Friday, April 24, 2009

My little Beckham

I knew from the start that he will have a great time at Futbol Funatics. Look at my boy during his trial class before the Holy Week ( yay, this proves to be an overdue post!)

The dad who is the most excited of all even took a video during the little boy's 2nd time at the field. He went to some Sports Depot to look for soccer shoes, but unfortunately , the smallest was size 13 already . But he didn't went home with nothing, he got shin guards for the boy last week , and just yesterday , he bought a soccer outfit. My MIL also gave him a soccer ball in blue! My son is crazy with the color blue!! He wants his shoes to be in blue too!

Oh, and I feel excited with the uniform that we ordered ( i feel more excited with that than the outdoor dining sets we ordered). Im even planning to get the jacket for him maybe next week. This is major!!! Major gastos!!! Hahaha. But it's okay, anything for my boy. I am seeing his passion for the sport, so we will go all the way to support him . Im glad that my son is into sports, definitely , he got that from his dad.


abie said...

pinakita ko kay bela picture ni joaqui, gusto din daw nya mag soccer...hehehe...

mukhang enjoy nga si joaqui eh 9at si gelo...hehehe..), napanood ko yung video nila...stage dad nga...hehehe

mm said...

i like soccer kso girl anak ko yaw ko mangitim hehehe