Sunday, April 26, 2009

covered calls

One of way of investing one's money is through stocks. Well, i admit that i am not really knowledgeable with it, but my husband decided to get some shares at their company's own, so i have no choice but to somehow have information when it comes to stocks. I searched online for some related articles that i can read during my free time. Then i also saw some online tools for organizing your covered calls in a portfolio so nothing would get mixed up. Whew! Talk about extra work, but its okay, like what i said this is part of the investment. It is hard not to know anything about it at all. They have a free trial for 14 days i think , so i availed of that, and hopefully i'll get hang of it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

still undecided

with my birthday coming up in 2 weeks, i still dont know what to give myself. You see, i usually reward myself during special occasions , specially during my birthday, but even until now , i dont know what to give myself. I think it happens because i dont have much money now hahaha.. my budget is very limited . I am so keen in getting a new digicam , a point and shoot one since i admit that most times we are lazy to bring our DSLR because its too bulky haha. I have no yaya with the kids so me and my husband carry everything, and of course its not easy taking care of an infant and a toddler.. so enough reasoning.. yeah, i think im getting a camera for myself hahaha

hooked with FB

Oh yeah, facebook is the online place to be LOL

Its a lot better than friendster , im telling you:) I had my account a long time ago when i met my cousin from chicago and she told me about FB.. so to keep our line of communication open, i signed up.. i had a very few friends then.. and suddenly boom!!! most of my online friends are there too!! wee!! happiness!!! i can do everything there, upload pics. tell my mood.. answer quizzes.. chat.. name it! so if you are still not there, better sign up and add me okie?

degree online

Are you someone who wants to make most out of your time at home? Well, here's one great thing for you, why not enroll yourself in some online colleges with the course that suits you best? I am planning to take another course online soon , when my schedule here at home is not so tight anymore, and so far Capella University is on my shortlist. They are one of the well - known online college that produce the best graduates in the market today. We all know how hard it is to land on a stable job now that there is a world financial crisis. But still, it would be a gain in our part to learn more knowledge that we can use in the future. I have been planning this for sometime now, but i really dont have the time yet. I really wish soon.

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1. Are you angry?
:: nope

2. What is your Age?
:: turning 30 next month!

4. Do you live in a Big house?
:: not really. just right for my small family.

5. When is your Birthday?
:: May 10

6. What's your favorite Chocolate/s?
:: Twix , Kitkat etc..

7. Do you Daydream?
:: yeah, sometimes.

8. What's your favorite kind of Dog?
:: i dont know, sorry but im not into dogs . Our neighbor has Great Dane though, i think its cool

9. What Day of the week is it?
:: Saturday

10. Have you ever been in the Emergency room?
:: a few times already

11. Did you have a crush that starts w/ letter E?
:: i have a crush on Elijah Wood when i was young.

Little Fish Collection

This is a latest collection from Baby Gap in time for summer. I love the colors , its so refreshing, and the shorts has a nice shade of brown. Lately, i found out that brown looks good on my boy, luckily, my mom gave him a plaid shorts from CK :) it has tiny squares though as compared to this. What i love about the color brown is that you can easily match it with almost any color.. you know the case when it comes to boy fashion, colors and designs are a bit limited. So this look is really a casual one good for lil boys even while playing

Kava Kava

Have you heard of kava kava? It is an organic product that has become popular in Hawaii and around the world. Kava farms are usually situated in volcanic slopes of Kona's Hualalai Mountain. It is a popular organic coffee, but aside from this, Kava roots are used in variety of things too. There'e even an instant kava drink in variety of flavors. The product is said to be medicinal and therapeutic. I plan to order online for my mom and dad. This can be a better alternative to the coffee that they are drinking.I found out that i can get the best price online with an easy and secure process of ordering. I better read more about the beginner's guide , so i can try the basic ones then later on purchase more if my parents would like it.

Black Sambo from aggie

I am looking out for some simple recipes that i can try here at home, and i stumbled upon Aggie's food site.. i'll give this a try soon! I will let you know how it will come out:)
Black Sambo

1st layer:

1 1/2 cup water
1 bar gulaman
1 large can condensed milk
1 large can cream


1. Tear gulaman into little strips. soak in 1 1/2 water for a few minutes.
2. Boil gulaman until dissolved.
3. In a bowl, mix condensed milk and cream. Pour dissolved gulaman in to the mixture. Mix well.
4. In a dish, pour mixture through a strainer to remove lumps.
5. Let it set in the gridge for 30 minutes
Once set, continue with second layer.

2nd layer:

1 1/2 cup water
1 bar gulaman
1 large can evaporate milk
1 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 cup sugar

1. Tear gulaman into little strips. soak in 1 1/2 water for a few minutes.
2. Boil gulaman until dissolved.
3. Dissolve sugar and cocoa in the evaporated milk.
4. Pour in dissolved gulaman mixture into the cocoa mixture
5. Pour mixture through a strainer over the first layer.
6. Let it set for a few hours.

Thanks Aggie!

Plaid Crazy

I found these at Gap.. (of course, it's on SALE!)

