Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Gasoline Boy

I was browsing Amazon this afternoon because of Jacqui, when i came across this Playskool Tonka Lil Gas Pump at the site's Toys Outlet Section. You see , Joaqui loves cars , and he is so influenced by his dad with this Gas station thingie. You would often hear him say "One thousand, Unleaded" when he is holding some coins, LOL.

I wouldnt let this toy pass. Bwahaha! I already showed it to him a while ago, and he was really jumping when I told him that this will be my gift for his birthday.

Friday, January 30, 2009

to study again

I am thinking of ways on how to be more productive even if Im just staying here at home. Aside from making an earning out of shopping, I am considering education again. I searched for some online schools and I came across Capella University. They offer a lot of courses to choose from and I am currently browsing their offers. This University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and all of it's students are guaranteed that they are getting the best in education. I hope that soon I will get my online degree too. It's been a while since I graduated from college and I believe its time for me to go for another degree.

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Not so healthy week

I wasn't able to update my blogs lately because the kids got sick. I am still catching up with my online tasks so there's really nothing much to see here:) Tomorrow , we are visiting my mother in law since we have a gathering at her new place, a despedida party for a relative.

So be sure to visit this blog again for some updates about the kids.

Snagged from Aggie

1. When was the last time you went to a playground and swung on the swings?
+ Last March 2008 when we went to Shang Cebu.

2. What is the first TV show you remember watching as a child?
+ Sesame Street - until now, I can still remember the 1-12 song

3. What’s your favorite board game?
+ Monopoly

4. How old were you when you started school?
+ 4

5. If you could have given any one piece of advice to yourself when you were a child, what would it be?
+ Just enjoy childhood

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dream wedding

Preparing for a wedding could really be a tedious task, especially if you put yourself into every tiny detail. I remember when I was still a bride, I have a separate planner for my wedding preparations, and I put all the details there so as not to forget anything. I also had tons of magazines for reference and I use it to get some ideas to use. If only the budget would permit, I would love to have a beach wedding with my family and close friends. I had this concept after I saw Cancun Destination Weddings from a wedding magazine. There’s a lot of wonderful beach resorts in Cancun that is truly a romantic venue for weddings. Imagine the white sand, wind breeze , great food to grace your big day as you make your vows. Who knows, maybe we can have our renewal of vows on my dream wedding destination , and that is the beach.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mickey boy

After Barney, Blue's Clues , Backyardigans, Elmo and Disney Cars, now he likes Mickey Mouse. He would tell us that HE is Mickey Mouse. LOL. One time, I asked him to choose between an Elmo or Mickey party, and he chose the second one. He even got himself a few Mickey Mouse tops when we were at the mall. I was actually just looking for plain white muscle tanks that he can use at home, but after he saw the Mickey prints, he asked me and his dad to get if for him. Oh well, now we need to buy a DVD too since he cant catch the show on TV because its a bit early. Do you know where I can shop online for Mickey items on sale?

Alright, gotta hit the sack now, I got sleepy after searching for some truck rental options online. I better try again tomorrow when my mind is not stagnant.

Sunday to-do list

Let me list down a few of the things that I need to finish today, Sunday. As of writing, we have no plans of going to the mall and we just wanna stay at home to chill out.

* go to mass
* arrange the little boy's shoe hanger that I just washed last Friday
* sort out the latest cosmetics that my mom gave me
* check some acne treatments online for my cousin
* cook home made pizza for my family. This is exciting!
* play with the kids , watch a dvd and eat some more!

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday Six - Health and Fitness

  1. Do you consider yourself healthy? - hmm not really. I try to eat healthy foods, but im not into any form of exercise, and I indulge with junk food.
  2. Do you exercise? - to be honest, No. I recently gave birth so when I was pregnant and even until now, my only form of exercise is walking.
  3. Are you careful in what you eat? - I try to be careful with . not spoiled, rotten or contaminated, plus it needs to be yummy of course.
  4. Have you started a diet recently? hmm im planning to, i wanna have a good one since i am breastfeeding.
  5. Do you know yourBMI ( Body Mass Indicator)? - hell no.
  6. Do you know your what your calorie intake should be a day? - sorry but no idea at all.
Join here .

Our Saturday

Its Saturday and I can say that so far, it turned out great for me and my family. The little boy went to his weekly playschool, and I am proud to say that he was there inside the classroom on his own. I will post more on that later. So anyway, today I had the chance to take a nap too, without interruptions. It maybe short but still , at least I feel recharged. We had pizza, chicken and Mojos from Shakeys too. We've been eating at this restaurant for weeks now and we still cant get enough of it. I think this is what happens when you miss that kind of food too much. I told you, im eating too much recently, I badly need a weight loss product soon after I stopped from breastfeeding.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A different chair

My cousin called me today asking me a few things about pregnancy. This is her first and now that she is 30 weeeks on the family way, she's starting to shop for baby stuff. She also asked me for some tips on how to ease some back pains on the last trimester. I gave her some alternatives that she can try aside from light massage, and I also asked her to get a shower chair that she can use while taking a bath. This is commonly used by hospital patients who can't stand for a long time while taking a bath. But after I tried it during my second pregnancy, it was easier for me to take a shower without risking safety too. Now my cousin is getting more excited with her pregnancy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My boys

* small and big eyes *

We had a great Saturday lunch at Shakeys. You can tell it with their faces. Iam happy that I brought along our camera. Moments like these are worth capturing. Its priceless.

