Monday, July 23, 2007

enjoying the gym

pardon the pics, this was taken last saturday during the make up class of Joaqui. Obviously, di pa alam ni Gelo which mode of the camera to use. May glass screen din kasi ang room, and we dont have the lens yet to filter that. INis nga ako when i saw the pics.. puro may camera shake! Enjoy pa naman kami sa skills.

Anyway, thats our little boy .. having fun talaga. as In di sya umiiyak. I was too nervous pa nga with the big donut forward roll. Pero deadma lang sya. And he knows how to safely place his hands ( and tuck his head too!) when he is about to land.. haayy simple joys nga naman ng nanay. :)


Joy said...

hi sis! san kayo nag little gym?

Peachy said...

hi joy! we go to el pueblo every sunday :)