Friday, February 26, 2010

Want to have some fun?

Stress has been all over me lately. I attend to a lot of things recently and I think I will need to unwind soon. Massage is already on top of my list, but my husband asked me to watch LMAO Off-Broadway with him. I was clueless at first as I am not familiar with the show. But hearing the title itself, I know that it will surely be one funny and hilarious night. The show is the newest off- Broadway Interactive musical Comedy revue. It is shown at the newly renovated Midtown Theater located in Times Square New York. IM no't sure if we are getting the VIP seats priced at $ 65, but I am good with the General Admission ticket at $50. You can check out the website for added information about the show. Right now, I think this will be a good therapy for me and my husband who are both stressed with work. I find it so relaxing to watch shows like this and hopefully I will enjoy the show. I already checked the website fro schedules and so far, some slots are matching with our schedule. Oh, I can't wait to have some relaxing time.

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