Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Love Month

Yey! February is about to kick in.. Thus the change of colors in my layout. I don't know how to change the header yet , so I'm a happy girl with the color change :) And aside from Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year is also for this month, and red as always is the lucky color, right? So red is for Love and Luck :)

Product Marketing

Part of my college curriculum was the subject Marketing, but I never really paid that much attention on the matter. I never thought on how much it gives impact on a product brand and the product itself. Marketing plays a vital role in the success of a product, whether it's an itital release of continuity of selling in the market. When I got hooked with online shopping, I have seen the effects of marketing on brands and online stores. Truly, sales will greatly be affected by that.

Recently, a dear friend of mine opened up a clothing store and she has been developing some marketing strategies for her group. They have come up with promotions such a leaflets and flyers but they would still need do more for their brand. So I suggested to her a Marketing Company that could personally design a program for them. One part of their program is Website Design. I told my friend how important it is to have a good website when you are into sales. Internet provides easy access to your items and enables you to communicate to your customers easily. Aside from that, they have Brand Rollout, Print Ad Design, Logo Design and Marketing Communications Campaign. My friend will give them a call this week, and I do hope everything turns out well.

cellphone blues

The other day, Gelo arrived home at 12 noon, and it is so surprising for me since I know he should be at work by then. I didn't received a phone call from him on his way home, not even a text message, so I asked him why? And he just said that his cell phone signal is fluctuating from time to time, even when he was at Manila already, no good reception for him. Oh no, does this mean it's time for him to get a new one? Or should we just bring it to a technician. Have you hear that there is a signal booster already? I'll check it tonight and will let you know about it.

In another time zone

i thought it's friday today. In the post before this, I already greeted everyone a Happy weekend! LOL! So Im gretting you all in advance, hehe:)


Can you tell if he enjoyed eating MY peaches and cream? Hehehe!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Get More from Debix

I recently posted information about Debix and on how I wnated to get one for myself. However, being the budget conscious now that I am , I researeched first for some Debix Promotional Code before signing up with them. And I never failed of having some. Now I am excited to sign up, knowing that will athe benefits I will receive from them, I will also receive plus 30 days free because of this Promo Code. Isn't that a steal?

As I have mentioned before, Debix is tied up with Loud Siren in their fight against Identity Theft. Identity theft is described as a serious crime that occurs when your personal information is stolen and used without your knowledge to commit fraud and other crimes. This has been all over the news lately, and at, you will see their statistics regarding this matter. Identity Theft is mostly prevalent at the internet, with the state of the art technology that we have now, everything is just possible to hack. This would also touch on the topic of online shopping, since we provide personal information to the websites such as our name, address, telephone number and our credit card information. It is always best to be protected, thus I am getting myself an Anti - Fraud program for my accounts. It is not too late to have one too. With Debix promo code, you can save a lot , so better sign up with them too.

still my baby

Originally uploaded by gelopeachy
How time flies... At this time of last year, I was so busy with all of the birthday preps, and now the little boy is turning two! WOW! We have partial plans of a simple party courtesy of my mom (thanks mommy!), and I'm sure Joaqui will have loads of fun with that. Lesser guests by this time too.. Actually, I am so thankful that we are still having a party for this year, despite my most famous line last year that " The next one after this would be on his 7th birthday!" Hahaha! I'm excited, it's getting near.. Its the love month on Saturday! I have 2 months to prepare everything :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Laziness is here to stay

It's not just me, i know, I 've seen some blogs of my fellow mommy bloggers and they are not updating like before , LOL! What happened?

Gelo got lazy today too.. the workaholic daddy was here at 12noon! He usually arrives at 7pm everyday.. I was so surprised since he didn't call me on his way home, no text message too.. I just heard our car locking sound so I immediately opened our window from the room, and I saw him walking towards the gate.. "Bakit nandito ka?" Hahaha.. And he simply replied, " Tinatamad ako eh."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Linky loves...

Thanks to Ivy for this..

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And here's the one from MM.. thank you~

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you can grab it if you like:)

Identity Theft Prevention

I have been into online shopping for quite some time now, and just like you, I always fear if the sites I am entering are safe and secured. In this modern times where technology is so much updated, we can never be sure of our security online. But not til I get to see Debix. What is Debix? It is a website that protects consumers and creditors from Identity theft. This is something I've been looking for quite some time now, because I am using my card in most purchases, so I am so curious withthe security of the websites I am using. Debix Identity Protection uses state of the art technology to protect it's members from possible hacking or disclosing of important information. I am stillr eading through the website, but from what I have seen, you need to be a member to avail of their services. They are also partnered with Loud Siren Fraud Alert Management. I am so thankful to come across these, because my sister really told me stories about identity theft and how hard it is to be a victim. She said that it is getting to be a commom thing in the news already. If you will also check at, you will see their statistics as to how many victims there were in 2007. After signing up to Debix, I can now freely and reluctantly use my credit cards at the online stores. But in most cases, I am also choosy with the stores where I do my shopping. Most sites with big malls are usually my favorites. But it is always best to be on the safer side, that is why I am getting Debix. So if you are using your credit cards on websites, be sure to have Debix too. Better to be safe than sorry.


Thanks Yvette. Feels so great to receive this ... :)

Passing this to Jane, Apols, and Alpha :)

Eyeglasses starting at $8

I am always up for great finds when it comes to shopping, today let me share this to you, Great Discovery: Zenni Optical . They have a huge selection of designs and they truly value your money. Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses are really fitted on everybody's budget. They also have frames, single and double vision lens, and progressive lens. UV protection and anti scratch coating comes for free. So the next time you'll be needing eyeglasses, check out my Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical .

Ain't he cute?

Eversince the birth of Super Inggo, I knew this kid would make it big. I don't even know his full name, I only remember him as Pareng Jomar , but now the face has a name.. Meet Jairus Aquino, my latest crush!! LOL! I love his eyes and cheeks.. and wait til he acts, funny and spontaneous! Tonight , I watched the premiere of Kung Fu kids , hehehe , i might get hooked with it because of him :) This picture of him reminds me of Onemig Bondoc, right? My mom will surely watch him at TFC every night. Yeah, I'm a fan of this little boy hehehe.

Something extra : As I was giving Joaqui a quick wash up before bedtime, I was showing him some karate / martial arts moves from what I've seen from the show ( the usual hand movements with matching sound effects ) , little boy was staring.. and then as I had my pose, I said " Ninja Kids!" .. i stared blank after... Shocks! "Kung Fu kids " pala.. Hahaha.. Now you know, i live in the 80's, coz i believe there's a ninja kids movie starring JC bonin etc.. tama ba?! LOL

Our Wi fi at home

It just feels so good to have one here. Whenever Gelo needs to use the desktop, I grab the laptop and find my spot here at the house, and voila, I'm connected to the internet. But before the wifi was another story. Last October, we were rushing to have the wifi because we want my mom to see our house blessing thru the webcam. The technician of the router and our internet provided asked me some cables that I don't know of. It's a good thing I am familiar with some of the cable connections here, but still , some of them were so new to me. Anyways, it was still a successful set up on a first attempt. And I am so thankful to our wifi here at home.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Home

Two weeks ago, Gelo and I went to the southern part to check on some probable lots or houses for us. We are still in the stage of canvassing nad evaluating our options. The world of real estate is not that new to me, but I know that I need to learn more. I met a nice lady who helped us by showing some of the best developments and communities in our chosen area. However, we are still undecided for now. Budget would still be our primary concern, since putting up a place of our own is tedious, stressful and would need more money than any other investment we have for now. I do hope and pray for the best, I always do.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mad as I wanna be

I had this simple layout for this awesome pic of the little boy. he loves doing this face whenever you say "Mad face Joaqui" .. Sayang, this is not the best Mad face nga eh, but i find him really cute here.

Busy Saturday?

I think so. I am scheduled to have a haircut as my hair is getting unmanageable already. We are bringing Joaqui to his pedia for a check up. this is so rare since we always visit the pedia because of colds and asthma. The little boy is all well for the past 3 months. Thank God. We might do a little grocery too. Though busy and tiring, I still love saturdays.. coz I spend my day with my family. :) Happy weekend.

Vanity is my favorite sin

You Are 72% Vain

You're a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.
Just remember, everyone knows you are a total hottie. You don't have to remind them.

Snagged this from Erika.

Is this true? I am not that vain.. so i guess 72% is okay:)

Fell free to grab if you need fillers!

My unique investment

I have always said that I wanted to start this year right, so financially , I am really looking for ways to invest some of our money. I have seen on how gold became so powerful over the century. I am thinking of buying gold bars or gold coins. Did you know that you can also do this online? I can have it purchased online then delivered personally at my address or have it deposited at a safe storage in a bank. I am still doing a thorough research at, they provide extensive information on how the process goes, so if you are interested with investing, you can check out the site. They have a toll free number too, in case you have questions after seeing their site. You may contact a represebtative for buying purposes, and your convesation will be voice recorded for security. You will also receive a confirmation through mail of your purchase. Once everything is done with the payment , you will then be receiving your gold. Ain't that easy? I know that this would be a good investment, so let's all try it out.

Kick me..

.. please?

I am so lazy nowadays with opps and with anything, LOL. I badly need a kick to keep me moving. I know I should be thankful that I still have opps :) And to make you believe that I am lazy, I wasn't updated with online shopping too. The bag that I am eyeing at Dillard's was sold for $99!! Goodness, I'm too late, when i clicked it, out of stock already!! Ggrrr!!! Imagine how sad i was when I saw that its unavailable already. I wanted it really!! Huhuhu.. i dont think it's avail at the stores too.. (*insert sad face here).. maybe it's not for me..

On the lighter side , mommy showed me her latest grab .. A Steve Madden ballet flats for me.. in black and white patchwork. Thanks mom! You know, a pair of shoes can really brighten my day ** wink wink**

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thanks.. Thanks

To Jenny, Jacqui and Jane, Thank you so much for these awards.. :) Thanks for the friendship too:)

I am passing this to Abie and Toni ( my fellow little gym mommies), Kathy ( my online kumare), MM ( for being my buddy on online shopping finds) , and to Erika ( my dear friend, My Kumare with Sierra, Joaqui's ninang and everyday ka chat, day ang night! miss you!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happiness again

Pardon my excitemen, my never ending pictures and stories whenever I post my shopping finds here.. I know, it's becoming a regular entry at my blog. But you see, I just feel so happy now, whenever someone from LBC will knock at our gate, I feel ecstatic. Hahaha! Who wouldn't? My stuff from online shopping are right at our doorstep. Today, something arrived again.. woohoo. I already forgot when I purchased these items, I think before Christmas pa, but mom decided to ship it recently only. Thanks mom and dad :)

** Alice for me and Prima for my sister, my late Christmas gift, LOL**

** Didn't bought these.. Thanks to Joaqui's ever generous Ninang Dollar aka Ricca , the true blue shopaholic , for the Cars shoes (na sinuot agad ng anak ko pagkakita pa lang), And the RL Polo shirt below. Yes Ricca, I believe you, RL is such a classic brand, so buy more!! as in a lot ha?! hahaha**

** I saw this at Target and shared the links to my mom, I told you i stopped from shopping, so I asked my mom to buy it for his unico. The next day , mommy showed it to me thru webcam. He got all the Attitude Tees designs at Target.. Woohoo! Addict yata family namin? **

OKay, so yung 2 crocs lang pala from my own money :)) hahaha!

