Friday, February 29, 2008


This is Joaquin's costume for his 2nd birthday:)

I initially wanted to have the one like Manu's during his first birthday (Kelly's son) , but unfortunately , after scouring the Disney Store at my mom's place and exerting all my online shopping powers, Its out of sotck already. So I chose this one coz i find it comfy for the little boy. The others I saw are way too thick for Manila climate ( April pa man din yun). It arrived weeks ago at my mom's place and i cant wait to see it personally. The costume includes the cap and the headset , all for $12 something :) not bad.

This costume led me to my favorite online shopping store to date, :)

6 quirky things about me

Thanks To Farah and Jane for this one :)

The rules:

Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog.Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself.

1. I move fast, so I expect people from our household to do the same. Apparently, Gelo is my opposite.

2. Im busy bee inside the house. I multi task a lot. I do the weirdest things all at the same time.

3. I love to sleep. A family trademark.

4. Im a bargain hunter.

5. I love the beach but im too afraid for a boat ride with Joaquin. heheh.. but give me the sun, sand and the beach and im all set.

6. When I wake up early morning, expect me to sneeze a lot.. allergies attack!

Tagging Andrea, Melisse, Mich, and Jacqui.

More Knowledge

When you are a busy mom like me, you feel like 24 hours a day is now enough. I wanted to do more in my life, and lately I am thinking of getting an online degree. I had a very good course in college, but I still wanted to learn more and I never thought that I could get what I am looking for at the internet. Capella University is an accredited online university that offers degree programs in health, information technology,business, and public safety. They also offer undergraduate studies and certificate programs. I have seen a part of their curriculum and I am deciding which one to get if ever I will pursue my online education. This is the best online university I have seen so far because Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. They provide high - caliber academic excellence for their students, and that is something really promising.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

My Hairstyle ....

Your Ideal Hairstyle:

Short and Textured

Try this one!! I do hope I can really place my face there hahaha! I love short hair with a hint of style.. what do you think of this one? Hmmm nice bangs too :)

lets get girly !!!

** prim and proper look .. cutie even for office use.. if i will buy this, san ko naman isusuot to hihihi **

** innocent girl look.. love the shade.. **

** simple glam look.. love the design at the chest loking for formal wear coz im attending a dear friend's wedding soon **

Lovely!! Me Likey!!!

All from forever 21 .. I sooo love the site, i check weekly or even few times a week because they have new stocks all the time, but the problem is , nice ones sells likes pancakes talaga, or they dont have my size anymore. I do wish thye will accept paypal soon.. but i might still use my debit card by April. Let's see if i will have enough money by then. *wink wink*

Time to Shape Up!

Now is really the time for my husband to start getting healthy. His weight is still shooting up, so I want him to undergo some medical exams soon to see if everyting is doing good despite his weight. We started with dieting, but it is not good alone, so I need to make him have a home fitness regimen to follow. He doesn't like the gym, he wasted money last time, so I will just buy some fitness equipments that he can use here at home. I am now eyeing on some products on sale at Allegro Medical, and I need to finalize everything that he will be needing. There's a lot of home fitness items , and I just don't know which ones to get. I might call their customer care number so I can even ask an expert about their products. I di hope these will help him notjust to lose weight but be perfectly healthy. I always reminded him on how wealth is important, I do hope he listens this time. I wish him luck on this.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Message in a Bottle

Thanks Andrea:)

Here are the rules:You are about to send a virtual Message In a Bottle across the Blog Ocean. Leave a message in the sand or on the bottle. Write anything you wish. Be a pirate or a poet. Serious or silly. Anonymous or not. What message would you like to send out to the universe?Message In A Bottle Meme:

1. Compose a message to place in your virtual bottle.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below
3. Use a graphics program of your choice to place the message on the picture (sorry, dont know how to edit the pic).. here's my message ...

" Believe in the eternal power of a mother's love... i miss you mommy see you soon! "

4. Post the Message In a Bottle meme and your creation on your blog along with these rules.

5. Tag a minimum of 5 bloggers - or your entire blogroll - to do the same. Notify them of the tag.

Your virtual bottle will remain afloat in the blogosphere ocean for all blogernity (That’s a Mimism for blog + eternity!)

Passing this to all the mommies out there!!!!

Want Some?

You wanna buy a watch ? or sunnies?
** check

How about a good read?
** grab something from Barnes and noble

Need some medicines, lotions and other pharmacy .. etc
** There's walgreens and

Feeling sporty?
** try footlocker .. i am loving this site!! they have jersey's (NFL and NBA) for kids!!.. and not to mention tons of rubber shoes for the whole family

All sites accepts paypal :) weeee:)
I haven't tried ordering from them yet.. but I browsed the sites already.. hihihi
And if you plan to order online, dont forget to google some coupon codes !

Insurance everywhere

In need of a car insurance? I am always months ahead looking for one because I don't wanna cram and just grab anything handed to me. I see to it that I get value from my money by getting a good price and a very comprehensive policy. The fastest way to get a quotaion is through online application, but what if you dont have the access? Don't worry because aside from getting one through online application, has locations all over California. They have modesto car insurance in the area of Standifford Avenue. You can just drop by and get a quotation. The office's telephone number is also listed at the site. If you are in the area of Bakersfield, there is bakersfield car insurance strategically located at Oswell street. Or you might want to check Long Beach Car insurance at North Lakewood boulevard. Costulessins makes it a point to reach out to their customers by putting up offices that are located at very good spots. You can grab a quotation from their offices, and you always have the option to apply online. Check oout their prices and see how much you can save.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My life, rated

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Your life rating is a score of the sum total of your life, and accounts for how satisfied, successful, balanced, capable, valuable, and happy you are. The quiz attempts to put a number on the summation of all of these things, based on your answers. Your life score is reasonably high. This means that you are on a good path. Continue doing what is working and set about to improve in areas which continue to lag. Do this starting today and you will begin to reap the benefits immediately.

Thanks Farah :) I also posted it here:)

~~ feel free to grab this one~

Nice :)

Thanks to Abie and Thea:)
Are you sure Im nice? hahaha. joke lng :)

Job Hunting

How can a business go without the financial or accounting side of it? My sister being a graduate of Accountancy certaianly has a lot of job opportunites here and in California. She was so thankful that she got a job at a reputable bank in their state. BUt recently, she saw some risk management jobs , and I am not sure on what that is. So she explained to me that its a financial practice that involves business, financial and quantitative analysis, corporate finance and financial management. So it is still inclined with her course in college. She loves her work at the bank but she is thinking of trying this one as this is really a whole lot a different from the banking world. I wish her luck on this, and i support her all the way.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

8 random things about Joaqui

* pic taken when he was 3 weeks old**

1. Christened as Miguel Joaquin. Miguel came from St. Michael the Archangel since we wanted our kids to have an angel's name. Joaquin is just something I really liked.

