Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Financial Importance of Pet Insurance

With health insurance plans changing so much these days, it is becoming more and more difficult to decipher just which option is best for your family. Our current administration has laid out so many different guidelines for health insurance companies and consumers, that it is almost like no two families have similar plans. If you have children, things can get even murkier – and if you have pets, the health insurance maze is even more tangled. Fortunately, there are helpful companies out there in the market that can help families with everything from prescription plans for themselves and they children – and even guide families through the confusion of pet insurance. Yes, pet insurance does exist, although most pet owners are unaware of the many benefits of insuring your beloved dog or cat.

Certainly, pet insurance seems like a luxury, especially in our current economy where unemployment rates continue to climb and jobless claims hover around nine percent. And if you are a diligent and attentive pet owner and think you manage to keep an eye on your pet at all times, you may think pet insurance is completely wasteful. But even though you think your pet is completely healthy and safe, like our human family members, accidents happen. You may even feel like when you write a check for small monthly premium cost of pet insurance, that you’re throwing money away – but more and more experts agree it’s actually a smart financial investments for pet owners.

If you have owned a pet for a while, you may have already incurred the devastating costs of Fluffy devouring an entire plate of brownies off the kitchen counter when no one was looking. Or what about when Fido accidentally swallowed his favorite tennis ball in the yard? The costs of preventative and repair surgeries for pets can become astronomical – and should tragedy ever strike your favorite furry friend, a relatively inexpensive pet insurance policy will save your pet – and your savings account.

Gaming Perceptions Improve With Video Game Reviews

If you are an avid gamer and possess a hit collection, or perhaps some of the rarer games, you know that it is an activity well worth investing in. You may have purchased your game, based on a recommendation from a friend or just by following the marketing exposure, and fulfilled your curiosity by exploring the game, working your way up. You need to move on to the next level. Speed up your gaming acumen, become the maven of the gaming world and now you would have the distinguished honor of being an expert in your own right. Broaden your perspective about games, and the unique skill you possess from the games that you have played, will help you put it all together.

Video game reviews are written by experts from the gaming world. They understand the games, from the industry’s and the game company’s viewpoint. Reviews can immensely help readers to decide what games to buy. Players are of different ages and of varied types. There are those which like aesthetically pleasing graphics who might not pay too much attention to the gaming logic and vice versa, while there are many who choose a game based on the idea involved or the type of action involved.

You might notice that, while some action gamers got disappointed with Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, the less ambitious continue enjoying Ivy the Kiwi or Diner Dash. Some may have found KORG Plus to be more promising, but after playing the game, they may still stick to the Halo series as being the best sci-fi game ever. The reviewer has no personal likes and dislikes, but his opinion is founded upon the important factors, including the game company which invented the game and an expert assessment of the actual playing experience on a Nintendo DS, PlayStation, or Xbox 360.

5 Easy Ways to Talk to Your Toddler

I read an article yesterday about an airline passenger using an e-cigarette in an airport before boarding. Fellow travelers were upset that he was smoking in a non-smoking area. He pointed out that he was using an e-cigarette and that he was, technically, not smoking. Airport authorities asked him to stop, stating that e-cigarettes gave the perception of smoking.

This story reminded me of something that happened when I took my children with me grocery shopping last week. We left in a hurry and had not eaten breakfast. I told them that for being such good sports we would pick out a breakfast goody at the bakery. As we viewed the offerings, I suggested a chocolate doughnut. They couldn't decide.

Then their eyes wandered over to the dessert case. They saw a piece of chocolate cake and told me the cake was what they wanted for breakfast. I told them that cake was not a good breakfast and that they should choose something from the traditional breakfast items. They looked at the cake and then at the doughnut. I could see that, to them, there was little difference between the cake and the frosted doughnut. How could I explain to them the difference, when in reality, there was no significant difference?

Children are very literal creatures. If we ask them not to yell in the house and then shout for them to bring us something, we shouldn't be surprised when our 3 year old tells us not to yell in the house.

Here are some things I have learned about communicating with toddlers:

Get down to their level and look into their eyes when you talk.
Don’t give them too many choices. Tell them what you expect.
Always compliment their good behavior.
Simply outline each step of a task or upcoming event.
Let them make some daily choices.

Life is What You Make It

Life is what you make they say. So today I decided to make my life the best it can possibly be by living it to the fullest and appreciating everything that comes my way. That’s right, everything.

