Saturday, August 26, 2006

watching my 2 boys sleep

** how cute, i just wish i could post a pic, kaya lng baka magalit c gelo. maybe next time. he is not on a "good" sleeping postion eh. hehehe! **

it really brings me so much joy watching them sleep at night. another day is over... and tomorrow a new day will begin. how time flies so fast, joaqui is now 4 months old. and as each day unfolds, i look forward in learning new things about him. as he discover this world, i discover his own world as well. and im enjoying it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

back up

i remember this episode from Sex and the City when Carrie's laptop was infected by a virus and all of her files were gone in a snap. from then on, she learn to back up her files.

same lesson for me. gelo's old (jurassic) celfone with camera (7650) got busted 2 weeks ago. it just wont switch on kahit ano na gawin namin. I give up and i just let him use my "ancient" celfone (i wont say the model coz its not colored.. hahaha! poor me! ). He needs a celfone more than I do. No choice sya, he used my fone (may swarovski charm pa yun the first time dinala nya sa ofc..hahaha!)

we had it repaired the other day, and it was given to me in working condition today.

i checked on the contacts... no contacts listed!!!

i checked on the messages... EMPTY!

i checked on the images... ALL GONE !!!

OMIGOD! this is not happening!!! i tried to recall wat are the pictures in that fone. it was only then that i remebered... JOAQUI'S First time to turn over pic was there! and sadly, wala akong back up nun!!! kainis!!! i dont have my digicam in handy that time kaya we used the celfone. haaayyy naku talaga...

lesson learned : to have a back up copy of everything. truly, that is the downside of technology. just so sad that i cant bring back the time when joaqui was struggling to turn over.

sisihin natin ang celfone na walang kamalay malay! hahaha!

Friday, August 18, 2006

(almost) exclusive

even before i give birth , i was really planning to breastfeed joaquin most of the time. as long as i have the strength il do it, and not by pumping milk but by latching him on. and yeah.. i was able to do it for 2 months. I gave birth during an extremely hot weather here ( good friday when we chcked out of the hospital)and bet yah, its not easy to latch on a newborn (so delicate, but a "barracuda sucker" hahaha) wanting his dose of milk. a lot of things drained my strength then (even until now).. lack of sleep, bottle cleaning, nappy change, bath time, my personal hygiene blah blah blah blah... so there.. i stopped at 2 months.

i often wonder how other moms out there could exclusively breastfeed or somehow breastfeed for a longer time. maybe, they have other people to help them out in taking care of their little bunnies. and thats one thing that i dont have... and im so proud to say that i am (almost) exclusively taking care of my son.

my daily life wud exceed a yaya's usual day. i take care of joaquin the moment he opens his eyes.. til he closes it for bed time at night. our maid is just there to look for him when i eat and clean bottles. literally, just look, di nya kaya magbuhat ng baby, no experience and she's afraid na sumthing might happen to joaquin pag kinarga nya. but she is soo patient to talk and play with him. gelo wud take care of him the moment he arrives, the most wud be 2 hrs on a weekday. and recently, joaquin wants ME to put him to sleep. he wud cry his lungs out pag si gelo ang nagpapatulog sa knya. poor me... ako pa din pag gabi. hahaha! and my sis is soo busy at work, im so lucky if she can take care of joaquin for 30 mins.

and why no yaya? its our decision. no offense to moms and babies na may yaya ha.. but we just want our son to be really close to us. or shud i say closer to us than sa yaya's. im not working naman, kaya i have the time. but the strength... un ang kinukulang ako everyday. and believe me, it takes a lot of patience to take care of a baby boy who is growing up soo fast and starting to explore things around him. truly, he takes my strength. but just a simple simple from him would complete my day.

i cant sleep without him on my side. im used to it. yes, he co sleeps with me and gelo in one bed. i tried putting him in his bassinet, and i ended up waking up every 15 or 30 mins just to check him out. mas nakakapagod. and theres a lot of benefit from that (in my case).. 1) i can feel when he is hungry in the midst of the night, he keeps on moving, and it doesnt come to a point na umiiyak sya, the moment i feel that, i prepare his milk. since he was born, he sleeps soundly, he wud drink his milk pro naka pikit pa din. hahaha! so far, never pa sya gising at night. 2) i can simply feel whenever he wants something... bsta.. moms instinct na yta yun.

i may not have given him breastmilk for a longer time, but knowing that i am always with him ,seeing him and taking care of him simply makes me appreciate motherhood more than anything else.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


April 11, 2006 ( Tuesday)

My scheduled check up at my OB , it was a week after the false alarm situation. Went to UST with our maid, since Gelo needs to go at work then. Haaayy still 1 cm dilated , and everything still at normal. At 3 pm, my sister, my cousin, my 4 yr old niece and my 5 yr old nephew went to SM. Another walkathon moment for me. Mahirap na talaga maglakad coz I feel so heavy. Super naikot namin ang mall , plus I took care pa of my niece and nephew na super likot at kulit.

