Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just for Fun !

Because its halloween .. I find this fun and interesting. Try it out !

Your Witch Name is Esmerelda

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Collection Agencies to the rescue

This whole worldwide economic crisis really hit everyone in any part of the world. Even powerful countries were not spared of this that a lot of big companies from different industries shut down already and some recently filed a certificate of bankruptcy . According to some economists , no one can really tell when this crisis would end. But they are quite sure that it may take a while to get back into the groove of things. Most companies stated their loss over time and this is where some who are left manage to excel. I recently asked a friend from the financial industry on how what are some ways to somehow help a company to survive in this tough time. He said that one thing is to preserve the profit and make sure that there is also recovery . One good example step is getting services of collection agencies . Why? Because this will guarantee that one specific company will focus on all of your receivables , thus later it will generate more money for your company. A collection agency life utilizes all their facilities in making solutions to a companies problems when it comes in debt collection. Hopefully , with the presence of this type of business, a company will benefit largely from it.

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My little mermaid

Im not sure if we can attend an event this year so I just made her wear this costume at home and had her picture taken , Notice that its a bit big for her? Well, its because my mom got her the XS size which would fit a 3-4 yrs old girl . She fits perfectly with size 2 clothes hehehe. I am keeping my fingers crossed , hope we can make it at the mall's trick or treat event.

Moving soon?

My sister will soon be transferring to another state because her work relocated her to another branch. She actually loves their place now , but she already accepted the fat that she is destined to ry living away from my parents and trying it on her own. After a few days of thinking , it made her excited that she will be seeing a new place and meeting new people. She will transfer by mid November so as early as now , she is starting to pack some of her things that she will need in her new unit. This made her a lit stressed because she has tons of stuff to bring with and she would need a moving company to help her with that. This is the reason why she got in touch with Boston Movers yesterday. She initially thought the service is just for moving her things, but she also found out that the company offers storage services. Humboldt Company is a top choice among her friends since they were previous clients too. She got personal reviews which made her decide to get it. She wont easily trust any company because she value her things so much that she wants the drivers and the moving procedure well done. In no time, she will be on her own in a new place and i seriously wish her luck.

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Friday Fill Ins # 148

1. It was a dark and stormy night, and i want to stay in bed listening to some good music.

2. My son is lazy to get his books , so I offered to take the books myself.

3. Rushing out, lots of errands for today .

4. Scary ! ...I think I heard a howl!

5. Shhhh.. my kids are sleeping now.

6. You should give me something good to eat!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a seafood dinner with my family , tomorrow my plans include attending a baptism and Sunday, I want to arrange some stuff for the birthday of my girl.!

Friday, October 30, 2009

'tis the season !

Do you already feel the Christmas spirit? I guess most of us are since the malls are now well decorated with ornaments and everywhere you can hear Christmas songs. I also noticed the cold breeze in the morning. Yes, Christmas is so near. I am glad that I shopped for a few gifts already for my cousins and some friends but I still have a long list in my notebook. My busy schedule takes me away from shopping lately, but still I try to squeeze some time for it. I also called our photography studio for a schedule of a family photo shoot. It has been our tradition to send christmas cards to our relatives here and abroad. This year , I have to think of a nice color theme since we had red last year . I wanted to stick with one solid color so it wont be hard to design the layout of the card. We just use simple greetings inside and its our family picture that keeps it personalized and special. I order everything online because its as easy as 123. I just choose a layout , upload our photo, key in our personal message and pay through the website. Everything is fast and secure when it comes to the process. And the output , it is really great, the print out is of high quality color and you know that they used the best materials. Im so excited for this year since my girl is big already.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

her outfit

Yes, i got her this shirt in time for my mom and dad's arrival in Manila. She wore this that early morning we went to the airport. As expected , my parents love it . I am thinking of giving it to them so they will always remember my girl.

Anyway , i miss blogging this weekend , and i so miss chatting with friends online. I squeeze a little time to check my emails and to see if i have the term life insurance online quote that I need for next week. I will continue to have this schedule maybe til mid November. I spend most of my time with my family, you know :)

Be safe everyone and come back soon for some updates!

for halloween

Your Halloween Costume Should Be Candy Corn

Eerily, that fits somehow!

Busy Busy me

My parents safely arrived here in Manila last Friday morning. Since then, I was one busy bee. We went to the mall and also went to Duty Free already. Our relatives are also here so there's no stopping to our busy schedule. Tomorrow is a rest day for us , we need to organize things inside the house then maybe i can just drop by my agebt to get the car insurance quote and have it checked by the husband. It is truly a very tiring weekend, but its definitely one of the best that I had for this year. I miss my family so much and I am making the most out of the time they have here .

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In need of web hosting?

It's been two years since I had my first website under a chosen domain name. At first I was a bit hesistant to try having my own because I have a very limited knowledge with setting up a website. A dear friend helped me out and everything was a breeze. After that, I have some online friends who asked me on my hosting service so I referred them to what I am using. I have no problems with the hosting service that I got, everything was well done, and I also receive emails for updates and renewals. If you will ask about their technical support, I still cant say anything because I never experiences problems so far.