Wait, you say, how can you appreciate everything that comes your way? What about if you get hurt or you lose your home? How can you be grateful for that? How can you be cheery while things occur that make you suffer?

Well, if most people were honest, they would confess that many things in life are just not that bad. I mean, think about it, what really bad things happen to the majority of people? Maybe someone talks about us negatively, or maybe we lose our job or we make wrong choices and have to face some consequences?

Almost everything that comes to us is a great teaching moment that has the potential to make us better than we were. Barring war in our neighborhood or a tornado taking out our home, most of us will never have to face irreversible actions that change our world forever. Most of us merely have to face small subtle actions from others, or ourselves, that can be negative if we do not make a decision to be happy in all things and to learn from our mistakes.

I know a gentleman who did lose his home. Consequently he became an expert in mortgage refinance Washington, D.C. Clients call him from Washington as well as from New York, Florida and Colorado. Because of his misfortune he has become an expert in his field. And not only is he an expert, he is well off and provides lavishly for his family.

So, when the going gets tough, I am going to be grateful, love my family and do my best. Anyone who cares to join me is certainly welcome.

Im hooked

Im now into Toms, i think this is the most comfy shoes I ever had. I got one in black and I cant wait to get one same as the pic here for me and for my husband. There's only a few designs available in our area so I will order online for now. I am getting one for my son too,something like this graffiti design.. i cant wait!

Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy With a Free Discount Prescription Card

There are almost 50 million people in America who do not have any form of health insurance. There are also people who have health insurance but their current policy does not cover the cost of prescriptions. One way to help with the cost of drug prescriptions is to get a free discount prescription card.

You may be wondering if you qualify for this program. Luckily, because the system is a benefits program you will qualify for the card regardless of how old you are and whether you are employed or not. You do need to be a citizen of the United States of America to qualify for the card.

If you want to get your hands on one of these discount cards all you will need to do is fill in an online application form. You can then print it and use it in any pharmacy in the United States. You are also able to use the card at an online pharmacy if you wish to do so.

Once you have done this you will need to give the details of your card to the pharmacy. They will take your details and store it in their computer systems. This means that the next time you go to the pharmacy they will already have you card information. The benefit of this is that you will not have to wait a long time for your medication to be prepared.

This benefit program is very much welcomed by the public. This card can give people up to a 20 percent discount on more than 20,000 medicines. As medication is often very expensive this savings could mean that a person could use the extra money on essential everyday costs such as food and rent. They can now do this without putting their health at risk.

Making Money While Seeing the World: Travel Nursing

Content If you love to travel, you usually have to enjoy it when you’re young and don’t mind traveling cheap, staying in hotels, taking trains and eating at the least expensive restaurants you can find. Or you have to postpone traveling until you’re older or retired when you have the time and money to devote to exploring the world. But the ideal situation would be landing a job that pays you while you travel. Don’t think this is a far-fetched idea. A realistic way to accomplish this is to become a traveling nurse.

Nurses are in demand now more than ever. If you’re just starting your education, or you’re looking for a career change, you should have no problem finding a job once you have your nursing degree. Some organizations that hire traveling nurses offer jobs only in the United States, but this can be as exciting as traveling abroad. The United States has incredible variety to offer a traveler, from oceans to mountains to desert locations. You’ll meet a wide range of people, and they’ll speak your language! As a traveling nurse you’ll have the added satisfaction of knowing you’re helping people who are most in need of assistance. And you’ll be working with other health care professionals who will be thrilled to have your support.

If you’d rather travel outside the United States, other travel nursing agencies have assignments around the world including Europe, China, Singapore, Australia, India and New Zealand. Most agencies will offer you an hourly rate the same as, or better than, you would get working in a local hospital or clinic. They also provide many benefits including health insurance and 401(k) retirement programs. Most agencies will pay for your airfare, rental car if needed and other travel expenses. Since the assignments can last from two weeks to seven months, they should also set you up in a hotel, apartment, house or some other type of accommodation.

Placing Bets With Online Sportsbooks

Because of the current football season and my new interest in online sports betting, I have spent a good amount of time looking at sportsbooks on the web. As I become more acquainted with following games and placing wagers, I have learned a lot about sports betting practices.

