Friday, July 30, 2010

Portland computer repair

My work revolves around the internet. My day is not complete if I am not at my computer. Both my computer and the internet are vital to my everyday life . As most things are digital and online these days, our computer helps us keep pace. I try to keep my computer programs and spyware up to date as much as possible. My computer hardware is also maintained by my husband as he usually performs some preventive maintenance procedures like defragmenting and cleaning up the hard drive. Yet my computer still crashed the other day, and I felt so helpless. I immediately called my husband who put me in touch with a local repair company. I contacted them and was horrified to find out it might take them days to fix my computer, that I should just bring it down and drop it off and they would get to it as soon as they could. Well I have to say I wasn't very happy. It seems like nowadays computer repairs should be easier and faster to get, as everyone knows we can't afford to be without our computers. My friend told me about a company in Portland that provides really quick Portland computer repair service. You don't take your computer to them. They fix your computer by coming to your home, or they will fix it remotely that is through a remote internet hookup to your computer. The remote service is less expensive, and might even be quicker as it is easier to schedule a remote connection hookup than it is a home visit. Either way you know when your computer will be serviced, and that usually within an hour or so your system will be up and running again. Your computer won't be sitting with a pile of others in some repair shop somewhere. I remember dropping my older computer off once at a local repair shop and there seemed to be at least 50 other computers strewn all over the shop. I was worried mine might get lost or misplaced and had no confidence that they would be looking at it anytime soon. Nothing like that will happen with this Portland pc repair company. Your computer stays in your home. This Portland computer support company provides their rates online, so there will be no billing surprises. They provide some flat rate services for virus removal and os system installation, as well as hourly rates for both remote and onsite repairs. Their rates are extremely reasonable. I had so many worries when my PC crashed, I was afraid some or all of my files might be lost. Since I don't live in the Portland area, I didn't really know who to call for a quick repair. Fortunately a friend knew of someone who could do the repairs. It took a bit longer than I wanted but I was just so relieved to get everything back and my computer running well. If you live in the Portland area take advantage of the great services at PCMD Inc. Keep their number handy, you never know when you might need them.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

Mothers knows best. I think this saying applies to almost anything, like when you are buying anything for the house. Sometimes experience is such a great teacher! I remember when we were still building this humble abode of ours, my mom told me to buy kitchen cabinets that are of good quality even if they cost more. But I had our kitchen cabinets built, in style, to save a little money and so as to have enough in our budget for other things in the kitchen. But just last week, our place was badly affected by a storm and the water leak coming from our roof damaged our kitchen cabinets. I was able to get the items inside the cabinets out so the water did not affect them, and thankfully nothing is damaged except the cabinet itself. It was constructed of cheaper particleboard that has swollen with the moisture. We are now looking for RTA kitchen cabinets online because my mom told me that there are some good quality RTA kitchen cabinets being sold online at prices that are lower than local home supply centers and cabinet retailers. Ready to assemble pieces will not require someone to install it for you, so you save on installation fees! Now I have decided to buy kitchen cabinets online after seeing the great designs and prices. I am just choosing something simple and made out of the finest materials , it is solid wood and not the cheap particle board like our previous cupboards. The prices are quite comparable and the quality is excellent. First though, before we do anything else, we need to get our roof repaired.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Travel plans with the family

Travelling let’s one person see what a country has to offer. It gives you a glimpse of their history and understand their culture. It makes you appreciate their way of life and enjoy the people. I have many reasons why I love to travel with my family. Apart from having travelling as a great bonding time for us, it gives me happiness to see my kids enjoy it too. At a young age, they become aware of their country and of the world. We initially started with national parks tours, we had the chance to explore area and other cities. Then we decided to go to different vacation spots where the kids can enjoy the beach. Indeed , it was a great experience for the whole family. We went international this year, our first as a family and just as expected, we had a great time with each other. We are hoping to try out some asia tours by the end of the year until next year. We would love to see the beautiful beach at Bali , Indonesia and Phuket ,Thailand. My ultimate dream of europe tours certainly has to wait. I am saving it for the time when the kids are a little big already and easier to manage in out of the country trips. More work and more funds would mean more travel for us.

