Monday, July 19, 2010

Travel plans with the family

Travelling let’s one person see what a country has to offer. It gives you a glimpse of their history and understand their culture. It makes you appreciate their way of life and enjoy the people. I have many reasons why I love to travel with my family. Apart from having travelling as a great bonding time for us, it gives me happiness to see my kids enjoy it too. At a young age, they become aware of their country and of the world. We initially started with national parks tours, we had the chance to explore area and other cities. Then we decided to go to different vacation spots where the kids can enjoy the beach. Indeed , it was a great experience for the whole family. We went international this year, our first as a family and just as expected, we had a great time with each other. We are hoping to try out some asia tours by the end of the year until next year. We would love to see the beautiful beach at Bali , Indonesia and Phuket ,Thailand. My ultimate dream of europe tours certainly has to wait. I am saving it for the time when the kids are a little big already and easier to manage in out of the country trips. More work and more funds would mean more travel for us.

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