Monday, July 30, 2007

joaqui's new throne

Let the pics do the talking.. ( pics taken last june )

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shopaholic and Baby

Oh, that's not me :) That's my new book.

I am a collector of Sophie Kinsella's Books. I love her! and i so love her works! I enjoyed reading the Shopaholic Series over and over again. As in all the Shopaholic books. The main character, Becky Bloomwood is so hilarious. I would always smile and even laugh when i read the book. I think, every girl who loves to shop should read the series. In one way or another, you'll see yourself in her shoes. I swear!

And just this afternoon, when we were at Rockwell ( parking at Megamall and Shangrila is a nightmare.. so Rockwell na kami napunta), We went to Fully Booked to buy Joaqui a Goodnight Moon Book. And there I saw the Latest Books.. including Shopaholic and Baby.. I really wanted to have it but since, mejo madami na nabili sa kin si Gelo recently, I was kinda shy to ask him to buy it for me , so I said:

Peachy : "Dad look ( all smiles while holding the book with my two hands), new release. Next time, bili mo ko ha?!

Gelo : " Magkano ba?"

Peachy : 699

Gelo: Di ba complete ka na nyan? Yung iba pa nyang books?

Peachy : Yes. ( Pa cute tone)

Gelo : Sige, bilin ko na din

Nakuha sa pa cute ko. Hehehe! Well, he knows that I would love to have that book tlaga. Im a happy little kanina. Para akong bata na binili ng candy :)

If you are into this book, go grab the Shopaholic and Baby. I think I can relate to this too, now that I'm a mom.

Oh, and you might notice that I am not jumping yet on the Harry Potter Book 7 bandwagon. Yes, I collect Harry Potter too, but I find it toooooo sensationalized now. Sorry, but , hindi naman dati ganito with the other books. Maybe because its the last one na. Oh, I dont know. Naiinis lang ako sa iba na parang OA na, wala lang, para lang siguro masabi na they were the first to have, to read and to finish the book.

Kanina nga sa Little Gym, I saw a dad holding the book. Good luck sa kanya! For sure , ni isang page hindi nya natapos basahin. Kasi pumasok sya sa gym to be with his daughter! Hahaha! Sorry at biglang "taray" mode ako. Kasi naman ( ayan, nag tagalog na ko), sa bahay na lang basahin, set a time to read. What's the point of bringing it out kung hindi mo naman mababasa di ba?! Sana naiwan ka na lang sa house nyo at di ka na sumama sa gym, para drecho pa pagbabasa mo.. baka madami pang chapters nabasa mo. Ganun ang mga totoong magbasa! Hahaha! Hindi naman nya mababasa tong blog ko, kaya semi nagtataray na ko sa knya. At naku, kinausap pa nya yung isang mom dun, eh wala pa nga sya sa half ng book,to think 1 week na narelease. Siguro nga kasi, pag lumalabas lang sya ng house nagbabasa. LOL

Alright.,.. relax Peachy. Its just a book :)

I need to end this now, I will read my new book before going to bed, and whenever I have a free time tomorrow ( which is at night again). Ganun kasi ako magbasa, as much as possible, no interruptions, so i dedicate a time for it :) Ayaw ko nabibitin... sa story ..hmmmm :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

the much awaited concert

I can't believe that Joey Albert and Louie Ocampo will be having a concert on August 3& 4!!! Waahhh!!! Im watching it! I'll be there!! promise!

yes, I AM a FAN.

Anyone who had videoke sessions with me knows that my playlist wont be complete without a song from her. Oh, i love to sing "A Million Miles Away", Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin, Points of View, I Remember the Boy & Its Over Now".

I called Music Museum a few minutes ago, to check on the prices. Good thing its within my budget. Now, I am looking for someone to go with me ( KKB ha), since this is not Gelo's type of music and he needs to stay with Joaqui while I'm enjoying the concert. Can't Wait!

Thanks to Aggie for sharing me this concert info.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

La Rose Nail Spa

Last July 21 (Saturday), was the opening of La Rose Nail Spa. Of course, for love and friendship, Gelo and I went there after Joaqui's make up class at TLG. Super cooperative si Joaqui coz he was asleep.. as in dead tired! Our maid carried him all throughout our spa experience hehehe!