2. The only apo from my side and Gelo's side of the family.

3. Had his first nebulization experience when he ws 2 months old, and was confirmed of asthma when he was 4 months old.

4. Loves books just like mom.. now you would catch him acting like ke is reading and mumbling words. He will not sleep without me reading him something.

5. Loves to eat sinigang ( sa sampalok, sa miso, sa bayabas.. basta sinigang).. and he is curently addicted with Dinuguan! goodness! Thanks to Goldilocks and Red Ribbon!

6. Enjoys wearing shoes (kanino pa ba magmamana??) He knows where his shoes are. After his nightly wash up , he would still grab a pair, and I cant do anything.. basta he needs to wear one before going to bed.

7. Adores Barney and Blue before. Now he is into Pablo of Backyardigans. He also knows (and is delighted to see) Cars, Thomas and Friends, Spiderman ( he calls him Spidey) , Elmo and Diego.

8. A fan of Wowowee. He loves the "Sayaw Darling" part. Hihihi!

Thanks abie and jane :)

Get Holy

I grew up in a religious family. Religious practices and beliefs were shared to us by my grandmother and my parents. I entered a Catholic School from Grade School to High School. So you may have an idea on how is my faith and relationship with the Man up there is. During College, I even joined some youth organizations in our communtiy , and volunteered for a youth program in our city. I am so exposed to this kind of work. But things now that I am married changed. Lately, I am looking for some of my favorite bible verses and I landed at . Yes it's an online bible that you can use for convenience. They have different types of Bible in different languages too. They also have some Bible Study tools online that is readily available for all. I enjoyed checking a few topics on their blog. Navigating and searching for verses and the products they offer is just easy since everything is written at the left side of the website. I also saw some Christian Finance blog at the site that I find filled with knowldge and interesting topics. I am sure, I will keep on visiting this blog becasue I plan to read bible verses whenever I can.


I wasn't able to attend the coffee meeting (aka chismisan session) with my dear mommy bloggers. Now, all i can do is wait for their pics and stories

.. and be green with envy.. hihihi!

Car Insurance for Students

I never had my own car when i was studying. Children nowadyas are just too lucky to drive their own on their way to school, or just about going anywhere. My cousin in Chicago , who is still a student drives hiw own car , which was actually a gift from my uncle. It is a need for him to have his own car because he has a part time job at the mall. When he was here in Manila, I had a good conversation with him on how he handles his own money from his part time job. He said that he handles the payment of the car insurance. I was surprised to know this, because i know that insurance would mean a big amount here. It was through him that I learned about an online site that specializes on car insurance for students. So today, i visited the site because i got curious with it. And he was right, it really helps the students get the best rates and i really found the car insurance cheap. The rates that they have are really feasible for students, not to mention that the insurance policy is extensive. They even offer an online practice test to prepare you before taking the actual one. Car insurance quotes are available online, so you will have an idea of how much you need to save up for your insurance, or you may call their toll free number for queries.


guess who had dinuguan for lunch? he eats at a big plate, and uses our teaspoon paired with a small fork too. He doesn't like his baby plastic spoon.

i will post the rest of the pics later :)

Baby talk.

How time flies. In a month and a half my little boy will turn two. So that would mean I am a stay at home mother for almost two years now. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I thank God for this very wonderful blessing. I can still remember Joaquin's first day here at home. I was really having a hard time attending to me because I still feel tired but i have no choice since there is no one here at home to help me but Gelo. We take turns and he sees to it that I have time to rest. One of the most unforgettable moment that I shared with my son would be our breastfeeding sessions. I love it everytime i will carry hima nd he would latch unto me. I really wanted to breastfed him exclusively, but sadly, i wasn't able to. So I alternated his breasfeeding with bottle feeding. Luckily, he didnt get confused when I switched, and he enjoys all of his bottles. He used Tommee Tippee eversince, and for 2 years, all are still in good shape. M mom bought these bottles for him at a steal price. There's a lot of baby feeding bottle at the market nowadays, but Tommee Tippee proved it's worth when it comes to price, durability and functionality. I checked their website today because I like their other products too. Lucky me, because they have exclusive online promotions now. I might also get a few toys as a gift for my cousin's baby girl. I might be up for some online shopping again.

About Money and Budgeting.

Budgeting is really one tough job for me. Since I am a stay-at home mom,Gelo's monthly income solely provides for our family. I do the budgeting once I have his money, and the first thing that comes on my list would be our car's monthly amortization. I am so proud of this investment, and we only have a year and a half to finish. We always see to it to have it insured too every year, and I am so glad to have a very good terms on our Car Insurance.

Next on the list for our budget would be our bills for the month. That would include our electricity, water, internet service, telephone and cellphone. Sometimes I would just pay some of it with Gelo's Credit Cards then I would pay the credit card bills before it's due date. See, I don't have my own credit card, because hubby thinks that me having a card is not a good idea, i might use it for non sense shopping as he said. But lately, I am really thinking of getting my own for emergency household needs, and that wont include shopping for clothes and toys. I received a lot of applications for credit cards and I am just browsing for the best deals I can get. I also have online offers, so I am considering applying online. That way, i dont have to go out of the house for my application. Then I just need to wait for their email if my application was successful. I really need to have a credit card this time. And I do hope I can really stick with my intentions of using it for the bills.

Lastly, we have another item for consideration, but it is still for next year. We wanted to get a property at the southern part. This is quite a big expense, so we are thinking of getting it once we are done with our car. But as early as now, we are already doing some ocular inspections on properties we are eyeing. We also consult some real estate agents regarding this. Hubby is checking on some bank financing options too. And speaking of houses, I am also reminded of our home insurance. We are nearing the deadline so I inquired online for some Home Insurance Quotes. I might just do everything online because it really saves me a lot of time and money.See, I have a lot of expenses and budgeting to consider every month and til the year ends. But I am so thankful that we can really get by, though Gelo is solely earning for our household.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Have you seen Regine velasquez at the Buzz?! ...and they were talking about why she left GMA and her SOP show?... and it's all because she sooooo wanted the role of Betty La Fea?

** And so she said her goodbye to GMA and her Sunday show .. ng dahil kay Betty?... Sabi daw nya sa mga friends nya sa show, she realllly wanted to do the project (referring to Betty), that is whyy she is transferring! Huwaaat?!?! Would you believe that? the last time I checked, singer sya and not an actress. Ano naman feeling nya, broadway show ang Betty La fea para iwan nya ung GMA and SOP?! Nag papataas lang tatlaga ng market value! Anu ba?? SHOWBIZZZ!