Spa materials needed

Who wouldn’t want to relax once in a while and de stress her self from all the everyday problems of life? Well, this is what I usually do during weekends when I have free time. I take a break from all the chores at the house and go to my favorite place which is the Spa. For a good amount of money, I find tranquility and calmness there. As they do my massage, I can feel how slowly the physical pains of work vanish away. It is really relaxing and it gives you this certain new feeling. When I found out that my cousin will soon be opening her own spa, I was really happy. Aside from the fact that it is near our place, it will also means savings for me because she promised to give me special rates every time I avail of their services. She asked for a little help from me, like looking for the spa chemicals that they can use. She knows that I am quite familiar with this since I regularly visit the spa. She is also looking for some hot tub filters for their hot tub services. It might take a little while for everything to be constructed but he told me that looking for materials is really an enjoyable phase too. I asked her to get some replacement spa filter too and include it in her to – buy list. Oh I feel excited, I am thinking of joining her in this venture.

Hello Monday !!!!

Dear God,

Thank you for the week that passed. Weekend was great with family and friends. I am looking forward to a productive week (work-wise) and more happy moments with my family. Keep us safe and healthy always.

Your child,


Sports Memorabilia for daddy

Sports has been my husband’s favorite past time, as can be seen every night after work. He would either watch some games on the cable channels, or go online to read some news about sports. His favorite is basketball and baseball. Whenever he gets some extra time on weekends, he tries to watch a live game of his favorite team. This passion led him to collect some memorabilia. We all know that collecting means expenses, but not to someone who has this love for things. He started collecting some autographed baseballs from his favorite players of all time. During the start, he just bought two pieces because the prices went down. But after that, whenever we would see some autographed sports memorabilia, he would try to get at least one that can add up to his collection. He has stuff mostly from baseball and basketball. At first he was just placing these items at one of his cabinets, but when we renovated our house, I asked him to have a display cabinet just for these. That way, we can protect his collection too through proper storage. Right now, he would like to get some autographed photos of his favorite players. He will surely check out for great bargains over the internet.

Cosmetic surgery procedures

Cosmetic Surgery is something that people are considering to have these days. I respect whatever reason they may have, may it be for personal satisfaction and self- confidence, to correct something that is physically wrong in them, or to feel good about themselves. I just noticed that more and more cosmetic surgery clinics are erupting in the metro , and some with big names even have a clinic in other areas like cosmetic surgery mexico. I asked my cousin who works in one clinic on what is the current hit in all their services. She told me that people go there for different services but the most popular one is the breast lift and augmentation. Studies show that women feel more confident if they have a bigger one and it makes them look good about themselves. There’s a lot of procedures when it comes to breast augmentation and I have been hearing a lot of comments, some are good and some are not that good. I guess it depends with the materials used on you. Another popular procedure is the tummy tuck surgery . Most of the clients for this one are moms. I guess it’s because some of us still have our post pregnancy tummy after many years and it doesn’t flatten out at all. Well, there are also some men who tried a tummy tuck surgery , for the main reason that he really has a big tummy that some clothes are hard to fit him anymore. If you have the money and guts for cosmetic surgery, then why don’t you try it out?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot tub filters for your spa

It has always been my dream of having my own business. I wanted to try the food industry but I can’t seem to find the perfect one for me. An entrepreneur told me that if I want to go on business, be sure that you are interested with the product or the service itself so you will not lose interest with it. He has a point certainly. So I am thinking of the things that I really like, and I thought of having my own Spa! Yes , it is quite a big dream for someone like me, but it’s free to dream and who knows, maybe I can achieve my dream soon. You bet I will be one excited girl when that happens. Imagine searching for the perfect location for the business. Then sourcing out spa materials like the hot tub covers might be a little hard at first , but I’m sure when I found the right suppliers, everything will go on smoothly. I can even get discount spa covers to save on my money. Lastly, the spa chemicals would definitely in my focus too. Anything that would concern our customers, I will surely do my research on it. Hopefully this dream will turn out to reality in the future. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pregnant again

My dear friend is pregnant with her second baby! I feel excited about this because she and her husband was really planning to have their second baby anytime this year. I was at their house the other day and she showed me some of the the prenatal vitamins she has been taking for a month already. I remember when I was pregnant with my kids, I was religiously drinking all my medicines to keep me and the baby healthy the entire 9 months. Pregnancy is truly a very fulfilling experience to all women out there. I hope that some of my friends who are longing to have a baby will have their own bundle of joy in no time.

No more allergies

This is my sister together with my son. Don't they look alike each other? I am so happy now that he is in a pink of health. He recently had an asthma attack during our vacation but we were able to treat it right that moment. He rarely gets allergic with anything too. Thanks to his skin test, we were able to identify the culprit, we also learned about eczema causes that cam also trigger his rashes at the face. I am just glad he is all well now. Oh and did I mention that he is doing great in his school? Oh how time flies!

