Thursday, May 31, 2007

Busted Again!


That's how I am today.. Oh well, it started last week when my blogger log in details got screwed up, thus, not letting me log on to my own account.. and now.. here's a new one... I cannot view a lot of websites!!! GGRRR .. what pisses me is that I can't access Google and my blog ..and my friend's blogs too. I just tried using a proxy a while ago to check if that would give me luck.. and yeah, it did.. pero naman.. I don't wanna be using a proxy forever.

If anyone of you would have an idea on how i can settle this.. pls PM me. or leave a message. I can access my mails and blogger, but not my blog at all. My security settings is set na nga to medium eh.. dont know what to do.. tried calling my isp..but all they did was to give me loads of crap! so please help me out... thanks!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

72% Filipino lang???

Got this from my friendster and im posting it here... Feel free to try it out.. Have fun !

[x] You have sung on karaoke.. ( oo naman!)
[x] You have bought clothes from ukay- ukay ( ito na lang yata ginawa namin sa baguio nila erika LOL)
[x] You have eaten pancit
[x] You have danced a traditional Pinoy dance in front of people ( required sa school eh, wala ako magawa)
[ ] You have been to a free concert
[x] You have never worn contact lenses
[x] You can speak tagalog fluently
[x] You have bought AutoloadMax/E-Load
[ ] You like to eat Sky Flakes ( sorry.. di ko talaga type to, feeling ko walang lasa eh )
[x] You have put oil in your hair
[x] You have washed your/other people's clothes in a palanggana
9 OUT OF 11

[ ] You know the "pinoy ako" dance steps
[x] You have been to Divisoria ( syempre naman!)
[x] You have been to Quiapo ( recently na lang )
[x] You have been to Baclaran
[x] You have ridden on a public Jeepney
[x] You have been to mass at Baclaran Church
[x] You have drunk taho
[x] You have eaten halo-halo
[ ] You have hung-out outside a sari-sari store and enjoyed it
[x] You have Jay-Walked ( i guess yeah, pero di naman ako nahuli)
8 OUT OF 10

[x] You have eaten sorbetes
[x] You have eaten lechon
[x] You love watching Pinoy TeleNovelas
[x] You have almost been attacked by amonster?? - what? mukhang monster..
[ ] You have gone to the province by bus
[x] You have slept on a banig
[ ] You have faked your age
[ ] You have swum in a public pool
[x] You have peed in a pool ( hmm .. aminin!)
[x] You have been to a PARLOR and got something done
7 OUT OF 10

[x] You have been obsessed with a pure pinoy actor/actress ( Go Papa Piolo!!!)
[x] You have been to a public basketball game
[x] You have eaten ISAW/DUGO
[x] You have/had bulate in your stomach when u were young ( eewwww !!!!)
[ ] You own a Magic Sing ( not exactly a Magic Sing eh)
[x] You have played Patintero
[ ] You have played sipa
[ ] You have bought a dog/cat from divisoria
[x] You have played Bingo
6 OUT OF 9

[x] You have been to Pasay
[x] You have taken a road trip by car
[ ] You have thought of using someone for their money
[ ] You have used someone for their money
[x] You have owned a black and white phone before.. ( 5110 during college)
[x] You have slept at around 5am or so ( oo naman, batang Mapua ako eh)
[ ] You have gone a week without bathing
[ ] You have gotten drunk ( never coz i don't drink at all due to allergies)
[x] You respect your elders (OPO)
[x] You like to go gimmick
6 OUT OF 10

Now add the numbers up and multiply by 2. That would be your percentage of being a Filipino.. Try it out hehehe!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am an addict and I am totally hooked.....

.. ....... to Desperate Housewives...........

Seen the first 2 seasons twice already.. and now im done with the episode 16 of season 3.. can't wait what will happen next. I love the girls in the show. So alike, yet so different. I love the way Bree cooks , I love the way Gaby fights with Carlos, I love Susan's crazy personality, and my fave of all would be Lynette.. I guess nakaka relate yata ako kay Lynette on being a stay at home mom with no yaya or maid at all. And God, I salute her for being able to take care of her 3 boys ( na hyperactive pa) , and a newborn.. how i wish i could do the same.. wish me luck!

Im so addicted that late at night after checking my mails (and bloghopping ) , I would still watch a few episodes with Joaqui's portable dvd on my lap and earphones , para todo sounds pa din while Joaqui and Gelo sleeps. I would only watch if I am certain that I have an ample time. Ayaw ko ng istorbo.. so meaning, i only watch when JOaqui is asleep hehe.. I also don't wanna feel "bitin" .. so when i'm done with all the episodes that i have, I watch it again till the new episodes arrive. LOL

Oooopss and I also watch Ghost Whisperer on day time only (still pag tulog ang lil boy) , natatakot kasi ako pag gabi na.. :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

my little bookworm

He definitely got his passion with books from ME :) We can't leave the house without a book :) His bag should always contain a book I think he started with books at 3 months old, with the Barney Pop up book with music and piano.. And since then, I have observed on how he likes books.. he do have lots of musical books, pop - ups, lift the flap, with piano and mic.. haay panic buying kasi ang lola nya pag nakakita ng book. So here are a few of his books now that he enjoys..