For sports such as basketball and football, point spread betting is the popular gambling option. The point spread acts as a handicap for one team and "evens out" a match between the teams. Online bettors pick a team to win or lose by a certain number of points. In football, for example, three points and/or seven points determine point spreads. Those numbers prove significant: A team can gain three points with a field goal and seven points for a touchdown. Because people usually favor one team to win over the other, sportsbooks created the point spread, giving online bettors the opportunity to wager on equally attractive teams.

Money line betting is another sports betting option. Determining the money line depends on which team wins a game. Sportsbooks offer money line betting for events where point spreads are not the primary betting option. Sports, such as racecar driving, boxing, and tennis, are good examples where money line betting is often the only option. Baseball, soccer, and tennis may also use money line betting because the margin of victory for each game is usually small. Creating a point spread for such games would be difficult, if not impossible.

There are several sports betting terms that online bettors can participate in. In addition to traditional money line betting and the popular point spread betting, other online gambling options include run-in, futures, props, and over-under betting. Sportsbooks can apply these methods of online betting to sports matches of all kinds, ranging from major league sports to college sports.

With a better understanding of the terms, I may place my own bet.

Dora crazy

Its official ! She loves Dora to bits.
These pictures were taken during my husband's birthday weekend at Crowne Plaza. The hotel was connected to the mall that's why everything was within our reach. The kids were treated with one toy each. Little girl chose this Dora doll while my son just got a Ben 10 Hanky,yeah, my boy is not really choosy with toys hahaha!

Get a Kids Backpack That is Useful Year-Round

Whether for school or personal time during the summer, it’s important to get your children a kids backpack in the right pattern or design so that the kids are happy to use it. Backpacks are useful all throughout the school year to transport books, lunches, school supplies, and gym clothes along with other accessories that kids sometimes want to add to the mix. For junior, it might be a baseball hat, and for the little woman it might be a favorite stuffed animal that she’s partial to and would rather have at her side all day than leave at home while she heads to the classroom.

Backpacks are so multi-functional, though, that they also engender a sense of responsibility in your kids. Whether it’s heading out for a day of schoo or a day at the beach during summer, it’s easy to bring along fun stuff if your child has a dedicated bag. Fortunately, backpacks come with so many designs, patterns, superheroes, sports team logos, brand interests, hobbies and pictures of favorite pastimes that any child will find a backpack to suit his or her personality in no time.

Aside from letting the kids pick their favorite patterns and designs, the parent should also look for practical things built into the pack. Does it have large, easy to move zippers? Are there adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate the growth spurts your kid will go though over the next year or two? How about a separate compartment for pencils, pencil sharpeners, and other small, easily misplaced items? A separate compartment inside for books and clothes is also handy, to help with keeping the study materials separate from the dirty gym clothes. So, while the kids look at only the cool pictures, make sure you’ve got a practical bag for each of your little ones. That will help ensure that it gets used year round!

Celebrating Kids Birthday Parties With New Recipes

Recipes for kids birthday parties need to please a wide variety of palettes from kids to parents. You can incorporate a favorite food, such as macaroni and cheese, but make it special for the party. You could even try a fried version. Use smaller portions to pass around as appetizers for the adults. Here are some other ideas.

Theme Meals

Oftentimes kids birthday parties feature a movie, book, or cartoon character. Incorporate the colors of the movie logo into your meal with food coloring. You can also come up with creative names for old favorites or eat the actual food that is in the book. If you are serving a buffet-style meal, then put the names of each dish on a card, along with the humorous name or fun graphics so guests know what each dish is.

Theme Cakes

The cake is the centerpiece of any birthday party. You could take a princess cake in a lot of different directions depending on your skill level. You could try a basic sheet cake with candy accents that look like jewels. If you pick up dessert from a bakery you can get unique airbrushing to simulate a crown.

Colorful Cakes

If your birthday party doesn't have a theme, then you can just go with a bright color palette or your kid's favorite colors. Your child can even help with the decorating. Just pick a different color for every tier. Then use piping bags to add simple accents such as dots or numbers. This allows you to tie all of your child's favorite colors together in one piece.

Food Favors

The party favor can include both your theme and food. If you use a circus theme, then give out bags of cotton candy. Use animal crackers for a safari party. For a princess theme, you can look for candy rings or necklaces.

A Romantic Getaway to New Jersey

Gelo and I have been thinking of taking a vacation to the US. He wants to go to New Jersey so we can visit his Aunt Mimi. But I’m thinking, New Jersey? What the heck is there to see in New Jersey anyway?

