delays with stocks. It happened to us before with one of our cars during the 80's. Currently, I am checking on some sites for some ford auto parts, my cousin's car is under repair, and I never knew I could get the best deals at the internet.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy. Excited

** A tiring Sunday again.. and i still need to finish some opps for tonight. Whew! I love this week :)

** We went to class this afternoon, and before it even started, we kinda had our own exchange gifts.. Joaqui, Bela, Sandro and Julianne were loaded with gifts hehehe.. I am "atat na atat pero hindi nagpapahalata kay Gelo" to open the gifts Joaqui received from his gym friends and his ninong, but I am sticking with my plan of opening everything on Christmas Eve. I want him to learn the value of patience, LOL! As if! If you know me, even at this age, I feel extremely happy with a gift, even a small cheapy one, sobrang saya ko na. And I can't wait to open, LOL.. I just wanted to start with that tradition, something new:)

** I am also thinking on what to give Jesus on that day. Since Joaqui is so in love with Jesus, I want him to offer something as his gift. It's Jesus birthday of course, so we are giving him a gift.. anything for our altar maybe? Let's see. I'm overwhelmed with the blessings for this year, as in life's blessings. I am thankful to the Big Man up there.

** It's my FIL's birthday on the 18th, and we might spend Monday night til Tuesday at my MIL's place. Tuesday morning, we are off to Papa's crypt at Heaven's Gate Antipolo.

** Im cutting this post.. I need to sleep I swear!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rehabilitation at it's best

Drug Addiction has been one of the major problem in our society for quite a long time. Many has tried and became a victim of this addiction, some are still unshaken, but most already chose to have a new life. Do you know anyone who has been into drugs and wanted to have a change of life? If you do, then trying checking for this best Drug Rehab that I saw at the internet. They have an exclusive and private area at Malibu, California and so far this is really the best I've seen. It's like having a vacation of your life. It's too far from how I envisioned rehabilitation. My eyes feasted with the amenities Im telling you. You have a private room, a private fitness trainer, a serene surrounding, lush gardens and personalized meals. It is really one of a kind. You will be offered the chance to recover in a spa atmosphere, with beautiful gardens to meditate in the option to hike and build your strength back up. How good could that be? It is really not the usual rehabilitation center.

They have a toll-free number you can call anytime of the day and someone is always willing to provide help. Your new life really begins with them. They promise to give you a good surroounding and personalized rehabilitation program for your advancement. Change will happen only if you open yourself for it. It is somehting that you really wanted for the program to be successful. Help for thise who got addicted with drugs is really their cup of tea. So you know that you are in good hands when you are with them and everything is kept n private. It is good to have a new life with them.

Sing and Dance with Barney

For those of you who will watch Barney at Araneta this week, I bet, you are all excited.. we are excited! Gawd... call me OA, but I am overly excited. Please, for those of you who will watch before the 22nd, feedbacks please.. hehehe..

Just in case you have time to play with your little ones at the PC.. check this out. Joaqui and I enjoys this jukebox game. Im not even sure if it's a game. Check it out.. I wont go into details anymore... I let him "feel" the concert atmosphere:)) oh and Riff is there too, a perfect way to introduce him to your kiddo. By the way, we had a short trip to Podium a while ago, and passed by Discovery Suites! Shoot! Can't help but tell Gelo that Barney might be there now , LOL! Not in his purple dino costume though :)

I will be seeing more posts of Barney from most of you til the end of next week i guess hehehe..

Men and Jewelries

Have you noticed that men are not really into jewelries? A good watch can actually complete their look. So when Gelo asked me on where he can buy a really nice bracelet for him, I can't say anything. I never thought that he would get into jewelries. But he told me that it is something he is keeping for Joaquin in the future. So , I did my search and found out about men's jewelry over the internet. Now I need to choose from an array of designs. I want somthing that is classic. What do you think?

Get wireless

I never thought I would love using a laptop and getting a connection through our wireless router here at home. Gelo recently bought a laptop since it's the two of us who uses the computer at the same time. During the times that I use the lapto, I connect to the internet through our wireless router, and that would mean I can bring our laptop anywhere around the house. Such a comfort on my side. It is a big help when I'm chatting with my om , and I need to show her things from our living room. I just bring the laptop with me, and there, I am connected. I never encountered a problem with that eversince, and I am really recommending everyone to use a wirelss connection, just like me.

