Thursday, March 15, 2007

baby talk

just a quick one..

he mumbles and really talks now!

Here is a guide to Joaqui's dictionary

1. Mam- refers to me
2. Dade - gelo
3. papa - gelo's dad
4. mamamama - gelo's mom
5. baba - yaya ng niece ko .. . baba talaga name nya. joaqui loves to shout her name
6. bebi - refers to himself, he recognizes himself even in pics or when he sees a baby, sabay turo hehehe
7. Ka - either cat or car.. when he sees a cat, he will say "ka", then point at the cat. when we are inside the car and sees other cars outside the window, "ka" din.. then he would rereat it over and over.
8. atetete - or ate. for his cousins joreen and khloe
9. dede - when he wants to drink milk
10. nanana... - when he is crying, sounds like he is really saying something

there were some sylabbles pa, im not sure on the meaning yet hehehe..

i love it when he says bebi..or sometimes i would hear him say baby talaga.. khit ako nagulat..

i feel so fulfilled hearing this from joaqui.. he is indeed growing so fast!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


crawl. walk. climb up. roll over.

i soo wanted to post a blog but i dont know what seems to be wrong whenever i access blogger. So its a good thing now that its working hehehe..

joaqui had trial classes at the Gymboree shangrila and The Little GYm El pueblo. It was really a good idea to try both, so we can compare. but upon checking our sked for this summer, we are quite full, syempre lapit na birthday, plus my family would be home, for sure, its quite a busy summer for us. Gelo and I decided that we will just enroll him the next quarter.. it was indeed a great experience for joaqui and me (and gelo too). super naaliw na nga si gelo sa TLG kaya di na masyada picture taking. hehehe.. i will post the pics soon.

hapi bertday

last march 12 was joaqui's 11th month, we had our usual spaghetti that we shared with our neighbors. we do this every 12th of the month... and i said to myself, last na to, next month party na talaga.. woohooo! lalo naman daw akong na excite. define excitement!


just this afternoon, joaqui made his first few steps all by himself. syempre, papahuli ba naman ako? took our handycam and captured the moment. hahaha! naisip ko kasi pag picture bka it wont look like he is walking, so ayun, record agad! its so fulfilling...! sulit na yata pagiging stay at home mom ko. actually, the night before that, he was showing signs already, pro mga 3 steps lng eh,. .. what surprised me most was, he never really cruised around our sala. we have a hard stone flooring kasi, so i cant let him cruise around. i place puzzle mats lang. so i never thought that he would start walking this early , considering sa crib lng sya cruise. pero knina, dami na steps then mag stop, stand lang, then mga 3 steps again. i enjoy watching him balance himself. he would sometimes fall down, i just let him stand on his own.. then walk again..

whats next? habulan days naman. have to keep our jars for a while, wala kasi ako ibabayad pag nakabasag sya. hahaha!

plantation bay

my sis ricca plans to go to plantation bay cebu , the day after joaqui's bday. i so love the place as i look at the pics. my cousin from LA said na they had a great time there with his kids. so we are really considering to have our summer outing there. cant wait!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the quiz proved it

You Sometimes Don't Get Enough Sleep

You're often more tired than you'd like, and you're probably not getting enough quality sleep.
Sleeping a little more could make you a lot more energetic and happy.
Try having a bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, and only eat fruit before bed.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

525,600 minutes without Mama

March 2, 2006 -

at 4 in the morning, our maid woke us up (gelo and I), coz my lola (we call her mama) was having an asthma attack. I was 8 mos preggy then, and it was just Gelo who took her to he hospital. She had a heart attack on their way to the hospital. Gelo would recount to me every scene that he would recall... on how mama looked as the ER staff carried her out of our car.. on how mama looked when the staff tried to revive her...he knew then that mama couldn't make it anymore.

I was at home with our maid, i was lying in her bed, asking the maid what happened as i was holding the phone. I called my tita who lives near us to be with me coz i was a bit nervous then. my sister who works at the hospital would call me from time to time updating me on mama's status.. at first she was revived... then she called that mama had an arrest again.. my tita and i prayed at the altar then i called my cousins to pray for mama too. .. ate called again, mama was revived and she would need to stay at the ICU.. ok fine... but i then the phone rang again.. i asked my tita to answer it.. and there... my tita kept nodding her head as tears began to flow. it suddenly struck me.. i didn't waited for any words... i cried and cried as i hugged her pillow.

yes it was exactly a year ago... five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. and everything is still fresh in my mind. there were days that i would cry alone... days that i wonder how life would be if mama is still around... everything is still here... all the memories.

Everything happens for a reason. Its a matter of acceptance. I know that mama is at peace now. I just wish that i was able to say goodbye to her.. hugged and kissed her

And Just like what my cousin dorxie and sister ricca said, we all have to move on. and truly, its easier now coz we have Joaqui.

Today, I pray to God not just for the repose of her soul. I pray because I thank God for giving us Mama..Our guidance.. our protector, our guardian angel.

To mama, wherever you are.. we all love you and we all miss you. Give our hugs to tatay !