Saturday, September 30, 2006


i already submitted the requirements for one baby contest where i joined joaquin. oh well, it was just pictures ( full body, profile, half body and close up). but then, he looks adorable talaga and even the sales ladies find his pics cutie, hehehe..

i admit that i am too excited with this contest, and syempre to win as well. whats the point of joining. hehehe! and who would reject a 40K worth of prizes. eh since may nice pics naman si joaqui, why not join di ba?

sabi ko nga kay gelo, kahit na branch winner lang c joaqui happy na ko hahaha! kapal! bka sabihin OA na kung Luzon winner pa.

but of course, he is already a WINNER for me. forever a winner...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

pang print ad

pwede na bang pang print ad model ng pigeon baby wipes? heheheh!

pang model

my cuddly niece, joreen, placed this sticker on joaquin after ko i refill ung wipes container, then she told me to take a pic of joaqui. true enough .. a not so glamorous shot, but a super funny (and cute) one.

hope this would brighten up ur day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

getting more adorable

at last, im back to blogging...

joaqui was able to recover from his attack last time, more drinking time, and playtime as well. day after day, i learn more about him, i discover his world.. he discovers our world. i could somehow blog..este brag about what he can do at 5 months, kaya lng wag na lng cguro. i believe that every baby is different in a lot of ways and it would be unfair to compare him to other babies of his age.

but here is one thing that i noticed in him...his interest in books. He sooo loves books. I started to introduce him a book since he was born, but not all the time. when he was abt 3 months, i showed him a Barney musical book, and a Barney Piano book. Everytime he would see the book and i will start to sing (syempre pa, he loves my voice), super happy na sya. kahit maid ang may hawak ng book, all eyes sya sa book. and recently, he loves holding the other side of the book when wer reading.. hmm mana talaga sa mommy nya. hehehe.. everytime we finish a book, iiyak na, so i have to re read everything again.

i just love him more when he cries for another story. hahaha! bad mommy!

anyway, here's his baby cow pictorial when he was 3 months old

Image hosted by
by joaquiboy

and his bumblebee in a pot picture when he was 4 months old...

Image hosted by
by joaquiboy

i sooo love his pictures since he started at The Picture Company... that's why I am joining him at SM's Star Baby Contest. hahaha! all for fun! hmm make way for the stage mom ! oohh and for the next shoot , we might make him sit on a clear pot , something like a shot glass. Can't wait.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


i hate when somebody in our family gets sick! especially joaquin...

we can somehow get by with medical expenses, but not on other things that he lost. like appetite! and sometimes a good sleep.. energy and a whole lotta more. good thing he gains weight somehow, but i know that he should be gaining more since he drinks well when he is not sick....

he was previously diagnosed of asthma ( im certainly not shocked to know that coz of strong family history, I AM ASTHMATIC!) and from then on, he would have colds as we have noticed. last time his colds was due to allergens! hate those allergens! if only i can throw everything away! hahaha! so there, kept some of his toys that he certainly loves (miss you critter piller!) , even his toy at the car seat was nowhere to be found inside the car. hehehe! change sheets.. clean the house.. clean electric fans and aircon... throw away those cloth diapers (lampin na gauze type), and still a lot of cleaning. walang katapusan na yata ito. he is more sensitive than i am. now, i cant even spray on some cologne, coz i carry him most of the time and i nurse him. whew!

and just after the nasal allergy was gone, he now has a bad cough, and i know, if he doesnt have a maintenance for asthma (yes, he is using seretide inhaler twice a day!), that cough would have been asthma atack right now. back to his pulmo pedia tomorrow. why?? one of our hobbies recently. joke! he vomited twice the other day and once today. and his poop is somehow mucousy (as what the book says). i dont wanna rely on what oldies say that he might be teething or what. whats the use of the pedia if we wont consult with them. as what i always say to myself, every baby is different.

it just pains me seeing joaquin not drinking milk too much. or sometimes not at all. i dont want him to be too fat or even chubby, just want him to be on a standard built. and besides he is tall ( as everybody wud always comment), he wont really look that chubby even if he is that heavy! haha!

i dont know if its a good thing that he is still malikot.. coz it might mean that he doesnt feel much discomfort OR the bad side, hingal.. as in shortness of breath. thats why recently, we would both lie in bed, and il read his favorite Barney Book with lotsa songs or his favorite pop-up book of animals. (by the way, i can see that he is more into books than TV, mana sa mommy! )

I wud always feel great whenever he flashes a smile that is sooo hard to resist, not just to me but even to other people he is not familiar with.

still, how i wish that he would recover very soon... so we can play more and do more things together.