Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trunki for my boy

During those times that he was still attending Little Gym, we frequent Podium and I would always see Trunki form the display window of a baby store. I inquired but i was not so settled to get one for him then. This is the original design in blue (terrance)

now, they have a new model called the Tipu Trunki

NEW 'Tipu' the Tiger Trunki is a limited edition, only prowling the plains for 2009! Made to the same high standard as the Trunki Trio but with two carry handles, Tipu is this year's ultimate travelling companion. (from thr trunki site)

Now i am thinking if i will get one for my kids. We might go somewhere before the year ends , and to keep his things tidy (and to let him experience having his own luggage) i might get one soon. I like the new orange one since it can be used by my girl too. Its available locally at Baby& Co.

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