Saturday, June 30, 2007


I've been tagged by Abie :)

RULES:Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

Here are some 7 Random facts about my life:

1. Im a stay- at-home mom with no yaya by choice. Period.

2. I have one of the most horrifying vomiting experience when i was preggy. BElieve me, from 107 lbs during the start of my pregnancy, it dropped down to 90 lbs in 3 months. I was hospitalized due to excessive vomiting which might lead to dehydration.

3. Never went to kindergarten. I tried, but when my classmate tapped his pencil on my head, hindi na ako pumasok. Sabi ko din daw sa mom ko , alam ko na yung tinuturo ng teacher ko hahaha... the next school year, I passed the entrance exam for Grade 1! :) Geeky!

4. My longest working experience is 5 months! hahaha! ma swerte at umabot pa ng 5 months sa pagtitiis ko. I first worked at Amkor for a month ( yeah 1 month), tapos tinamad na ko. I didn't work for 4 years. I tried call center. The 1st one , 3 months lang, then i got bored with the calls. I transferred to the Int'l hotel industry before getting married, and stayed there for 5 months. I resigned 4 months before the wedding.

5. I don't shop for Joaqui's clothes. My mom, my dad and my sis shops for him. Hahaha! Ang binibili ko lang dito would be his pajamas and sandos. And luckily, during his bday, when i was asked by my titas kung ano gusto ko gift for joaqui, PJ's and sandos ok na ko. :) I just feel so lucky kasi i save a lot on clothes. oh and not just clothes, pati baby gear. hehehe

6. I love to read.. I can spend the whole day reading at just about anything. Even labels or pamphlets inside the sterilizer, bottles.. anything , binabasa ko talaga.

7. I am happily married.. and I am sooo enjoying life now that we have Joaquin.

I won't be tagging anyone , since most of blogging friends answered this already LOL!

Friday, June 29, 2007

The shoe girl is back!

Even before I got married, I am so much into shoes. I remember posting at my old blog regarding my shoe collection. I do have lots of shoes.. haay If only Gelo could speak right this moment. I can actually see the look in his face once i mention the word "shoes" or "flats". LOL.

I guess that explains why I love Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City.. hahha! but i don't have Manolo's yet.. yet..! ( wish I have that collection too ! and I wish that Gelo reads this post)

I buy shoes from 168 to branded shops. Some are courtesy of my mom. I am mostly into flats, mga ballet type of shoes. May stripes, beaded, shining shimmering, peep toe, bronze, silver, gold, then some are sneakers type naman, rubber shoes basta footwear.. :) iba pa yung mga flip flops and "bakya" type like Happy Feet ( oh, i only have 1 Happy Feet, coz i don't find it comfy eh)

Then I came across these Ichigo shoes from the multiply site. And I saw it at Weng's blog too, i think she purchased 3 pairs already. So I texted her and asked for her verdict... And according to her, It's really comfy. Sarap sa paa :) And Being a sucker for flat shoes, i definitely need to try it out and have my own pair ( or pairs , LOL) It would look perfect with my gauchos :) Syempre pa, i texted the lady behind Ichigo for my queries on the sizes, can't wait! Here are my picks!

** nice shade of green, and the pink lining would match my watch :) **

** syempre may hint of pink pa din for my watch and the print looks sexy**

** for smart casuals, safe colors pa **

Actually, even before i had this entry posted, I already informed Gelo that I am buying new flats. What's next?... wish me luck! coz Gelo knows I won't buy just one pair. hahaha!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

pilyo ba ako?!?!

He really has his own way of making us smile ( and actually burst into laughter) during Papa's cremation. Good thing this was taken after the mass. Grabe, naaalala ko si Pugak sa pic nya hahahaa ( bad mommy!) But Joaqui is so cute pa din naman with these shots.

Thanks to JV ( my SIL's BF) for the DSLR experience. I personally took these pics.. pwede na ba?

Little boy at the Little Gym

bubbles time with teacher clara, sandro and bela

joaqui with bela and mommy abie

mejo nahihiya pa jan si joaqui kay howell ;)

jump with mom and teacher

Syempre, late na naman tong post ko na to :)
The quarter at the Little Gym El Pueblo started last May 27, and Joaqui is under the Birds class ( but Teacher Clara would call them the Big BIrds) for 10-19 mos kiddos. He is by far, at 13 mos, the youngest in their class when we started. Abie ni Howell ' s Little Bela is his classmate. But Bela transferred to the Beasties already coz she's 19 mos na.