This is so nice for summer. Little boys can wear plain tops to match, and some sneakers for that cool look. I am not shopping for my son though, he still has some new clothes from my mom. Maybe next time, I'll get some summer pieces again. Check out Gap Online for some more great items on sale.

Wedding ideas

I just received a phone call that my cousin in law will get married soon. I feel so happy for him and his girlfriend because they have been together for quite sometime now. Since both of them are working, he asked me for some unique wedding favor ideas , and he also asked me if my little boy can be part of the entourage. Of course, I said Yes. I will soon be puling up wedding files from our desktop, i have everything saved there. Then I will just help her girlfriend with some research online. There's a lot of new trends when it comes to wedding nowadays , and a lot of new and reliable suppliers too. As early as now, I wonder if my boy will walk down the aisle alone. We need to do a lot of practicing I guess.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My little Beckham

I knew from the start that he will have a great time at Futbol Funatics. Look at my boy during his trial class before the Holy Week ( yay, this proves to be an overdue post!)

The dad who is the most excited of all even took a video during the little boy's 2nd time at the field. He went to some Sports Depot to look for soccer shoes, but unfortunately , the smallest was size 13 already . But he didn't went home with nothing, he got shin guards for the boy last week , and just yesterday , he bought a soccer outfit. My MIL also gave him a soccer ball in blue! My son is crazy with the color blue!! He wants his shoes to be in blue too!

Oh, and I feel excited with the uniform that we ordered ( i feel more excited with that than the outdoor dining sets we ordered). Im even planning to get the jacket for him maybe next week. This is major!!! Major gastos!!! Hahaha. But it's okay, anything for my boy. I am seeing his passion for the sport, so we will go all the way to support him . Im glad that my son is into sports, definitely , he got that from his dad.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

PC user

I'm using the laptop almost everyday, and here I am now at our desktop since my little boy is busy playing at the laptop. I need to finish some online tasks tonight , so i have no choice but to use this slow PC of ours. Anyway, I noticed how my boy is so keen in learning more about the laptop. He can navigate already , can turn on and shut down the laptop too. Simple things that makes me happy as a mom. Is it because he was exposed to it at such an early age? I wonder if he will land at some tech jobs in the future. One thing I know for now, we need another laptop. Hahaha!

Saturday 9 - Almost famous

Saturday 9: Almost Famous

1. Have you ever been told that you look like some famous? - hmm , i think im famous in my own rights LOL

2. Name a celebrity that shares your birthday. - no idea , sorry . But im sure someone famous shares my birthday

3. Tell us about your first kiss. - i'll keep it for my self :) lets just say its sweet :)

4. When you meet someone attractive, what do you notice first? - eyes

5. What was your biggest mistake ever? - being a friend to someone who doesnt value friendship at all.

6. Give us one random, but candid fact about you. - i didn't attended nursery , nor kinder class. I went straight to Grade 1

7. What about your current or most recent lover excites you? i cant wait for him to be home after work.

8. What really annoys you? the summer heat can really ruin my day

9. How many other Saturday 9’ers answers do you usually read? a few ..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Web hosting

I am already running quite a number of sites and some have their own domain and hosting. So far, Im not having any problems with its connection so I am renewing its hosting services. But i am also open to other hosting companies out there who I think wont fail me when it comes to website standards. Actually I am thinking of putting up a site that is all about online shopping, and I already looked for my web hosting choice online. Of course, pricing would be a very big factor of which one im going to use. Disk Space, Data transfer , reviews and technical help will also be put to consideration. And if you will think that this is impossible, well , think again. There's a lot of web hosting sites to choose from that offers great services at super affordable prices. I just need to read all the reviews before I make my decision. This may take a while though, my current schedule is a bit hectic so putting up another site would have to take a back seat. At least now , I have a shortlist of those hosting sites already, so once i have time, everything will be a breeze.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you

We got really tired after the little'boy simple party yesterday with the kids from the orphanage , and with the dinner that we had with our relatives. He enjoyed the games preared by the staff of Jollibee , and of course he was so delighted to see the Jollibee mascot and meet Popo for the first time.

To all of you who greeted and sent their wishes for my son , thank you very much. You made me happy .. i feel that my son is well loved by my friends as well. Hope to see you all by November for my little girl's 1st birthday

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy birthday Joaqui!

Thank you for making me embrace what motherhood is all about.

Love you Babe!! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

beauty schools

Lately , i realized that I want to try out something new , and something I am passionate about. And that has something to do with make up. As of now , i may not have the luxury of time to go to a formal school in cosmetology , but i am saving a lost now of cosmetology schools in our area , so if I will have some free time in my schedule , I will definitely give schooling a try. I can't wait to learn new things and face new challenges in this new experience of mine. Hopefully there are schools near our area so I wont have to travel too far just for schooling. My kids are still my top priority above anything else , but it wont hurt to give some little time for myself too.

Soccer FUN

We enrolled the little boy at a soccer camp for summer , and we do hope that he will really have a great time with this sport. He has shown love for basketball and a little bit of soccer, but there's no school yet for basketball at his age , so we just enrolled him for soccer this year. Futbol Funatics accomodates kids as young as 3. They have camps all over Metro Manila and you can reach them at 0916-7067715.