No fear

Do you know how much hassle it brings whenever you encounter a car accident? Our car was hit twice already last year , and we are so thankful that no one get hurt. But what if a passenger gets hurt? Worry no more, because help is on the way with the Baltimore car accident attorney. They provide the best service for those who are injured with car accidents, not to mention a dedicated, compassionate, professional service. It is better to get the best in the field, especially if it is your health that's in concern.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


My orders at Toys R US were CANCELLED by the site with such a vague reason..

We would like to let you know that your order cannot be completed at
this time.

Your satisfaction is important to us, and we would like to invite you
to contact us if
you have any questions about your order. Our Customer Service team can
be reached
at (800)TOYSRUS, and will be more than happy to assist you.

Whew! I dont know what happened! My money was deducted! Ayan, inipit na pera ko para wag ko na daw gastusin! Hahaha! I do hope they will return it in time.

Thanks to Abie for the help..

I have to sleep now. Bigla ako nahilo!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Feeling winter

Have you ever wondered what your outfit will be if we have winter here in the Philippines? I was chatting with my mom yesterday when she told me that It's freezing cold at CA now. She's waiting for Ricca to arrive from her Christmas party at the bank.

She made a few kwentos that there is a New Pinay (from Naga City) at the bank. Ricca was the only Pinay at work then, as in someone fresh from the Philippines. Mommy saw the fellow pinay already and said that the girl looks nice.. and was in boots ( mana ako sa mommy ko noh? pansin agad ang shoes!) She couldn't imagine Ricca wearing boots daw kasi. My sister is not that really that expressive when it comes to fashion. She has her style so different from mine, LOL! Let me share with you a piece of their conversation:

Mommy : "Naku, di magsusuot ng ganyang boots si Ricca, alam mo naman yun.."

Daddy : " Oo, kung si Peachy pa nandito, matagal na naka boots yun, baka sa Coach pa bumili"

Hahahaha! I was literally laughing out loud in front of my PC. So my dad and my mom knows me well when it comes to shoes, huh?! So now I'm thinking, how will I dress up if am there.. or if we have winter here.. How about you? Ever wondered.. Common, post your outfit at ur blogs.. will check them soon.. mine is already in the making.. hanap muna ko outfit:)

Loans and Business

Having a business of my own is something I've been longing for quite a long time. It is actually a part of my goal for next year. However, I still need to do a lot of savings, because our money now is intended for something big by the first quarter of 2008. So I am thinking of getting Business Loans to add up on my capital. I might check on some flexible type of loans that I can use. There are also companies that provides Business Financing such as , they provide an easy process from application to approval and great service. It was actually referred by my friend who recently availed of their services. Hope I can push through with my plans.


now i can say that.. opps and fillers are all done for this 9 opps in 48 hours marathon blogging. I am so thankful for these actually. My paypal will soon have money again. Yeehee! I have a few from other sites , but I am dead tired to blog again. I might do it on sunday night.

Sunday is gym day, we have a make up class because of the sports clinic last September.. We are bringing our gifts for Bela, Julianne and Sandro. They are all in the beasties since mid part of this year. But we are still good friends, the moms and dads would you believe are chit chatting weekly? Sila lang kinakausap ko dun :) Hehehe



Lets101 Quizzes - fun Myspace quiz

That title is not allowed to be uttered out loud here at home. Joaquin can pronounce that clearly, LOL

The result is so true :) Quick.. try this one out! I had a super nice time answering.. Hahaha!

Cab Guards

How much car accessories does one man need? Gelo is so much into cars, and he also has a few accessories to go with it. It actually eats up a lot from his budget when he was still single, but he tries to moderate it now. Recently, he is on a lookout for some cabguards . He asked me to check on a few back rack accessories and safety rack with brackets. And since I am no good with that, I just searched it over the internet and was lucky to land on a good site that offers a lot of models plus it has a great price. So before going to bed, I showed some of my finds to him and he liked what he saw. He is still puzzled upto now on which one to buy. He might also get back rear bars for holding onto something at the back of the van. I do hope he can decide for this week. We need to finish shopping before Christmas.