:: (from top , clockwise) Elmo's Big Book , Who's Under the Hat? . Glitter Critters, Peakaboo Zoo, Elmo's Get Ready for Fun ::

:: The Lamaze Peekaboo Zoo.. kinda worn out already LOL ::

:: The Musical Book of Elmo, he loves the colors and the songs ::

:: Peakaboo Mirror , notice the black spot, its a mirror actually LOL, and wala na ung hand covering the face, it was pulled many times :) ::

:: Peakaboo Parrot from the Glitter Critters book ::

I admit, I feel like a child again whenever we read together.. Next time, i will post naman his DVD collections.. that's what he got from his dad..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

cars and planes

** enjoying the ride**

My mom's departure was supposed to be last May 7, but PAL cancelled their flight, so we headed to MOA na lang. She had her flight the day after.

And Here's our little boy while driving a car... super enjoy talaga, lahat pindot nya LOL... He doesn't even wants us to hold him...kalbo pa sya jan, in fairness, may tumutubo na ngayon hehehe

** Gelo, LJ, my mom, my sis and Joaqui at MOA **

Then the next day., May 8, it was my mom's time to go back to US.. though many times na , pero still sad pa din talaga, coz she keeps on reminding me to take good care of his first apo. I know how much she misses Joaqui now.. See you soon mom!

** ang mag Lola sa airport.. birthday nyo?! LOL**

up and running again

I don't have any idea as to what happened on my blogger account few days ago. I was about to log in (my username and password is already saved at our pc) when i encountered an error message stating that I have an invalid Username!!! What the %$@! Kelan pa magiging invalid to???

So there.. i tried to figure out everything and entered every possible username that I might use.. I also changed my password for protection na din. Good thing everything is back to normal now.

Back to blogging na naman :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

missing SATC ..

We've been watching a lot of TV series this past few months. Gelo would spend most of his time at night watching Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy , Ghost whisperer and tons and tons of his anime dvd's. No wonder, Joaqui is a TV buff at such a young age LOL. Mana sa daddy.

I was watching my latest TV Series addiction (secret muna) , when i suddenly missed Carrie and the girls. Ohhh yes, i am a certified Sex and the City Addict. I have watched the series over and over again.. There was even a time when I almost memorized my fave lines and i know exactly on which season and what episode it is. OOopps and I sooo love the clothes , the shoes and the bags!!! Wish i could have ' em all. Hihihi :)

I was somehow comparing it to what I am watching now.. yeah both lead characters are ladies, but the context is so different. SATC talks about being single, dating, romance, sex , fashion and all. And i suddenly miss my single days when i would spend money on clothes, shoes and bags.

It is so different now. I would rather spend for Joaqui than for myself (naks! talk about how motherhood changed me :))

But hey, i will forever be a SATC girl ! And here are two of my favorite fashion statements of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw

** Carrie in her Christian Louboutin shoes (that I adore!) before her date with Mr. Big**

** Carrie in her bubble dress.. (this is how a bubble dress should look like , LOL)**

Monday, May 14, 2007

finally.. it's here

At last, I was able to upload a good number of pics from Joaqui's 1st Birthday. Hehehe.. its been a month already :)
You can click here to view the pics :)

Again to all my friends who helped me out with the planning, thank you so much. We had so much fun ! Can't wait for the 2nd birthday if hubby would still permit (so with the budget :))

Thursday, May 10, 2007

sari sari


I forgot to write about Joaqui getting bald before my dad left. It was last April 21 when we had him "scrubbed" at The kids hair salon. At first, he was having a great time driving the car and watching Barney, but when the razor was switched ON, ayun.. todo iyak na.. haayyy ayaw talaga to the point na inaalis na nya ung hand ng barber..It's a good thing that i had his hair done here, the barber is sooo good that he ended it up fast and really nice ha. Oh, and never wonder why we had him bald.. hahaha! old beliefs na pag manipis buhok, dapat kalbo para the next set of hair to grow would become thicker na.. i hope :)


Last Saturday, my cousin in law Ate Lyn gave birth to a healthy, adorable little boy that we call "ANGEL BOY". It was his Ate joreen that gave him that name.. cute! hehehe! (but that is not his real name). Congratulations Ate Lyn and Kuya Joeff !!! And to our dear Angel Boy, welcome to our family.. We love you !