Online Billiards

I've been playing billiards for few years already and I recently stopped when I gave birth. I remember spending money and sleepless nights playing with my cousins and friends, those were my single days. I miss playing online, so Imagine my happiness when I online billiard at , they have billiards, snooker and pool. I am a first timer at the site and I'm really enjoying my games. I will be doing this more often now, since I only have to do it online and not even go out of the house. If you like playing billiards, be sure to check this site and have fun !

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Linky Love

Thanks to Yen :)

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I'm spreading the love to Joy, Jane, Jacqui, Jody, and Joey.

Hotel Reservations

Travelling has been one of my favorites currently, who wouldn't love to travel with their families right? As early as now, I already planned one domestic trip for our family on March, then come May, we might have another one when my sister arrives. Last year, we also had a few family trips that I truly enjoyed, and I'm looking forward to more travels for this year. At all cases, I am personally booking our flight and hotel accomodations. Hotel reservations is one thing I would really love to do, as I worked in this industry before. I had great deals during our 2 vacations last year. Did you know that it is easy to reserve a hotel online? You just have to choose your specific destination, your arrival date, length of stay and your preferences when it comes to rooms. Usually, they provide the lowest internet rates, so the price would really be a steal. Hotel Discounts are such a big help when you travel as a group or as a family. One of my favorite site to book would be , because with them you can always book online, or call their toll free number. The rooms that they have online are guarantees satisfaction when it comes to service, food and cleanliness. So better check the site too for all your travel needs.

At the last quarter of the year, we might have another trip with my in laws, and I'm so excited for that. As early as now, I'm looking for great hotels at our destination, the key here is to research before travelling. We might book our flight and accomodations from one site, and that would really save us a lot. travelling in group could really be expensive, but once you know where to book, you are definite that youare getting the best deals. I am also checking out some Resorts , because our trip won't be complete without dipping into the pool or beach. And another preference of mine would be the breakfast should be included. That would save us some pennies too, than eating outside the hotel. Oh, I just can't get enough of travelling recently. CAn you share your travel sotries and plans for this year?

Monday, January 21, 2008

My shoe boy strikes again

What's wrong with this picture ??

Yeah! The shoes!!! LOL

He put on his shoes all by himself, and my sister just saw him walking around the room wearing it. We all laughed after seeing him, feel na feel pa maglakad ha! He really loves that specific Crocs of him, I don't know why. It's a bit "sakto" so I don't let him wear that one often. But , boy oh boy, He knows where all of his shoes are placed, so he would go there, and grab this one. Just tonight, I removed this when i need to wash him and change his nappy. Gelo and I still had to explain to him why we need to remove his Crocs ( yes, he can say the brand clearly and can even recognize the logo anywhere!) . He was crying while saying "shoes, shoes" while I'm putting on his nappy! Hahaha! So after putting on his PJ's he wore the shoes. We went to our room and a few minutes after , we have to remove the shoes again coz he needs to be in bed for milk. But as soon as he's done with his milk, he went off the bed and put on the shoes all by himself. I think he likes shoes noh?! I know... I know... I wont say anything.. I know what you' re thinking.. hehe

Golf wear

One of my uncle is into golf recently, and he is really getting addicted with the sport. he bought a lot of paraphernalias already and he is still buying some more, from bags, clothes, balls, golf clubs, etc. Since it's his birthday on February, I am planning to give hima nice polo shirt from Adidas golf . I have ssen this at the mall last weekend, and it was on sale. I love the white one, as it is so refreshing to look at. I am particular with the polo shirt's material too, and this one passed my standards. We might go back to the mall this weekend and grab it for my uncle.

Get Insured

All of us would want to have a secured future right? So, why not get yourself an insurance? I know that there's a lot of it now in the market, so we all have to be keen in determining which one would best suit our needs, and most importantly, which will provide optimum value for our money. I have received a few life insurance quotes already and I am just trying to weigh everything until I get my decision. This is one of my goals for this year, I am investing on insurance for Joaqui's future too.

Drug Treatments

A lot of people are still getting hooked with drug addiction, and until now, it is still considered to be one of the nation's biggest problem. It is good to know that the society is making it's way to treat this problem. I have seen a lot of drug treatment establishments already. They offer personalized treatment programs suited for the the needs of their clients. They also incorporate leisure activities such as gym programs and swimming classes. They also have a 3 - day program for the family of their patients, helpig them with drug related issues. So if you happen to know one who needs help, visit

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Love SOng TAg

Thanks Chat !