Here's another chika pa pala, ano naman drama ni Gretchen sa walk out nya sa Isa pang showbiz talk show sa ABS?? She always (as in ALWAYS) wanted to be on the spotlight na lng.. as in attention seeker na .. SHOWBIZz!

get insured

Gelo and I have individual life insurances already but we are still thinking if it is practical to get another one for security purposes. We wanted to look at it as a part of our savings. There are currently a lot of life insurance quotations that we are receiving from banks and agents, but we are still reviewing and analyzing everything before we grab any policy for us. I also made some research over the internet and i learned that there were a lot of different types of insurance like mortgage life insurance, smokers life insurance, term life insurance, etc. Now, I just need to finalize what do I want for our policy so I can get my new quotation already.

clean air for everyone

We a re a family of asthmatics, and Joaquin is the latest addition to that. We have been doing regular house cleaning to avoid the dust from accumulating. Bed linens are also hypo-allergenic, and I make it sure that we open windows for proper air circulation. But you see, we live our air nowadays is not safe anymore, so I have been looking at the mall for some air purifiers. The little boy's pediatrician was the one who suggested us to get one, as it really helps clean out the air we breathe. I do hope this can really lessen indoor pollution and this can help Joaquin fight asthma. It is better to invest on this health product than be at the doctor every 2 weeks because of allergies and asthma.

Lets play domino!!

Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name at the bottom. And tag at least 5 friends. (But you can tag as many as you like)

Thea is {}
My Scrappy Side

Peachy 2

Im tagging Dorxie, Juliana, Petra, Kathy, Erika and MM :)

Thanks a lot thea!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life Lock Promo codes

Since the time that I got into online shopping, I always see to it that though I shop, I also save a few bucks. I would always search for the best coupon codes so I can avail of a discount, a free shipping or other bonus offers. That way , i know that I maximize the money i am spending. One of the best online promotion I got was the LifeLock Coupon that I used when I signed up with them. I have been searching the internet for quite some time now about identitiy theft protection, and when I came across LifeLock, i was hesitan tot sign up at first thinking that they might charge high. But thank heavens for the Coupon because I received a free 30 day free on my account, so that would mean a month of free membership with them. I also have the option of a discounted yearly fee, wouldn;t that be great? Now i am enjoying my online protection from them. I recently shopped online without the fear of getting hacked at all. so don't think twice about it, they have the best rates and service so you are guaranteed of getting the best, and dont forget to mention your Life Lock coupon when you sign up.

Busy saturday

As usual.

We went to Antipolo Shrine early morning to hear mass. We had a quick visit too at Gelo's place since its undergoing some renovations. So far, so good.. a few suggestions though were placed. We encountered heavy traffic (whats new?) from Marikina to Edsa. We grabbed take out Lunch at JT's Manukan Grill and i got a bit pissed coz it took us 30 minutes to wait for that chicken inasal. SO timely as we are in a rush.. *sigh* we stayed at my inlaws place in manila , a quick bite and changed joaquins clothes for something special that afternoon (at 1:30 pm). What is it about? I will blog about it soon.. it requires one post im telling you:) when we got home at 430, im a dead meat. i slept not changing my clothes , LOL

how's your saturday?

How fast are you?

40 words

Speed test

Snagged this from Alpha :) Wee:) got 40 correct words, and 0 wrong ..

Perfect online gifts

I barealy have time on weekdays to visit the mall. I am just confined at the house with my little boy. But just this week, I received a call from my cousin , and she is inviting us for a simple dinner party at their house tomorrow night. I said yes of course, buy now, I am stuck thinking on what to give her. She already has a lot of clothes and bgs, and ven make up, so i really cant think of anything to give her. And since i may not be able to hit the mall tomorrow, I am planning to give her a lilliput lane that i found online. Lilliput lane is a top manufacturer of hand-crafted, hand-painted miniature cottages, somea re images of a building, cottages and christmas villages. I am thinking of giving this to her for their living room. Then I also found out some Lladro. lladro figurines depict a sense of class and wonderful images that is romantic and full of life. I have seen a lot of wonderful works already, and did you know that the uk gift company can ship it to you for free - anywhere in the world? Yes, that is why I am considering them for online gift shopping. LAstly I am thinking of some willow tree collection. They have some angel inspired items that would be best at her bedroom. But i think i am definite to get her a willow tree memomry box collection, for keeping those special items of her. Girls loves to treasure those memories. Isnt it great to do some online shopping? Especially when they will ship it to you for free, wherever you are?


I got hungry while finishing some oops tonight. I wanted to have a Cheeseburger meal from McDo, but the minimum amount for delivery is Php 165. Gelo's asleep already and there is no way i will order a total of 165 ll for myself. I checked on our ref , and there, I cooked Hotdogs and Lucky Me Pancit Canton Extra hot. Hay, gutom na talga. Solve na ko dun:)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feast One hundred and Eighty


Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? If so, what did you do and who was your victim?
** hmm nothing major that i can remember


What do your salt and pepper shakers look like?
** black and white, and its not fancy at all


Where is the next place you plan to visit (on vacation or business)?
** Shangrila Cebu on March

Main Course

What kind of lotion or cream do you use to keep your hands from getting too dry?
** I use Aveeno or Lubriderm, but I also tried mario Badescu's hand lotion and it does wonders to my hand.


Make up a dessert, tell us its ingredients, and give it a name.
** i can prepare the basice like fruit salads and the no bake cheesecake:)

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Ever since we got married, I always see to it that when I attend weddings, I am giving a special gift that would be very useful to them. At times that they have a gift registry, I always stick with their list. Finding a useful and unique gifts for weddings are truly time consuming, since ,what we always see are irons, oven toasters, plates etc. I enjoy getting something for the bedroom or for the bathroom.

Since my friend in Miami will get married soon, I suggested that she enlist her self now into some bridal registries. Guests really makes way finding the perfect Wedding Gifts for couples, so as long as they have the registry, nothing would go wrong, you wont even have a problem if an item gets doubled. , you can have it exchanged. Gifts are really a part of the wedding tradition and it's one way of helping newlyweds with their life as they are still on the starting up stage.Helping out my friend with all of her wedding suppliers makes me miss being a bride. The excitement is really different and its the best feeling in the world.

