Friday, July 30, 2010

Portland computer repair

My work revolves around the internet. My day is not complete if I am not at my computer. Both my computer and the internet are vital to my everyday life . As most things are digital and online these days, our computer helps us keep pace. I try to keep my computer programs and spyware up to date as much as possible. My computer hardware is also maintained by my husband as he usually performs some preventive maintenance procedures like defragmenting and cleaning up the hard drive. Yet my computer still crashed the other day, and I felt so helpless. I immediately called my husband who put me in touch with a local repair company. I contacted them and was horrified to find out it might take them days to fix my computer, that I should just bring it down and drop it off and they would get to it as soon as they could. Well I have to say I wasn't very happy. It seems like nowadays computer repairs should be easier and faster to get, as everyone knows we can't afford to be without our computers. My friend told me about a company in Portland that provides really quick Portland computer repair service. You don't take your computer to them. They fix your computer by coming to your home, or they will fix it remotely that is through a remote internet hookup to your computer. The remote service is less expensive, and might even be quicker as it is easier to schedule a remote connection hookup than it is a home visit. Either way you know when your computer will be serviced, and that usually within an hour or so your system will be up and running again. Your computer won't be sitting with a pile of others in some repair shop somewhere. I remember dropping my older computer off once at a local repair shop and there seemed to be at least 50 other computers strewn all over the shop. I was worried mine might get lost or misplaced and had no confidence that they would be looking at it anytime soon. Nothing like that will happen with this Portland pc repair company. Your computer stays in your home. This Portland computer support company provides their rates online, so there will be no billing surprises. They provide some flat rate services for virus removal and os system installation, as well as hourly rates for both remote and onsite repairs. Their rates are extremely reasonable. I had so many worries when my PC crashed, I was afraid some or all of my files might be lost. Since I don't live in the Portland area, I didn't really know who to call for a quick repair. Fortunately a friend knew of someone who could do the repairs. It took a bit longer than I wanted but I was just so relieved to get everything back and my computer running well. If you live in the Portland area take advantage of the great services at PCMD Inc. Keep their number handy, you never know when you might need them.

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