~ Start Copy ~

Here are the rules:
1. Please write your favorite love song, and what's the story behind it?
2. Please include your name and your URL blog.
3. Share this tag to your friends as much as you can.
4. Copy from "Start Copy" to "End Copy"

*My favorite song is "Endless Love". Because I sang this song as a surprise for my love on our engagement party - Nyumix

*With me, my favorite song is Korean Drama Soundtrack songs My favorite are Winter Sonata, Lovers in Paris, Full House, Love Letter, etc too much i don't remember the title. Why? Because they all nice to hear over and over again - Juliana RW

*I have many favourite love songs, but for now I'd love to share with you "My Destiny" by Jim Brickman. I love the beautiful lyrics and melody. As hubby and I faced so many challenges during our wedding preparations, this song is just so perfect and became the highlight of our wedding. - Choc Mint Girl

*"I'll always love you" by Michael Johnson. Need I explain? It's just a timeless love song for me. - Juliana's Lair, My World and My Library

*I do have a lot of favorite love songs but the first one that came into my mind as I'm doing this tag is Masterpiece by Atlantic Starr. I can't put into words why I like it. I like it's lyrics and melody. Simple but touching. - My Simple Joys

* I have a lot of favorites :) "Truly, Madly, Deeply " by Savage Garden would definitely be on my list. This is The first song that Gelo ang I loved when we were still in college :) I would also add "all my love" by innervoices, and "couldn't ask for more" by edwin mc cain. - Me and My Two Boys & My Life is Peachy

~ End Copy ~

Snag it if you like :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bad Credit?

Are you still suffering from a bad credit but you still need to find the best credit offer to fit your needs? Don't worry about your Bad credit loans because is here to help you out. Each day, the site compiles top credit offers for you to choose from. SO if example, you may be needing personal loans, just click on that link and you will see thier complete listing of personal loans companies that accepts individuals though they have imperfect credit history. So if you will be needing that extra cash to pay the bills or for use in other expenses, visit now.

A lot of things.

1. Name one thing you do everyday - Take care of Joaqui

2. Name two things you wish you could learn - Play the piano again ( i had lessons when i was young). Iron Clothes.

3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood - chinese garter. Little Twin Stars items. Matching dresses with my sisters.

4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do - crepes . seafood pasta. cakes. kare kare.

5. Name five things that make you feel good - being with joaqui and gelo. take photos. and of course, shop!! hehehe

Thanks MM!

Now I'm tagging Joy, Yen, Mich, Apols and Kelly

Friday, January 18, 2008


Finally, my hands were able to scrap today! I have tons of pics, but no time to scrap. But anyway, here, take a look and let me know if it's good enough for a newbie like me:)

That pic of Gelo and Joaqui at Panglao is one of my faves. I just clicked and clicked! Luckily I have a good shot. How I wish Joaqui was looking up talaga :) I only have a few boys embellishments, so if u have some, I'd be glad to have a copy :) I find doing LO's for my boys a little tough too, color and design limitations, you know:)

Credits: Shabby Princess Blue Skies & Mud Pies Kit , SSD And I quote fathers, Miss Mint after midnight kit

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is not true!!!!!!

You Are A Total Shopaholic!

You have a keen eye for spotting trends before they are hot
And sometimes your credit rating takes a beating as a result
Consider a job in retail to subsidize your gorgeous outfits
Over time, you could become a famous stylist or designer!

I strongly disagree!!!!!!

(Audience: " BOO! Peachy! BOO!")

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No-Hassle Loan

I know that most of us are looking for security whenever we apply for a payday loan online. I am also mindful of that. I have seen, one of the country's leader in online payday lending has opened it's doors to more people. It is so easy to get a loan, just submit your application online, then as soon as it is approved, money will be deposited at your account. The loan is usually due on the next payday. What sets them apart from the rest is customer service and satisfaction. They value their clients and put them at the top priority. They also have a secure website, no hassle sign up process, and competitive prices. Did you know that you can also earn from a referral? Refer a friend, and once their laon is approved, you will be receiving $40! is licensed individually by each state in which it does business, so you are definite that everything is legal and it is conducted with respect to the laws of your state. The next time you will be needing an extra cash, or you ran out of some before payday, you know wehre to apply or a loan.

A Different Day

I have received a lot of compliments from fellow moms , relatives and friends already, telling me how "mabait" my little boy is. He is , actually. Sometimes, I can't help but compare him to other kids of his age acting indifferently. It's like I'm telling myself, "buti di ganyan si Joaqui". I feel grateful hearing those comments, and I feel blessed and lucky having him as my son. But you see, kids are kids, at a certain point, they tend to be sobrang malikot or stubborn . You all know by now that I am a hands-on, full time, yayaless mom. It is my vocation. I love what I'm doing and I feel so fulfilled with that.

Being with your child the whole time is tiring (and exhausting), that explains my weight loss I guess. Sometimes, I wanted to have even just 5 minutes of "ME" time. Like 5 minutes of silence just to bring back my sanity? I am not complaning though, I have come to embrace that everything is a part of motherhood.

Today, I had a hard time with Joaqui that I almost shouted and I felt like I'm gonna explode any minute. A part of me feels sad for that. I feel bad about myself. Oh well, I guess we all have our bad times , mine is today. My super powers of being "The Octopus Mommy" didn't worked today. *sigh*

The little boy is asleep now. I promise I'll make it up to him as soon as he's up.