My coffee girl

Grabbed this from Petradear.. Thanks.. I enjoyed aswering it, because I love drinking coffee :) We have a lot of instant coffee now .. I am too lazy to use the coffee maker.. So I am satisfied with instant ones. My personal fave is the Yuban Columbian coffee. Soothing and the flavor is rich, very distinct!

Noche Buena menu?

Do you have a list of your items already? Nothing is final in my list for now, except for Spaghettis.
  • Spaghetti - White and Red. Gelo and Joaquin loves the white.. as in! Little boy is not into the classic red ones. I don't know why. While my sis and I wanted to have a Seafood Pasta which i find so tedious to do. Chef Peachy is here again!
  • Sweets? We may not set up the Choco Fountain yet as we are only 4 in this house. I wanna have Conti's Mango Bravo for Christmas :) I feel restless to do my very own Oreo Cheesecake that Gelo wants me to prepare for the longest time..
  • Ham? We might give Majestic Ham a try for this year. Any feedbacks?
  • Any bread you can suggest?
What else can we have? We don't eat much on Christmas Eve, hehehe.. but I just wanted to reheat the spags for some probable visitors on Christmas Day, and the choco fountain of course. Suggestions please!


Pardon my ignorance, but I always thought that silvers were used for accessories, money and tableware. I never thought that there are silver bullion in the market today that can be considred as an investment. When I was in high school and college, silver is one of the metals that we would usually discuss. It's physical properties is quite same with gold, and it is a promising material too. It is durable, convenient and has a utility value. Since it is used for coins and other industrial matters, the demand fo silver is growing fast. Even hospitals use this in a form of a "silver bullet" to prevent bacterial infections in burn victims. Would you believe that 95% of the silvers mined were for industrial use? So I am thinking of possible ways of investing with Silver bullions because now is the best time to buy silver. I might call their customer hotline for inquiries because I admit that I am not fully knowledgeable with this, but I am so willing to learn more. This is getting my money worth. Wanna try it too?

Can we rest?

This is the first Sunday since last August that we don't have a schedule at The little gym. So the daddy is so happy that we can actually rest on Sunday. Maybe we can stay home or lounge at my MIL's place here in Manila. I need to do a lot of wrapping Hahaha! We might be placing the gifts under Santa's swing. But I can't display it for now. The Lawnmower is active at night time, and besides maalikbok, hahaha!

shoulda , woulda , coulda

I am still blogging about my online shopping craziness. Bear with me please. I am hooked.

So last night, As I was finishing some opps and browsing Toys R Us, I am also looking at Forever 21. Ricca and I loves that site.. stylish and at the same time, we find the price good enough (I always convert in Php, so 41 na lang). I saw this very nice top for me..

I heart this draped pleated style the moment I saw this and added a small size at my cart. And I love turtle necked tops :) Plus the pleats will definitely hide my tummy, hehhee.. Since the site doesn't accept Paypal yet, and I am hesitant to use my debit card, I opted to wait for this morning and ask Ricca thru YM to order it for me. So a few minutes ago, I am online to check my cart, and voila! Gone! How could that be? I tried to find my way to that top again , goodness, wala ng Small! Medium would be too big for me, considering US sizes are bigger than what we have here.. Huhuhu :( Does that mean it's not for me? I will visit Forever 21 from time to time.. I am desperate for that top.. Its 19USd, so imagine, pwede na diba? Convert.. convert at 41 LOL!

Lesson Learned.. Wag na mag online shopping at gastos lang yan:) LOL! Ayan matutuwa mga husbands natin sa lesson na to, Hahaha!

Teen Chat

Are you a chatterbox? If you are , then for sure you have tried teen chat. At first I thought this was something like onlline chatting, but I was wrong. You can actually talk over the phone for an unlimited time without spending big bucks,and that is really a free chat. I will refer this to my cousins who are so much into chatting nowadys. The site has a list of chat lines that you can use and they are available in most places. This is something cool because it's for free. You don't have to give your number to strangers so you feel safe and secured at all. You just need to dial the central number in your location and you can start chatting away.