Breton is Breton

I have posted many times about Crepes and Cream and how it is now one of our fave merienda / sweet stop while at the mall. Yes, it tastes yummy for me and for Gelo. We are so hooked with the Savory Crepes (create your own), and i really suggest you try out tuna, mozzarella and lettuce for a good snack. The possibilities are endless , make sure you do the right combination hehehe :) But so far, this is my fave order. For their sweet crepes ilove the Choco Banana HAzelnut with Choco Ice Cream since I dont like Vanilla hehehe. MOst are priced at Php95 , and for that price, sulit na:)

I haven't tried their Mango Crepe because I am reserving that for Cafe Breton. Their La Pinay would be my forever favorite. Breton is Breton when we talk about Mango Crepe. I am currently craving for anything sweet ( noticed I posted a cake topic before this), so i might ask gelo to check the nearest 7-11 in our place to grab me and ice cream na lng hahaha. I hope I can get a bite of my La Pinay on Sunday at Podium after Joaqui's gym class.

Lava Cake

I have seen it at Jane's blog, and since I love sweets, I asked Gelo to get me one since he's at Festival Mall yesterday. He just bought the sampler size worth 75 pesos and it was so bitin, since I shared two bites with Gelo , and a little part of it for my sister. We all loved it. Gelo and I loves moisted choco cakes, and this one is moisted and yummy, it passed our taste test hehehe. Thanks for sharing Jane:) Now i aasked Gelo to get the bigger sized one.

To all my blogging friends, share your yummy finds ah:) Cakes.. a good resto.. anything about food.. :)

Beauty Within.

Since I was young, I would always look at my mom whenever she is putting on make up for work. At most times, I would try some of her shoes and apply make up by myself too. Now that I'm all grown up, I still have that passion with make up, clothes and shoes. I have a good number of make up that some I wasn't even able to use. But i love trying out different shades. I promised myself that I would enroll myself in a beauty school soon,when my schedule permits.I have checking online for some beauty schools, but the one I liked the most would be missouri beauty schools. It is currently the fastest growing beauty school in the US and they produced the best students over the years. Their school is modern,professional and salon-like, so you are really getting the best and hand-on experience in this beauty school.They have a toll-free number I can call in case i would be needing some more information, but i already filled up a request information online. I need to check the programs they are offering and the rates too. Now wish me luck on this one. I hope this is a dream come for me.

All Better now

Thanks for all the messages.. I am a lot better. No more chilling episodes and I had a good complete bath today ( yesterday ksi sponge bath lang ako ). Joaquin is doing great too. His antibiotics will finish by tomorrow. He eats well, Gelo even bought him Dinuguan from Goldilocks, Joaqui's recent fave. I hope that the virus would completely leave our household.

I'm Carried Away


I lost count on how many times I've seen the series.. I recently watched Season 3 & 4. I enjoy watching Big and Carrie (with Natasha on the side) ..then the episode where Big is leaving New York for Napa.. that big night when Miranda was on labor!!! Loovve it! Her Christian Louboutin shoes at that episode was to die for! I wanted that shoe to be my wedding shoes, unfortunately, Veluz said it's not too nice for a wedding shoe. LOL.

Thanks to Abie for her post about this:)

Wedding Flowers

The wedding bug is still in me since I am helping out a friend with her suppliers. I received a news today that she already some potential venues and a caterer. She is now looking for her florist, wedding flower suppliers. She wants everything to be fresh on the day of her wedding , and she hasn't seen a god and reliable supplier for that. So I shared to her one of my online shopping finds, i told her that she can order for bulk wedding flowers that would remain fresh on her big day. uses express overnight delivery, so you are guaranteed that the flowers are fresh unlike other local stores that keeps flowers in coolers for days. She was so surprised to know this so she hurriedly tried calling them and checked out their site for more information. She is eyeing on their wedding package that includes everything that will be needed by the entourage at a very good rate. She wants gerbera daisies and tulips to be used. And she got really excited. They only not cater into weddings ,but in any other occasions. So check them out for all your fresh flower needs.

Secret Me

The Part of You That No One Sees

You are compassionate, caring, and soothing.

You like other people to depend on you...

In fact, you don't feel right unless you are helping someone out.

Underneath it all, you feel the burden of everyone's problems.

Without your guidance, you fear that many people's worlds would fall apart.

You like to feel in charge, even if it brings you a lot of stress.

Grabbed this one from Erika. Thanks!

Cant go on leave

I feel like an ofice girl wh is sick , but since she has tons to do, she just cant be absent with work!! Wow.. is this me?? Nah! I dont belong to the corporate world hihi.. im bad with work believe me.. I am better now with the help of Bioflu (can this make you groggy?) , some juice and vit C.

At 5 pm yesterday,i am a bit dizzy so I decided to be in bed while Joaqui is playing around the room. I didnt realized, but I dozed off for a copule of minutes, i do hope it was just a cat nap. What woke me up was some noise in our desktop.. As i opened my eyes, there's a complete sight of the little boy, typing at our computer. He sits at the computer with such a good posture, little fingers typing, eyes on the monitor!! Waaah! NAwala ang antok ko! Buti di nahulog sa chair to. He lookes at me and just said "mommy" , then he smiled.. he was like telling me. "I didnt disturbed your sleep, im all happy typing here" hehehe.. So i calle dour helper, and asked her a favor if she can just take a look at the little boy as i am not feeling well. Good thing he slept a few minuites after. And we woke up at 9:30 pm when Gelo arrived..

I still finished 2 opps since its expiring.. this is a lesson learned.. never wait for the deadline!! I could have rested a few hourse ago if not for that. Oh it's friday now.. wish everyone ahappy weekend. I need a few more bioflu for tomorrow and im all set for another busy weekend.

( utang muna bloghop ko.. recovering pa eh hehehe)

Dream Miami Wedding

Wedding is one of the most important event in a woman's life. It is something they turly plan amd await to come. I remember how hands on I was during our preparations. I list everything, I contact suppliers and confirm with them, I handled everything and turned it over to our wedding coordinator on the day of he wedding itself. In the next few months, my friend in Miami will also say "I DO" to the man of her dreams. She excitedly told me about it and now she is at the planning stage. We both surfed the internet aboout Miami Weddings and we were able to see a one stop shop. Wow that is such a big help for her, since she is so busy with work too. We checked on the list of suppliers in the area, d we found a lot near her work and home. She listed down all the addresses and phone number because she plans to visit them this week. So far she have as hort list for ring supplier, florist, cake confectioner, and the ceremony and reception venues. She is still scouting for some more, and she is definite that she will see thelistings at the website too. She was so delighted that everything is within reach now because of the internet. She is working on a good budget, and she is so glad to see suppliers that would neet her specifications and budget. If only I can be with her on that very special day. That surely is a dream Miami wedding for me.. at the beach, where the sun and the wind meet, and there's the couple exchanging I Do's.

