Friday, February 23, 2007

im blue without you

This pic was taken during the last week of January, so technically he was still 9 months old then. we were supposed to use the blue's clues pot, unfortunately he couldn't fit, so we transferred him to a bigger pot, luckily its colored blue =)

I sooo love his smile in this picture. He looks like me when I was young. hahaha!

Monday, February 19, 2007

on the road last saturday

Last Saturday, we headed to Asian Hospital to await Gelo's dad arrival from St. Paul Iloilo. He was airlifted and was transported to Asian through ambulance. He is currently not in the best of his health.

Side Trip muna...

We left home a little earlier and went to Alabang Town Center to have lunch and to do some window shopping na din hehehe =) And guess what? We passed by Babyland and saw MAclaren strollers! BEst of all, the price is not at all bad. Comparing the rates at Target Mall where my mom plans to have it purchased , plus the shipping cost pa.. its really reasonably priced. Told my mom what i saw, and she told me to buy it from here so there's no hassle na din on her part. We are planning to purchase it this saturday. We are going back to asian kasi on sat. Can't wait!

At Asian ER:

Papa was admitted first at the ER for some observations and proper turn over from St. Paul Iloilo. Gelo and I was able to see him for a short time lang. Lot of doctors were attending to him and we dont wanna disturb them. We then dropped off the doctor they are with to Centennial Airport. A doctor was with them during their entire trip from Iloilo. It was around 5pm when we arrived back home.

Here's my little boy's pic on our way home. Hayyyy what heavy traffic can do ...

closer look sa batang tulog

it was a really sunny day.. thanks to his car shield hehehe

playtime.. super bait when he's at the car seat

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here are a few of his cute faces that i captured. Looks can really be deceiving.

behind this innocent face .........

is a super kulit baby boy! hahaha!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Hearts Day!

Have FUN celebrating the day! Stay in love.. =)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chilling at Tagaytay

We had this trip last Dec 24, 2006 at Tagaytay when my cousins from LA were here. Too bad i have no pics with them uploaded at my pc hehehe so mostly it would just be joaqui hahaha! It was a chilly morning there. We first went to Pink Sisters and had mass. The road going to the chapel from the parking was really foggy. Joaqui was wearing a long sleeve underneath his jacket. Coolness! We then had a walk at the Picnic Grove. Then later had lunch at Leslie's.. Yummy!

new look

I am in the process of having a new look on this blog. hope it won't take that long for me to finish. hehehe

Thursday, February 08, 2007

a little bit of everything

i know, lately im negligent of this blog. actually tinatamad nga ako mag update hehehe. but on the contrary, i am planning to transfer and try out wordpress.. hmm we will see...

* * *


- what more can i say? he is growing really fast (And quite big for his age as people would always tell us)he is getting more adorable (of course, baby ko yan. love your own! hehehe) oh.. and he knows a lot of things. some the usuals like close-open, clap hands and this is what i enjoy the most.. he would point and actually touch your navel when asked to. you just need to show a small part of your tummy and say the magic phrase, "where's my navel? point at my navel..", and there, he would do it to the point of tickling you. Smart baby! Just like mommy =)

* * *


- i am still working on his birthday preps though i had sore eyes since friday. oh yeah , i am the carrier in this house. and guess what? two days ago, i had cough, which later on turned out to be worse coz i dont have my voice til now. and to top it all, while watching grey's anatomy , i had a hard time breathing coz i have a clogged nose. whew! and did i tell you that i am sick? grabe na talaga. good thing gelo is on leave...

* * *


- and why is he on leave? NAHAWA ng sore eyes! HAHAHA! he soooo wanted to have sore eyes the moment i had it. his office is so strict when you are infected with it so he was sent home last monday coz it was pretty obvious that he is so infected. he would be back on monday i guess. ... oh and he is getting hooked with grey's anatomy , we are watching the 3rd season already. but of course, his passion for anything anime would forever be there.

* * *


Yipee! My mom, My dad and my sis ricca all have their tickets! Dad will arrive on the end of march. While Ricca and mom would arrive on April 9. My sis was only given a 2 week leave from work. She had 2 weeks of leave na kasi last year when my grandma died and she went back here. tapos 2 weeks pa sya at LA with my cousin. But still its OK. As long as we are complete during Joaqui's birthday.. cant ask for anything more!

* * *


Of course, makakalimutan ko ba yun? Everything is still under my written schedule. Im so used to working in a sched. i wont function without it i guess. and mind you, i stick to it. hehehe =) i already made major downpayments. we are done with his pictorial at the picture company for his birthday materials. cant wait for the pics... he surely rocked our world with that amazing pose and stance ! and i am set to meet the photographer on the 3rd week of feb. i started shopping for prizes, i guess il be needing another trip. =)

* * *