Its our 1st time after we got married, to go to a spa together. I Had a Hand Spa, then Gelo had Foot Spa naman. Yes, nagpapa Foot Spa yan even before. He would usually wear flops, so i always remind him na dapat his feet.. toes and toenails are clean. Besides, he feels relaxed with that. Hand Spa naman for me coz i just had my pedicure few days ago. Sa kagustuhan namin i surprise si Erika.. kami ang na surprise! As we reached the parking lot, hinsi ko makita ang car nila. So I called Erika's celfone,at nasa office pala sya. She has work kasi on a saturday. So it was her sisters Kim and Kisha who assited us ;)

Hand Spa: Php 220

** hand / arm cleaning - the attendant sprayed water or alcohol, im not sure.. hahaha! ka chika ko kasi si kim that time, then they used a cotton ball to clean the area.

** Exfoliation - i chose strawberry scent ( the ylang ylang smells good too, but im a sucker for fruity scents), very relaxing sya ;)

** arm and hand mask - after cleansing the strawberry scrubs with hot towel ( i think, nakalimutan ko na eh ), attendant brushed the mask na. Its cold as it stays in your hand and arm. You'll wait for it to dry up before cleansing. This soften the skin sabi ng attendant. I love the brush, so soft.

** revitalizing lotion with arm and hand massage- still strawberry scent. haayy sarap. I swear, tumunog mga fingers ko ha. its good to have it to relieve hand stress.

Manicure is not included in this package. I forgot to ask Erika how much if i wanted to have my nails done.

Foot Spa - Php 250

I cant give you a brief info on each process, but here's what is writtn at the leaflet:

** foot bubble bath, leg and foot scrub, removal of corns and calluses, lega nd foot mask, deep penetrating lotion, leg and foot massage. Pedicure not included.

I asked Gelo how was it, Ok na ok daw. It relaxed his tired feet. Tapos during the removal of corns and calluses, di daw masakit ;) I will try this next time, promise!

A few pics to share..

You might notice that its bright unlike other spas. Yes its bright out there. And thats what i suggested to Erika, make it dim a little. COz people really find spas as a place to relax. And she said that she is working on it already. And by the way, the lotions, scrubs, nail polish (OPI brand), are all imported pa from USA. Thats the business of their mom din kasi. Its of top quality talaga, oh and the strawberry scent lasted til night yata, before I had my shower ;)

Oh and last sunday, we went there again ;) with my sis, MIL ans SIL ;) They had foot spa and classic manicure.. Suki!

Visit them at the 2nd flr of Madison Square Lifestyle Center, North Greenhills San Juan. They also have a loyalty card for frequent guests. And they accept bookings for bridal showers, and small parties. They dont have a number yet at the spa , just leave me a comment if you wanna get in touch with Erika for other questions.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Something about photography again.

JV, my sister in law's boyfriend, is also into photography. We are actually planning on taking up classes this august if time would permit.Here are a few of his shots..

** this is Love, my SIL.. this piece won 2nd price at Citibank's photo contest. Thanks to Picasa for the edits.. hehehe**

** he calls this the time travel thing. He was caught in heavy traffic daw after thier christmas party last year, then he came up with this.**

** one with nature**

Nice di ba? Though amateur, you can see the potentials in his work. I think he reads lang a book, and do some practice most of the time. Ithink he is planning to venture into events and glamour photography.. hmm i will let you know..


All you need to know about me:

Fullname: Maria Paz Manalangsang - Abellon
Birthdate: May 10, 1979
Birthplace: Manila
Current Location: Manila pa din :)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

On the inside:

Heritage: Filipino
Shoes I wore today: White Beaded Roxy flops
Three Things I do everyday: take care of my joaquin, go online, watch barney
My Fears: Death, Broken Family, illness
My perfect pizza: no veggies please

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow:

My most overused phrase on YM: "wait lang"
My thoughts first waking up: "where is joaqui?"
My best physical feature: smile and my dimple..naks!
My bedtime: either 12 am, or 1 am
My most missed memory: shopping for myself ;)

My Pick:

Pepsi or Coke: COKE light
McDO or Burger King: McDO
Single or Group Dates: Group
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino

Do I?