A few weeks back at fun Ranch

** there it goes .. Kung fu kids in the making**

** "aburido sa buhay" look**

** playing with Bela **

LifeLock Promo Codes

I have never stopped reading about Identity theft, its effects and its prevention. I do feel that being a daily user of the internet I deserve to know more and protect myself. As I have mentioned on my previous entries, I amnow a part of the LifeLock familty, and they have protected my account for a time now. Currently the CEO of the company will provide seminars about identity theft. And they dont stop with that. They still have the LifeLock coupons for those who would want to register with them. Big, big savings are pouring in, not to mention the kind of service they provide. thier identity theft protection service is now considered the bestin the market now. So if you plan to get yourself protected, but you are thinking of how much it will cost you, believe me that it's worth all the money. The Coupon will give you 30 days free at yoour account, so that is one month free of their service. It also offers a great discount when you have the annual account. LifeLock Coupon RD32 offers you the complete package at a very affordable price in the market. Thats the complete service a ta discounted price. So stop thinking if you will get your account protected, sign up and use your promo code now.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

SEO tools for your site

My friend recently got her own site for the clothing business that she is starting to promote it online. It has been up and running for 2 months now, but she said that she is not getting a good amount of visitors weekly. She asked for my inputs regarding this since she knows that I am slightly knowledgeable with the internet. I am not really a professional when it comes to this topic, and I only know a few helpful tips. I introduced to her the poser of Search Engine Optimization , and how it is known to be the best in internet marketing. There are some SEO tools that can help you out in your website such as marketing and positioning strategies, paid submission to search engines, and pay per click advertising campaigns. Once you sign up with them, they will conducat a thorough analysis of your site, to see what type or market and marketing strategies would you be needing. They will also continuosly monitor and maintain your site for the whole duration of your membership. Marketing promitons such as emails, and onsite internet promitions can also help the business. I already gave my friend a few brochures that I have here at home about SEO, and i also directed her to the website for more details of the service they provide. Now, she is ready to sign up and start generating more income for the site and for her business. And I wish her all the luck for this new venture.


I woke up feeling heavy.. stuffed nose , aching head.. this is not getting any better :( I have a lot of opps to finish, and staying in front of the PC thinking of what to write makes everything worse.. but i have to .. for the love of money hihihi! I cant afford to get suspended with expiring opps. I will take some meds later, lets see if that will work. So, nothing really woth reading here, hehehe... but i promise, i will be back for some summer finds for us mommies! And its available here in the manila!! Yun nga lang they dont accept paypal:) Be back..

Save and Get protected

Anybody here who is still not getting Lifelock Identity theft Management? Well, you should stop contemplating and go get yourself protected. In our country, you might think that identity theft is too far from happening, well think again. With the power of technology, everything is just possible, Like getting your information and using it for some fraudelent tasks. Also, if you are into online shopping or if you are joining sites where you give out some of your pertinent information, better get lifelock for internet protection. If you want to sign up, then better to use a Life Lock Promotion Code RD32 . If you will apply online, tagged the code at your application form, or if its over the fone, just mention Life Lock Promo Code RD32. So what is in store with this promo code? A free 30 days trial plus a big disccount for the annual membership. I already got myself Lifelock and I also used the Life Lock Promo Code upon enrollment, so its like having a one month free sunscription. I also signed up for the yearly membership to get bigger savings. If you are still un decided, better read more about identity theft or internet fraud. After seeing so much from TV , newspapers and internet, didnt hesitated at all. No im worry free.

American Idol

I love watching the show eversince I can remember, and this season's 24 finalists are showing their talent already.. I dont have my "bet " yet.. but I already saw the Filipina finalist.. The girls are still scheduled to perform next time and that I have to wait. But it looks like there's a few gay contestants this season.. hmm.. not sure yet. I am chilling a while ago while watching so I am not really focused at all. Im gonna catch re runs later..


I am almost there! I am abut to finish the ones fromblogitve. The problem is, I am not feeling well today. I am a bit chilling tonight so i had my temperature checked. It's at 37.5 but i really feel cold, so now im wearing a jacket. I would like to hit the sack early when i realized, I had opps expiring tomorrow!! Talk about cramming! This is the main reason why i dont want beating deadlines.. youknow.. what if i got sick? or what if theres an emergency? or no internet.. Im dead!

So please bear a little more for a few ops and tags from everywhere.. I will be back with some online shopping tips and finds!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Balance Transfers

Gelo has this credit card for sometime now and we are just maintaining this one for emergnecy purposes. Having a credit card while you are at the mall is so tempting. Since you know that you have something to pay for an item, it is so easy to splurge. He is about to reach his credit limit so we started paying off the bills. I also saw another option at the internet where we can transfer some of his balance to another card. Credit Card Balance Transfer is now making it big, because they do have special offers whenever you transfer a part of your credit balance to their company. You can try cheking for better understanding,because you can have credit card comparison at their site. So it s up to you which one you would like to choose, and that would depend on your liestyle. Most of these would have double rewards, or special rewards for girls. So , I will ask hubby to check out the site for credit card comparison before doing any balance transfers.

Tag Invasion v.2

1. What is your favorite color?
Black and White!

2. What colors do you like to decorate with?
neutral shades like brown

3. Is there a color that you absolutely hate?
Neon colors ?

4. Which colors look best on you?
black and white.. and bronze

5. Which colors do you wear most often?
black , white and brown.. but i wanna play with colors this summer

Tag Invasion v.1

1) Where did you begin 2007?
At home with the whole family.

2) What was your status by Valentine’s Day?
hmm .. i am married if you are talking about civil status, LOL

3) Were you in school anytime this year?

4) How did you earn your money?
Paid Blogging!

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?

7) Where did you go on holidays?
At home and with Gelo's family at antipolo

8)What did you purchase that was over $1000?
my online shopping finds

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
my high school friend last year..

10)Did you know anybody who passed away?
Yes, Gelo's dad.

12) Did you move anywhere?
No ..still planning

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?

15) Are you registered to vote?
Yes I am!

16) Who did you want to win Big Brother?
This is such an old tag hahah

17) Where do you live now?

18) Describe your birthday.
Dinner with family

19) What’s one thing you thought you’d never do but did in 2007?
Paid Blogging! And boy! I am rich now hahaha!

20) What has been your favorite moment?
Joaqui's 1st birthday, finally we are complete as a family

21) What’s something you learned about yourself?
I was born to be a mom!

22.) Any new additions to your family?
none yet

23) Your best month?
April of last year.. and May for this year

24.) What music will you remember 2007 by?
anything Barney!

