Friday, April 25, 2008


My cousin's husband is currently taking up his residency now on a reputable hospital. This is actually his second hospital since the first one is on a provincial hospital. During one of our chat's he was able to share some of his experience at the emergency room of a provincial hospital, one of this is which they need to operate on some patient, while on the operating room the electricity went out and when the electricity came back due to the generator, every tool must be accounted for even exam gloves must be part of it. Fortunately, everything was accounted for and the patient was successfully operated on.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coming home soon!

I had a chat with my sis this morning, and she was excited to come home. She'll be here by next week. We will fetch her at the airport, thus i asked her if she has so many luggage cause we will borrow the van of my mother in law. She replied yes, and she was able to endorse to me this one site that offers travel security in terms of your belongings from phone to waist wallet. I was able to check out the site and it indeed offers Pacsafe waist wallets.

I'll buy some soon, cause i'll use this for our vacation trip with my sis.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A new hobby

During one of my visits to my friends’ house, i was amazed to see the collection of his father of rare coins; some i must say are very antique and rare. I got a chance to chat with his father about this hobby of his; he said at first it will be very expensive since you must deal with other coin dealer. This is very important since it takes a dealer with vast resources, broad-based experience and an unending commitment to providing the utmost in service for you to be successful. Another tip for a successful investment is, as a collector or investor; you should strive to have every advantage available to you.

I became curious, since these sounds like a good investment. We will meet again to discuss in details on how to begin this investment and find a suitable coin dealer partner.

Grandma & Me

Picture of my mother in law and Joaqui. She was very excited on my son's birthday. She made sure that every click of the camera she was there with my son.

My son love his lola, as my son always says to her "love you mama"...then in addition, "let's go to SM mama".

Still the same

Same...still the same! I'm always glued to our bed for the longest time now. I feel very sleepy all day long. I only got up this evening, so that i can check out the American Idol performance. Of course also to check out the performance of my bet...David Cook. His performance tonight i must say is on the safe side...he is not in his element but the three judges says that it was a good performance.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


My hubby is on a diet...again! He only ate 1 rice for the whole day and chicken breast. But he is till asking me to have a spaghetti pesto on our weekly menu since this is very good for the health. He also started to eat only oatmeal for breakfast. He is also checking out some weight loss pills so that he can speed up the losing weight part.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Slimmers World

My hubby is thinking of enrolling at slimmers world. He became interested since they offer discounts on memberships and also they boast of new equipments such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and many more. He also plans to have his own instructor so that he will have the right exercise regime. He will try to drop by, by next week so that he can start early May.

My American Idol bet

Meet David Cook...He is my bet to win the American Idol.
Rock on!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Recipes Online

My hubby and I are food enthusiast. We are willing to go to every restaurant and try their best in house recipes. I for example make it a point to check some cook books so that i can create this at our own kitchen. Then during one of our trips to our favorite restaurant i ordered some chocolate cheesecake for dessert and it was so delicious. I said to myself that i will definitely re-create this at home, so i called up my friend and asked her if she has some cookbook that i can follow to recreate this yummy dessert. She just advised me to check out this site I was amazed because it offers various recipes from appetizers to poultry and even it has recipes for vegetarians. I personally checked the cakes since i need to re-create this "Chocolate Cheesecake" dessert here in our own kitchen. There it was, i just click the link and presto...the ingredients and the step by step procedures are all there. It was so very user friendly and also if you check out the procedure there is also a link on some ingredients so that you can be more familiar with that ingredient and also it can give you the Nutritional Facts of that food. I'll definitely visit this site soon i'll check the frozen and fruit dessert category when i revisit this site again.

Morning, Afternoon, Evening Sickness

Maybe i spoke to soon when i said that "it seems the 2nd pregnancy was a bit easier than the first". I it take all back. I'm glued to our bed and it seems i'm sick all thru out the day.

I miss you all guys. I hope i'll be ok tomorrow so that i can check out some chikas and read some of your blogs.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reading time

My hubby's love for books re-surfaced again, since i was able to mention to him that the newest book of john grisham is already available. My hubby has books written by john grisham, The Firm and A Time to Kill. He will definetely buy his new best seller...The Appeal by John Grisham. He believes that this masterpiece will be soon seen on the big screen.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pictures at Shang

You can visit my other site for the pictures :) Im still not feeling well.. huhuhu

Pictures at Shang

You can visit my other site for the pictures :) Im still not feeling well.. huhuhu

gagner de l’argent

What is gagner de l’argent ? That is the French phrase for ” to gain money”. Who wouldn’t want to have some extra cash that easy right? Who wouldn’t want to become rich or devenir riche ? There’s a lot of money making opportunities over the internet but some were classified as a scam. But not with this, you don’t even have to buy or sell anything. If you are curious about having argent facile or easy money, check out the website.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Live TV

I've heard from a friend about this live tv. I got curious and was able to check this one out. The site is great, i am amazed that they have live shows and even live broadcast. They have channels with different subject to choose from such us comedy, music, and news to name a few. What attracted me most is the featured live show. This site is really something.

A long weekend

How's your weekend everyone? For me, not a good one. I have a hard time to get out of our bed. Hope that i'd be better on the 2nd birthday of my son...i really hope.