Smoke? nope.. asthmatic eh
Take Showers? Yes.
Have Crush(es)? Yes. uyyyyyy
Think I've been in love? Yes.
Liked highschool? Not really.
Want to get married? Yes, I am married. Happily married.
Get emotion sickness? hhhmmmm, not really
Get along with my parents? Yes.
Like thunderstorms? No.
Play an instrument? just a bit. i had piano lessons when i was 5, but i stopped practicing.

In the past month:

Drank Alcohol: No.
Gone on Gimik: with my family, yes. with friends, no.
Gone to the Mall: Yes. My fave place! hehehe
Been on stage: During high school plays
Eaten Sushi: No.
Had a Tan: yes.. love it.. tapos pag uwi ko nagsisi ako bakit ganun kulay ko.
Dyed your hair: yes.. green highlites nung college

Getting Older:

Age I hope to get married? - I got married at the age of 26 :)
Children? - just my Joaquin for now
Describe my dream wedding? - the one we had at Fernwoods ...
What do you want to be when you grow up? i would still choose to be a stay at home mom.
What place would I most likely to visit: we are going to panglao island, bohol this sept with gelo's family. my cousin & sis naman plans for next year.. KL maybe:)

have a break.. post this at you blog:)

enjoying the gym - part2

These shots are better than the previous. Gelo asked Howell ni Abie which mode to use. DI pa din ako satisfied client ni Gelo, kasi naman , may mga na miss sya na moves. LOL arte! Sayang kasi, super enjoy si Joaqui sa skills. Even the pullover at the bar, wala syang shot! hayyy siguro nakikipag chismisan tong cameraman ko. LOL

And by the way, Thats LJ Moreno (Alma's niece who was into showbiz before), the one wearing blue polo shirt. I find her soo simple yet very pretty.. She's a trainee yata,and will be assigned to the Makati Branch soon. She's good na nga eh, and i can see her patience with kids.

I enjoyed last weeks theme where they focus on what the kids can do. I can see developments with Joaqui. And his confidence in doing things.. talo pa yata ako. Can't wait for the show day !

enjoying the gym

pardon the pics, this was taken last saturday during the make up class of Joaqui. Obviously, di pa alam ni Gelo which mode of the camera to use. May glass screen din kasi ang room, and we dont have the lens yet to filter that. INis nga ako when i saw the pics.. puro may camera shake! Enjoy pa naman kami sa skills.

Anyway, thats our little boy .. having fun talaga. as In di sya umiiyak. I was too nervous pa nga with the big donut forward roll. Pero deadma lang sya. And he knows how to safely place his hands ( and tuck his head too!) when he is about to land.. haayy simple joys nga naman ng nanay. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

full weekend

I love weekends! Its the only time that we really (and literally) go out of house. It usually starts on a friday night, we go to SM for a good dinner and do our grocery shopping when we still have time. ( Na traffic si Gelo kanina, so we had dinner lang and bought a few gifts).

Tomorrow (Saturday), our day would start early. Joaqui's make up classes at Little GYm is scheduled at 9am. We have to leave the house at 8, traffic kasi eh. After the class, we might drop by Podium muna (and maybe grab Chef Tony's Popcorn hehehe). Then off to Madison Square at Greenhills for the opening of La Rose Nail Spa. My dear friend, Erika's latest business venture with her sister Kim. Can't wait to have a Hand Spa. ( Visit her nail spa ha.. tell her refer ko kayo, baka may discount, LOL). After the pampering, go naman to Promenade. My sister, Ricca asked me to buy Crocs for her inaanak's 1st birthday ( na pupuntahan din namin) Galante talaga ng kapatid ko. Not like me na kuripot.. LOL. ( Bili mo din si Joaqui huh?!)

We might eat at Greenhills na. Or eat first before Promenade pala.Bahala na.