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
i dont drink

26) Made new friends?
A LOT of online friends... mommy bloggers

27) Best NEW friend?
Abie and MM :)

28) Favorite night out?
home waiting for opps hahaha

29) Something you look forward to this year?
More time with the family

30) Where did you start 2008?
At home.

A visit to Sea World

We all have a child in us, and up until now I enjoy visiting theme parks and recreational places. Having a son added to this excitement and anticipation. A lot of parks are popping up now, but given the opportunity, I would love to visit Sea World in Orlando. My family are always fascinated with seas and water creatures, so I think this would be the perfect place for us. I have seen some discounted Sea World Tickets at the internet and they also have a limited offer of a 2nd day free when you purchase a one-day ticket. Wouldn't it be great? It is maximizing the power of your money because you are only paying for one day, but yet you can enjoy Sea World for 2 days! I also checked that the child rate are discounted too. I am so excited to see the place, i just wish we can visit the place soon. Orlando Is such a place to explore because there is a lot of theme parks there, And you wont be spending much since is always there to give you the best discounted rates. This is so timely with summer too. Feel free to check the site if you are planning a trip for the next couple of months.

Whats up?

I cant finish all my opps today though I try hard to stay up late! raelly late, 3 am na nga eh. Im feeling dizzy already, and i guess thats a sign that i should stop typing . Thank heavens for all the opps.. I do hope we are all doing good with it, coz last week wasn't that productive.. more opps for us!! Have a great day ahead.

My name in French

Your French Name is:

Charlene St. Croix

What's Your French Name?

Ain't it nice? Hehehe. I just entered my nickname for this test, and voila there's the result. Dont you just love the sound of French names? Love the Croix, whatever that means:) Feel free to do this too!

Go Las Vegas!

My Dear sister together with her officemates are planning to visit Las Vegas by mid of this year, when the weather is all good. Ricca actually visited the place already, but she went trying out the casinos then. This time, she wants to see some Las Vegas Shows. She's been reading good reviews of the shows and she wants to check if she can purchase tickets in advance. She is also still undecided which show to see, so I gave her a site that she can browse for reference. She really wanted this Vegas vacation a memorable one since this would be the first time that she will be with her officemates. The website I gave her also handles group tours aside from vegas shows tickets, so its like hitting two birds with one stone huh? She requested for some travel quotations and iteneraries, and she s just awaiting for the email. Oh , how i wish i can see Vegas soon too. My sister has only nice words to say about the place, that's why she is visiting the place for the 2nd time.

Flooding? ..

Oh yes and im loving it!!!

I was able to grab 8 opps from blogitive today, and my mind is aching already. i am so thankful with this , as I really need opps (as always!) . It's just so timely, because SR is not generous this week. I have a few as compared to previous weeks hehehe. So Blogitve balances everything now.

Our trip to Cebu is getting nearer! I am saving for a Spa experince at Chi , as jacqui told me it's really an experience i should try. I will try to inquire at Shang for the rates, because if (and only IF) i have a budget, then maybe, i can also treat Gelo for a relaxation indulgence! Hahaha! We are massage freaks!! Yeah! After my 2 hours Spa experience at Plantation Bay last year (courtesy of my dear sister ricca) , I was like floating in air.. soft skin.. all relaxed and pampered.. pwede palang mag buhay mayaman! LOL! Joke! I love that experience, that I also booked Gelo for the massage.. and what happened? Ayun! Tulog! Hahaha! So I do hope we can have extra money for Chi at Shang :) Common opps!!! I need you!!! LOL!

Enough of this.. back to work!

Telecommunications and PBX systems

I would usually read about the term PBX at the newspaper and I have no idea on what it was. But not until I entered the world of the Call Center, I had a fresh knowledge with the power of telecommunications and the Call Center VoIP Phone Systems . having a good telephone is a number one criteria in this firled since it is your medium in all your communication needs, and with the nature of your business of course. But do you know that it is not that expensive and complicated as you imagine? At , they make life easier. First, the cost for a PBX Phone System is not sky rocketing as compared to some companies. They have the latest phone system at a very competitive price. Secondly, within 7 days after installation, everything would be up and running, yes it is fully operational in a short period of time. And lastly, Service Guarantee is included in their package. Now who wouldnt want that? I know that here in our country, call centers are erupting everywhere, and they are always on a lookout to get the best in quality with an equally matching price.

Lovin Pablo!

He just can't get enough of Pablo.. the blue penguin(?) from Nick Jr's Backyardigans. Would you believe, we are nto watching Barney and Blue's Clues for days now?!?! I am so surprised with that. I miss them! Hahaha.. So since BArney and Blue Items are quite limited, i got excited when I checked online that they have a lot of Backyardigans items..

** a nice plate **

Everything are at my shopping cart already , hahaha.. but im not buying yet, my mom would still check the items at stores.

Wanna know the site?? They accept Paypal, hehehe and i already tried ordering 2 weeks ago from them for Joaqui's birthday outfit:).. dumating nman ung item sa house ng family ko.. visit .. they have Dora, Diego, Cars, Thomas, Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse.. etc.. Just check it out because.. they have a SALE!!! I do hope ot's still on going:)

My Cookie

Joaqui, Gelo and I are so much into cookies.. we love Mrs. fields and keebler's Soft and chewy, so I am curious about this quiz.. look at the results..

You Are a Fortune Cookie

You're a rather normal person, except that you have extraordinary luck in life.

People want to be around you (even when they're a little sick of you), in hopes of being lucky too!

I am laughing out loud.. extra ordinary luck in life ?? ... a little sick of me?? bwahahah! .. i told you the dragon dance here at home drove away all the badluck! hahaha! Really! Go try this one!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Magazine Lover

I have been collecting magazines since I was in high school, and I am able to preserve some of them until now. Before I am into those teen stuff, then came the wedding mags, to parenting and photography. On my recent trip at the bookstore, I saw a Denver Magazine that really caught my attention. As i browsed through the pages, I saw variety of topics and as the title says, its mostly at Denver,Colorado. It talks about the people, the environment, business, community, events and a whole lot more. I never thought I would get interested with this place. I tried to get a copy from the bookstore and now I am thinking to subscribe. I was able to see their website and I already have a glimpse of what is in store for next month and I can't wait to get my copy. My interest with places is really something new for me and I am glad that Im learning a lot of things through reading. I am still browsing the site , because I might fill up the subscription form online. They have great discounts , so i wanna grab that since that could save me a lot. Wanna know more about Denver? Just visit the website and find out what's in store for you.

