Thursday, May 28, 2009

Young Aries

For my boy..

Young Aries

Aries children have energy in abundance, are usually strong, active, and enthusiastic. You better be physically in great shape to keep up with the little Ram. They seem to never get tired and after a day full of physical activity, the Aries child keeps going while you might gasp for air.

Being curious and adventurous, little Arians want to know everything, explore, and investigate. Without fear they venture into new territory all the time, be it a high tree, a playground, or a year abroad. They love challenges, so offering them opportunities to compete either in sports or at play or in school keeps them from being bored too quickly.

Aries children need a lot of watching, especially when they are very young, as they can also be quite stubborn and won't accept a "No" easily. Resisting control, they need to know who is in charge, as they are very determined to do everything their very own way.

Although young Arians can be quite sweet and affectionate one minute, they can be challenging and angry the next. They need a lot of reassurance, attention, and need to know they are loved. Being ruled by Mars, it is no wonder that they can display a hot temper but they can forget it as quickly as it came.

As natural born leaders, Aries children will take the lead in their group, be it at school, or college, or in their circle of friends. However, it can be difficult for them to lose and as difficult to learn how to share and that they cannot win every game.

Young Arians are a delight to be around, and they will certainly never bore you! Your favorite moments will be when you can jump into their fantasyland with them and get swept away by their courageous lead into the unknown. They have an untamed spirit that is always ready for adventure!

Try it out for your child. Click here .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday Fun

We had our annual Family Outing last Saturday, and boy oh boy, my kids had fun at the pool. Thanks to all the inflatables of their cousins hehehe. Kuya wasnt in the mood at first as he only wanted to stay at the stairs..good thing he picked up during lunch time. My princess loves the water. She did not cry .. she loves playing while there.. Thanks to my cousin for the pictures , my kids has great shots. (i promised il give her a micro sd as a talent fee).

The inflatables that Joaqui used was a bit small for him already, he loves it though so i let him stay there. And the princess? Isn't the last pic enough to prove how adorable she is in that 2 piece with an animal print?!?! Now i want to go on swimming again next week.

Pets again?

Remember last year when my boy got soo interested with fish? Me and the dad went to the pet store that weekend to get him an aquarium and some paraphernalia. It was fun being there , my son had a great time looking at all those fishes of different sizes and colors. I remember we even got some pet supplements as advised by the pet attendant. However, we lost the fishes one by one because they got overfed. The little boy learned the lesson already. Now there is a pet shop just a few blocks away from our place and he wants to buy some fish again. I just wish we can still maintain a small tank since i am still attending to our new baby.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trunki for my boy

During those times that he was still attending Little Gym, we frequent Podium and I would always see Trunki form the display window of a baby store. I inquired but i was not so settled to get one for him then. This is the original design in blue (terrance)

now, they have a new model called the Tipu Trunki

NEW 'Tipu' the Tiger Trunki is a limited edition, only prowling the plains for 2009! Made to the same high standard as the Trunki Trio but with two carry handles, Tipu is this year's ultimate travelling companion. (from thr trunki site)

Now i am thinking if i will get one for my kids. We might go somewhere before the year ends , and to keep his things tidy (and to let him experience having his own luggage) i might get one soon. I like the new orange one since it can be used by my girl too. Its available locally at Baby& Co.

Manic Monday - 168

Better late than never. I was tremendously busy with chores yesterday so i wasnt able to post this on a Monday. Anyway.. here it goes..

If you could completely redecorate any room in your house at no expense to you, what room would you choose?
:: The playroom of the kids. It still has stuff of the boy and i want to add some toys for girls for my princess. We all know that some toys could get really pricey and i wish i can afford them LOL

Which hour of the day do you feel goes the slowest?
:: 5pm? i dont know but maybe because i cant wait for the husband to come home

If your birthday could be in a different month of the year, when would you have it?
:: October or April, so i can celebrate it with my kids' birthday

Have a great day everyone!

Bling Bling

Last May 10, the world celebrated Mother's day , a special day dedicated to all moms. Since you all know by now that my mom is million miles away from me, I have decided beforehand to order flowers for her and have it delivered at their doorstep. Aside from the flowers , i got her a a very simple yet elegant looking fashion jewelry to match her everyday attire at work. My mom is so much into accessories so i think it is really a perfect gift for her and i was right.. when she got her package , she immediately called me and informed me how much she likes it. I am one happy daughter. I made the right choice of gifts, and hopefully on her birthday by July, i can get her a really nice designer bag.

Still tired.

