Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello saturday

It's Saturday and I can't believe that we are just staying at the house the whole day. The heat outside is so unbearable that's why we decided to stay in our room and order food for delivery. It's a good idea because we heard that there was an accident at the major road and there was heavy traffic in the area. Fortunately, no one was hurt and roadside assistance was there in no time.

It was a bit of a lazy day for us , we watched some of our favorite shows and ordered pizza for dinner. Tomorrow, we plan to hit the mall after the Sunday mass. We need to get a few things from the hardware section because some lighting fixtures are not functioning well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Want to have some fun?

Stress has been all over me lately. I attend to a lot of things recently and I think I will need to unwind soon. Massage is already on top of my list, but my husband asked me to watch LMAO Off-Broadway with him. I was clueless at first as I am not familiar with the show. But hearing the title itself, I know that it will surely be one funny and hilarious night. The show is the newest off- Broadway Interactive musical Comedy revue. It is shown at the newly renovated Midtown Theater located in Times Square New York. IM no't sure if we are getting the VIP seats priced at $ 65, but I am good with the General Admission ticket at $50. You can check out the website for added information about the show. Right now, I think this will be a good therapy for me and my husband who are both stressed with work. I find it so relaxing to watch shows like this and hopefully I will enjoy the show. I already checked the website fro schedules and so far, some slots are matching with our schedule. Oh, I can't wait to have some relaxing time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Business VoIP

Years back , I was working in a multinational call center and there I have learned how clear communication can make or break your business. Our company invested a big amount of money with telecommunication facilities. But recently, I have read in a magazine that one can achieve great communication without shedding that big amount, and yes, this applies even if you have a small business only. With the latest technology in VoIP, clear communication became possible at a very good cost. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a process wherein your telephone system works over the internet and not by using the traditional telephone lines. I have read about business voip in the internet too, and it is becoming really popular because of it's features and practicality. Small business establishments will surely save a lot of money with this phone system thus giving the company bigger profits. It will save you as much as 50- 85% over the traditional telephone systems. The costs of the installation may differ depending on the number of employees that you have. Having this kind of telephone system will help you eliminate the need for on-site phone equipment. Numerous feedback and testimonials are shared already and they only have the best words with the quality, price and service. It is surely a great move in technology.

Yummy Frappe

Don't worry, she doesn't know how to use a straw yet, so I am sure she only got to taste what was on top of the straw. LOL.

This picture was taken by Kathy during the Jollibee Party at Bluewave. I have lots of photos of the kids to share with you soon, but I am still swamped with work so I better get going first.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cosmetic packaging

I have always been a fan of cosmetics. Sometimes I buy from the store even if I don't need it. I just get fascinated with the shades of colors so I grab something at the counter. My favorite would be lip gloss and blushes. I always have it in my cosmetic case. Lately, I am playing with eye shadows. I am a neutral girl, I use the shades of brown and beige only, but I discovered the nice shade of gray that perfectly matches my eyes. As I thought that I was okay with these make ups, I learned about Mineral Make ups, thus I got addicted to it too. I alo love lotions and colognes and my supply comes from my mom. I am grateful that there is a great line of Cosmetic Packaging available now. I have some sifters for my mineral make up that i got for a really good price because i got myself a dozen. Then I remember that we are going to an International trip soon, so I need to re pack some of my colognes and lotions to small containers. Thank you for the lotion pumps and sprays that I got. Everything came in very handy. Now I am excited to use it in our upcoming trip.


It was one fun evening with my friends. I may be super tired now but its all worth it. I was able to splend a few hours with my friends , talking about anything under the sun, eating some really good food and simply enjoying each one's company. This is one of the best parties we ever had. Hopefully there's another one next year hahaha. Oh, we still have another party for tomorrow, a childrens party it is!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Acne products

Last weekend, I had some free time at the mall. When my little boy was sleeping at this stroller, I went to Essenses and check out some make ups and beauty products. Clinique as my first stop since it is near the entrance door. I tried a few new shades of their eyes hadows and lip gloss. Then they have new products for cases of severe acne . This is a great addition in their line since their daily cleansing products are very effective for normal skin, i know that their knowledge in skin care will be very perfect for these new products. I also checked out Laura Mercier and Nars for some make up fix. I went home with a new lip gloss from Nars. One happy camper again.

me.. Slim??

Oh how i wish !

But I just love this photo of mine taken 3 weeks ago at the mall. Well, it's a round type of pillar at the mall, and while walking , I noticed that I certainly look thin so I gave it a shot. I love how the picture turn out. It looks like I took some adipex diet pills right? Hahaha. I wonder when will I ever get my pre-pregnancy figure at all. Cardio exercise is one of my powerful tools now, then I somehow cut down my rice intake during dinner. Lets see if a miracle will happen in a few weeks. For now, i will make this picture an inspiration for a slimmer me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello clear skin.

I noticed late;y that pimples are starting to appear in my skin. I certainly hate breakout and I know every girl out there does! I think it has something to do with the medicines I am taking on a daily basis, so I might switch brands anytime. I have 2 parties for this week and I need to be at my best. MAybe I should try getting a facial to get rid of blackhead . I noticed some blackheads getting visible too. Oh well, I better start changing medicines then we will see if it will work.I want my clear skin back and I will do my best so this will not turn into a major breakout.

Say no to belly fat

A year and 3 months after I gave birth to my princess, and I still have some belly fats. At first, I wasn't alarmed at all because I feel like I can lawys use the excuse that I just gave birth that's why my belly is still a little big. But now, I don't have any excuse at all. So last tijme when we were at the mall, I tried looking for products to help reduce belly fat but I wasn't able to find one. We just went around the mall and had yummy cheese roll snacks when my kids got hungry. Take a look at my princess, i think she also needs to reduce a little, her belly is a little big, right? Oh, she is getting adorable each day !

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Plans for the weekend

We were supposed to have an overnight stay in Tagaytay this weekend with some friends , but we canceled it because of health reasons of the kids. We are a group of 3 families, and it was so untimely that my son , and a friend's son has cough and colds. So instead of Tagaytay, we will visit the pediatrician for check up.

On sunday, we will start the day with a Mass, then got o my friend to get the insurance quote she got for me , and maybe go to the mall for lunch. Me and my husband are both craving for pizza that we are already thinking of having one delivered a while ago.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Our Sunday

Today is is just another usual Sunday for us. I woke up a bit late because i spent hours last night reading about richard willich .It was a good read that i just can't stop myself from reading. After lunch, we went to Astoria Plaza in Ortigas to get the stuff that I left the last time we were there. We got a little hungry and decided to check Podium. We used to regularly go there when my son has gym classes in the area. It was the same as before with a few people shopping. In other words, I love that it is not crowded at all. A few stores were added to my delight, but I am on shopping ban for the nth time. Hahaha.

Its a start of a brand new week! Enjoy everyone!