There is a lot of hosting service providers over the internet, but one should be very careful in choosing which is which. I suggest users should research and read more about the best business hosting before jumping into any offer online. Sometimes there are hidden charges or the service might be incomplete that is why its inexpensive. When getting a service, I always check the price, Disk space, Bandwidth , setup support and technical help. I wanted to get the most out of my money you know. It is also helpful to read client reviews and testimonials to hear it directly from the people who tried the service. If you are planning to get a web hosting service , bear in mind the items i listed above. I do hope that it will help you out with your decisions.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Remember the time when typhoon pepeng was expected to hit Manila that friday night? We had the last minute decision to stay at a hotel along Roxas Blvd, Manila.
The kids were both sick that time, cough and colds - so they needed to use the nebulizer every 6 hrs. And how could we do that if there's no electricity because of the typhoon right? Haay. My boy started to have Skin Asthma attacks too because of the brownout caused by Ondoy. I cannot make him sleep without the aircon nor electric fan as I am 100% sure it will get active the next morning. I packed as quickly as I can , as we have to leave the house before the strong rain hits. We arrived safely at the hotel. I first thought not staying along Roxas as it is fronting the Manila Bay , it can get dangerous with heavy winds and rain. But fortunately it was okay in that part and not scary at all. It was just windy as expected. I bought my laptop as I needed to finish some tasks like my research on acne treatments . I was able to work a little when the kids were playing in our room. It was bigger than what I expected. Buffet breakfast was okay - it was included in our stay . But there's only a few choices , i think for its price, ok na.
It was just a short stay as we arrived late at the hotel, but no regrets at all. Better to be safe than sorry, right?!

Monday, October 12, 2009

E- Cigarettes , anyone?

Smoking is something that is strictly prohibited in our house. We are a family of asthmatics so it is really a No-no at home. There's a lot of anti- smoking campaigns now in the paper and on national TV. I guess the main reason for this is that they wanted to protect the health of everyone. As what they say, those who don't smoke and just inhale some cigarette smokes are also affected. I have seen the bad effects of smoking with my father in law. With his death, I really concluded that smoking is dangerous to one's health.

But lately, I heard about e cigarettes . It is now said to be the smokers smart choice. Imagine, you can now smoke indoors with that tobacco smoke and smell. If you think that it won't satisfy your tobacco cravings then that is wrong. It is battery operated as from what I have seen at the website. They have e cig refills too , because it is refillable - no tar and ashes. These things that you usually find annoying with the usual cigarette, you can't find it here. Since it is battery operated, the site also sells e cigarette chargers . I think you can also charge at the car. More and more people are choosing this over the tobacco one for the reason that is not a fire hazard too.

Can I touch that ?

She would usually do this whenever I try to take her pictures.

she's getting more and more adorable each day!

UGG time

I have seen it many times with my friends and relatives so I am thinking that this is really a nice boots for winter. UGG is a well - known brand of boots from Australia . Its has proved its quality and durability over the years, no wonder they are the leading shoes not only during winter but the entire year. I have seen really great styles from them and if only we have winter here, my whole family (yes even thes kids) will surely be wearing Ugg. One of my favorite is the classic cardy collection. It looks so comfortable from the outside and I know for sure that it is as good as it is worn. I personally like the classic cardy chocolate boots . Brown goes well with almost all of my clothes . The shade is in the neutral side so I can really wear it with anything. I love that is is low maintenance too as I don't need to clean it all the time. Since it is made of high quality materials, Ugg boots can really stand the test of time.

Then I also saw the classic cardy pink for adults. I wonder if they do have it for kids. That would be perfect for my princess who loves the color pink. These Ugg boots provides great comfort especially during winter time. It is naturally thermostatic , it helps maintain the body temperature in cold and even warm climates. This is also available in classic cardy cream style. The cream is nice too but I guess it is not for my type of lifestyle . I bet that would get dirty as I go around chasing my kids. Here's a picture to share .

Thursday, October 08, 2009

lil techie

After the typhoon Ondoy, our internet was badly affected. During the first day, it was something I can manage as I was too busy fixing stuff here at the house. The second day, I felt bored already as I miss chatting with friends and with my family. My mom called to check on us . That 2nd night, I decided to stay at Seattle's Best so I can check my emails and do some work. Guess what? After ordering drinks and their omelet, I learned that their internet was down too. I just enjoyed my coffee and let the little boy play.
And me, I end up eating a lot that night! I would really need weight loss pills so I will look good on my daughter's birthday party.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

a Jollitown party

We decided to have a Jollitown party for the princess on her birthdate , Oct 27 .My mom's original plan was to cook some food at home and just call some of our relatives, but i told her it would really be tiring for us , so why not just have it at Jollibee where its guaranteed that the kids would have fun. Right? SO there, we booked the party just last month. We will invite a few relatives and kids in our neighborhood. I am Divi bound to get some loots for the kids.

A few more days... the sweetest girl will turn ONE.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Back from the storm

Its only now that I was able to visit my blog again. I was still at the laptop reading about rv breakdown when I noticed the non stop rain. The aftermath of typhoon Ondoy is terrible. I can't remember something like this before. And now , after a week, another super typhoon is said to be at the Philippine Islands. Oh no. Spare us !

Lets all pray that this wont be a strong one.. or may it change it's course. Let's pray herder everyone. Nothing is impossible with our prayers.

Keep the faith.

Be safe.