Audio Ad Hosting

I am earning from this blog for quite some time now and I can really say that my earnings helped me a lot. I recently saw another way to earn from our sites, and that is at They are offering a lot of servies like creating a website, domain names and pay per click. Anything you want is actually there. And here's more, at , you will be get paid everytime your website is seen. It is a free opportunity, weekly payouts, referral earnings and a lot more. I am now signing up with them, so what are you waiting for? Sign up and start earning now.

Money Talk

Whether you are starting up a business, expanding your own, aplying loans or credit cards, money will always be the main concern, right? I have seen a website that caters to all of these, thus making eveything easy for you. I am curious with Start Up financing that I have seemm , since I am planning a small business soon. I know having a stable financial status would be crucial. I might apply on some start up financing soon. I have been reading a lot about it at the site, and I like the terms they are offering their clients, not to mention the fast funding and excellent service that their past clients manifested. If you have more inputs about Start-Up Financing, please leave me a message and It would greatly be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

He is here to blog

and hopefully earn soon just like us. LOL!

Link up Gelo!

That site is an old one of mine eversince we got our DSLR. I wasn't able to update it , so he's the one maintaining it for now. I'll link you up in a while. thanks!

Stair & Chair Lift

Last year, when Gelo's dad was on his weakest point, we had a hard time taking care of him. At least two adults were needed to help him sit or stand, more so, one tough job would be using the stairs. I wish I had seen a stair lift before. This could have helped Papa in a lot of ways, most especially when he wants to go down the house. I have seen the sample model at the internet a while ago, and it is securely installed at the stairs, thus making going up and down an easy task even if you are a bit weak to do so. Well. this is technology working for us.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Love. Hate.

1. I love to eat: onion rings!
2. I hate to eat: onions in burgers.. eeww!
3. I love to go: to the beach with Gelo and Joaqui.
4. I hate to go: to the dentist? hahaha
5. I love it when: Joaqui says "Labyu" then hugs me.. awwwww sweet!
6. I hate it when: Joaqui is sick!
7. I love to see: my two boys playing :)
8. I hate to see: kids who are deprived in life, and they need to work at such an early age. Naawa talaga ko.
9. I love to hear: my little boy conversing with me at just about anything.
10. I hate to hear: anything too loud. Yung tipong basag naman ang sounds.. grr!

Thanks to Chat for this fun-to-answer tag :)

Feel free to snag for your fillers ehehehe.

A home in UK

During the holidays, my friend from UK called in to greet me and my family. We had a quite long conversation because it has been a while since we last saw each other. I was so surprised to know that she is pregnant now and is moving in a new place. She showed me some properties on their list, and that includes Abram Manchester one bed flats for sale. They are in touch with an agent already and they have seen the place. I can feel the excitement in her voice. But since they are expecting a child soon, they might buy 2 bed flat in Bedminster Bristol. I suggested that they should get the 2 bed flat since they can use the other room as a playroom or nursery. Oh I missed seeing UK and seeing familiar places at the site map makes me wanna visit my friend soon.

Am I?

You Are a Good Girl

You are 70% Good and 30% Bad
Generally speaking, you're a very good girl.
(But you don't have us totally fooled!)


Payday once again.

It's almost payday and it's one of my most awaited day of the month. As most of you know, I am a stay at home mom and my husband is the breadwinner of our family. Having a toddler would really mean a lot of expenses and I am happy that I can still fit everything in our budget. Expenses last holidays season were a bit higher than the usual. So I am squeezing our budget again to make sure that everything will be covered. I know some families living from paycheck to paycheck, and I know how hard that is, especially if you have kids. I still consider myself lucky since my son is not into school yet. But I still kept a list of cash advance sites in case the need would arise. I have read a lot about cash advance and payday loans already, and I think this is one of the easiest type of loan to avail. How easy that would be? Everything is online. You have to submit your application form, and wait for the approval. If they would be needing a few documents, all you have to do is fax everything to them. Once approve, money will be wired on your account. Payment will be deducted on your account on the compromised date which usually falls on a payday. Payday loans are getting really popular these days. It is so efficient and secured. I am really keeping myself a list of payday loan sites. How about you, do you have a back up plan just in case budget would run low? Better check out the sites I gave, it surely is a big help.

I need to.

I said so many times that I need to save up my money from blogging for our upcoming trip on March. How can I earn if I'm too lazy to finish my opps. Tsk! Tsk! Not a good way to start the year, right? See, I only do my opps at night time when the little boy's asleep, but at night, I don't stare at the screen, instead I browse and browse and browse sites ( you know which sites Im referring to). I don't buy anything though, I show it to my mom then she will go the mall and check for it. She usually buys stuff for Joaqui since I am on shopping diet. (Yeah, right!)

So now, I realllly need to do my opps. I am so thankful I still have a lot after all the Pr Drop of google. Whew! Life!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have a lot to share...

.. but I'm just tooo lazy to blog about it now. Maybe tomorrow?