It's always a fun time at the Gym. Pero grabe ang pagod ko ha, Jane is true enough, exercise sya for me. Though the area is air conditioned, I perspire a lot. Plus I always feel thirsty pa. So after class, we drop by Mc Do ( El pueblo). I am actually asking Gelo to fill it out for me next week. I just wanna experience sitting and just plainly watching them inside the Gym, pero ayaw nya eh. Expectator daw ang role nya... But in fairness, feeling ko I'm losing a few pounds, coz im back to Medium size in my gauchos. Hahaha! Yeah, i used to have large kasi feeling ko puputok sa akin ang Medium.. but now.. ehem.... this is my line .. " Can i have this in medium?" o diba?!?!
The pics are courtesy of Howell ni Abie, who is by the way a bad influence to Gelo because of his DSLR. ( ooppss not just to gelo pala, but to another dad of Joaqui's classmate, for he purchased a Canon 400D already.hahaha! ) pics are taken during their first week . Thanks a lot :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

a matter of acceptance

Its only now that I checked at my sis' blog at friendster since she doesn't update that much. I saw an entry she made for her dear friend, Mia, who passed away last May 31 at the age of 24. I cried as i was reading it coz Mia is like a family to us too. She was there during our wedding and Joaqui's birthday (with her baby Bea who will turn 1 next month). We even had a few chats regarding bday preps of her daughter coz she asked for the contact details of Jelly Bellies and party tips too. We went to Mia's wake last June 3 when Papa was ill already. I know how Ricca, my sis, felt that moment she knew that Mia passed away. And I quote :" Im sorry i cant be there to say goodbye personally.. but the hurt and the sorrow is no way less than how everybody around you right now feels.. we all love you, no matter where we are.. we all care for you.".....

My sister wrote this prayer and I just modified a few words coz I'll be praying this for Papa too:

"God, You have reasons for everything, it may be hard for us to accept it, but with Your guidance and wisdom we will realize the reason why this has to happen.. with an open heart we give him to you.. We know he's happy being in heaven, looking down upon us. give us the strength to get through everyday, take away all the pain and the sorrow that fill our hearts right now.. strengthen the bond that keeps our family together.. eventhough You already took Papa away from us here in this world, We know that somewhere he's watching over us.. to our new guardian angel, dont worry we'll be fine.. dont worry about us, because were always going to be here for each other... just be in peace.. and fill our hearts with peace as well. knowing that your happy where you are right now will ease the loneliness.. We will never forget you, thanks for all the love.. WE LOVE YOU..."

I think goodbye is really a hard thing to say, but we have to let you go now.
We cant question God's plans, the only thing we can do is accept it and maybe on His right time we will now the reason why this has to happen.

Friday, June 22, 2007

no goodbyes. just see you soon

This is one of the reasons on why I wasn't able to go online for almost two weeks. I was thinking of writing this last week, but don't have the strength yet. I guess now is the best time.

Papa Fred, Gelo's dad and my father - in - law was sick for quite some time now. He was the reason on why we went to Iloilo last December. HE had a major operation with his gall bladder and intestines. But its a different story pa. Papa was diagnosed of TB the day I gave birth to Joaqui last year. The lymph nodes taken from him was said to be TB. So he had medicines and check ups for this. I wrote about his illness last Feb when we transferred him to Asian Hospital, still because of TB. HE got allergic with his meds so he stopped for a while. From then on, he wasn't able to recover at all. He was at the Manila Doctor's hospital every 2 weeks. The reason why he wasn't able to make it during Joaqui's birthday. And since we don't see any progress at all, we transferred him to St. Lukes. The doctor's informed us that its a stage 4 of cancer, Lymphoma.

A part of his brain was affected so he underwent Radioactive therapy for 10 consecutive days. And because of this, he wasn't able to spend more time with his Migo ( from Miguel, his nickname for Joaqui eversince).