Hope you had a good weekend everyone!

What color is your aura?

Your Aura is Blue

Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life.

You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships.

The purpose of your life: showing love to other people

Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah

Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor

Saturday, April 05, 2008


My hubby is being wooed by another company; they are offering him a competitive salary plus great benefits. The package also includes car plan, housing loan and a medical insurance, their still on the bargaining stage. My hubby asked me for an advice, and i just said to him that i will support him whatever will be his decision. I know my hubby can get the best deal... cause he already done this before.

Friday, April 04, 2008

On diet ...again!

After our trip at Cebu, my hubby is getting ready again with his diet regime. No dinner for him starting last monday, since he gained 10lbs in just 3 days at cebu. The food at the hotel i must say is great. Anyway, let's get back to diet thing he is now considering to take some top diet pills just to help him lose some pounds. But of course, he still needs to trim down his food intakes and a little bit of exercise.

So to my hubby...Goodluck!

Newly renovated House

My mother in law house is already finished. The finishing touches are already done. We have contributed some appliances such as LCD TV and a home theater. While my sister in law was able to buy some things for the kitchen. The next project will be our terrace, we are planning to have a lanai, pond and some outdoor furniture.

Soon the overall renovation of their house will be finished and we are planning to stay there for a vacation.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


When we are still kids, I've always dreamed of going to disneyland. All of my favorite walt disney characters are all there from Mickey Mouse to Cinderella. This dream will soon be realized since we will be having our vacation in the US this december. One of my relatives in the US advised us that we checked out some sites for ticket reservations. We are considering this site that offers Discount Walt Disney World Tickets. This is the largest ticket store in Orlando. They offer discounted tickets for some disney shows, and there are so many ticket options from base tickets to no expiration tickets.

This are great buy tickets. We will definitely check this out once we start our vacation in the US.

Birthday Updates

Im swamped with things to do for the little boy's 2nd birthday. Though its just a simple one, I still want to keep things special. But the problem is my preggo condition. Im tied with our bed!!! Huhuhu! So far I need to do the ff:

* Buy tumblers
* Pay and pick up the lunchbags
* buy some more prizes

Yay! Talk about cramming!!! hehehehe..

Bakit ba kasi nakakatamad pag buntis ka?!?!?! LOL

Grand vacation

We are planning to have a grand vacation in the US. In this way my parents won't have to go back here in manila this December. One of my relatives there will be our official tour guide, as early as now they are planning to take us to different scenic spots in the US. I am looking forward to visit Las Vegas. We are planning to check in on different Las Vegas Hotels. Looking forward to see some Vegas shows and play on some world class casino. Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world thats why we are very excited.

In to the future

We are indeed heading for the future, new technologies and invention that seems to be impossible if you will look back forty or fifty years ago. One great invention of our time is the telephone. The telephone evolved to many types, cell phone is one. But during one of my net surfing i became interested with VoIP Phone Systems . Nimbus VoIP phone systems by Xpander are designed to be the most efficient and flexible business phone systems in the world. This phone system are also plug and play that work all over the world.

I will definitely check this one out and get to know more about this amazing phone system.

What holiday are you?

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What makes you celebrate: Anything bizarre, unusual, or freaky.

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The entertainer. You really like to get into the mood of the holidays.

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Insist on a theme party of some sort.

Color of your heart

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When Vanity Strikes

Whenever we travel or simply stay in hotels for a weekend, the first thing I check in the room is the bathroom. I am very particular with bathroom vanities and for me , once there is a really nice bathroom, then everything follows. I wasn't able to take a picture of our bathroom in Shangrila, but all i can say is that, its really one of the best. The bathtub is in immaculate white, with chrome showers, the towels are so soft, toiletries are complete. Nothing more to ask.

My High School Life

I was tagged by Jody :) Thanks girl.. this is a bit late, sensya na :)

THINK BACK TO 4th year high school… Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you? Faith ( i think thats section 1 since we have the first honor with us hehehe)

Who were your seatmates? This one I cant remember..

Still remember your English teacher? Yes, Ms. Carual

What was your first class? English

Made friends to the lower years? Yeah, i have a few

How was your class schedule? 7 am til 3:40 pm

Made any enemies? Minor ones lang, nothing major really

Who was your favorite teacher? Our class adviser, Mrs. Carag

What sport did you play? None. I'm not sporty eh

Were you a party animal? Yes:)

Were you well known in your school? Hmm, I would say yes. I usually join contests (and win) , and Im an honor student ..naks!

SKIP CLASSES? Never. You cant go out kasi eh

Did you get suspended/expelled? Never.

Can you sing the alma mater? Yes:)

What was your favorite subject? Physics

Did you go to the dances? yes.

Where did you go most often during breaks? Kiosk and Canteen hahah

What did you do on the last day of school? Went out with friends

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A New Career

One of my friend is graduating this april. Actually this will be his second degree. Since he will be graduating with honors, he is already being asked to join a multi national company. He will be hired as a pharmacy technician. As a pharmacy tech he will assists licensed pharmacists, either in retail or mail-order pharmacies, or in hospitals. The pharmacy technician salary is very competitive and the benefits are great.