I am almost done! Clap! Clap! Clap! I still have 20 hours for the other opportunity, and I am doing it tomorrow. My mind is scattered all over. I need a break .. I miss my posts.. the real ones :)

And to keep me sane tonight, I did online shopping again..I grabbed a few toys for the little boy this time. So imagine me typing at my blog while browsing Toys R Us (TRU) . Of course, they accept paypal ;) Love it! And why am I into toys recently? Gelo bought Joaquin's gift from Santa.. hmm sounds wrong.. LOL! Okay, let me just say that Joaqui's gift from Santa is here already :) Better. :) I still have to wrap it, supplies were provided, so ok na yun.

I was actually peeking from the plastic coz the little boy was there at the living room too when the daddy arrived. Gelo said " Bakit di mo ilabas?".. And I replied " Baka kasi makita ni Joaqui yung gift ni Santa!".. Crazy Mommy! Natawa na lng si Gelo. As if Joaqui would get the point of keeping everything out of his sight and preserving Santa and Mommy's secret .. Haay, so masunurin ako, But I turned my back on Joaquin when I pulled the item out of the plastic.

This toy led me to buy stuff at TRU. .. I tried hitting $49 for the sake of free shipping :) And would you beleive that I was about to checkout at TRU with 3 items at my cart for 32USD coz my paypal was just 45USD a while ago (and there is no way im getting the free shipping) ? But I decided to check some items again.. and while checking I received a 25 dollar payment at paypal! woohoo! So i modified my cart and bought a few more stuff for Joaqui.

Before Gelo went to bed, I told him that we are opening our gifts for Joaquin on Christmas Eve. I wanted to start with that tradition since he is at this stage now. So I have 4 shoes for him as my gift, and Santa's gift.. and that leads to the point na si Gelo pa ang walang gift?! Hahahah! He never felt cheated though.. He said, " OO nga, ano kaya magandang mabili na gift ko?" Bwahahaha!

Ooops.. Joaquin received his first ever gift from his ninong outside of our family. It is still intact. we will open it too on the 24th.. :)

Wow! I am so happy. Shopping keeps me sane when I am dead tired.

Ninang Ka :)

Thanks to Yen for this. She actually tagged my other site, but I told her i'll be posting it here:)

This meme was created to remind us “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” the number of our godchildren and our responsibility towards them as they grow and mature as better Christians. Here are the rules:
  • List all the names of your godchildren
  • Tag at least 5 bloggers
  • Update the Tag Train
I don't have much since my high school and college friends are still singles, LOL! Here's my list..

Nhowel, Mikko, Joreen, Mariel, Brian, Christian, Kate, Alyanna and Sierra. Oh, I feel like I'm missing on somebody.. grr! Sorry Hahaha

The Tag Train Started Here - Bluepanjeet - Joy - Scarty - Yen - Peachy ”You” {you put your link here}

Im tagging Kathy, Macy , Abie, Erika and Jenny.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Investment Banking

These past few days, I am busy dealing with a few bank matters. I need to finish up on some things before the holidays because we are preparing for something quite big for next year. I was waiting for my turn at the bank and decided to get a few leaflets that I can read. I have car loan, housing loan and something that talks about investment planning. It sounds something good because of the term investment. I am curious on what it is, so uupon heading home, I tried searching it over the internet and asking my sister about it since she works in a bank. So , I learned that there are companies and establishments that provides assistance to some middle market businesses by investing directly or providing corporate advisory services. One good example would be Boston Investment Banking. One of their services includes Capital Sourcing. This is a big help to most middle-market companies which is justa starting off a business. It is good to know more about these. I am expanding the possibilities that anytime soon, we will have enough money for a simple business of our own. And by that time, I know where to run to.

Beating the deadline.

I have 3 opps left that will expire in 12 - 13 hours, and since Joaqui and I would usually be up by 9am, Im afraid , I can't finish all three. Not to mention the fillers that I need to post in between. Whew! Type. Type. Type. I am getting there. I miss having the abundance of opps since last week. So bear with the flooding here... I need to replenish my Paypal account from too much online shopping I had for the past weeks. I am hearing my mom already screaming my name! And My sister in shock everytime a package will be delivered at their doorstep under her name. I am all out in shopping this December. As in! By January , I need to save for some family plans. Wish me Luck.. as in G - O - O- D - LUCK!