Well, after doing some research online, it turns out there's quite a bit to do in New Jersey -- romantic things -- which is kind of what Gelo and I had in mind. There are plenty of Jersey City apartments for rent, but the leases are too long, and unless I wanted to hire someone to come in and do all the cooking and cleaning, I would be doing a lot of work. I decided that I want a bit of pampering while I’m on vacation. I deserve it, right? So I voted for staying in one of the romantic bed and breakfast places in the area and Gelo agrees! He wants to stay somewhere within driving distance of his aunt, so I think we’ll stay in Lambertville. That would be a thirty-minute drive to his aunt’s house and since there are something like 20 antique shops there, it means I’ll have lots of fun looking for some more old hats to add to my collection.

Since my husband and I are looking for a chance to re-connect away from the kids, we plan to take advantage of some of the really nice and romantic things you can do in New Jersey. For example, we may take a ride in a horse drawn carriage -- I’ve never even been up close to a horse. There are also several wine-tasting shops in the area. Gelo loves wine and he likes the sound of one called "Grape Expectations," where you can blend your own wine and design and print your own label. How romantic is that? We can save a bottle as a memento of our trip!

Miguel's 1st Birthday

Last week, my cousin's son celebrated his 1st birthday at Jollibee with the theme Thomas and friends. My son had a great time with his cousins and he eagerly joined the games. He used to be shy with parties, but after I told him that he needs to join the games to win prizes, he would volunteer in every game.

Here's a few pics to share. My daughter slept the entire time there was a program. She woke up after earting time.

Keep Your Family's Finances Together with Debt Consolidation

For many families, debt is a huge burden. There are so many things that contribute to debt, and many of them seem out of our control. What is included in your debt? House payment, car payments, credit card bill, student loans? A lot of times, this debt will keep a lot of families from doing the things they would like to do, such as take vacations, or even have a day out on the town. Many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of money they have to pay out on a monthly basis, just to keep afloat. You may be wondering what you can do to help your family feel a little more comfortable.

One option that crosses many people's minds is bankruptcy. This can be detrimental to things you may want to do in the future. It can hurt your credit score, and make it more difficult to get loans, and possibly even jobs, in the future. So, though it may be an option, it is one that most people quickly look over. For most, the negatives of bankruptcy far outweigh the potential positives.

Debt consolidation may be the best option for you and your family if you feel like you are drowning in debt. The point of consolidating your debt is that you take your current debt and roll it into one larger loan. This will generally significantly lower your payments, and make life for you and your family much easier financially. Many times, you may need to have collateral for your consolidation loan. You may be able to use your house for this by taking out a second mortgage.

Rolling all of your loans and debts into one can make it so that you and your family have a much easier time doing the things you enjoy, as well as the things that you need to do on a monthly basis.

When We Say 'Best,' What Do We Mean?

Let's say you're working at a restaurant. A curious customer leans over to ask you, "What's the BEST item you have on the menu?" Thinking like most competent restaurateurs, you know this question is hard to answer. There may be the 'most popular' item on the menu, but just because it's popular doesn't mean it's the best. So your best answer is usually a question in turn: "Well, what are some things you like?"

Cell phone and cell phone plans are much the same. You can ask your friends, you can ask the guys and girls at the cell phone store, or you can even ask your waiter or waitress, but your search for the best cell phone plans is ultimately decided and guided by you. There is no 'best cell phone plan,' there is merely the plan that is best for you.

So what are some good questions you can ask when you're trying to narrow down what are the best cell phone plans?

Consider what kind of use you want out of a cell phone. If you think you're going to be spending most of your time talking to a few close friends, perhaps it would serve you to find out what providers they are using, so you can get on a similar plan and save some money by staying in-network. If you like to send texts, then look at plans that have affordable unlimited text messaging packages. If you think you're going to be spending a lot of time e-mailing, taking pictures, listening to music and everything else, then you'll need a cell phone plan with a competent data package; one that is efficient, affordable and non-restrictive.

Depending on your needs, there is always a plan that is best for you. Now on the other hand, picking your favorite dish might not be so easy.

Assisted Living Facilities Can Keep You Celebrating Life

It's time to celebrate. The days of being forced to go to a nursing home just because you can't do a couple of your daily tasks are over. Instead of being stuck in a place where you'll get 24-hour care that you don't really need, you can get the help you need when you need it - and still keep your privacy. assisted living feel a lot more like home than a nursing home. They have separate apartments for their residents and a large common area where everyone can get together and have fun. If you prefer to keep to yourself, that's fine too.