We had dinner at Tokyo 2X, I had my favorite Beef Misono. Grabe, ang dami ko nakain, they even said na “may bukas pa para kumain..” (not knowing na ito na nga huling kain ko before giving birth, good thing dami ko stock .. hahaha ).

I decided to buy a slipper, kasi mejo lumaki nga paa ko coz of mild manas. It was 8:30 pm na pla! Grabe, we are all dead tired and decided to go home.

A usual night for us.. sarap ng tulog ko. I need to wake up early the next day to make a bank deposit, long weekend kasi coz of the holy week and we need to pay for the car.

April 12, 2006 (Wednesday)

9 AM - heard my alarm and its time to wake up... need to go to the bank.. pag tayo ko from the bed... felt a sudden gush...girls know this, the feeling of having the first gush during ur period. i immediately checked on my undies... there's a hint of blood... Oh my God! This is bloody show.

I woke up my sis, and showed it to her... "ito na ba yun ate? manganganak na ba ko?" (either breaking of water bag or bloody show ang early signs).. and since single ang ate ko, she just said na baka ito na nga. Called my aunt who lives near us, and when she arrived i showed it to her. And its positive... its a bloody show.

I immediately called Gelo at the Office and told him na pupunta na ko UST. I will give birth soon, I know. I took a bath... carry my pregnancy record, digicam and videocam. Un lang muna dinala ko. Went to UST with my Aunt.

(( Side Kwento of Gelo : di nya alam na pag nag bloody show eh manganganak na, so when he told his oficemate na nagka bloody show ako, they told him na umuwi na nga sya, il give birth soon and its a long travel from sta rosa laguna to manila. ))

At UST, went to my OB na nasa Ultrasound section at that time, and i found out na 4 - 5 cm dilated na pla ako. wala pa ko nararamdaman na pain masyado. She instructed me to go to the Delivery Room.. Oh my God.. ito na nga! I was with my 2 aunts then.

Pagpasok delivery room, it was me na lang, undress, and changed to maternity robe. I was at the Labor room at 12 noon. Wala ako kinain that time. It was my OB's instruction, para daw tumalab ang anesthesia. Fetal monitor was attached immediately and OK naman lahat. I had a nurse with me for Labor watch. Kaya ko pa talaga..

1pm - im still making kwento pa to the nurse, chinichika ko pa ang cases nung ibang manganganak na kasabay ko. my OB checks on me. Di pa din pumuputok water bag ko. May nilagay sa butt ko and immediately na pupu ako. hahah!

2pm - continue pa din ang contrction monitoring and pinutok na panubigan ko. i was 6-7 cm na nun. mejo dumadalas na ang pains. Sabi ko sa OB kaya ko pa .

2:30 pm - Suddenly iba na ang pains.. OB said na nandun na daw si Gelo sa labas.

2:45 pm - Nilagyan na ko ng Demerol. Ung twilight anesthesia... nurses asked me if i feel dizzy or sleepy... sabi ko hindi.. wide awake ako! worse, lalo na sumasakit tyan ko. i dont plan to go on painless, kung kaya ko ng hindi, kakayanin ko. theres 10K difference kasi on the price, sayang naman. pain is getting intense.

3pm - OB checked me again.. kaya ko pa daw ba? sabi ko masakit na . asked her what time estimated ako manganganak.mga 5:30 pa daw.. God! di ko na kaya. I immediately said na " papa Painless na po ako" hahhaa! she asked me, "cgurado ka? " ... "opo, sakit na eh".. she went outside and told gelo and my relatives na papa painless na nga ako. hindi ko na talaga kaya..

wasnt able to track time from that moment. sunod sunod ang sakit. init na init ako sa labor room, i asked na lakasan pa ang aircon. the nurses told me na todo na daw yun at malamig na talaga. as everything gets intense, i wud ask the nurse to call my OB... tanong ako ng tanong, "di pa ba ko manganganak? " .. "ang tagal naman ng anethesiologist, san pa ba galing yun?".. and they were al sooo patient with me.

the anethesiologist arrived,i was transferred sa main delivery room and nilagyan na nga ako ng epidural. ewan ko ba,, something at my back eh. super bait din nya. one of my strength when i was pushing. sa DR, init na init pa din ako. they instructed me how to push... had 2 practices.. mahirap din pla since asthmatic ako.

then suddenly, ang dami na tao.. 10 cm na pla ako nun, la na ko masyado feel coz of the epidural. OB and another OB pa and the anesthesiologist. one DR staff asked me pa how to operate my Digicam. hahaha! I posed for one pic . OB said, "smile ka, show them na painless ka.. hahaha!

preparing for the moment....

twice lang ako nag push.. at 5:22pm joaqui came out. and here are the pics...

joaqui finally out

at mommy's chest

cleaning time

besides mommy, joaqui all clean

joaqui's first moment with daddy sis and aunt at the back

truly, it was one of the most rewarding experience in my life. il post the continuation soon.