Child in Me

Snagged this from Yen.. nobody's tagging me lately.. LOL..

1. As a child, what was your favorite toy?
~ Anything from our Barbie collection.. the dolls, Beauty Salon, Bed, and Sofa set..

2. Were you more likely to play by yourself or with other children?
~ with my sisters

3. What was your favorite children’s game?
~ The game we had with stationaries.. yung mga scented cutesy papers that we bet over rolling a dice yata.. who ever gets the highst score wins the pot.. Hahaha! I have tons of these!

4. What kind of play were you most interested in?
~ anything girly ,, dressing up dolls most especially

5. How well did you share?
~ everyone wants to be my playmate,, LOL! one thing I know, di ako madamot:)

Miami Heat

Gelo is a big fan of NBA and he really dreams of watching a game soon. Some of his friends were able to watch already and I see that he is so dreaming to watch it if ever given the chance. And since I am not familiar in this world, I tried searching for some details about NBA games. Ticket prices are definitely my cocern and the schedule of the games too. I was able to check for premium seats for Miami Heat games. Miami Heat Tickets are available online and I only need to ask Gelo what opposing team he wants to see at the hard court. They are scheduled to play with Chicago Bulls on January 18, and if time would permit, I would grab that slot. Do you think I would enjoy a basketball game? I don't even know most of the players, so I better watch something else. The site I checked a while ago offers some other tickets for major events and concert. I am thinking that a good concert would be best for me since I am a music lover. I find it fast and secure to order tickets online, and not too mention lesser hassle in my part. Once I bok Gelo in the game, I am definite he will have the premium seat for one of the best basketball game he will ever see in person. Could he be lucky enough to grab autographs? Let's see.

The Lawn Mower

This is one of Joaquin's latest toy from my mom. It keeps him busy nowadays. Nice colors and sounds. You can switch to ABC mode or some different sounds that Im really not famliar with , LOL. He loves making "butingting" with the parts, pulling and twisting anything he can.

I was able to get decent pics, the little boy was in our room with his daddy last night. I was about to have my shower before bedtime, when I decided to hold the camera. I wanted to have Photo A Day this December, just like Aggie. I wonder if I can really do that. Let's see...

Color me Green

Saw this from Alpha, and from other sites I visited last night.. I almost visited all in my list, LOL..

You Are a Green Crayon

Your world is colored in harmonious, peaceful, natural colors.
While some may associate green with money, you are one of the least materialistic people around.
Comfort is important to you. You like to feel as relaxed as possible - and you try to make others feel at ease.
You're very happy with who you are, and it certainly shows!

Your color wheel opposite is red. Every time you feel grounded, a red person does their best to shake you.

Comfort really matters.. Comfort with style hehehe :) And as compared to some, I may not be that materialistic.. but i think i am a bit.. LOL

Give me a ring

Last 2005, I worked on 2 different call centers here, and I can say that I really had a great time working. I actually learned a lot from this industry, not to mention the friends I met along the way. I never thought that I could adapt on this environment because before I entered the job, I had a feeling that everything is quite hard to learn. But I was wrong. It was a breeze.

One item that I truly enjoyed using was the VoIP Call Center Phone Systems. We even had a week of training with that. It's easy to use, but we have to be extra careful, since it is a bit pricey then. But now, I was shocked to see that some websites offers the same product for a relatively low price. This is truly the life of a call center business, so they better get the best in price and quality. There's also better designs that I am seeing now, which I find more user friendly. I wonder if I will go back to this industry again. Not for now, I guess.

Joyful :)

Last Monday, I ordered a few desserts from Joy San Gabriel. Those were actually orders of my Tita, she's giving it to some of her officemates at UST. So Tuesday afternoon, I asked Gelo to pick uo the items coz we need to bring it to UST on Wednesday morning. And I was surprised wen Gelo told me that Joy has something for us. Suki kasi eh hehehe.

