Friday, October 31, 2008

Another busy day

I am so back!

I just gave birth last Oct. 27, Monday to our princess Ysabela Dominique. We are still adjusting with things here at home, but its not really something crazy when we had Joaquin. We somehow know what to do :)

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who sent us messages after my delivery. Having a baby is really such a wonderful experience , and our family is really enjoying it, especially Kuya Joaqui who is so proud of his sister.

Dominique is currently sleeping, and he is outside playing with his bike. He even asked me get his shades coz its a bit sunny.That reminded me that I need to check online for some Wayfarer sunglasses , Im thinking of getting a classic one for Gelo, and as usual, im getting it online :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

After pregnancy

One of the biggest challenge for me after giving birth , aside from the responsibilities that comes with motherhood, is losing weight. I gained a total of 27 lbs., and I do hope I can shed off a little in the first few months. I know it is a bit nard since I enjoy eating a lot after giving birth, and I need lot of energy too so I can keep up with the demands of my kids. If I would really get That big, I would consider using alli since I heard good feedbacks about it lately.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Yummy

All hungry after playing..

He ate fish fillet with the Beef Pot roast Sauce ( is that how you call the beef viand?) . Didn't had a hard time during meal time . And guess what happened after this?? Yeah.. play time again !

Looking for a web host?

Maintaining 3 sites is not easy at all. Aside from thinking of what to write and blog about, you first think of how to create and make the most out of it. I got 2 domain names already , and during the times that I was just starting out, I thought it was hard figuring a domain name, plus a web host. I am not a technical person, and I only got the chance to explore web hosting when i was actually putting up my site. I searched for web hosting tutorials online, articles that would give me a primer on the topic. I started by learning the basics, What-to-do's and How-to-do's . Learning the ropes of web hosting is not easy at all. But I guess with patience and determination to learn things, you will get there. I searched for web hosting directories too, reading feedbacks and reviews helped me a lot. Even web hosting rating of some sites matters. Through that, I get to know things from other's experiences. Luckily, I am not having major problems yet with the hosts of my site. They charge me a good rate for the whole year. They should be given web hosting awards for their excellent service to their customers. So if you are looking for a web host, try to search for some directories online, check out their rates, services they provide and most of all, read and ask others for some feedbacks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pets and More

My son's love for fish won't soon fade away. In fact he wants more since we lost 3 already. We are scheduled to visit the pet shop this weekend, because we want him to see some hamsters. We are not buying one yet, the last time he saw some at the pet shop, he certainly enjoyed looking at them as they move around the cage. Been reading Pet Stories to him everyday , and he also loves to watch his Animals at the Zoo DVD. I also checked at Penn Plax SAM Small Animal Supplies just in case we decide to buy him a hamster. what can you say about this?

Our weekend

As I posted at my other sites, we really had a blast. Though my boys didn't made it at the Twitter Party due to some reasons, I still had fun catching up with my twittermates. Sorry, I came late, naglakad pa kasi ako :) It's so delightful to see the faces behind the blogs.

Sunday was another party day for us, this time with the MBAP's. It was an advance Christmas / Baby shower party. See, we have 3 preggies and our due dates are almost 2 weeks apart. Definitely no time to squeeze the party on Nov and Dec. The party was filled with chikahan , games and the crazy elephant game. Kids had the time of their lives playing.

Pictures to follow.. Im trying to edit my figure pa :) I am so big now !

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The daddy is happy.

Because of this ..

This is the watch that he bought from his online earnings. Remember during my first trimester, he finished all my online tasks? He rewarded himself with this. Now he knows how it feels like to splurge a little with online shopping. Watch out when I give birth, he would be in charge of my sites again. I wonder what he's planning to buy next time.. hmmm. A lens for the camera? Oh i think he should get a new hard drive first for our computer.

Almost weekend.

The weekend excites me because of the two parties that we have. But before anything else , I need to grab items for our exchange gift. I work best when I'm cramming, you know :) I already know what and where to buy since I am lucky enough for the wishlist of our babies. I also need to get a CAT6 at the electronics section.

I will definitely be heavier by a few pounds, loads and loads of yummy food will be served, and there's cake too. I might as well burn those by Sunday night and Monday. Who knows, I might pop anytime next week. LOL.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buh Bye Dorothy

Joaqui initially had 5 fishes at his tank. Now its down to 2 !

A few weeks back , I posted that we lost one already.

Monday night, another one passed away. Our helper saw it somehow trapped near the filter. She even released the fish , but a few minutes later, I saw it floating.

Today (tuesday) , in the late afternoon, I saw another one floating. Goodness! what could be wrong? I am the one who is so affected here. Joaqui minimized his fish feeding already , but i think , overfed pa din sila. The one that died last monday night reallyt has a big tummy (looks like it will explode anytime, hahaha) .