Lets do the alphabet

Bloggers by the Alphabet

Rule #1
Copy all the links below and replace a single link under the appropriate alphabet. If your domain name, or even the title of your blog, starts with an “A,” you’d replace the link under that alphabet and put the replaced link at the bottom. Also, don’t forget to credit the tagger, or where you got the list from, at the end of the list with a full URL of the post so that a pingback gets generated.
1. A.
2. B.
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5. E.
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7. G.
8. H.
9. I.
10. J.
11. K.
12. L.
13. M.
14. N.
15. O.
16. P.
17. Q.
18. R.
19. S.
20. T.
21. U.
22. V.
23. W.
24. X.
25. Y.
26. Z.

Replaced link:
Previous tagger : MM

Rule #2
You now have to “tag” at least five people and encourage them to participate so that this thing spreads like a virus. Remember, though, that not everyone’s into these kinds of things, so don’t be upset if they don’t participate. Just simply replace your tag. Remember to tag blogs only and no pornographic ones as we do want to keep the integrity as a blogging community.

Now I'm tagging Abie, Jane, Apols, Dorxie, and Jacqui

Elmo and Joaqui Doodles

He loves this!! My mom (as usual) bought this for him and she also have extra pens for use of his cousins when they are here. The Elmo Set includes an image and a car stamper too. Numbers and letters appear on the sides.. even Gelo and I loves it! Joaqui loves to trace his hand , our hand.. he doodles a lot and i can say that this is really so innovative lol , worry free talaga:) now im thinking of getting him the Travel aquadoodle that he can use at the car or whenever we are out, its available at Toys R Us website and at Target too. But since I cant afford to shop, i might ask mommy to buy it for the little boy hehehe.

Basketball tickets online

My dad has been a fan of basketball ever since I can remember. Whether it's just a small league airing on tv, he would find time to catch it as long as he is free. Aside from basketball, he is also into football and hockey, but the hoops would still be his personal fave. He wanted to watch an NBA game live so he is looking on where to get some cheap tickets and get a good seat too. I have tried to help him out by looking over websites and I found a great deal on Miami Heat Tickets . I might reserve him on the game of the Heat with LA Lakers , as he is a fan of Lakers too. Premium seats are still available at a very good price, and I am planning to buy the tickets online for him. I actually found the site so user - friendly because all the information needed to know are readily available. I was even able to check the future schedule of NBA games, concerts, and other events. So If i will soon be needing tickets , i know where to get the best seats and the most affordable price. I can even call their toll free number for my queries.


Keep them coming!!! Thanks Yenny :)

I feel so happy whenever im receiving awards from my blogging friends.. thank you all :)

Beautiful and Sexy

Thanks Arlene.. feeling ko talaga sexy and beautiful ako after these awards.. thanks!

Kava Kava

I am a coffee drinker since I was in grade school and all I can say is that I have tried a lot of brands already. Lately , whenever I am doing something at my laptop, I do enjoy sipping from my favorite cup. Recently, my mom introduced to me the world of teas, something that I also enjoy drinking. But the latest in my addiction would be the kava kava . So what is it? It is a line of organic products from Hawaii. They have fruit flavored drinks, and the Kava powder that you can add to teas or any drink. It is now readily available online and they offer the best prices at . You now have the option of ordering the items securely online, and I really suggest that you give it a try. They also have some pills and capsules for weight loss which I am so interested with. Their products are known to reduce stress and increase over all sense of well-being. So if you want to try organic products, try Kava Kava and feel it for yourself. Its time to get healthy.


Your Birthdate: May 10

Independent and dominant, you tend to be the alpha dog in most situations.

You're very confident, and hardly anything ever shakes you.

Mundane tasks tend to drain you - you prefer to be making great plans.

You are quite original. When people don't "get" you, it bothers you a lot.

Your strength: Your ability to gain respect

Your weakness: Caring too much what others think

Your power color: Orange-red

Your power symbol: Letter X

Your power month: October

Thanks Jane :)
Some are quite true:) like it bothers me when people dont get my point hahah.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gossip Girl wannabe.

Finally, I have the season one and I am so excited to see it..

So I planned on everything for tonight.

* I will watch it at the living room where I can have the nice sounds without bothering someone who's asleep (aka the daddy) , since the DVD that I have doesnt have any subtitle..grrr ( expecting for so much with a pirated ehh ehehe)

* I will watch it though Joaquin is still up. I have no time to wait for him to sleep before I can watch since he sleeps at 12mn to 1am.. So i scheduled myself at 10:30pm

* I will have my favorite Act II Popcorn and a can of Coke Light while watching.. haay sarap buhay...

So before 10:30pm, Joaqui's Aquadoodle was at the floor and a basketball court with a few balls. The playroom invaded the living room as I thought this would be an option to somehow make him stay at the sala as i watch.. A few minutes after, Im holding this big glass bowl of popcorn and a can of Coke Light..weeee excited , so I pressed on the Play Key.. Ayos! Little boy was everywhere! Throwing a few stuff, playing with our telephone, entering the playroom though the lights are off , checking on the dining table, opening kitchen cabinet doors, weighing himself at the scale, peeking at our househelp who was asleep then.. reaching for the bowl of popcorn..

So , if you will ask me, how' s Gossip girl ? I . DONT . KNOW. YET. I dont even know the name of the lead girl.. *sigh* I will just try my luck next time when he's asleep or I really need to ask gelo to look after him while Im watching.

But hey, I finished one popcorn bag by myself! Happiness!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


So aside from the cabinet locks, another household item broke the other day. I am clueless as to what happened since we have guests the other night. The faucet handle at our bathroom was broken and I got a bit sad after seeing it. It is really not a high end brand, but I like its design and I had a hard time looking for that. Gelo suggested that we just replace the entire faucet and sink, to make everything match. I already saw some Kohler sinks at the internet, and I will show it first to Gelo for approval. I trust this brand, and I know it won't fail me when it comes to quality.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazy Saturday

It's so unusual that we are just at home all day today. The little boy still has a hint of cough , and is under antibiotics now. He has no symptoms of a sick boy. He keeps on playing, very active. He is everywhere I'm telling you. I like this though , than being clingy or inactive, because if he will remain carried or sitted in one place, that would mean that something is really wrong and he is not really well. Because of his activeness, he broke one of our cabinet knobs this morning. He didnt stopped pulling it, til it broke. Tomorrow we need to check a new one at the hardware. Oh, i think he is now entering the Terrible two's stage.

