Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home Accessories Under $30!

Don't you get inspired with home decorations when you watch some shows that showcase different homes of people you know like the celebrities? I actually buy a local showbiz magazine to take a peek at celebrity homes because I get ideas from them ( the juicy gossip is actually my first reason for buying) . And then there's also this local show every Sunday night about modern living.. ohh what an eye feast everytime i see really nie pieces, but at most times its from higg end designer labels so there;s no way i can afford those.

But you know, even with just $30, you can get great pieces as home decors. I found this useful home design link from stylehive. I told you , its not all about shoe shopping there. I particulary like this vase , look..

The vase is priced at $24 i think, and this will look lovely at our corner table. Then there are felted pebbles too at a really incredible price. I really wanna start re decorating our house even if we have an infant, who will soon be learning how to walk and may end up rummaging through our decors. I am keeping decors simple and unreachable so maybe i shouldn't worry too much that they might get accidents with these. I just wanna add a few colors in our living room since it is mostly black and red.

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Jessica said...

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