I am changing the water filter tomorrow. Then I will ask the husband to get an angel fish this time. I think they can be mixed up with a gold fish inside one tank.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun with Pictures

Pictures are already a part of my everyday life. I may not post everything at my site, but I see to it I have everything saved at my laptop. I am actually looking forward to more photographs once I give birth. Babies and Kids are fun to be photographed because you capture their innocence and their emotions freely. But did you know that there are still other ways of making fun with their pictures ? Like putting a mustache, or make them like a butterfly because of their wings? How about making mom and dad a king and a queen with their crowns?

I recently discovered Imagination Station , a website full of free fun activities to let your imagination run wild with pictures. Once you sign in at the site, you have 3 options of printing your works, that is at home thru your Photosmart or Deskjet printers, Online via Snapfish and at their stores or kiosks at the mall. I tried it once with my son's baby picture when he was all bald, and i tried putting a wig on him. I love the outcome, it looks funny and outrageous. Better try this with your pictures, and see what more you can do with your shots.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello Monday

I had a good night sleep, but after 2 hours of being awake this morning, I felt sleepy again. I am trying to finish my online tasks today, as most of them are expiring soon. But how can I work with such a lazy body and a blank mind? Gawd.

Anyway, I am hoping that my balikbayan box will arrive today. It was sent last Sept 12, and it might be here anytime this week.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Medical Assistants

One of the most wanted jobs in the market recently is in the field of medicine. No wonder, a lot of high school graduates are choosing courses in this line of work. They promise not only a high demand for the job, but also a good paying one. I have seen a medical assistant school online , and I got curious with it since it is an online education. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is an accredited , convenient and affordable Online distance education program that offers an extensive curriculum to its students. In 6 - 8 weeks , you can be a medical assistant already. In case you are wondering, the certificate program is designed by expert health care professionals , so you are guaranteed of getting a good education. There's no traditional classroom program since everything is done online and they have a flexible program schedule, so even if you are working already, you can still enroll in their medical assistant certificate program. I highly recommend this to those who want to have knowledge in the medicine field even if they have a degree already. They can use this knowledge in applying for a medicine related job.

Elmo Crazy

TMX Extra Special Edition Tickle Me Elmo ( $19.99 + free shipping, such a steal!)

Elmo Hand Puppet

TMX Tickle Me Ernie

I am not planning to get Ernie, but since Joaqui knows him too, and my mom insisted on getting Ernie since its just $19.99 , I gave in. Now my paypal is almost empty hahaha! But its fine with me, I showed Joaqui how this toy works thru some videos at YouTube, and he laughed like Elmo too. I hope to receive our nth balikbayan box before Christmas. Now it's time to work hard and save money again. I am planning to share a little money to my husband who plans to get a really nice home theater seating before Christmas.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Questions of the Week # 34

1. If someone expects you to do something you aren’t obligated to do, does that make you want to do it less? - it actually depends on what I am expected to do.

2. Are there any activities, commitments, obligations in your life that instantly put you in a bad mood? - There's a few. And i guess it puts me in the bad mood when some activities or commitments are to be done with some people I dont wanna be with. You know! hahaha!

3. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize as a weakness in yourself? - Many to Mention (parang slumbook!!!) I easily get irritated lately, as in !

4. Do you surround yourself with the friends who like you best? - Yeah :)

5. When you are angry or nervous, how do you calm yourself down? -It depends who Im angry with. With Joaquin, I try to be away from him for 3 - 5 minutes. But with other people, I sometimes find it hard to calm down.

6. Do you take compliments well? - i think so .

7. Do you think you would have been a different person if you had different parents? - i dont know. Maybe or maybe not.

8. Do you change your mind frequently or do you make up your mind about something and stay firm with that position? - BOTH ! But im more of the second one.

9. Describe the person that would be the exact opposite of you.- Ano ba ang opposite ng isang DYOSA??? Hahaha! Joke!

10. Are you generally capable of seeing both sides of an argument at the same time? - Nope, my side first.

Join us here .

Fun Play.

I am soon popping, very soon and most of the time, I just spend my time finishing some pending online tasks, and do a little surfing. There were times that I feel bored and wish I will give birth sooner, but since I still need a week to finally complete my term, i have no choice but to hang on and wait. One thing that occupies me now when I have nothing to do is playing online games. I am not a gambler, I sually play for fun, to pass time and to have the feeling that I am really playing at a Casino . Surely it gives me a lot of fun. I only know a few games , but after trying out a few free games online, I realized its not that hard to learn new tricks. Besides, I have read a few casino game guides while playing. I know , its not only me who tried this online casinos, many people out there also tried playing for fun. I still don't have any plans of going to a real casino, Im just to afraid to lose my money. But with online casino, I can try playing for fun and not shed out any cash at all, since i am not playing with real money. So, try it out too if you have nothing to do with your spare time.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Win $200 Plus Worth of Prizes

Yen is having a Contest !!

