Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Site traffic

Eversince i started with my blogging, i became familiar with some technical terms used in the internet world. With the help of my friends, I was able to maintain sites and improve its stats. However , lately, i wanted to improve the traffic at my sites, so i asked for suggestions. They said i can join in some memes for added visitors in my site , and i think it worked really. But lately i found out about some traffic strategy online. I have read the about Focused Keyword Research-Get Google Ads Free at the site, and it says that it boosts the traffic to your site every month. I am still not that familiar on how everything goes, so i am about to read the site tonight before bedtime. From what i have read so far, this traffic strategy came from google. You can use google adsense at your site and this will lead to more traffic. Oh well , i really have to read the complete article so i can share everything in detail.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

our room at bellevue

We had a great time at this hotel for 3 days .. I have decided to use the overnight GC from my friend, Litzie in time for our 4th wedding anniversary and Father's Day. I like the interior of this hotel , i can see that they have exquisite taste with the materials used. The staff told me that they even used porcelain tile in some parts of the hotel. Here's a few pics that i can share for now , more to come. I still have to upload the shots from our dslr. ( im grateful to my ever reliable point and shoot )

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Soccer time again!

Im excited for my boy ! This weekend, he will start with his soccer class again. It would be another fun filled weekend for us. After seeing him enjoy his summer class, we have decided to continue with the regular class. Who knows , he could be a professional player when he grows up.

On sunday, we will attend to his class then go to the mall to buy a few stuff like diaper and milk. We will also visit the petshop for fish food and dog ramps . The ramps are not for us because we dont have a dog. That will be my gift for my cousin who is so fond with dogs.

I will definitely post pictures on Sunday night! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wedding bells

I cant help but feel excited to a high school friend who will get married at the end of the year. My little boy will be part of the entourage so I am one excited mom. I gave out some reliable suppliers from the wedding industry, someone who has great testimonies from their previous clients, professional and has a lot to offer. I can tell that the bride to be is so excited with all the wedding preps. Since she knows that I was a hands on bride too with the preps, she asked for some website for wedding ideas, like the theme , color and even unique wedding favors . She likes the idea of this one since she will have a beach wedding theme, a flip flop luggage tag. Guests will surely enjoy this as it is so unique. We will definitely be looking for some more options , but so far this is in her shortlist already. I wanna be a bride again, if only the budget would permit hehe. Renewal of vows on our 7th year maybe?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Offshore Accounts

Budgeting and Banking is one thing that i am not really good at. I try my best to handle this well, but i guess I have to learn a lot before i can finally say that Im good with it. My husband knows a little too, so sometimes he assists me when i do some household budgeting. Lately, my sister who works at a bank asked me if i have Offshore Bank Accounts , of course, I said, what is that? Call me whatever, but I really dont know what it is so i had my sister explain it to me over the phone. Basically, it is overseas banking done with internet banking as what the name implies. It provides the client with offshore asset protection, Diversify your personal or corporate banking,and it protect funds which would otherwise be “open game” in your home jurisdiction.. These are just a few of what you can achieve from this type of banking account. This is really good with businesses and corporations, but still, there are also individuals who has this account for protection of what they currently have. As for me, i am sticking with the basic ones in our local bank, besides i dont have much assets. But i am open in learning more about these offshore bank accounts in the future.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home Accessories Under $30!

Don't you get inspired with home decorations when you watch some shows that showcase different homes of people you know like the celebrities? I actually buy a local showbiz magazine to take a peek at celebrity homes because I get ideas from them ( the juicy gossip is actually my first reason for buying) . And then there's also this local show every Sunday night about modern living.. ohh what an eye feast everytime i see really nie pieces, but at most times its from higg end designer labels so there;s no way i can afford those.

But you know, even with just $30, you can get great pieces as home decors. I found this useful home design link from stylehive. I told you , its not all about shoe shopping there. I particulary like this vase , look..

The vase is priced at $24 i think, and this will look lovely at our corner table. Then there are felted pebbles too at a really incredible price. I really wanna start re decorating our house even if we have an infant, who will soon be learning how to walk and may end up rummaging through our decors. I am keeping decors simple and unreachable so maybe i shouldn't worry too much that they might get accidents with these. I just wanna add a few colors in our living room since it is mostly black and red.

This time it's for the dad.

Next weekend, we have two major celebrations so we are going out with the kids. Its our fourth wedding anniversary on the 19th then its Father's Day on the 21st. I haven't bought a gift yet since i am undecided on what to give. My husband is eying this really nice jacket from his favorite brand, but i can't afford it for now so i might get a cheaper alternative online. I saw a perfume, aftershave and body wash set with a free duffle bag that is really perfect for travelling. This is already on my list if i can't find anything before wednesday. Don't you find it hard to give men gifts? If its for women, they will always appreciate shoes, bags, make ups , shower gels, accessories.. and the list goes on .. and even if they have it already, they dont mind having an extra for future use ( get my point?) .

So anyway, aside from my husband, i also need to get a gift for my dad. I already checked with , and i saw that most stores offers gift sets just in time for Father's day. Oh well, you notied i visit stylehive frequently lately? Well, its because it's so easy to look around there. You can searh for keywords, tags and voila, you'll see a lot of special offers. Here's what i am thinking for the dad, hope he likes it.

Mommy Stuff.

If there's one thing , aside from bags and shoes that I really like to browse online, that would be makeup . I signed up to weekly newsletters of different brands to keep me updated with their new colletion , and of course i need to know what's on sale. It's really a girl thing , you know!

Currently, I am still on a make up shopping ban since I shopped a lot ( as in a lot!) 3 weeks ago. However, I would still like to share this 2 sets from my favorite brands, Nars and Philosophy..

( Philosophy Best Seller Collection, sale at $45 , value is $71)

( Nars LOVE Set, sale at $49 , retail value is $73 )

I found about these great news at Stylehive , and you can get this special offer at Sephora. Be sure to get connected at Stylehive, you will easily be updated with a lot of shopping bargains . And this is what we all want , right? Anyway, i was really glued at my laptop browsing the site as it is really a heaven for me. Stylehive not only has make up bargains but Shoes too! My oh my!! I feel like im in cloud nine just looking at those SALE items though i am not buying anything.

So to my friends who are into online shopping, checkout and see for yourself! All the best brands and bargains at one site!

Friday, June 05, 2009


Do you know someone who needs a medical equipment ? I stumbled upon the website of Allegro Medical when i was helping out a cousin source some items for her clinic. They have a wide array of medical supplies that is a big help for clinics. I recommend their site if you want quality products at really good prices.

Anyway, sine we are done with medical supplies for the clinic, hopefully we can finalize the layout from the receiving area to the consultation room. She has a limited space so we have to maximize everything. Oh i cant wait for the clinic to open and i wish my cousin all the best in this profession.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Coffee - cookie Break

We went to Starbucks on a weeknight as requested by my boy to get a doughnut. Unfortunately , only the chunky choco cookies and Tuna bread were left and they are still waiting for their delivery. He was a bit disappointed as he kept looking at the display .. the ending, he ordered cookies.

He said the cookie is yummy. He also had a few sips of our frap but I dont think he likes our drink, because he asked for his water and never tasted our frap again lol.

Gotta go, need to sleep now , we have an important meeting later. Have a great weekend everyone !