Then.. punta na kami sa birthday. Dont even know where One Mc Kinley is. Sabi lang sa Fort. Wasn't able to get the invitation kasi.. So ask na lang kami when we get to The Fort.

Sunday, back to Little Gym in the afternoon , for the regular sched. We miss his classmates.. and our fellow parents. Wasnt able to attend the sunday classes for 2 weeks!

Whew! Good luck sa amin. I will post the pics next week. Im excited kasi for Erika's business. Hope to bump onto my fellow N@wies there :)

Feast One Hundred and Fifty Two

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how much do enjoy watching sports on television?
:: 5.. im not really into sports :) though i watch sometimes

If you could completely memorize any one work of fiction, which one would you pick?
:: hmm , I'm a Harry Potter fan. So I would definitely wanna memorize it

What is your favorite breakfast food?
:: bread

Main Course
Name something fun you can do for less than $10.00.
:: a hand spa maybe..

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
:: I am actually deprived of a good sleep. So when i go to bed, Its not too long that im in my dream already. LOL

Have a good weekend!


I am not in the mood to download pics tonight.

I am not in the mood to edit pics tonight.

I am not in the mood to write anything worth reading here.

I am not in my usual self condition.

I am pissed and dead tired.

I better hit the sack.

Good night for now. And hope that as I wake up, things will get brighter for me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

seriously contemplating

I've been doing a lot or research over the net about asthma. Well, if you are reading my blog for quite a long time, you know by now that I am asthmatic. My son is asthmatic and Gelo was asthmatic then.

Even before I gave birth, I have a strong feeling that Joaqui will be asthmatic. I was right. His pedia is a pedia-pulmonologist at UST. Dra. Clara Reyes Rivera is now a Board Member of the Assoc. of Phil. Pediatric Pumonolgists. I know that my son is in good hands. Though he would often times visit doctora, ok na din. His attacks never led to hospital confinement. Only once last January, because he had high fever too.

It's not easy having an asthma....Especially for babies and little kids.

Joaqui had his 1st attack at 4 months old. Gelo and I were awake 24 hours. Imagine the burden for the parents too. He would sometimes take a leave from work if Joaqui has major attacks then. Thank God. Now, lesser attacks, mostly allergic rhinitis, hindi naman nag progress into asthma.

Now why am i saying these things?

Because I wanna help babies, kids and their parents. I am planning to have a website for "asthma free kids". Seriously.

I am still finding a way to put it up, with the help of other moms maybe. If you are interested, please let me know.

It takes a lot of knowledge to fight asthma or To fight an attack, or better yet, to control it.

I have lots of ideas, like toys for asthmatic babies/kids, pillowcases, pillows, blankies, house cleaning stuff. Haayy, madami kasi bawal sa hikain. Even proper way of telling people not to give your babies stuffed toys ( or anything na bawal so its not offensive or OA naman).. i wanna share and discuss it with other moms ( and dads). ideas..ideas...ideas..

So there, wish me luck :) I will also ask help from Joaqui's pedia. Together, let's fight Asthma!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Proud Mommy

The little boy is soo active again. Actually, though he had fever episodes last week, he still loves to move around the room. Im just the one who would carry him, and bring him back to bed again. I lost count on how many times was that.

And here's what he can do now that he is 1 year and 3 months old:

** Says " JESUS" completely, and most of the time it is clear. Dati kasi JIS lang (at 12 months) , then JISU.. now its complete. I am so proud that without even teaching him who to call.. he can really recognize every Image of Jesus. The Sacred Heart, Crucifix, Last Supper, and just this morning, the Scapular that our neighbor gave to him. We even passed by St. Paul's Store at the mall, ayun, Jesus ng Jesus. What makes me so proud about this, never ko sya talaga tinuruan about saying Jesus. We pray ,, pero nagugulat ako on how he recognizes HIM. As in!

** Counts 1, 2, 3, 4 at the age of a year and 2 months.. yun nga lang, i have to say one.. then he would say tu..ti..po.. with matching fingers pa yan. And recently, while inside the car, he pointed at a pawnshop (with a large 3% sign).. and said ti.. ti... Aba.. aba... so Gelo asked, " san nya natutunan yan?" Sabi ko, we count, but i dont introduce him to the numerals itself. I think he got that from Barney's Numbers! Numbers! DVD. And he even recognized the number 2 at one of the platforms at Little Gym. Hmmm future engineer ka din ba?