The box was filled with Valrhona brownies that Gelo and I truly finds so yummy.. It may look like a traditional brownie, but when you get to bite and have a taste.. I swear, it is different :) Soft and chewy inside, That's what I love about her works, moisted and not dry at all. I dont have pics of the brownies though, ubos na eh, box na lang natira, LOL.. Below are my ever favorite revel bars.. bought 1 dozen, and its there's only 3 left for now .. Hehehe!

Thank you Joy.. We will see each other again coz we will order some more for our ninongs and ninangs.. and maybe for our tito's and tita's too. They all love Joy's cake that we serve on specia events.

I am flat

You are Flat Sandals

Casual yet flirty
You look great in a simple top and jeans
Your look is approachable and cute!

So Im taking another quiz again, LOL! I am actually having fun doing it, and I get curious everything my rate / score/ answer will flash on the screen. Go try this one out..

So I am casual yet flirty huh? Quite true:) I love wering flats too, gives me the comfort i deserve, and I can't imagine running with a toddler wearing a wedge.. not even kitten heels yata :)

Hotels at Vegas

Are you looking for one? Worry no more. If you think that it would cost you a fortune in order to get one, think again. I stumbled upon a website with an extensive listing of Las Vegas Hotels. And they offer great discount and promotions. This is one option that I consider when booking for hotel accomodations. As much as possible, I try to get package rates with free amenites too such as hotel - airport transfers and breakfasts too. If dinner is included with the rates, then that would be best.

The site is not just limited to hotel accomodations, they also have Las Vegas shows' tickets that you can get at the best rates. If ever I will visit Vegas, I plan to see the internationally recognized Cirque du Soleil Shows, and maybe try myl uck in casinos. Gelo is good at this one though. I wonder if my best las Vegas vacation will push thru by next year. We really need to arrange our papers, I wanted to hop around the states.

more pics

These are the 3 other pics i edited yesterday. The shot was almost as it is.. I had a few adjustments with sharpness though. The first is a flower from Panglao Island, I just don't know the name. I am in my editing mode recently LOL. I have A lot of pics to modify, i just wish i have all the time. I still have lots of opps :) so brace yourself. and dont forget to give me somne fillers LOL.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Okay, I really ned fillers, so please tag me LOL!

This is my second picture for today. This is my shot a few months ago at gelo's place at Antipolo. Lola has a mini garden there, and if you are in photography, you will surely love her flowers and a few items like this siling labuyo. She even have calamansi and camote tops :) She's bicolana. That explains why sili is something major in every food. Expect Laing, and Bicol Express in every garthering. Her Bicol Express is H - O - T! As in! Flaming Hot! Inuubo ako after hehehe. The laing is something I learned to love. Yummy :)

rambled thoughts

yeah, i need to. I am finishing a few opps since it will expire in 48 hours! No way im letting everything to pass. I waited for this! I need this, LOL! I am running out of words to say. Should I post song lyircs? I sound desperate..Hahaha!

I tried visiting most of friends blogs today.. i still have the time to make chika:) Is everybody getting busy nowadays? We are halfway our shopping. Major inaanaks are done in our checklist already. We might order revel bars from JOy San Gabriel for our titos and titas.. and to our wedding primary sponsors. Also for Gelo's officemates, we might give out yummy treats from Joy. Im sure , di ako mapapahiya with the taste:) Most of his officemates eh lalaki, and i find it ahrd to think of gifts. As in! So food will forever be a safe choice:)

Sea World Tickets

A part of me would forever be a child. I enjoy visiting theme parks and all the likes. I always reminisce the times when I was still a child., and now that I have Joaquin, I would like him to visit theme parks too. We are scheduling a few international trips for next year, and I do hope we can get to see Sea World in Orlando. I already saw a few pictures of the place and the activities we can do at Sea world, and my oh my, I am so excited. Sea World Tickets are now having special offers, currently , for a limited time only, your 2nd day is free if you purchase a one - day ticket. Isn't it tempting?

Orlando is really one place I wanted to see, because it has a lot of places that I know my family will really enjoy. And purchasing tickets for these parks is not a roblem anymore, since the website offers great prices and deals too. I am sending this information to my cousin in LA, because they have a series of travels for next year, this is very useful i know. Who wouldn't want to save when you travel? It's like hitting two birds with one stone, a great vacation, without slashing your budget bigtime.