The dream of having my own book

One of my dreams, as a mother, is to publish my own childrens' book. I want it to be a really simple one with great pictures that the kids will surely love. It would not be really a story book but more of an illustrative picture book with simple words that even beginners can read. Given current technologies, I can have it published in ebook format too, and I would be an ebook publisher for that matter. The world of digital publishing is getting popular now with the birth of all these gadgets that are meant for digital reading. One can use a laptop, cellphone and tools like IPad and Kindle to read the ebooks. I am looking forward to creating my own simple book and I also dream of making myself familiar with eBook creation. I better start looking for sites that would help me out with books and ebooks creation. My husband said that there are websites that have free downloads with the steps to follow in creating your own book. Aside from that I have to research publishing companies too. Having my own book is not easy as it may seem. It will really be eating some of my time here at home, but when you have a dream, you will do anything to achieve it. So don’t be surprised if I will have my own kiddie book soon. I’m a few steps closer in living my dream.

The Best in Air Conditioning

Summer is officially here. You must be feeling the summer heat already? Well where I live the weather is still bearable though I made the kids wear something really comfortable and made of cotton. Sometimes when it is really hot they have trouble sleeping. This is the reason why I am thinking about getting air conditioning. I was looking at an air conditioning unit for their room, but I also understand that central air conditioning systems are great too and have the benefit of cooling every room. There is an air conditioners phoenix company that is popular in Phoenix and the surrounding area. From what I could see on their website they promise quick, efficient, and on time service. This is not something that is always easy to find in the service industry. Especially air conditioning service in the middle of a hot summer. It must be great to have a service company you can rely on when you need it most. You can call them or contact them online and they come. It is that simple. This company also provides phoenix air conditioning installation service, and both their service and the system installed have great warranties, and this company promises your satisfaction with all of their services. I would not even think of having an air conditioning system installed unless a company guaranteed their product as this company does. It is also important to know that the installing company has experience and is well trained in what they do. Jay's Comfort Team in Phoenix has well trained technicians who know what they are doing. You can tell that by the companies service guarantees and their complaint free history. I found Jay's Comfort team website when I went online to try and learn more about air conditioners and air conditioning systems. Unfortunately I cannot find any local air conditioning company that even comes close to the kind of guarantee's Jay's Comfort air conditioning phoenix team provides. Guess I will have to just keep looking. Meanwhile we will have to go to the beach or set up a kiddie pool to get some relief.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Finally !

Yes, I am done with all these wrinkle cream shopping, I can now get into my next what-to-do-list . I have tons of pictures from our last vacation so I need to fix everything and have it printed too before the week ends. I am thinking of getting an EHD for the longest time but still I cannot squeeze it in my budget. Hopefully I can get one too by this month. I have so many pictures in my laptop and desktop, its taking too much space already. I need to save, save and save for this one.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

wrinkle creams again

So i thought it was just face creams that my mom is looking for, but now she is looking for eye wrinkle cream because she has been seeing signs already in her under eyes.Thanks to my coupon codes from last week, I was able to score some items at my favorite discount beauty store. Hopefully, she will like everything I got for her and it will all work great for her too. Now I am off to some shoe shopping for myself, I still have this $10 off coupon that needs to be used, in time for the sale. Thank heavens for coupons!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Polo shirts as uniforms

An employee’s uniform is something that represents her and her company. Whenever I am at the business district, I love looking at the different uniforms of the corporate world. That is one frustration I have because I never get to wear a company uniform. So now, that’s what I do with our small business here at home. Dressing up a group of people and providing their uniform is not an easy task. Every year, I am helping out my parents with the staff uniforms for our small store. It is just a casual wear mostly shirts and polo shirts paired with jeans. I am looking for new suppliers this time and I am glad that I found a website that sells custom polo shirts at a great price and its within our budget. I need to get some polo shirts for men in 4 different colors for the Monday to Thursday schedule. I can have the logo of the store customized for a reasonable amount. Then I will also be getting womens polo shirts , but I can’t decide on the colors yet. I am looking forward to the service and quality of the products and I am hoping that it can live up to my expectations.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

my kids at the beach

I have to put a stop with my search for the best eye cream for dark circles.It's taking my time lately whenever I am online. I better share with you some pictures of my kids during our recent beach vacation. I'm telling you, they are loving the beach more and more and I am so happy with that. Whenever we ask them to choose where to go, swimming pool or beach, mny boy would say that he loves to be at the beach. So off we go to the beach!

I love the fresh air at the beach which is just perfect for my kids. In the city, it is a little close to impossible of having some fresh air.Hopefully, we can go to the beach again a few months after . I better start saving money again.