** He eats whatever we have here. Sinigang, adobo, pangat, menudo, afritada, basat kahit ano ulam.. Just today, i made him eat rice with tilapia.. no soup for the first time. inubos pa din. I try to give him only foods which i know would be good for him. Strictly NO INTRDUCTION TO JUNK FOOD kami dito sa house. His Dad is so strict on that. We believe kasi that kids wont be inclined to junk if we dont give them that diba? Once they tasted it, for sure hooked na sila. ( just like me..loves junkie!) oh, and he likes papaya, banana and mandarin oranges.

** Loves to do the forward roll. Everything that he learned from Little Gym he remembers til we get home. One time, I sang the " Its time to pack the toys today.. " ( London Bridge tune) while I asked him to help me out clear out his toys. After we closed the box, which looks like the box at TLG, bigalng nag attempt na mag forward roll on his own. He was already at his " tuck your head" position when i saw him. Akala nya yata nasa TLG ba kami . LOL

I think this is getting long.. next time na ang part two, Need to download and edit pics pa.

Monday, July 16, 2007

a site for the pics

Im afraid this blog would contain pics most of the time. LOL ! So I created a blog for our pics.

You can check out

Then tell me if we have a future in photography.. HAHAHA!

Pardon my kabaliwan with photography, pati tuloy kayo na damay pa :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

proud wifey

Today is Papa's 40 days and we had a family get together at my inlaws' house at Antipolo. I will post some pics later this week.

For the mean time, take a look at these two shots of Gelo.. (proud talaga ako coz he is reaaallly immproving). i made a few edits at Picasa though, just to add some effect sa pics. ( im loving Picasa, so easy to use, kaya naman I dont have the effort to learn Photoshop)

What can you say? pwede na ba for a beginner?

** at Lola's Garden **

** Let's Gamble **

Congratulations Daddy! Way to go!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Feast One Hundred and Fifty One


What is your favorite fruit?
:: Grapes


Who is someone you consider as a great role model?
:: Mother Theresa, for helping the poorest of the poor.


If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?

:: Tagaytay maybe.. for the breathtaking view at night which is relaxing for me

Main Course
Name something you do too often.
:: Would taking care of Joaqui count? LOL .. And surfing the net too.

Fill in the blank: I really like ___________ because ____________.

I really like Blue's Clues because it gives me time to rest. LOL!

Friday, July 13, 2007

my teething baby

That's our little boy yesterday, with a fever of 38 degrees. HIs 2 lower molars are erupting, and 1 front incisor too coming on the way. Good thing no fever today.

Thanks to Gelo for the wonderful shots. ( sabihin naman nya di ko recognize hardwork nya , LOL) And Thanks to me for singing the Little Gym opening song during the entire shoot. Joaquiloves that song. It shows in the pic :)

Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

cooking mode

First of all, I am not a good cook. That one i truly admit. But i always try my best to learn new things when in comes to cooking. I seldom cook, mostly prito lang. But I have 2 recipes now that I wanna share with moms like me na hindi naman ganun kagaling sa kitchen. BElieve me, this is super easy, baka matalo nyo pa si Judy Ann sa Ysabella pag natikman to ng hubbies nyo LOL

So ito na... good luck sa ating lahat..

BBQ NI PEACHY ( sorry , wala na ako maisip na recipe name)


1 Kilo Pork ( basta ung ginagamit sa BBQ )
1 pack Clara Ole BBQ Marinade
minced Garlic

Lets start:

1. Ilagay yung pork sa bowl or something like a tupperware for marinating, then pour the clara ole BBQ Marinade.

2. I put on minced garlic para mas yummy and about 2 teaspoons of sugar para a little sweet and saucy sya later on. ( when the sugar melts, parang nag caramelize sya, o diba?!)

3. Marinating overnight would be the best option.

Ito na ang secret .. how to cook..

