Sunday, October 18, 2009


Remember the time when typhoon pepeng was expected to hit Manila that friday night? We had the last minute decision to stay at a hotel along Roxas Blvd, Manila.
The kids were both sick that time, cough and colds - so they needed to use the nebulizer every 6 hrs. And how could we do that if there's no electricity because of the typhoon right? Haay. My boy started to have Skin Asthma attacks too because of the brownout caused by Ondoy. I cannot make him sleep without the aircon nor electric fan as I am 100% sure it will get active the next morning. I packed as quickly as I can , as we have to leave the house before the strong rain hits. We arrived safely at the hotel. I first thought not staying along Roxas as it is fronting the Manila Bay , it can get dangerous with heavy winds and rain. But fortunately it was okay in that part and not scary at all. It was just windy as expected. I bought my laptop as I needed to finish some tasks like my research on acne treatments . I was able to work a little when the kids were playing in our room. It was bigger than what I expected. Buffet breakfast was okay - it was included in our stay . But there's only a few choices , i think for its price, ok na.
It was just a short stay as we arrived late at the hotel, but no regrets at all. Better to be safe than sorry, right?!

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Jody said...

aba, at nag-hotel pala kayo!