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Good Luck to us !

Monday, October 06, 2008

Twitter Party Wishlist

Here it is...

For ME :

1. A nursing cover from Nursing Mom. I like the Groovy Design or the Lotus Brown print.

2. Any Cannus Goats Milk product at Beauty Bar (soap and / or lotion) .

3. A GC from Mrs. Fields! hahaha! seryoso!! Pwede din , buy me Rocky Mountain Mogul Brownies, kahit wala ng box ok lang =) If i will receive this, sorry ladies, madamot ako, i won't share it with you, bwahaha!


1. Anything Elmo except clothes.

2. A Children's Book about Jesus

3. VCD or DVD of Flying House / Super Book. I saw some at Astro Vision and Odyssey =)

Rockin' Rollin ' Monday

Here's a shot of the little boy, a few minutes ago.

Can you just imagine how we started our Monday morning ?! This surely awaken the sleepy me!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Another drumset

His little drumset that he enjoyed for a few months finally crashed a few weeks back. I was so busy that I forgot to blog about it. Its still at his playroom, so maybe i can take some pics and post it soon. He used his real drumsticks at the drumset instead of using the smaller ones. Ayun.. butas lahat! The trying-hard handyman dad tried to fix it, and we were both laughing, kasi ayaw tumunog after he fixed it , LOL!

When we were at JB Music Store a while ago , Gelo inquired for a smaller drumset for Joaqui's age. I think they call it the Junior size, but its currently out of stock and will only be avail by wednesday. So i will just phone the store by then to have it reserved, and pick it up by the weekend.

I can now imagine our small house with a newborn sleeping and a toddler playing drums! Ang saya saya!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I am about to finish what's keeping me busy lately. Anytime this week, I can blog about it already, and I do hope i wont get lazy and take some pictures.

I feel like time is running out for me. I am 34 weeks preggy now , and I have to arrange stuff at home.

Clothes, bottles, and the layette of babydoll might arrive in 2 weeks time , and I clearly wanna focus arranging her stuff as it arrives. Excited eh!

Enjoy the rest of the day. Sarap matulog !

Collection Agencies

A debt collection company is an institution that helps out businesses with debt recovery by managing their account receivables. They create individual strategic plans for their clients in order to improve profitability. On example of a Collection Agency is American Profit Recovery. They handle third party debt collections with the unique solution they provide and with the way they operate.They have Tier 1 Receivables Solution and Tier 2 that involves Recovery Solution. Legal Services are also offered to their clients. And if you would ask about their rates for these services, they actually have the most competitive in the market, considering all the services they provide. No wonder, a lot of businesses are already turning into their services. With their proven services , they can get your profits back in time. Their recovery plans differs with every client that they have , and that makes everything with them more personalized. Get in touch with them if you want a collection agency to handle your account receivables.

loots for dad

Okay.. i actually don't have plans of buying anything for the dad last Online sale at Old Navy. But after seeing the items of my shopping buddies (Joy, Mai , Kathy and Abie ) .. hmm , sayang ang sale , so i grabbed these.. BI sila.. promise hahaha

** Joaqui has something like this patchwork shorts , terno sila. I think i got this for 7.99? **

** Color block polo shirt that he can use at work. They wear "bunny suits" at the production line, so he's usually wearing polo shirts at work for that semi formal look. No t-shirts na daw sa office.

** I just love the print! Rock N Roll !!

I think I only spent $20 in total.. not bad at all!

He has some new shoes too. One from my mom , and one from me (early christmas gift na 'to) .. its just so hard to resist a major sale! Imagine , i shopped for my two boys and for my baby girl. This is major! Hahaha! So yeah, no shopping for me this month of October *wink wink*

Vehicle Reimbursement Program

A lot of companies are investing nowadays not only with their products and services, but to their employees as well. I have not stayed at the corporate life for over 5 months, and my knowledge of some employee benefits are quite limited. My husband recently told me that they are currently tied up with a Vehicle reimbursement company , and i was clueless at first on what is it all about. Basically it is a firm that administers highly flexible and customizable vehicle reimbursement programs for companies with mobile employees.

Part of their services includes personalized driver reimbursement schedules where they will conduct an analysis of each driver to determine a fair reimbursable rate. Driver safety training is also part of their list, consulting services and motor vehicle record checks. On the other hand, employers also gains benefits from this program. It is sure to provide them cost savings. The costs for providing, maintaining and administering a company owned or leased car program go far beyond the monthly lease payments or bank fees. It will also appeal easy for the company since a separate firm will manage the entire program.