Friday, October 12, 2012

Saxophone and it's music

The saxophone is one instrument that I really find interesting. How I wish I learned it during my younger years but my family has a limited budget that time , my parents can't afford to buy a piece yet. One of my favorites is Kenny G , he plays great selections that can really help soothe your senses as you listen to it. He surely have a wonderful mouthpiece that he use with his saxophone. Silhouette  will forever be my favorite , I have some of his CD's that I bought a few years ago. It's not too late to dream about saxophone , maybe one of my kids wil pursue that dream.

Read and Volunteer

Most of my Saturday mornings are spent with the children of Ulingan in Tondo. I am one proud Project PEARLS Volunteer. Aside from our feeding program in this community, we also have other activities right after like Reading time,  Arts and Crafts and Homework help.  They love reading and listening to story books for kids.

Join us and share some of your time with these children.  Discover the inner joy of being a volunteer .

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Air Force Coins

I am not really aware about air force challenger coins available online , it was just my dad who mentioned it to me a few months ago. He told me that it was the latest addition to his curent coin collection. I checked it online and some saw really great pieces that I can give him as Christmas gift.  Some of the items that I like are the Air Force Coin Knife ,  Mom and Dad coin set with velvet box,  Air Force retired coin and the Vietnam Veteran Coin. It comes in good prices so I might get him a few pieces that would fit in my budget. If you know someone who enjoys collecting coins, they should and check out these great pieces!

Jack O Lantern Mask

I am looking for some craft ideas in time for halloween, and look at this Jack O'Lantern Mask that I found at Pinterest . It is such an easy activity that you can enjoy with the kids tis season.

You will need the following:

- paper plate
- watercolor / kiddie craft paint in orange, black and green
- Scissors
- string

Simply cut the paper plate with a pattern for the eyes , nose and mouth. Paint the face part of the plate with orange. You may add some other designs like shown below in the pic. To keep the mask in place, Tie a string at the sides and make sure it fits you well. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Kumon Workbooks for preschoolers

Finally, these Kumon workbooks are now available in our local bookstore . I bought 3 for my daughter we can practice her writing and coloring skills. She is still not that interested in holding a pencil or a crayon , so I just try to make it a fun activity for her.  Her teacher said , she enjoys painting so I also got her some art materials , kiddie paint and paint brush. 

On my next visit to the bookstore, I will buy something for my son , like Math and Crafts workbooks. We need to keep them busy during the semestral break.