If you're trying to choose an assisted living facility, there are plenty of things to consider. Cost is a factor, of course, but it's not the only thing you should be concerned about. The most expensive facilities aren't always the best, and lower-cost options aren't always bad, either. You'll need to take a look at the different options that are out there so you can make the right decision for you and your needs. The level of care that you require should be the most important consideration, since that's going to determine how well you're able to get around and do things at the facility.

Also, you might want to consider assisted living facilities where you can increase your level of care as needed. That way, as you get older, you'll be able to get more care if you need it. You won't have to move to a different facility, and that keeps the familiarity that you like and need. Things are uncertain enough as you get older, and anything that can keep you feeling safe and cozy is generally going to be better for both your mental and physical health. Find an assisted living facility that can provide you with those feelings.


I took some shots of my family last week when we celebrated the birthday of my cousin. Here's one of my favorites. I just asked them to sit on the floor and be natural with the camera.
I am loving portraits lately, thanks to my husband who bought a new lens for our camera.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blackheads go away!

Finally, I found home remedies for blackheads just in time! I've been trying out my luck last night for easy to follow home remedies, but it ended up that the onesI saw are actually more complicated than I thought. It's either I don't have one of the materials needed, orI really find the instructions complicated. So anyway, now that I found one, I will try it out now and se the results. I have a praty by tomorrow afternoon , so I want my face to be clear from these silly blackheads! I will be using my portraint lens of the camera, it will surely magnify my face hahaha!

Sleeping pills for me?

Many people noticed that I lost a lot of weight lately ,actually I felt that too. Some of my kids and jeans are a bit loose that's why I am doing a lot of eating now . I am also trying to improve my sleeping habits because I know that sleeping late is not good for me too. I am actually thinking of trying out sleeping pills . I will ask our family doctor if there is a good brand he can recommend. I plan to use it on nights that I feel like I can't sleep even if I want to. Yes, i am experiencing that woudl you believe? Any good brands you can suggest?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Shower!

I am excited this Saturday because I am meeting up with my high school friends ! After a long time , we will see each other again and we are doing this get - togetehr to celebrate the arrival of my friend's new baby. I am planning this baby shower for weeks now and we have decided to give her a phil and teds explorer from all of us. We shared money to share for this gift , and she willtotally be surprised when she finds out that she will this item from her baby shower list. I am thinking of some fun games too for the whole gang, any ideas you have there? I just know the measure my tummy game so I am thinking of 1 game for the dads as well. Whew, it really is a busy week for me.

In grief

My dear friend's father died of Mesothelioma last month and I am meeting her up this weekend over dinner. She needs companion this tough time that she is missing her dad. I can't helpbut feel sad too whenever she will tell me how much she misses her father. I know how hard it is for her, so I try to cheer her up by going out with my kids that she truly adores. Somehow, I let her feel that she is not alone in this journey, that my family is also her family too. But of course, no one can ever replace his father but at a certain stage, she needs to move on to and go on with her life.

Enamel cookware for mom

I found these lovely enamel cookware pieces on sale. Imagine saving up $60 on this set instead of getting it for it's retail price? SO yes, The shopaholic in me gave in and I bought this for my mom in time for Christmas Gift. She told me that she needs a new cookware for the holidays so this would certainly be perfect. Maybe I should look for some pieces that would fit inmy budget for my aunt's. They love to receive kitchen pieces too during the Holidays. A spoon and fork set would be great, or some kithcen towels or table linens. I certainly can't wait for the Thanksgiving sale , since the price slash now is big already.

5th wheel warranty

Have you heard about the 5th wheel warranty ? I am searching for some information about this because my husband read about it in the newspaper the other day. Thank heavens for the internet, I can easily do research and get good results. I remember before when information was so hard to get in an instant. Now, everything is right at your fingertips. You just need to be careful though with all the information that you will get. After I finish reading more about this warranty, I have to look for some winter clothes for the kids. Oh i have to accept it, Internet is my life now.

Travel mode

I am still not halfway through my plans with Disney and here I am looking out for some Branson vacation packages on the net. Its not for me though but for my parents . They plan to go there this December. They have this thing that they travel every December because they want to experience Christmas in different places. Would you know where I can get good rates? They want a simple hotel room since they usually go around places . I hope to get them a reservation this weekend so I am done with their travel plans. I need to do more research for now!