Here's my list:

** Patti Austin and her new figure
** Albert Martinez who is so yummy at the Sharon Cuneta show
** Our Sunday Lunch at Banana Leaf with Abie and her family.
** A few of "nice-to-have" items for the little boy. Period. Just "nice to have" and nothing more than that. Yes, nothing follows.. hahaha

International Rugby Tournament

If there is one sport event that Gelo is really awaiting, that would be the International Rugby Tournament. He has been a follower for quite some time now and he really makes it a point to watch the games. He couldn't wait to see the rugby dream team for this season. Six nations will be competing namely, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. He is so excited and looking forward to know the winning nation for this season. He has been bugging me to visit this website for some latest news, updates and even game schedules. He is familiar with some of the players already but he said that there's a few new ones now. Have I also mentioned that they have an online store? I might be getting some Rigby merchandise for the daddy as he souvenir of the season. You just don't know how happy he would be with the items. And Kids shirts are available too, so I might grab some for the little boy. See, this site is so complete of everything, from information to merchandise, they have it here. So if you are into International Rugby too, visit the site today.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Snagged this from Erika:)

Is this true? I'm turning 29 this May :)

You Act Like You Are 25 Years Old

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Money Matters

Whether we like it or not, we have to accpet the fact that money is one thing we all need to keep our life moving. As a mom, it is hard to budget things from day to day, from food, groceries, bills and other small stuff. There's just a lot to settle more importantly house bills. I would sometimes feel that my online shopping should also be cut back. I admit that I use my own money for that, but I should also learn to control my spendings, or my family will end up with nothing, not even investments. If only my bags and shoes can be considered as an investment, then I am rich, filthy rich. LOL. But as i've said, there are things that needs priority.

I am writing down our budget for next week, and it's pretty good that we are on the right track. But what if I ran short of cash? I won't worry about that though, why? Because I recently saw this website that offers cash advance loan. It is so easy to apply and everything is done online, I can fill up the application form, wait for the approval and once everything is okay the money will be wired to my bank account over night. Then my loan amount and interest will be deducted from my checking account on the next payday. This is also the same with payday loans. It's that easy and everything is hassle free, fast and secure. So why should we worry about money right?

A Treasure

Thanks for treasuring my blog Kelly :)

Let me share this to the ff:

1. Ricca for posting her everyday life that I miss, and for buying endlessly for Joaqui , heheh thank you.

2. Abie for being my newest treasured friend not just in blogging but in real life

3. Erika - I miss you already , come back na hehehe. Your blog is my updates of your life there :)

Questions of the Week..

Thanks for inviting me Mommy Yen .. :)

1. A goal you would like to achieve this year?- Purchase a house and lot! LOL

2. A smell that reminds you of your childhood? - Angel's Breath? Hahaha!

3. Favorite cereal? Koko Krunch

4. Who was the last person you yelled at? Joaqui?!

5. What do you see outside your window? our street and the bakery in front of our house

6. What country would most like to visit? Any part of Europe will do.

7. What do you prefer… books or movies? I'm a geek. I love books

8. Do you have a tatoo? none. But i wanted one during college

9. What’s the worst advice you were ever given? - Cant think of any now.

10. Have you ever been searched at the airport?- Yes, I think this is normal now for security reasons.

Short of Cash?

One thing that I am really having a hard time doing as a wife would be budgeting. There's just a lot of expenses in the house such as bills, groceries and personal spendings. Though I am not that good, I still manage to strecth our budget until the next payday. Do you also experience this situation? Let me share with you my latest find in the internet. I chanced upon payday loans when I was doing my usual money search. This could be a life saver especially when you are in short of cash , then this would really come in handy. Imagine you only need to apply online without the hassle of going to banks or offices? They can provide you with $1,500 in merely 2 minutes. They have an online application that you need to answer then their representative will contact you after a fewminutes if your loan ius approved. In any case a problem might occur, you just need to fax some documents to them. Once approved, the loan amout will be deposited in your account. In order to be qualified, you must have a job or regular income and of legal age.

So if ever you will run out of cash to cover your expenses and bills, give this a try and you will be eased with your financial problems. Everything is fast, secure and can be done online.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The ultimate fan in me is here again.. Thanks to Ricca for sharing me this . I love Sarah Jessica Parker.. I super love her!!!!! I'm Carrie!! Waahaha

Can you believe that? My real name in her collection?!?! Yes, my non showbiz name is Maria Paz.. (Feeling Showbiz!!!!!).. Just wanted to share this site to you guys. Her collection is on the simple side, but considering the price.. ok na ok! The only problem is, no online store.. huhuhu.. and they don't even have a store near my family's place.. Grrr! Tinakam lang ako ng site!

Wish I can grab one, or two items.Items are priced at $19.98 and less. As Sarah Jessica says, "Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right."

To my friends at US.. please leave me a message if you've seen her items. Just leave me a message.. *wink* wink*

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Saturday at Powerplant

We are so late to have these pictures. LOL! But as they say, better late than never. Buti umabot pa diba?!

We were supposed to check out Trinoma, but since we are too afraid to get lost for lacking some road directional skills, so I suggested checking out Rockwell. Why? Coz I know they have sale on Zara! Bwahahaha! I scored 2 shirts for the little boy (345 each..weeee!), and the leggings that I want is not on sale. So I'll buy next time, ayaw ko na pumila for the fitting rooms.

We met Erika's hubby and gave him Sierra's items. Too bad my inaanak was in deep sleep at the carpark, hence no pic with joaqui. It was a quick chat that we had. We also had Ice blended coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Thanks to my Belle De Jour Planner coupon, Buy 1, Take 1 Free!! Also had Ham and cheese crepe at Press ( the snack bar besides Fully Booked).. That's not all, we had dinner at Burgoo hihihi!.. Takaw!