Monday, August 14, 2006

False Alarm

April 4, 2006

at 12 noon I experienced some pains, pro kaya ko naman, usual pains during the last part of my pregnancy. Im a bit nervous kasi naisip ko na kung manganganak na ko at this time, 36 weeks pa lang ako, a bit early than the normal expected. I started to track if the pain wud hit me again.. and yes.. sumakit nga after 30 mins. 1pm… 1:30… 2pm.. 2:30… and so I thought that this could be it. I called my sis at UST and she informed me na get ready na nga, take a bath while u still can.

After taking a bath, my Aunt offered to accompany me at UST, Gelo was still at work then. I called him and I said na pupunta nga nga ako ng UST. Left home at 3:30 pm carrying my pregnancy book, a digicam and a video cam. Hahaha! As in un lang dala ko.

Pagdating ko sa UST my sister instructed me to go to my OB para ma IE ako, wag daw ako dumerecho sa Delivery Room at sunod sunod na IE ang gagawin sa akin. Super takot pa naman ako sa IE. Went to my OB's clinic, and i found out na 1cm pa lang dilation ko. Haayyy.. halos magka ngiwi ngiwi ako sa kaba at takot nung IE ako. She checked on everything , especially my BP. In other words, hindi pa ko manganganak and we need to wait a litle more. OB instructed me to go home muna. She scheduled my next check up on April 11, Tuesday. I texted Gelo and told him the news.

My Aunt and I dropped by SM muna, maglakad lakad na daw ako para mapabilis. Then pag uwi sa haus, after 1 hour dumating na si Gelo from work. We decided to have a walk at Baywalk, so lakad na naman ako... hindi na ko naka feel ng pain ulit.

Almost everyday after that, We walk. Gelo was sooo patient with me, exercise na din kasi un on his part. Mall... Baywalk .. Harbor Square.. days passed at wala pa din. My neighbors are even more excited than us.. I think that was the time na lagi ako lumabas ng bahay. And people wud tell me.. LAkad ka lang, lalabas din yan.

It was somehow a pressure on me to give birth. Hello??! sino pa ang hindi excited, and if theres someone na hirap na eh ako yun. hahaha!

Gelo and I even had a "pustahan".. Sabi ko feeling ko manganganak ako the following week pa, Holy Week, and pag nanganak ako , I have a feeling na wala sya sa House.

And it was true.....


what else can i say???

syempre baby ko yan.. hehehe =) pictures are taken at The Picture Company at SM MAll of Asia. The green veggie costume was during his 2nd month.. then the black one was during his 3rd month. cant wait for this month!

simply adorable

and here are some of his recent pictures...

~~with gelo during joaqui's 3rd month ~~

daddy and joaqui

~~ pose during milk time~~

milk time!

~~ joaqui started to turn over on his own at exactly 3 months and 2 days... july 14, 2006~~

in my tummy

~~ taken at Mc Do Petron Mega at South ExpressWay~~

oopps wrong date..should be aug 6, 2006

updates.. updates

been out of blogspot for quite some time.. but i still blog at my friendster account. hehehe =)

here are a few updates in our life:

1. we are looking for possible venues for joaqui's bday..excited eh =)

2. we already checked out one venue.. as in i love this one kya lang need to think over pa for the budget

3. joaqui had a mild asthma attack recently. buti naagapan..and ok ang medications nya, he recovered quickly. parang mas lumakas pa sa milk ngayon

4. finally napanood na namin ang superman at IMAX! wat can i say?? pogi nya talaga!

5. joaqui's first out of town trip was last aug 6, my uncle's bday and house blessing at sta. rosa laguna

6. haaaayyy after 4 mos of giving birth.. im still sleep- deprived. how i wish i have the luxury of time to sleep

as time flies, lalong lumilikot si joaquin, kaya naman grabe na din magpawis! i lost count on how many times sya nagpapalit and on how many times ko kinakapa kung basa ba ng pawis ang likod nya. a lot of people are telling me that i should get a yaya na. hmmm pinag iisipan ko pa. hehehe ! kahit ganitong pagod ako, i enjoy it naman. un nga lang it takes a lot of patience talaga. and i guess its the motherly love that goes with it.

my everyday life revolves in him. kaya naman pati pag gabi, im the one who puts him to sleep pa.. dati naman he's okay na with gelo. kaya ayun, nagatatampo na yata ang daddy nya sa knya. hahaha!

il try to post some of his pics next time...