1. In a small casserole, pour the pork with the marinade. WAG lagyan ng oil ha?! As in the mixture and pork lang. PArang simmer lang sya. You will notice na mag thicken ung mixture nyo. It means your on the right track hehehe. Then mejo reddisch brown ung pork. Switch off na ang heat.

3. THen in a non stick pan, pour a little oil ( little lang po, di naman sya deep fried), then fry the pork in low heat. Dapat hinahalo habang fry while pouring in some of the thickend marinade from the casserole. You can use a spoon while pouring in some mixture during frying.

4. Mapapansin nyo na saucy na the pork BBQ :) Pag hindi saucy, naku, may mali kang nagawa hahaha!

5. Since na simmer na sya, sandali na lng sya i fry. Wag Sunugin ( do i really need to say this pa ba?! LOL)

6. Kung may natira pang marinade sauce, You can add this to a fried rice, syempre while u are frying the rice, add nyo lang sya. Gelo would sometimes pour the remaining sauce sa white rice na mismo.

Ayan, hindi nman sya mahirap di ba?! Promise mas masarap yan sa luto ni Ysabella. LOL

Try it out and tell me kung masarap ha. Kung hindi, turuan ko kayo, punta ako sa Bahay nyo hahaha..

Here's a Pic of the Clara OLe BBQ Marinade. I Think may spicy variant na din sila.

Watch out for my next recipe.. The Korean BBQ pork steak ! GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Sierra

Last SUnday, July 8, we attended Sierra's 1st birthday at Hard Rock Cafe Makati. Sierra's Dad, Patrick, is Gelo's bestfriend since High School. Her mom Erika is my dear friend since we starterd preparing for our wedding last 2005.

Let me give you a brief background about Erika and I muna. She got married last May 2005, June 2005 naman ako. We share almost the same suppliers then. Venue, Gown Designer, FLorists, musicians,jeweller, etc . When we got pregnant, we would always talk to each other over the phone, and would most of the time see each other on our free weekends. I just miss those days... We got busy with life after giving birth.. but we always keep in touch. And we make it a point to see each other at least once a month.

So back to Sierra's birthday..

Joaqui was asleep a few minutes after we arrived. His pics at the on site Photomug looks like he is under drugs LOL. Poor baby. So We ( gelo, my sis and I ) enjoyed the buffet coz we are not bugged by the little boy. Ang dami ko tuloy nakain. Joaqui woke up in time for the magic show. (poor thing, the battery of our cam was low batt already). He claps his hands and keeps on touching Sierra. Hehehe.

I had fun during the ventriloquism act of Flooch. As in nakakatawa kasi sya and his puppet. I wasnt able to get a balloon from the balloon burst. Buti na lng may sobra sa prizes, Erika gave one to Joaqui. The lunch bag give away was filled with yummies that I enjoyed like marshmallows, jelly ace, and cheese balls!

To Erika and Patrick, congratulations for throwing such a wonderful party for your little girl. And hope to see you sa opening ng Nail Spa nyo sa Greenhills ( ayan, Advertisement na ha).

And of course, to my dear inaanak Sierra, Always be a good girl just like mommy ( di naman to siguro mababasa ni Patrick LOL). We are always here for you coz we love you! Cant wait to see you bloom into such a pretty girl!

We don't have pics with the birthday family in our cam kasi nag low batt eh. But we have pics from Ging Lorenzo :)


This one came from Nice.

1. Food you hate - Anything exotic.. and japanese foods ( sorry but i don't like the taste )

2. Fruits you hate - Durian, Camachile (fruit ba to ?), Mangosteen and Mabolo

3. Veggies that you hate - Ampalaya and Okra

4. Celebrities or people that you hate - naku madami, but basically people who arrogant , inggitera/ inggitero , and people who can't be happy for what others have attained. ( kasi nga inggit sila, LOL)

5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate -death and illnesses

6. TV Shows or Movies that you hate - Sa TV , sorry pero Kapamilya ako, so ayaw ko ng Kapuso shows, hehehe. Sa movies, ayaw ko nung parang mainit ang setting and madudumi ung characters ( kaya i never get to see any of the pirates movie)

7. Type of Music that you hate - heavy metal, and songs na nonsense naman ang lyrics.

8. Household chore that you hate - Ironing clothes! It would really take ages before i finish a shirt. Ang hirap talaga!

9. Things you hate about the world - Wow pang Ms. UNIVERSE naman to.. I hate injustice and poverty. A lot of children suffer from it.. ( yesssss)

10. Things that you hate about yourself - Being forgetful after I gave birth. As in! So i always write things down, or set an alarm if anything needs to be done at a certain time.