Ysabella in the making

I took this test because:

1. i am into cooking recently
2. I need fillers

You Are an Excellent Cook

You're a top cook, but you weren't born that way. It's taken a lot of practice, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of learning.
It's likely that you have what it takes to be a top chef, should you have the desire...

Lately, I enjoy cooking dinner, nothing really fancy though. I tried Lemon Chicken which turned out to be yummy after my first try. Now, I have a chicken breast ( buy the butterfly cut na ) and The lee kum kee sauce in stock coz I'm cooking it againn for tomorrow's dinner.


I am getting myself familiar with Photoshop, since I wanted to try it for more rigid editing hehe. I am desperate to learn, so please help me out.. calling all Pros there hehehe..

I will post a lot of pics until the next two days maybe. I need fillers too. The hungry wolf is back in me. I have 12 opps in total, so I AM HAPPY. GIDDY HAPPY =) Big big smile on my face, with a dollar sign in my eyes, LOL!

Alpha's pictures were such an inspiration. Ang galing nya talaga :) Love her works. Her recent ones were flowers so I checked on my files to see if I have shots of flowers I can edit at photoshop. Luckily, there's a few good ones, hehehe.. Okay na ba?

Flowers on wedding day

I am checking on my old files here at my computer, because my dear friend in college is getting married next year. She is in need of reliable suppliers for her grand day, and just like any other brides, she would like to have the best in quality and service, but in a reasonable amount. She was able to get in touch with my suppliers, however, my florist is already out of the country. Good thing I saw this site that supplies elegantly beautiful wedding flowers. They have beautiful creations that will suit a disticnt bride's taste. Affordable wedding packages are also available with them. Most packages includes a Bridal bouquet, and the entourage flowers. You can even get creative with your color preferences. Would you believe that they are already in the wedding flower business for 10 years? talk about expertise huh?! I wish I had seen this even before I got married. Seeing the flowers makes me wanna walk down the aisle again. Hehehe. You may call them for your inquiries and orders because they specialize on all types of arrangements.

Shoe talk again

I already saw the Corcs Batman online, and the site accepts paypal too (, but they only offer a 20% off , so i am still thinking if i will buy the little boy. Gelo gave me an approval already.. hehehe! However , I am having a hard time figuring out the sizing chart of that site. Joaqui wears 6-7 size of Crocs, but at that site, sizing is S - M - L XL.. hmm.. I read a few reviews already about the sizing, all buyers are really puzzled on which size to get. I do hope that the site will update it. They also have Kenneth Cole shoes that I so love! The style is somewhat good for schooling.. Hahaha! I think I can wait with that. Check the site.. it feels good looking at adorable shoes for our little ones.. and for mommies too !


Thanks for this one Yen.. and welcome back :)

A) Four jobs I have had in my life and what country:

1. Cadet engineer at a Semi conductor firm - Laguna, Phils
2. Tech Support Representative - Phils
3. Account Manager at Intercon - Phils
4. Wifey and Mommy - the best!

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:

1. Somewhere in Tme
2. White Chicks.. so funny!
3. The Notebook
4. The Devil wears Prada

C) Four places I have lived:

1. Manila
2. Manila
3. Manila
4. hopefully.. Laguna soon :)

D ) Four TV Shows that I watch:

1. Pangarap na Bituin
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Barney
4. Blues Clues

E) Four places I have been:

1. all the rooms in our house , LOL

F) People who e-mail me (regularly):

1. friends
2. Ricca
3. Gelo
4. Shoebuy , LOL

G ) Four of my favorite foods:

1. Anything Italian
2. A few chinese food
3. cakes and sweets
4. Pinoy food - sinigang, lechon.. etc etc

H) Four places I would rather be right now:

1. CA with my family
2. Mall
3. Bohol
4. Disneyland

I) Four friends I think will respond:

Feel free to snag :)

J) Things I am looking forward to this year:

1. Christmas
2. New Year
3. Joaquin's shoes! LOL
4. good health and more blessings..

Her own

Who wouldn't long to have a place you can truly say your own? Ricca was recently promoted again at work, and this time, she is really eager to invest her savings and her future earnings to something really big. A little cut down on shopping will be a great help. She recently found out about Waverly South Beach Condo through her officemate, and from the leaflet alone, her eyes were captured. She checked the website a while ago, and she was able to get contact number of the agent selling units, and she will send him an email anytime this week. The place is lovely, splendid as it is. It's equipped with a 24 - hour security, and the amenities such as a convenience store, Party Room and Lagoon Pool are all here. Everything you need is just a few steps away. She needs to ask my dad to drive him to the location, because she really wanted to see the place this week. Oh, I wish her all the luck in this future acquisition. Hopefully, we can visit them soon.

I am so Back

When it rains, it really pours. Last week, I was kinda sad because I don't have that good number of opps. There were days that I don't even have one. But today, after my routine check, I got two from two sites, and 9 that I was able to grab from Blogitive. LOL! ( I am still in grabbing mode).. Thank God for these opps. I will bombard this site later on, when the little boy is asleep..

I have a lot to do for today. I am finishing my calendar layout of Joaqui , its our Christmas gift for my mom, my sister and for my auntie in CA. One busy bee again..

Shoegal is here again.

I saw Jane, Abie and Jacqui posting their latest grabs from Crocs and I can' help but comment and have my post too.

I love the Alice style too, and since I don't have a little girl yet, I opted to buy one for myself, yan ang palusot ko. So I bought one in Choco Brown ( baka ma shock si Gelo pag nabasa to, LOL), and 2 Primas for my sister and my SIL. Of course, thanks to the ever dependable Shoebuy, it's my piece of heaven nowadays. I was able to get the 3 at almost half the price if ever i'll buy it here in Manila! Grabe! Ganyan talaga pag nagtitipid at ang pera mo ay nasa Paypal , LOL! Maghahanap ka kung saan mura at kkayanin mong maghintay til it gets here in Manila! Salamat sa LBC! Bwahaha!

I am thinking of getting Crcs for Joaqui too, but the designs I'm eyeing are still not avail here in Manila and in Shoebuy.. Its in Zappos already, but i'm not sure if they have Paypal there. I am thinking of using my debit card online, money there was from my paypal too.. pero wala kasing discount. Sayang.

Just inn case you are wondering, the Women's Alice is priced here in Manila at 2500.. and the Prima is at 1500 each yata. Roughly Php 5500 for the 3 shoes i bought.

At Shoebuy, Alice is 34.95 . Prima is 28.95 naman. No sales tax and free shipping.. and most importantly , Less 20 USD for every 50 USD purchase.. I only paid 72.85 .. Teehheee! I will just convert it to 42 Php.. So in Pesos , I only paid 3060 for the 3 shoes! Parang libre na ang alice ko Hahaha!

So It will be shipped to my family's place anytime this week. I have the option of sending it here thru LBC pouch of 10USD per 1kilo (it will fit coz its lightweight naman).. or if i can wait further, wait for my family's next balikbayan box to arrive.. hehehe.. but im eyeing on LBC syempre.

So enough of me... Here's what I want pala for Joaqui.. and there is no way Im buying it here. I saw the Cars collection, naku po! Ang mahal! So I do hope it will be at Shoebuy very soon! The Spiderman and Batman Collection!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Loving Vegas

My cousins from LA will be at Las Vegas for the Christmas Break and they will even spend New Year there. Considering the high occpuancy rate at hotels nowadays, they were able to book a hotel in Vegas that meets their standards. They have 2 toddlers in tow, so they are really quite choosy when it comes to Hotels. I never thought that there's numerous hotels in that area, and they chose the one near the shopping malls. When I asked my cousin of the hotel rates, I was shocked to know that is is very reasonable even though it is a busy season. I am so sure, the two kids will enjoy their vacation.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Coins out

Have you ever seen this in the market? This product was invented, designed and manufactured by Gelo's Uncle, Tito Jun Gonzales. Awesome invention because it can really save you time from counting coins :) I think they have these at National Bookstore already, but if you are interested you can check out their site for the complete info and pricing. , or you can leave me a message. This can be of personal use or in your own offices.. Spread the word regarding this product ! Proudly Filipino made!