Protect yourself

So have you tried Lifelock internet fraud protection? If you are still not protected , then better get one for yourself. You don't wanna be a victim of identity theft , right? Reading some LifeLock Reviews will help you decide on which one to get. Personally, a LifeLock Review really made me decide on getting them, I have read a lot about them before I signed up, and so far, I have no regrets. I am more confident in doing transactions online since I know that all my personal details are protected. I am also in the process of doing my very own LifeLock Review to help others who are still undecided until now.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pieces of Art

With our house still a bit empty for decors, I've been looking around for some paintings for our wall at the living room. it has been months after the renovation, but our walls are still empty. I've seen a few good pieces at the mall, but nothing that would really catch my fancy. So i tried to searh for some online art gallery , and I was able to find what I'm looking for . I have seen a lot of charcoal paintings and I already have a shortlist of the items that I like. These pieces of art for sale are so wonderful, they classified their items thru categories , making it easy for you to browse their items. Oh, I just can't wait to order online.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Race to 2 !

This is the first draft of his invitation made by Howell and Abie.. Gelo and I can't thank you enough! We are still having a few revisions with the fonts and colors. But all else is good as it is. I cropped the details part yet, hehehe. And as early as now, i would also like to thank Kelly and Gats for letting us use some of the wordings from Manu's Cars invite last year.

The pic was taken by Howell at Fun Ranch some 2 weeks ago. Notice the partial opening of Joaqui's mouth? It's because he is doing The Kung FU kids act here, and kept on saying "Yaah!" . His shirt was the one i grabbed from the sale at Zara. It states, Ready, Steady , Go! .. and it's in red hehehe, matches our theme. He was supposed to wear pants, but obviously, he doesnt like , so he appears in shorts :) I should have made him wear his Cars sandals, but I am reserving that for the party day. I also got him a Cars Costume online (the site accepts Paypal , lucky me!).. i will post it when it arrives. I think it's quite big for him yet, so we might have a few alterations.

We also bought a few prizes and party paraphernalias at SM and Toys R us. I am itching to visit Diviland as it is just 3 mins drive from our place (not including parking time at tutuban and traffic). I can ride the jeep, but I might carry with me loads of items, so we need to bring the car. I am not done with the guestlist yet. we are cutting down guests as compared to last year, our venue is not that big.

I am excited. Though I just wish my mom, dad and sister can join us , but sadly, they are not coming. 2 months away from the party, but there' s still one more thing that makes me anticipate the coming days.. our trip to Cebu! Woohoo. Life is great. Im so thankful.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V - day

Snagged this from Jane :)

1. Do you believe in celebrating this occasion? Not really.

2. Do you and your husband celebrate Valentine’s? Nope. Everywhere is traffic and crowded, so better stay at home.

3. Is the celebration simple or very extravagant? Very Simple.

4. Does the husband shower you gifts during this day? NO. I actually told him yearsss ago that I am not fond of receiving flowers, nor chocolates. Get me some shoes! (joke!) I am not that mushy I guess. Sorry , but I dont wanna be seen holding a bouquet during V day.

5. Any plans this February 14, 2008? None yet. I'm pissed , remember?

I always feel that Valentine's day is for the "courting stage", coz once you are married, you can celebrate it anytime you want :) And instead of getting flowers (which I can only see and feel, too lucky if you can smell) , better get me something I can use, like shoes? or a nice bag? hahahaha! Joke!

Happy Hearts day everyone!

Modern Dating

Do you remember the times when you are so nervous to tell your parents that you are planning to go out on a date? Or those times that you wish you have the option of choosing who to date? Those were the old times. As time flies, and as technology develops, a lot of new ways to date was discovered. Do you know that you can find a date or a partner through the internet? I have seen this free dating site one time while I was just checking through stuff and I was realled surprised to know more about it. I really got curious because I have high school freinds who are still single upto now, and having this option is a new resource for me. I ran out of friends to date them , so I guess the website will help me a lot. I first gave it a thorough read, before recommending it to my single friends. It is so easy to sign up. You just need to type in your username, password and email address, and from there you can start personalizing your profile by posting some of your best pictures and listing your personal details. Members of this website are from all over the world, so the possibility of dating is really endless. You can send personal messages to people you wanted to know more, check other's photo galleries, join chatrooms or even try some matchmaking. I am sure that my single friends would like this site, because it offers everything a single woman needs. if you are still single, try this modern way of dating.

dreaming of you..

Won't you just love this shoe if you have a little boy like me? It's on sale at the RL site for $22 + taxes, not bad, baba ng dollar eh.

And IF I have a baby girl, I am getting her these dresses from the Old Navy Sale.. the one with a heart can be paired with a full length black leggings , then the striped one would be a maxi dress LOL. *sigh* i am excited to have a baby girl soon... i admit one reason would be shopping for girl's fashion, but I am really longing to have one. I need someone to help me out with my 2 boys when i get older hahahah... ayan, wala pang baby, im looking for clothes na , OA hahahah! bear with me, it just makes me feel good :)

Hearty Heart

Thanks to Abie , Jody and Ems for this.. HAppy Hearts Day.. I award to to all mommy bloggers out there!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

About Me

Thanks to Andrea for this one :)

1.Are you in a complicated love situation?

* Nope, im in my happiest now.
2.Do you hate more than 3 people?
* Hate in what level? I think my answer would be yes.. kung sino.. dont bother asking!
3.The last thing you drank?
* Coffee with hershey's syrup , creamer and sugar.. my first time to try
4.Favorite chocolate bar?
* Hershey's
5.How many pairs of shoes do you own?
* Don't ASK! Next question please :)
6.Favorite genre of music?
7.Do you like beer?
* nope, im allergic
8.What are your favorite color(s)?
* black and white
9.Is anyone in love with you?
* Hell yeah!!
10.Pepsi or Sprite?
* Sprite
11.How many video games do you own?-
* 2, gamecube and PSP
12.Does look matters?
* a bit :)
13.Are you too forgiving?
* not really, it depends
14.Do you own a gun?
* Nope!
15.What did you do last night?
* blog and watched SATC
* Peachy
17.Are you thinking about somebody right now?
* Yeah!
18.Are you happy with your life right now?
* Never better!
19.Do you like your hair?
* Yes, im used to it:
20.Does anyone like you?
* Oo naman,
21.Last thing you read?
* Book? - what to expect the toddler years
22.Are you afraid of the dark?
* OO hahha!
23.Have you ever stripped?
* next question...
24.Can you cook?
* Yeah, i love to cook!
25.Money or Love?
* I need both! (evil laugh here)
26. Do you enjoy scary movies?
* Not really
27.Marriage Or Live In?
* Marriage of course
28.When was the last time you said “i love you” ?
* A whiile ago, to Joaquin

Feel free to Grab :)