Thursday, December 24, 2009

Renovation Time

Everyone is so busy by this time preparing for Christmas, well I finished all the cooking already and we will just reheat most of the food by tomorrow. Gifts are also placed under the tree and I can't help but feel excited for my kids. But there's one thing that I am not excited about- not this time. It is the water leakage problem we have a t the bathroom. We found out about it just yesterday , and much as we wanted to have everything repaired, we can't find a repairman to do it now . So I told my husband to have a quick fix for now then we will have the repair right after Christmas.

In line with this, we have decided to Buy Toilets too because the flush system is not working properly already after a lot of repair. Oh yes, when it rains it pours. It applies on repairs around the house too. I also found out that one water pipe has a leak so I listed it with the things to change. Now I am looking online for the thins we need. I was lucky enough because the toilets section at is complete. Everything i need is there at a really good price. Most of the items that I like are in stock so i think we will not have a hard time to order. I will finalize all of my orders tonight then process it. Hopefully it will be delivered here on Monday so we can start the repair. I am too afraid that the water pipe would leak more water. I also hope that our new toilet would last for years since it comes with a good price.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He can write his name.

Last December 10, I was doing some insurance research for the whole family ( and I found good rates here ) when my boy showed this to me with so much pride! I was so amazed because he can really write his name now without any help from me or without tracing. Joaqui is just 3 years old and he's not attending pre school yet. I noticed he got really interested with letters when he started playing the Leapster LMAX from Leap Frog. It has a cartridge called Letters on the Loose where they explore the letters and trace them. Now I let him practice writing whenever he is in the mood. I still let him enjoy his playtime everyday as I believe that kids learn through creatvie / manipulative play.

We are so proud of you Joaquiboy! Way to go!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

At timezone...

I was scheduled to do some phone check last Wednesday but we had to postpone it because we have to attend to something very important. Right after that, we went to MOA for an ealry lunch at TGIF then my boys enjyed Timezone to themselves because it was too early and very few are playing. Hubby was so occupied playing Street Fighter ? (sorry i forgot) , and Joaqui played basketball, bowling etc... This is one of their bonding moments.

We never miss Timezone whenever we hit the mall. During those times that we are on a rush, we make sure the little boy would play at least one game of basketball. Sometimes, Hubby will let me do a little (window) shopping while he and Joaqui play together there. Both of them are certified addicts!

Boys will be boys :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

How i wish...

i can post some more pics from the party and have my Supplier's Ratings and reviews here, but i don't have my laptop now and I have all of my stuff there , ready to post. I am not sure if it's a virus that's causing it to block websites, but the hubby just suggested not to open it for now til he settles everything by the weekend.Now, I am using the laptop of my sis , and our desktop occasionally.

But nothing can stop me from being online. I need to get some discount rugs online for our playroom and kitchen area plus i am checking my emails too. Oh , I really miss my laptop , and i am hoping that everything gets fixed soon and it wont harm my files there.

Friday, December 04, 2009

little miss dominique

hindi kunsumido

in the mood magpa cute

She smiles that way, such a cutie , right? My lil girl is loving the camera lately , she would do her signature pa-cute smile most of the time. Notice her hair here? This was before I cut it out short. She's more adorable now.. look

Ganda ng hair !!! Haircut by MOI! LOL Pwede na diba? Just dont look at the back part:)

Lasik Surgery for my mom

For many years, my mom is using eyeglasses and never tried out the contact lens. She said that she thinks she will not be comfortable wearing contacts so she would just stay with her eyeglasses since she is used to it already. When she was here at our place, she opened the idea of undergoing a Lasik Surgery so we inquired at the hospital. I am not sure if we have the latest technology in Lasik just like what they have in Boston where she first inquired. She did a little research already about Lasik Surgery Boston before she even arrived here.

Anyway, when she inquired, she underwent some consultation and interview process to assess her condition. A rough estimate of the whole procedure was provided and my mom is okay with the price. But she did not jumped into it yet because she wants to know more about the latest in lasik which is the use of two computer-guided lasers . It is said to be a safe procedure in the US so a lot are trying it already. Hopefully this Lasik surgery would be the answer to my mom's eye problem. She would definitely be having a good time without her eyeglasses and she will be seeing things more clearly even if its a bit far from her. If only she did not get nervous with the operation, she would have done it here, but she postponed it and might have it in Boston and she's hoping that the health card can help her with the finances.

This is a sponsored post.