Disney Vacation Package

Wow!!! We are pushing thru with our plans of going to Disney come winter time. I have been planning this trip eversince my kids had a grand timeat Disney last summer. Now I just received an email from my cousin telling me that she will pay for our airfare to disney. I just need to look for affordable Disney vacation packages that would fit in my budget. Of course, I also need to save up some pocket money for some shopping. My kids loves to lok around the stores for some toy shopping, now that my little boy loves Buzz Lightyear, I am sure that he will get those pieces next time. I can't wait to visit Disney again, I feel like I am a child once more.

Ugg Boots for winter!

Are you excited to welcome the winter season? Well, I am ! I am already going through some of the kids clothes because I need to check what I need to buy when things go on sale soon. They grow up so fast that most of the pieces I have here won't fit them anymore. I also need to get them new winter shoes,of course it has to be ugg boots ! I love the comfort and warmth it gives mo , so I know it will do the same with my kids. My pair looks like this and I also want this style for my princess. Its good to have matching boots this season. Let me know if you will find a best price !

New laptop for me and sissy

I don't know what happened, but suddenly, laptops here at home went crazy. My sister's and my laptop's chargers got dysfunctional already. You think this has something to do with the power voltage in our place? Or maybe we did something with these chargers? Now my husband said, we should just look for wholesale laptops , maybe we can get it for a good price instead of just buying the chargers.Besides, our laptops needs replacement too. I seriously need my laptop, it is a little piece of me already. My work depends there and I hope I can still open my old one to get my files. Oh well, lesson learned.

Accident - free

I was out of the house this morning and went out with my kids at the park. I bumped into one neighbor and I noticed that he had an accident . I asked him how he is recovering, he told me that he is getting better and running around the park is part of his therapy now. He regret not wearing a pair bifocal safety glasses that time. He is so thankful that everything went normal for him now. He enjoys seeing the kids at the park every morning, and he said it giveshim so much laugher in his daily life. I totally admire him for being positive in life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i need clamps

My husband ring me this morning and asked me to order some industrial clamps online. Of course,I dont know exactly what it is , so I just searched online and I saw some on sale. I just asked my husband if he has a specific brand in mind, and he gave me the exact model that he is looking for. Ordering was easy, I already received a confirmation email and I will just wait for itto be delivered. Who wouldn'tlove online shopping, especially when you are too busy inside the house to go out and buy something. Now I can go with mydaily chores and maybe take a rest this afternoon.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Telemarketing lead generation provides results

Putting up a business nowadays can be very challenging. The slowdown in our economy makes investors and businessmen a bit hesitant to invest their money in any business. But still, there are those who takes the challenge and works hard to perform well in the market. Thanks to the birth of marketing strategies, now it is easier to reach your market and present to them your product and services. One example is by telemarketing lead generation. A company will hire marketing company who will deal with finding the perfect customers for you. One example is a call center company who do telemarketing leads by calling possible clients and conducts surveys and inquiries over the telephone. This process is not easy at all. They call potential clients, but a bigger percentage of this will just turn them down, but still, some would share their precious time to that telemarketing call. This is where they generate the information and marketing list. I’ve even heard lately about b2b telemarketing, and I think this is the style used by my previous company. You might think that telemarketing maybe a waste of money since some don’t respond to those calls, but actually, No, because there are pre-qualified leads already , ready to use. Businesses should consider this to potentially have some leads with their market.

Men's and women's sunglasses on sale

When things are on big big sale, it’s so hard to resist them. I try to stay away from it especially when I have a list of expenses coming up like paying the bills. But just this weekend, my husband saw some men's sunglasses on sale. He hardly shops for clothes and shoes, but I don’t know why he has this certain love for sunglasses. Maybe because he use I daily when he is driving . He is very specific with the protection the sunglasses would give his eyes rather than its style. This is what he keeps on telling me whenever I would check out the women's sunglasses area. Yes I admit that sometimes I would check it because I like the brand, But I am not really sure if it has a high protection from UVA and UVB. Now I am keen with that too, I experienced some eye problems when I did not use proper fishing sunglasses last summer. I learned my lesson the hard way. Now, my husband would like to take advantage of the sale and look for golf sunglasses. He started playing golf two months ago and so far he is enjoying it. He plays during weekends and he invites me to try the sport too. Well, maybe I should look for the perfect sunglasses too.

Looking for party supplies?