The MBAP Summer Getaway last Saturday was such a fun-filled day for all the moms, dads and kids.. We all had a blast even if it was too hot that day. I still have to grab some pics from my co mommies then after that i can start posting everything hehe. I didnt bring a camera at all since my hands are so full with my 2 kids. (yeah, i soo need a point and shoot during these times). I'll keep you posted with everything , i still feel tired and i just went online to finish some tasks.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Pacquaio!

Look at my boy..

After his stints of being a rockstar, a basketball player , a soccer player.. now this?? hahaha. Blame the dad! Hey I have nothing against boxers, but i think he's too young to be exposed in this field. This pic was during our lunch at Pepato during my birthday, I cant remember why he posed to me that way ( my mind is a bit blank that time, i had problems with my unlocked phone) , but i find it cute. Look at those eyes.. and the fists hahaha. Will he bring home lots and lots of money too just like Pacquiao?? .. Well, I'll be one happy mom if that will happen!

P & S for me

For the longest time, Ive been thinking if i will buy one or not. We might have a DSLR, but i find it necessary for someone like me to carry something slim and compact whenever we are out. With the diaper bag I am carrying, an infant and a toddler to take care of, most of the times, i feel lazy to carry another bag for our DSLR. Enough justifying.. yes, i want one point and shoot cam hahaha A simple one will do, just for those snapshots..

Yes, its waterproof .. the olympus 1050 SW.. I better check Circuit City and see if they still have a stock, of course, i want it in gold! Its my gift for myself :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Its our day mommies!!! Yeah! So what are your plans? I know that most of you will spend it with your families of course. In my case, since my mom is million miles away, I ordred fresh flowers and had it delivered ar her place. She received it last Thursday and she was soo delighted to receive one. She told me she really didnt expect that the package at the doorstep was for her since most deliveries are mine. Hehehe..

Anyway, we celebrated a day earlier because we will have our parish fiesta on Mothers Day and it has been a tradition that our relatives will spend the day here. So we cant go out and eat somewhere. We will eat here at home will our relatives:) Also , i have duties to our Patron Saint that i've been doing many years now... i will post details next time. Im excited to greet fellow moms tomorrow and i cant wait to share good food with them ..(opps do i need to buy diet pill)

Again , Happy Mothers day and have a day off mommies!!! >> hugs <<

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Though me and the kids are sick since Sunday night , still theres a reason for me to be happy today. A balikbayan box from my mom and dad arrived during lunchtime thats why.. :) I dont have much in that box, the kids also had just one toy each.. but you see , i feel happy everytime something from my family arrives hahaha babaw ! And even if i am coughing every now and then, it didnt stop me and my elder sister to open it... I went online and had a webcam conversation with my mom . Her simple joys.. to see her apos smile in delight and happiness as they see whats in store for them. Joaqui even tried out his Rockstar polo shirt the moment i handed it to him. I just told him that I need to wash ot first and he would wear it on my birthday haha!

I got busy keeping things into places , but still there's a lot of organizing to do.. im taking things slowly. i dont want to get sick Bigtime !! :) I will just finish my assignment on Bowtrol then I am off to bed ...

Sunday, May 03, 2009


A few summer sale at gymboree that you moms should try to look at..

My boy is in need for summer tops since what he has for now is a bit small for him already. Most of what he got are polo shirts hahaha. Im still checking on my budget if i can squeeze a little shopping since i spent a lot lately with food! I promise myself to really save up for the birthday of my princess. Grr!! i just cant resist shopping online for nice clothes for the kids ( it has to be on sale though).. anyway, im still looking at the bargains.. hopefully something cheaper than 7.99 will be up

Saturday, May 02, 2009

gold for mommy

Mother's day is just around the corner, and i've been thinking of what to give my mom since last week. She has plenty of bags and cosmetics already, so its definitely out of the list. I cant give her clothes too since I havent seen her for 2 years. So i just thought of giving her something really worth keeping, just like gold coins. I gave some silver to my dad last christmas, but this time i am checking out some gold for her. Monex is my online source for these things since they are really a trusted company. I plan to contact their customer support so i can know more about their products. Hopefully they can give me discounts too.

Friendship Award

Thanks to Jade for this award. It's been a long time since I last received one.

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Passing this to Kathy , Abie , Jacqui , Mich , Jody , Aggie and Kelly

almost a year

..since my sister spent 2 weeks of summer here in manila. I miss her a lot! its a short but sweet 2 weeks with her and i can only wish that it was longer. almost everyday we were out to eat out.. go visit new places, go to parties .. travel.. really tiring since i was 3 mos preggo then. This year, she. together with my parents will celebrate with us for the 1st birthday of my princess. I feel excited .. really excited ! My parents were here when my son turned 1 , and it was 2 years ago! I just miss my family and i do hope they can stay longer so we can travel more.