Gelo and I recently noticed that Joaqui is getting fascinated with our car's steering wheel. One time, on our way to St. LUke's to visit my FIL, we sat at the passenger seat (for a year we always stay at the back seat, and i miss sitting besides Gelo, LOL) and Joaqui would really move his body to get unto Gelo's lap. I tried giving him toys but to no avail.. he would still prefer to "drive".. and so it happened again when we went to MOA, and tonight when we had dinner. I even placed his toy steering wheel at the car but he would still prefer the real one hehehe :) haay boys will be boys


Before my mom left, we bought a few (already made) necklaces at 168.. those chunky type, layered ones ladies wear nowadays. I also bought some chrams and had it hand made by ME! (I was so much into designing accessories before i got married and i earned a lot from this). I made a set of necklace with bracelet which was pre ordered by my sis.. then a few bracelets of semi precious stones. and guess what, it was sold out! hahaha! talk about easy money. LOL! Sayang wasnt able to take some photos. Wish i can go back to that hobby :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

its another year for me

In a few minutes as I'm typing this entry, I am unfolding another year in my life.. Im turning 28 !!

If I am to summarize my past year.. i can only think of one word.. MOTHERHOOD. Yes, I am a devoted mom to my son ( I guess we all are..LOL) and my 27th year was soooo full of new experiences in life as a mom.

And now that I am 28, I wish I can do more as a wife. Not that I neglected my roles to Gelo last year but I just wanna nurture what we have since we started. And of course, Joaqui would still be my priority..Sabi naman kasi ni Gelo, kahit hindi ko na sya masyado maasikaso, and kahit wala na ko magawa sa bahay.. basta si Joaqui dapat unahin ko ..always.. and thats what I do every single day =)

I never thought that motherhood would strike my views in life when I was 27. It surely made an impact on me.

I thank God for everything in my life.

I thank my family for all the support, love and care.

I thank Gelo and Joaqui for making me complete . . and for making me believe in the true meaning of happiness.

and I Thank everyone who made my 27th year a memorable one.

I wish that this another year in my life would be filled with happiness and good health for me and for my family. (ooppss.. and World Peace! LOL)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

aalog- alog

yeah.. that's how we are now at home again...

and i just miss my family.. we have no idea on when they will be back here in manila for a visit. my mom plans to be here on christmas of 2008. and Ricca is already planning another getaway when she visits next year. i simply can't wait!

there have been a few goodbye's before. but each time we bid goodbye at the airport, tears would still fall. it was a bit harder this time coz i know that they will miss joaqui terribly ( forget about me, gelo and my sis , LOL)..

haaayyy now it makes me wanna do a thorough research on a family visa so we can be with them soon :) i hope...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I so wanted to post an entry regarding Joaqui's 1st Birthday Party. But I'm saving it til I have all the pics uploaded. Ging took beautiful shots, and im really having a hard time to choose.. Here's 3 of my fave shots..

Joaqui and the kids enjoying the party

Joaqui with my sis Ricca

Joaqui with my Ate Alma

GO Spidey GO!

Gelo and I never anticipated that a lot of moviegoers would see Spiderman 3 yesterday. I forgot that it was a Holiday and Payday last 30th for most. Haaayy. all for Spidey

We went to visit my FIL around 10 am at St. Luke's with Joaqui in tow. We dropped by Food Corner at Dapitan (few blocks from UST) for our fave spaghetti. We bought 2 plates for my inlaws. We didn't stayed that long since we have Joaqui. We stayed at the lobby and cafeteria, and it was just my MIL who went down to see us.

Arrived 11:30 at our house and I immediately called IMAX for a reservation (we have passes kasi) .. to my dismay they are booked up. Yesterday was the only day that we can wacth it since Gelo's on a holiday and my mom is still here to look after Joaqui. We then settled to check out SM San Lazaro since they offer guaranteed seats. We had lunch at home. at 1:30pm, GElo and I went to SM na. Grabe ang haba ng pila sa tickets. Being the supportive wife, sige watch pa din kami =) 4pm was the closest time available. so we chose na lng the 6:40 viewing time. Pumila si GElo and I went to the Baby Company section to buy knee pads of Joaqui.(will soon make kwento on why he needs it) .. It was quite a fast lane so di naman kami nainip. Went home muna to check on Joaqui and have a rest na din.

We went back to SM at 6pm. And finally we were able to see Spidey at the big screen. I won't spoil it to you guys.. =) But let mne just share Gelo's 1 comment (he being a comic reader ) .. "Malayo sa comics ung ibang scenes".. and as to which scene.. secret na lng muna. PM me if you wanna know hehehe =)

But still im so happy to see that Spidey is back. Still a funny guy.. =) When we get home. joaqui was asleep besides my mom.... i then suddenly remember that he has this cute soft walking shoes

Mejo malaki pa yata pero ok na din.. niceeee =)