June 3 ( sunday) - Mama, my MIL, called and informed us that Papa dropped his apettite having only a cup of Ensure til late afternoon. There was also a hint of blood in his urine and he had a major blow. Gelo rushed to their place after Joaqui's class at the Little Gym. Kami ni joaqui sa house lang, since di sya pwede ma expose sa patients na nagpa radioactive.

June 4 (monday) - his last radioactive session in the morning. he was so weak , hindi na nya kaya tumayo sa bed, and so Gelo cancelled na with st. lukes. He was supposed to fly back to iloilo pa ng 7 pm, pero di na talag kaya. He can't even talk when gelo asked him to stand na nga to dress up. Joaqui and I still at our place. Gelo decided to call an ambulance to take papa to st. lukes. Papa was shouting a bit kasi ayaw na nya talaga padala sa hospital. But Gelo said " Pa, kahit magalit ka pa sa kin , kailangan ka na namin dalin sa hospital, di ko kaya na ganyan ka "... After this, Gelo picked me up at our place and went to ER of St. Lukes.

Seeing Papa behind the curtains made me cry. Haven't seen him for days, and i was shocked to see him in that situation. Gelo and I talked outside ER. He said, " Nararamdaman ko Chy, malapit na". So i told him to talk to Papa, give Papa the assurance that we will take care of mama and Love, his sis... and that he (papa) can take a rest now, coz we don't wanna see him suffer much. We gave them the father and son time. We also signed a waiver at st. luke's , something about not reviving him.. no tubes, no injections.. we just want a quiet sleep for papa. We were so tired that we went home, and asked Mama and Gelo's tita to call us in case of emergency.

June 5 (Tuesday) - Woke up early coz it's the 2nd day of our house renovation, and we need to transfer to my tita's place besides our house. After GElo took a bath, sabi ko sa kanya " Eh, kung isama na natin si Joaqui sa hospital, feeling ko kasi sya na lang hinihintay ni papa, kung di tyo papasukin, ok lng at least we tried.. " He agreed naman kasi daw napaisip na din sya. I was on a rush to give Joaqui a bath. Kaka madali ko , naiwan pa namin ung bag ni joaqui.. buti di pa kami nakakalayo. We were at St lukes at exactly 1pm. And bilin ko tlaga kay Gelo, derecho lang lakad, pag di tyo na notice, Ok. Kasi sa Asian , di pinayagan si Joaqui, mejo strict sila tlaga. In a breeze, we were at Papa's room. We said na nasa tabi nya si Migo nya... and he gave us a big smile twice. Around 5pm nag merienda pa kmi ni gelo sa cafeteria. Joaqui naman nakatulog na. So we went back to papa's room.

HIniga ko na sa Joaqui in one of the couches, kasi super tulog talaga sya. In such a short time, Papa's heart monitor made a long beep. I wasn't able to see the numbers, but Gelo said that his heartbeat and BP went to Zero. We looked at each other. Gelo's tita decided to pray the rosary, and we were all crying. Gelo went out. I then followed him, i knew he will stay at the chapel. I asked him to go back tot he room and talk to papa. We all gave papa a hug and a kiss at the forehead. I was looking at his breathing patter, and the interval was getting longer. Mama's BP went to 170 when he hugged Papa. So we gave her meds pa for hyper tension. Gelo went out again. I was there when Papa had his last breath, it was so peaceful. I went to the chapel, i saw Gelo and hugged him. I cant say anything, i just cried. And we went back to papa's room.

Joaqui was still asleep then. We still hugged papa that minute coz we know that he can still feel us. I just know. Coz we can still feel him too.

I think he really waited for Joaqui, his Migo. And he wants na sabay pa sila mag sleep.

I am attaching Gelo's speech during the mass for Papa

" In behalf of our family, we are whole heartedly thankful to all of you who extended your outmost sympathy to us. We are so glad to know that Papa has touched a lot of lives not only ours, his family, but to a lot of people especially his kababayans at Ilo ilo and Antique.

We know that many would miss Papa, our relatives, friends and colleagues. But this shouldn't be a time to grieve. For God was so good to end his pains and sufferings here on Earth. God saw that he is getting tired, and so He wrapped His arms around him and gave him rest.

