Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

Mothers knows best. I think this saying applies to almost anything, like when you are buying anything for the house. Sometimes experience is such a great teacher! I remember when we were still building this humble abode of ours, my mom told me to buy kitchen cabinets that are of good quality even if they cost more. But I had our kitchen cabinets built, in style, to save a little money and so as to have enough in our budget for other things in the kitchen. But just last week, our place was badly affected by a storm and the water leak coming from our roof damaged our kitchen cabinets. I was able to get the items inside the cabinets out so the water did not affect them, and thankfully nothing is damaged except the cabinet itself. It was constructed of cheaper particleboard that has swollen with the moisture. We are now looking for RTA kitchen cabinets online because my mom told me that there are some good quality RTA kitchen cabinets being sold online at prices that are lower than local home supply centers and cabinet retailers. Ready to assemble pieces will not require someone to install it for you, so you save on installation fees! Now I have decided to buy kitchen cabinets online after seeing the great designs and prices. I am just choosing something simple and made out of the finest materials , it is solid wood and not the cheap particle board like our previous cupboards. The prices are quite comparable and the quality is excellent. First though, before we do anything else, we need to get our roof repaired.

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