Have a break and answer this

Monday, July 09, 2007

down with colds

yes and its terrible!

and I hate having this feeling that i need to wipe my nose every 2 minutes i guess LOL.

and I can't attend to Joaqui most of the time coz im sneezing..

and I haven't found Joaqui's bracelet yet..

and I'm not taking any meds yet (though im drinking orange juice and im eating mandarin orange)coz i dont wanna feel sleepy during the day

and i just want this colds virus to leave our place!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

missing you

My sis in law, Love, found this message at Papa's celfone dated Dec. 6, 2006.

" Life is eternal and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon... Horizon is nothing but a limit of sight... "

** goodbye kiss for papa **

its been a month. we miss you pa.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


july 7, 2007

people say that this is a lucky day.. i guess its a 50-50 for me.

** today is the 2nd year of our car.

** today we purchased the canon 400d

and today.. i lost joaqui's bracelet from his ninang joanne :(

i feel so down and low, that despite of our new cam, i lost something so important to joaquin. It pains me so much that i have to type it down here. The corales bracelet was placed at our PC bedside table, along with joaqui's necklace, my sister's watch and earrings.

Its just us and the maid here in the house. I even checked our new maid's bag of clothes, and even her pockets. i found nothing. The smart bro team went here too, but the jewelries were not here at the table when they arrived.

where the hell is it?!?!?!!

A part of me is blaming myself, if only i should have kept it! and by the way, the bracelet is broken, so whoever got it is so magaling. Talagang pati ung nasirang part kinuha. He / She also has an eye for a jewelry. Pero napapaisip ako, it is placed besides joaqui's necklace, bakit ung bracelet lang ang nawala? and bakit hindi ung watch ng sister ko ang kinuha? it is far more expensive than joaqui's bracelet.

why.. why.. why?

(and if ever my sister Ricca would read this.. pleeaasseee dont tell mom yet. I am doing my best to find it. )

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

changes and updates

just a few that i can think of right now..

* a new blog template ( just thought of giving it a new shade, other add ons coming soon )

* a new computer table for us. Would you believe i'm still using my Engineering / Drawing table from 1st year college? around 12 years ago? The new one is here already, tinatamad lang maglipat :)

* Gelo is now on shifting again. Haay he works from 6 am til 2 pm, but as usual he is ot til 5pm.

* Joaqui had colds which later progressed to a terrible cough (read: asthmatic cough). He is a lot better now, Thanks to Prednisone :) Though sick, goodness, still my little hurricane!

* We ( or is it just me?) finally decided to purchase a DSLR. It's the Canon 400D (or Rebel XTI) that Gelo is so dying to have. Hahaha! ( As i am typing this, he is making this gesture of taking my picture kunwari. ) I had second thoughts of buying coz Im thinking if its really worth having. We have been on a lot of expenses lately. Thanks to Abie and Aggie for giving me insights. And My Big thanks to Howell ni Abie , for always bringing his camera at The little gym hehehe.. lagi tuloy naalala ni gelo na bibili sya nun. And to Edil ni Aggie, man, you add up to his zest to buy. LOL

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Feast One Hundred and Fifty

I am posting this now ( this is supposed to be for last week, hopefully I can post weekly )

Have a taste..

How many pieces of jewelry do you wear most days?

- On a usual day, just 2 rings. The ring gelo gave me last May 10, 1998 and our wedding ring.

What is your favorite instrumental song?

- The Dusk by Jim Chappel

Who has a last name that you like?

- Zobel de Ayala

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.

