Friday, April 27, 2007

Plantation Bay Cebu

Planning stage:

My sis Ricca and I planned this trip a month before Joaqui's Birthday. She is so in love with the place that I can't convince her to check out other resorts at Cebu or in any other domestic destination. I made the reservations at the Manila office and arranged our tickets from PAL too. Good thing they had a promo for Cebu... kaya lng may bayad Si Joaqui unlike Cebu Pacific and Air Phil na free sya =) still we settled with PAL. We went there last April 16-18.. yeah a day after lil boy's party kaya super pagod ako. HAd a poolside room and a club room. I even requested for a crib, stroller (which wasnt used at all) and the sterilizer =) We went there with my 2 sisters (alma and ricca) and 2 cousins (nhowel and jobelle).

Getting there:

on our way to the airport, super traffic near BIR office at the Port Area. Buti na lng we left our house a liitle early pa. We were supposed to drop by my In laws place, coz we need to park our car there. We had the adventure and our car kasi after the party. We will be needing the adventure pag sundo naman ng dad ko. ANd since 1 car lang pwede sa house namin, we need to park our car kila Gelo... haaayy.. Gelo, me and Joaqui were in our car, while the rest of the group sa adventure naman. Grabeng traffic tlaga, umiiyak si Joaqui kasi mag milk. Lucky me, nasa adventure pala milk nya.. haaayy nung makita ko na adventure bumaba ako sa car carrying Joaqui (around 10:30 am na super init) then sakay sa adventure and gave Joaqui his milk. 11 na hindi pa din kami maka lagpas sa traffic. we didnt dropped our car at Gelo's place. Instead we parked our car as Blue wave macapagal, then Gelo transferred na sa adventure. We arrived at the airport 11:45..Para kaming mga langgam na super nagmamadali mag check in, coz it will close at 12 noon kasi 1pm flight namin. Napahinga lang kami nung nasa boarding gate na kami.

Gelo, Joaqui and I were the first ones to board.. syempre may child eh hehehe =) it was a smooth flight, Joaqui stayed with Gelo at first. Sa sobrang likot ako na din humawak sa kanya kasi nakakahiya sa katabi ni gelo. As we stepped at Mactan Intl Airport, we saw Plantation Bay's Lounge and we were welcomed agad. And off we go on our shuttle.

Plantation Bay:

We like both of our rooms. Direct access to the pool. We were supposed to get the Water's Edge pero fully booked. The Club Room is soo spacious naman with big double beds and a queen bed. The facilities are nice and the view.. Prob lang for me was the food..hahaha! Too Expensive para sa kuripot na katulad ko. At the Savannah Grill, I had rice with 2 sticks of chicken BBQ, 495 na.. plus 120 for the soft drinks. We had Buffet Breakfast at kilimanjaro (the only resto open during breakfast) , and its 1K each!! waaahh Buti na lang si Ricca nag bayad.. We had it as Brunch na since they serve rice. In fairness dami food , a lot of varieties talaga.

Spent the afternoon under the sun hahaha! Our little boy had so much fun at the lagoon. There were a lot of foreigners but there was never a time we felt that during swimming. So many options kasi on where to swim that's why guests are not congested. At 6pm, my sisters, my cousin and I went to the Spa. We had the Relaxation Indulgence Package which is good for 2 hours. Not including the Spa itself which is around 30 mins. Iniwan ko muna si Joaqui kay Gelo. This is what I really needed. I felt so pampered after the spa.. We then had dinner at the Fiji Resto with a seafood platter,, yumminess! When we arrived at our room, it was GElo's turn for his Whole Body Massage. FElt so good after my Spa so I decided to book him for a massage too. Buti na lng natulog na si Joaqui after dinner, sleep na din ako, and i didnt even notice na bumalik na si Gelo sa room. We both had a super good night sleep. My first time in a year hahaha!

Our last day was spent swimming again.. Kaya nasunog na ako hahaha! Joaqui learned to kick while in the water everytime we instruct him to do so. Felt sad that we have to leave agad. Bitin nga eh. We rode the resort shuttle to take a video of the entire place. and pics too. We bought a few items na din at their souvenir shop. THen had lunch before checking out. We had so much fun during our entire stay. Its the 1st time that my sisters and I had this kind of vacation (without mom and dad hehehe).

It was really great spending time with my sisters, cousins and my own family =)
You can click here for some of our pics. Bagal kasi upload here at blogger. hehehe=)

Ooopps you might wonder about our car which we parked at Blue wave?? My dad came back that same day and parked it at my in laws place hehehe. Hassle talaga yang traffic!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We need your prayers

Gelo and I would like to request for your prayers for the healing of his dad. Papa was diagnosed of Cancer of the lymphnodes recently. He is currently at St. Luke's Medical Center for some procedures such as the MRI and hopefully chemotherapy, if his resistance would permit.

We are still awaiting the results of all of the exams to see the extent of the damages. We do hope for the best.

For now, we hold on to the prayers of our family and friends...

We hold on to God's loving arms.. for we believe that everything happens for a reason.. a reason we may not know or understand at this moment... a reason that only God knows for now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

busy as a bee

yeah.. i know... i know... been so negligent on my blog recently. my last entry was dated march 14.. whew! a lot happened since then. and before i even make kwento on Joaqui's 1st bday and our getaway at Plantation bay, i better state some reasons on why I became so busy recently... (defensive, hahaha!)

** our maid for 8 years bid goodbye last March 19. SO there... yaya/maid na din ako sa house... domestic goddess.

** my dad arrived last march 25. he got sick coz of indigestion and the bad weather. Dalawa sila ni Joaqui na alaga ko

** 2 weeks before Joaqui's party he got sick. A low grade fever coz of his 2 erupting teeth (his 10th.. whew!), a sore throat and colds. Good thing it wasnt that bad.

** my mom and my sis arrived last april 9. my sked was so full.. we usually eat out, my sis missed a lot of food here. ang walang kamatayang sisig nya from Gerry's... haahaha!

** Gelo's dad was hospitalized a few days before Joaqui's party. Too sad that he missed the party

** April 12, Joaqui's Birthday - we had a simple lunch at home. We asked kids from our neighborhood to come to our place at 4p, for a simple party that we organized only that day. hahaha! cooked spag , ordered puto, bought cake at goldilocks, ordered balloons from a friend, and gave out money na lang as prizes for our games hahaha. even handed every kid with a plastic of assorted chocolates c/o my mom. voila! instant party!

** that same night , went to the hospital and visited my father in law.

** april 15 - Joaqui's party at Hard Rock. I will post the kwento and pics as soon as i uploaded them

** april 16 - 18 - went to PLantation Bay at Cebu... this needs an entry, we really had a great time , but getting there was horrible coz of the traffic hahaha

** april 22 - my sis and dad went back to CA. so the days prior that, power shopping kami ni sis.. hahaha! sya lang namili, pasalubong for her officemates, work clothes, and flats.. ooppsss bought 1 cutie striped peep toe flats =)

so here i am now, trying to go back to a normal life that i'm used to.. i miss being online during joaqui's naptime in the morning hehehe! i am catching up on a lot of stories and pics. i sure hope i can update this very very soon.

and for those waiting for Joaqui's birthday kwento, i have the draft already, im just waiting for the pics from ging .

i will bloghop as soon as i publish this one heheheh!