For the ultimate search

Internet has been a great help to me eversince it was introduced when I was in college. I had a lot of research works to do and it was really so easy to do this because of the internet. Search engine websites would be my first stop at most times. With the simple typing act of my topic, I get too see different sites that has the information that I am looking for. However, with the multiple number of search engines nowadays, I would sometimes get tired and confused of which one to use. I see to it that I don't just stick with one search engine for me to have a lot of options. So I thought I would have to do that everytime in researching on something, but not until i get to know , it could be so much easier. You just need to key in "y plus the word you are searching" if it's for yahoo. Or "w plus the word if for wikipedia. You can add modify, share, and import jumps from other users. Each account is given it's own ad-free start page that you can customize and share to your liking. So easy to join here, no email eddress is required. I recently signed up and I'm inviting all of you to join me there too. It is still a new site so they need more users to keep it going. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Loving our afternoons

Joaqui is turning 21 mos old already this January , and I am thinking of changing his everyday routine of just playing, as in pure play. I am exposing him now to something new, one step at a time though. Since Monday (yesterday), we spend after lunchtime doing some arts. Just the simple ones. I bought washable markers at National Bookstore last Sunday at The Podium to save our bedsheets and his clothes , even our floor. Here's what we had.. Sorry, I dont have pics of our first day.. Hehehe

Day 1 : Fun with Markers

** Gave him 2 sheets of Bond paper and asked him to choose a washable marker. He got the blue one at first. I let him say the name of the color too, for familiarization purposes. Hehehe :) Just let him doodle and sometimes I would hold his hand and we draw his favorite shapes/things together like stars, ball, fish etc.. Second color he had was yellow, his choice too. He is not into colors yet, so it helps this way, he keeps on saying yellow na.. so al i have to do is familiarize him more. One color at a time as they always say.

Day 2 : Fun with Crayons

** We have some 2008 calendars from Fortune Tobacco , which unfortunatley can't be posted in our house. So I recycled it na lang, used the back side for drawing!!! LOL! Posted it on our wall, and we used crayons this time. I always have a wet hand towel during arts time, hehehe. We used the crayola My First Crayons that I bought from last year pa. He had so much fun again!! keeps on shouting Draw! draw! Draw! while jumping. oh his simple joys. He loves red for today! Nyehehe!

Nothing formal for now.. just for exposure incorporated with fun and playtime.. I also tell him that he can only draw on papers and draw boards.. i show him the walls and floor that 's obviously out of his art territory! LOL!

He sure had fun! Next week, we'll be having cut outs of shapes !!


Thanks to MM and Chat :) This means a lot to me:)

Im sharing this to felllow shopping mommas!!! Aggie, Abie, Kathy, Jacq and Joy. Promise, I don't serve as a bad influence on you.. Im actually helping you out how to spend your money on great shopping buys!! ( waaah! palusot na naman!)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Shoe Year

For two nights already, Joaqui is having this routine of wearing shoes at night before bedtime. During Saturday night, I just saw him walking in our room wearing his crocs. Hhahaha! He actually made "papansin" to me that he's wearing it, with matching "crocs, crocs" while pointing at it. I had a big laugh, Oh he really loves shoes! So he walked around, played and had his milk wearing it.

Tonight, he saw his other pair of shoes I got from Shoebuy, and since it's not a slip on type ( the ones with velcro closures), he gave it to me and asked me to help him out with it. He Is actually doing his best to wear it on his own, but he is really having a hard time inserting his left foot while standing. The ever supportive mommy showed the little boy how to wear shoes. So now, he is still walking around with his shoes on, and it's currently 11:25pm. Addict!


Thanks to MM for this tag..
I owe a few tags to some of you.. hope i can do everything this week:)

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Looking for payday loans?

our digicam

Eventhough we now have a DSLR, at most times, I would still carry our old and trusted digicam. Recently, I am getting annoyed with our rechargeable battery, because it's not at it's optimum peroformance. So I have decided to get a digital camera battery online. I have no time for now to hit the mall, and I am so lucky of getting one online. I also got a few other batteries for some of Joaqui's toys and for our DSLR. Am I into shopping again? Oh not really, this one is really needed.

Drug Rehab

Do you know that it's nt an easy taskto completely be drug-free? I know someone who got into drugs and is now into drug rehab. It took him a while to finally decide, but when his family showed him this luxurious home for rehabilitation, he just said yes because he said that he really felt the comfort of home. I saw the place and it was really grand. The rehab program and services they provide is truly personalized. For your further inquiries, feel free to contact them the number listed on their site.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


I am not buying anything online starting TODAY. Read that again Peachy, TODAY!

Okay.. OKay.. I can see you guys with that doubtful smiles on your face! Bwaahahha! Help me!!! It's all over me! Shoot! Ricca and I are truly sisters. I am trying to stop myself, believe me.. but with all the 50%off and more items flashing on my screen, who can resist that? It's like they are telling me, " Common, buy me.. i'm a steal! ".. LOL!

Actually, I can shop coz I have a few money left in my paypal and in my debit card.. BUT! yes, there is a BUT!.. we have plans for march, and I AM paying for that.. solely MOI ! And this paid blogging thing is my only source of money.. poor me! If I won't stop this addiction... pupulutin talaga kmi sa bangketa on our next trip! Waaahh!

So yes, I am stopping ( sounds like I'm convincing myself to stop) this craziness, but only for a mean time. I'll be back with vengeance.. Promise!