Melissa And Doug

The little boy loves wooden puzzles lately. I noticed this when he started his saturday playgroup. He would mostly stay at the wooden puzzles area so i thought of getting him some so he can play it at home. He started with numbers, and after he got the hang of it, i introduced numbers and shapes. Here's what i got from Melissa and Doug

So far , he's enjoying both of it , so i plan to get him a few more on my next payday. I am planning to get some wooden toys for the little girl too, in time she can play with it.

Vacation for Us

Eversince we had kids , me and my husband never had a vacation of our own. As you know, we dont have any helpers , and we dont have our parents here to look after the kids when we are out , so we always travel as a family. This is something really enjoyable but as a couple, we also want to have a time we can call our own. So as early as now, I am thinking of where to go on vacation by November since my parents will be home by then. I can only leave my kids to my parents. I am really itching to go to the beach and just relax, feel the sun , water and sand, and most of all, savor good food. I found out some Adults Only Vacations online wherein they offer luxurious places for couples who wish to have some real quiet time together. Oh i just cant wait for this much deserved vacation of ours.

Plain Lazy

I think the weather is the reason why i am so lazy to do things lately. Its just too hot outside , so instead of going somewhere else , i would just confine myself in the four corners of our room with a full blast A/C. My kids cant take the heat too, they are so prone to allergies and asthma once summer kicks in. This is why the kuya had his flu vaccine at the pedia last week. SO far , it gives him a better resistance during hot days , especially on weather changes. Any plans today until the weekend? I bet you would also choose to just stay at home , coz a lot are spending their afternoons at the mall.

at the church

Thats my boy when we went to a wedding last month. He loves going to the church , even if its not sunday. Whenever we pass by a church , he would ask his dad to park the car so we can go inside , though some times its closed . He even do this when we are at the hospital for their check up. It is a must that we pass by the chapel too. Im glad that he loves going there. though there are times that he loves to walk around like the priest . hehehe

Equipments needed

Do you know where I can find some medical equipment that's of great quality and price? I am helping out a cousin in law of mine who will soon put up her own dermatology clinic in their area. Since she is just starting out, she would consider getting good brands at a cost that is competitive in the market nowadays. She needs a few medical chairs, medical supplies, equipments and a lot more that slipped my mind this very minute. I tried checking online for some great deals and I am lucky to stumble upon Allegro Medical. I will just send her the webpage so she can take a look at all the products and prices. I think we are even luckier because they currently have a sale.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Boys world

Found this at Pumpkin Patch , and i think its so cool for summer. Yes, its summer now in my part of the world, and during this time of the year, its not just just hhot, but the scorching heat of the sun can get you burned. Thats the reason why I arm my boy with sunblock when he's at the field or when he goes swimming. Unfortunately, we havent been to the beach for this year, hopefully we can still squeeze that for summer.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Play On

Who wouldnt love what technology brings nowadays. Before I only use the internet to do some research and send out emails, but now , everything is just within my reach. And yes , you can even spend leisure time on front of your laptop playing online games. I remember it was last year when my husband started his addiction with online games. He was aSo ts not all work when you are connected to the internet. My husband can actually attest to that. He enjoys playing games online, he's actually into game consoles even before, and he would still play it until now. But since he is in front of his laptop for most times now, he would usually play online games in between home assignments. Its his way of relaxing while working. He tried online poker and boy, he got hooked with it. He only play for fun though, no real money involved since that is what i am always telling him . He recently got this best usa online sportsbook , a list of some of the best online casino sites, and i saw him paying a visit in some of those. He is very careful in choosing the website , since he wants to keep games plain and simple. Some are just a little complicated, so with this online sportsbook, he is happy because he got everything he needs.

Excited for Summer

I am one excited mommy.

My little boy will try out Futbol Funatics for this year. Soccer is his 2nd love, Basketball being the first. But I had a hard time looking for a basketball camp for his age, and when i saw FF , I knew that this would be the best activity for him this summer, or maybe the entire year? I still don't know , it will depend on how he will enjoy everything. I really want him to excel in sports (frustration ko yan eh , im not into any sports kasi) , sports that he really really like. Just tonight, i asked him to try out his rubber shoes with socks. Gosh, my boy doesnt wanna wear socks before , but a while ago, i didnt had a hard time to make him wear socks. I just told him that he will practice soccer. Hahaha.

The rubber shoes was from my mom and he got that when he was just months old, and this is the first time he'll use it LOL! If things will turn out great, his dad wants to get him soccer shoes :) And the socks? Got it (just today) at SM! I realized he doesnt have something a bit high so we got one. Tomorrow will be his trial class , i wonder how he will "play".

By the way, would you know where I can enroll him for a drums class? He is still playing drums here at home like before, and i so i tried looking for drum lessons. They usually accept at the age of 7 , since the kid will use the standard adult drumset. I think , now we just have to settle with him playing on his own.

That's all for now peeps! Have a great weekend. Its a long one for us here ( so i have all the time to search for wholesale liquidators online. )

Sunday is Palm Sunday. Don't forget to be with your family and hear mass :)