- A lot... LOTR, Star Wars, Batman Movies... I would rather read than watch. And i dont watch movies just because its sensationalized .. hehehe ;)

Fill in the blanka: Nothing makes me __complete__ like ___my family___.

Got this from Friday feasts.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The pedia visit

I chatted one night with Aggie, asking how Martha was doing, since i read at her blog that the little girl has colds. She said that she suspects it's asthma. She treated Martha with a nebulizer.

It was coincidence that their pediatric -pulmonologist at UST is Joaqui's pedia too. So we had a "date" last Saturday at UST. Ganda ng meeting place namin :) Gelo and I met Aggie, Edil, Matthew and Martha. We were so happy to meet them. Si Joaqui panay ang sunod kay Martha. He even attempted to kiss Martha sa cheek. Uuuyyyyyy... sumisimple agad anak ko ah.

At naku, pag sineswerte nga naman si Gelo, Aggie and Edil owns a Canon Rebel XTI. The DSLR that Gelo is reallly craving for. ( We went to Henry's at Quiapo already but out of stock pa )And since dala nila ang cam for their picture taking at the UST grounds, instant close agad si Gelo kay Edil. At talagang sila pang dalawa ang nag uusapan ha. I thought todo chika kami ni Aggie eh, si Gelo and Edil pala hehehe. So Aggie and I looked after our kiddos with side kwentos na din.

I just dont know if we had a decent shot with Joaqui and Martha, ang gulo kasi nilang dalawa. Then the assitant called us na.

Our meet up was short and sweet, hopefully there will be a next time, but please, not na sa Pedia ha... :)

Meet Viktor and Tony

The two new "guys" of my life.. ( that is kung guy nga sila LOL)


A good pair of Viktor Jeans can get you laid. That's their tag line..

We went to Podium today, right before Joaqui's class at the Little Gym to pick up Gelo's custom -made jeans from Viktor. It actually took them less than a week to finish the jeans. Its soooo nice tlaga. Inggit nga ako hehehe. I wanted to have one too, but i had a last minute decision na wag na lang muna. Bigla ako nanghinayang.. (kuripot kasi ako). But for Gelo, who really wanted to have that ever since he knew about Viktor, pumayag ako na pagawa na nga sya ng isang pair to try it out. Bilis nga nya sinukatan , then had this "standard " jeans that you will fit, tapos from there they will do the adjustments with a scotch tape. Then ask you of the details that you wanna add on.

For sure, sulit to kay Gelo, as he uses jeans for work every single day. And he is the type of person na hanggat hindi butas , hindi sya nagpapalit talaga. He only have a few pairs , quite expensive but really lasted that long. So when you sum it up, the COst- per- wear (CPW) of the item is like 10 cents na lang hahaha! or 1 peso? SO ok na di ba?

And syempre, I asked for washing instructions, kasi baka masira eh hehehe.. Hand wash and air dry lang daw. At dito ako naloka sa nabasa ko (sa tag ng jeans and sa binigay sa amin na paper).. Read on ..

" Follow our washing Instructions. Dont jazz this jeans . If you can't stop yourself, better buy another jeans brand or a dress. Recommended to wear' tl it stinks and start crawling up your walls. If you are not satisfied, chances are - YOU'RE IN DENIAL. "

Will i have one made for me??? Hmmm let me think...

So totoo naman ba ang tagline nila mentioned above... Ask nyo na lang si Gelo. HAHAHA


After Viktor, we saw Chef Tony's Popcorn near Baby & Co Podium, and since i heard good feedbacks about it, we decided to give it a try. My sister in law , who was with us bought the White chocolate with walnut. Gelo got the Almond MOchachino, White choco walnut and the original flavor. HIndi naman kami addict sa popcorn ?!?!

Our verdict: its the best tasting popcorn in town. Not too sweet and not too salty. And the flavor is evenly distributed in every bite. Im munching nga right now. LOL.
OOppsss and it really contains walnuts and almonds. Yumminesss!!! Next week , we will definitely buy again! Hanggang sa makilala na ako ng sales lady :)

Goodluck sa weight gain ko ;)