Last Tuesday, i saw him sleeping, so peaceful and free from pain, that I could not wish him back to suffer again. WE hope that as you remember Papa, you offer a simple prayer for his soul, that he would eternally rest in peace with God, our creator.

Pa, there are no goodbyes, just see you soon... "

You are terribly missed Papa

In memory of a loving husband and father
Alfredo L. Abellon

Thursday, June 21, 2007

2 years na kami

Last June 19 was our 2nd anniversary and we are celebrating this weekend (post father's day celebration na din)m We availed of the Linden Suites membership that comes with a complimentary overnight stay.. good deal :)

And here's a song that I wanted to share with you guys.. Its from the High School Musical the Movie... just love the lyrics... makes me go back to 1997, when Gelo and I became officially together. HAHAHA! Feeling high school...

What I've been looking for

It's hard to believe
That I couldn't see
You were always there beside me
Thought I was alone
With no one to hold
But you were always right beside me

This feelings like no other
I want you to know

I've never had someone that knows me like you do
the way you do
I've never had somone as good for me as you
no one like you so lonely before i finally found
what i've been looking for

So good to be seen
So good to be heard
Don't have to say a word

For so long I was lost
So good to be found
I'm loving having you around

This feeling's like no other
I want you to know
I've never had someone that knows me like you do
The way you do
I've never had someone as good for me as you
No one like you
So lonely before, I finally found
what I've ben looking for

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lesson Learned

I better write about this one first. Just this Monday, My sis, our friend Dennis, Gelo and I went to Ongpin to buy fllor tiles and lights for our house renovation.. Yes, i also forgot to blog about that. So there, it was already lunch time so we decided to have lunch at one of their famous restos in ongpin.. Alam ko, super sarap talaga the chinese food there, but i never expected the resto na ganun.. old house with old chairs and tables. Tawa na nga kami ng tawa ng sis ko , sabi ko pa siguro kuripot yung may ari, ayaw pa renovate.. ang yaman na siguro nun hahaha!

We already made our order , and the food looks yummy talaga... but we thought of transferring to David's Tea house since its within the area. pero cge, for the yummy food , we will give it a try.. don't judge the book by it's cover di ba? I was a bit exhausted and thirsty at that time, we were given a plactic pitcher of water and glasses with ice. I had second thoughts of drinking that water.. pero since uminom si gelo, uminom na din ako. I assumed it's distilled. But I guess its not. What made matters worst.. I ordered Black GUlaman ( for sure they used the same water) , while gelo, Dennis and my sis had sodas.

Ito na simula ng pag hihirap ko... That same night, i felt something different with my tummy that made me go to the CR in the middle of the night. I wont give in much detail of this na.. heehhee kakahiya. Then tuesday morning, 6 times ako nag CR from 7 am till 11 am! I was feeling so weak na.. At 2pm, we went to Joaqui's pedia for his check - up. We were on our way home at di ko na talaga kaya.. i vomited and was so weak, so I asked Gelo to bring me to the Emergency Room. Good thing kasama namin sis ko. I had a few Blood exams to check for my sodium level na din. Everything was normal naman. I wasnt able to give them a sample of my stool, so sabi ko, once i have a sample. dadalin ko na lng sa Laboratory since my sis works there. I was given Hydrite lang muna (which I would only take a sip kaya nagagalit na si gelo , hehehe).

Pag uwi from UST, I have fever naman.. kakainis , kasi nung nasa ER ako, wala ako fever. First time ko talaga nagkasakit ng ganito after giving birth.. super hirap! I tried eating but i feel like im gonna throw up anytime. Good thing naka leave pa din si Gelo. He takes care of Joaqui ( who now counts 1-2-3!) when I was sooo weak.

I was able to submit a stool sample just this afternoon, and everyhing is normal. MOre liquids to flush out the toxins though..

This is indeed a lesson learned for me. I swear! I would only drink water if I am 100% sure that it is distilled. And if i'm in a resto, i would only drink bottled water. Not that I am maarte or maselan, but I don't wanna experience it again. Never again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


That's how I feel today.

Life has been on the dark side for the past 2 weeks.

One of my sister's Best friend from college ( a family friend too) passed away last May 31.

I am recovering from a 3 day attack of acute gastro enteritis.

And last week, June 5.. we lost Papa... my father - in law.