Friday, January 04, 2008

online casino

One of my plans for this year is to visit Vegas. Why? Of course, because of the very popular Vegas Casino. Since budget is still a bit tight for now, I am settling with casinos games at my trusted websites. I only play the slot machine, and I'm enjoying it too bits, no real money for me too. The online casino craze hit me hard and I'm getting hooked with it. I am thankful to the very user friendly website, I'm really having a greattime playing online.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Westgate pics

Our pics last Dec. 29 at Hula Hula and Cafe Breton

** Tita Alice and Ina ( her first time in Manila) with my cousins Abi, Jhozelle and Dorxie **

** with Joaqui and me this time **

** look at the hair!!! Tisoy!! hahaha**

** busy eating **

** the little boy loves to draw.. He was busy with this while we were eating. Simple toys really makes him happy. He has 2 big doodle boards and this one is the latest addtion in my bag **

** My La Pinay At Cefe Breton.. yummy!!! **

We had so much fun that night, power eating again! We went home around 12:30 but traffic at the tollgate was terrible, considering it was almost 1am already. We used my MIL's adventure and it doesn't have an E-Pass hehehe. Only a few lanes were open, so we have no choice but to wait in line..

But nevertheless, it's one memorable night of eating and bonding time with my cousins.

engagement rings

I don't have an engagement ring because Hubby didn't really proposed formally. So I told him to not bother get one for me. But after seeing some engagement rings over the internet today, I'm having regrets of not owning one. It doesn't need to have lots of diamonds, one is good enough for me. Diamond engagement rings are really the saleable nowadays. Maybe I can have one on our anniversary or my birthday. What do you think? He can have it ordered online, I have an eyecandy already.

SEO expert

A friend from high school recently established an online store and she's telling me that traffic at her site is not that high for now. Being a bit knowledgeable on this field, I suggested that she gets Internet marketing services. I recommended a good seo specialist to help her with her problems. She is also consulting a seo expert for her targeted traffic. She is so happy with the results after a few days, and she is now referring the seo company to her other friends who has an online business.

My New Year and a few days before

its january once again.. another start of the year.. i wonder what's in store for me and my family this year. hehehe

We had fun during the last part of 2007. reunions and non stop eating for us. I need to check my weight.

Dec 29 - We had dinner at Hula Hula in Westgate Alabang with my Balikbayan tito and his family. My cousins from Paranaque were there too. I swear, I had too much.. yummy and affordable at Hula Hula.. sayang lang too far from Manila. We then had dessert at Cafe Breton. That's my ever fave place for sumptuous crepes! Oh how I miss La Pinay! Went home at 1 am :)

Dec 30 - Family Reunion at our house! It was also my cousin's birthday. My cousins were drinking from 2 or 3 pm yata til night! No one got really drunk! Hahaha. Non stop videoke too! Of course, Im the queen:) We had a webcam with voice chat session with Ricca. I think she had vodka that time. Sya yata nalasing:) We dropped off our cousins at Bluewave Macapagal at 12 mn, and stopped by Starbucks for coffee.

Dec 31 - Talk about last minute shopping. we hit Rob PLace Manila to buy a 4GB Memory stick for our PSP. We were supposed to buy squids from the grocery, but it was paked with peeps. So we decided to buy at SM San Lazaro. Haay, ubos ang squid!!! We ended with boneless bangus though.

I prepared our Media Noche when we arrived around 5:30 pm. I prepared 2 sauces for my pasta, Seafood and meatball sauce.. Yeeha! We had dinner a bit early and we even got dressed to welcome the New Year. Gelo and I were in fashionable polka dot tops LOL! My first time to wear one for New year, lets see if Ill get rich this year HAHAHA! And yes, it needs to have the word fashionable:)

We , for the nth time, had a chat with my family (thanks to YM!) .. they were actually preparing for work. so it wasn't that long enough. And besides, I need to lock up Joaquin in our room at 11:30. I almost forgot to stuff our boneless bangus with tomatoes and onions, so before 12, I was actually dealing with 5 big bonelss bangus:) Baka mag amoy isda ako the whole year??? LOL! JOaqui was wide awake till 1 am ! Todo na sa puyatan!

Jan 1 - The Annual family reunion of the Austero's (Gelo's maternal side) . We woke up a bit late and we arrived at Antipolo around 12:30, just in time for lunch. We first dropped by Papa's crypt on our way to the house. The boneless bangus was a hit! We had it grilled and super like ng mga manginginom! Hahaha! Videoke couldn't be missed too :) It was bitin actually.. I have some songs on the playlist but we need to go home since it's getting late.

I had tons of pics to share:) But for now, I have opps to finish too. I had a break from blogging, and now I'm back to my online world.

Have a Blessed New Year everyone!

Bed and beyond

We need a new foam mattress. Since we are a co-sleeping family, we really need to have the old one disposed since it's not that comfortable anymore. I checked a few malls already, but nothing would really caught my discriminating eye. I'm lucky to stumble upon this foam mattress that I saw at the website. They have lots, really lots to choose from. They have the conventional ones to match the bed frames, and ones that are really so innovative. Most importantly they offer free shipping and warranty is for 10 years! It's just perfect. I can't decide which one to get, but it'sdefinite that we are getting one, or maybe two for the other room.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Women's Health

Health is one aspect that we should all put in top priority. Women nowadays are busy with work and house chores that they sometimes neglect their health. I need to see my OB this month because I am experiencing PMS and some irregularities with my flow. I already checked a few articles on the inetrnet about this, and I came accross progesterone. There is now a progesterone cream that can be applied topically. I still have a few questions on this product, so I am calling their toll free number for more information. I will also schedule a visit to my doctor for this month. Stay healthy everyone!