Monday, July 23, 2007

enjoying the gym - part2

These shots are better than the previous. Gelo asked Howell ni Abie which mode to use. DI pa din ako satisfied client ni Gelo, kasi naman , may mga na miss sya na moves. LOL arte! Sayang kasi, super enjoy si Joaqui sa skills. Even the pullover at the bar, wala syang shot! hayyy siguro nakikipag chismisan tong cameraman ko. LOL

And by the way, Thats LJ Moreno (Alma's niece who was into showbiz before), the one wearing blue polo shirt. I find her soo simple yet very pretty.. She's a trainee yata,and will be assigned to the Makati Branch soon. She's good na nga eh, and i can see her patience with kids.

I enjoyed last weeks theme where they focus on what the kids can do. I can see developments with Joaqui. And his confidence in doing things.. talo pa yata ako. Can't wait for the show day !


Paul and Toni said...

enjoy na enjoy si joaqui ah. i'm seriously contemplating again kung enroll ko ba si lance. hehehe! kelangan ma-convince ko si paul. wish me luck! hehe

Peachy said...

naku, enjoy tlaga yan.. he seldom cries at class and with skills. i swear, ako talaga minsan ang takot. have a trial class muna pag mejo malaki na si lance. si gelo nga nag decide enroll namin sya ulit next quarter :) for sure, all smiles si paul pag nakita nya mag try ng skills si lance.