It’s just 6 weeks away from my little girl’s second birthday, and here I am , busy as bee with all the preparations. Well, this is definitely a smaller party as compared to her first birthday, but still I want to make everything special to her. I booked the venue last month , and booked a host / magician too. Now I am going through the details like the invitation, give aways, activities, cake and prizes. It seems like the list is never ending, but I know I can carry out everything because I’ve been planning kiddie parties for 4 years already. I enjoy planning parties and going to malls and bazaars to get party supplies. But lately, my schedule has been so tight that I don’t have much time to hit the mall. Big thanks to online shopping, I got some of my party supplies online at a discounted price. Now I don’t have to worry with my time and going to the mall. I will just wait for my orders to arrive anytime this week. This is one reason why I love online shopping, it saves me a lot of time and money too, plus I even get some discount coupons for my next shopping spree.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Used verizon phones for sale

During these modern times, technology plays a vital role in the world of communications. It is so hard not to have any form of communication, may it be a cell phone or email. For me it is the easiest way to get in touch with family and friends. It has become a “need” now rather than just a “want”. Cell phones are used for various reasons, whether personal or business reasons. My husband is a business user and he uses it mostly for his work and for getting in touch with their customers. I , on the other hand has a cellphone for personal use. Lately , I got a phone that has a wifi feature so I can also check my email through my phone. My husband’s phone got broken a few months ago and he is not really keen on getting the latest model, not even the expensive ones. He said he just need something that can make calls , and as long as it has a good battery life, then he would buy it. A friend suggested we get look at some used cell phones. These used cell phones are optimized to give great performance ,at the same time providing you with bigger savings since the price is not same as a brand new one. Re using a cell phone can also be good for the environment. My husband got curious that he looked at the available used verizon phones
. This is his first choice, but for comparison , he also checked at used t mobile phones. Hopefully he can buy one soon so he can return my old cell phone.

Save on Wholesale products

I love to shop and I guess everybody knows that by now. I usually look for items on sale or on clearance for major discounts. During these economically challenged times, we should all look for ways on how we can save up with our shopping expenses. And I am not talking about nonsense shopping here, I am talking about shopping for home items like toiletries, groceries and the likes. Another way to save up those dollars is by buying in bulk. There’s a lot of wholesale products at the grocery and at the internet for a good price. I found out more about it when I was looking for a Wholesale Distributor of party balloons. I will need a few dozens for the birthday of my little girl so I thought of buying party stuff in bulk. I saved a lot comparing it to the unit price I saw at the mall. If you want further reduction, there are also Closeout products that are almost 70-80% off the original price. You just need to search for wholesalers online and check out the feedback of their store too. This will give you an idea of the quality of their products. I might get some more Wholesale products for the kids loot bags for the party of my little girl.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Office supply store for your needs

I was at my cousin in law's dermatology clinic the other day to help her with the finishing touches and some things that needs to be bought. Everything is set from the machineries to all the materials and we just need a few table decors at the receiving area. However, she still needs some office supply . She totally forgot about this because she was focused with all the medical needs. When I checked out the office desk, i found nothing so I told her we better get the office supplies. She will be needing those for jotting down schedules, clients, records , accounting, etc. We planned on going to the office supply store that afternoon but it rained so hard and the road was so traffic. We had to scratch off that trip and just headed home. I suggested she check online for some supplies store. There's a lot of online stores out there that sells discounted supplies just like at the mall. I just gave her a list of what to buy like office paper , pens, staplers, folders, envelopes etc. She just needs the basics for now and hopefully she can find out what she needs later on. I asked her to check for some coupon codes online for possible free shipping or extra discounts.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Quicker8's blog contest

My dear friend Faye is holding a contest in her blog . Check it out and win these cool prizes..

1. Subscribe to my feed via email located right side bar (REQUIRED) - 1 Entry
2. Blog about the contest along with the Prizes {You MUST include the Prizes and My link}- 5 Entries
- If you have multiple blogs, much better. Each blog post along with the Prizes -5 Entries.
3. Leave a comment in this post telling me what you did and give me the link of the blog post. 1 Entry.
4. Comment to any of my post. From August 8,2010 to Sept 8,2010 and you’ll have 1 entry each comment.
-Make it sure it's at least three word ! LOL And NO SPAMMING, PLEASE!

The Contest Ends on the 8th of Sept 2010 so if you wish to participate you must enter before that date. Winners will be announced on Sept 18,2010! The winners will be picked through!

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