Education and more

I always believed in the importance of education and how it helps us achieve our dreams. This is one thing that I would like to give my children, because I am definite that this will benefit them in the future. A while ago, I was talking to my cousin who graduated from Ashworth College , and he has the nice words about the institution. So I checked it online to check, and I find their blog really helpful. Ashworth College provides inspiring and insighful discussion in their forums that helps new students and guests to their site. Now that my cousin has kids already, shew told me that she will definitely send her kids at Ashworth College . She's definite that they will have the best education plus great opportunities after graduation.

Sunday Stealing -

1. Is there someone you'd like to be kissing right now? - yeah, my mom and my dad

2. When you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean? - im tired and mad

3. What are you listening to right now? - just the TV , im watching lifestyle network

4. Are you a big fan of thunderstorms? - Nope!

5. Do you believe in perfect? - yeah , there is perfection , and it depends on what perfection for you is.

6. Are you a jealous person? - I'll say YES

7. What was the first thing you thought this morning? - what time is it?

8. What do you think about when you are falling asleep? - hmm i dont know, im too sleepy to think about anything.

9. Are you satisfied with what you have in life? - Oh yes !

10. Do people ever think that you're either older or younger than you actually are? - they think im younger than my age.

11. Do you think men truly understand women? - Big NO!

12. How about women understanding men? - Another Big NO!

13. Did anybody ever call you handsome or beautiful? - yes :)

14. What is one fact about the last person that called you? - he is my bestfriend.

15. Other than your current one, what’s the longest relationship you have had? - this is the longest, 8 years before we got married

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dad and work

My husband is so blessed with work lately. His promotion was so timely when i gave birth. His company provided him with a very nice benefits package that will benefit not just him but our family as well. Aside from health benefits, he was provided with an auto allowance too. He said that the Administration at their company recently changed the benefits to their employees, and he was one of the few employees who had an auto allowance. Auto Allowance is a service that is usually provided by consulting firm that administers highly flexible and customizable vehicle reimbursement programs for companies with mobile employees. The auto allowance is calculated fairly by the firm and several factors contributes to this such as geographic cost variances, territory conditions and the actual number of business miles driven. It is both beneficial to the Employer and the employee because of the cost savings it provides. Hopefully, my husband can keep up with the company's expectations , not just for his personal satisfaction but professional growth as well.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Joaqui's friends - Elmo, Dino , Pablo , Spike and Little Elmo (extra ang Barney coloring book and Microphone cord)

Guess what they are doing???.....

What else?? watching Wowowee!!! Yeah, they are fans too! Joaqui lined them up, and they will play Hep Hep Hooray :)

new year's eve

1. How did you bring in the new year? - inside our room with my family
2. Did you drink any alcohol? - nope, im breastfeeding and besides im allergic to it.
3. Did you countdown the last few seconds? - sadly no, my son was crying coz of the loud fireworks, i forgot to check the time
4. Was this new year celebration better than last years? - definitely better coz we have our princess
5. What was your favourite moment of the whole night? - the kids woke up before 12 midnight and we were all together in one room.
6. What time did you go to bed? - around 2 am
7. Did you celebrate with family or friends? - just with the family
8. Take a lot of pictures? - not really
9. Did you wear a funny hat or glasses? - nope
10. Is this your favourite holiday? Why/why not? - one of my favorites , i should say

Debt collection

It's all over the news that the US Economy is slowing down, and it's not just the United States but even some other power countries in the world including the United Kingdom. Many business already declared bankruptcy and are about to shut down anytime this year. Such a sad news for most of us since a slow down in economy would mean retrenchment of employees too. What most companies do nowadays is to invest on the talents of their people and get professional services to help them with their business. Take the case of Debt Collection and agencies that provides this service. It is a third party service that collects past – due accounts referred to them by various industries such as credit card issuers, banks, car dealers, retail stores, healthcare facilities , any business that extends credit or offers payment installment plans. Companies refers accounts for collection when there are debts unpaid for several months already. The Collecting company will be the one responsible are tasked to collect the payments of the delinquent accounts. In this case, you gain profit for your company when payments are made. Later on, this will incur profits on your company too and this will definitely make you competitive in the market even with a slow economy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009



1. What is the last thing you did before this survey? ate cheeseburger and fries for merienda
2. Where was your last kiss? here at home , a while ago with Dominique
3. When is the last time you felt angry? yesterday, just a minor one
4. What is the last purchase you made? Frozen brazo de mercedes from Aggy's
5. Who were you last annoyed with? one of our helpers. the usual thing.
6. What did you last have to eat? cheeseburger
7. Who is the last male you talked to? Joaquin
8. Where is the last place you hung out at? yesterday at the mall
9. When is the last time you got a work out? Pass!
10. What is the last make-up you used? lip gloss

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My bestfriend's wedding

My bestfriend since highschool is tying the knot this April. And since she knows that I personally sourced suppliers during my wedding, she asked me for some help in getting bridesmaid gifts . During my wedding , I gave my bridesmaids some lotion and body wash sets that I bought online during a sale. We searched online, and we have decided to get a heart locket bracelet as a token to her bridesmaids. To make it more personalized, we had the initials engraved. Our order is just on time since the site is on sale. We both can't wait for the items to arrive because we want to order some more wedding items that are really so unique and will add some flair with the event. I am part of her entourage too, and certainly I need to lose a few more pounds before April to fit into the gown perfectly.

Saturday 9 - The phone is for you

1. Your phone rings. Who is the most likely caller? - my husband.

2. How long to you chat on the phone each day? - not that much. i usually talk to my husband on weekdays while he's at work

3. Who do you speak to the most? - My husband and my mom

4. Do you often not answer if a certain person comes up on your caller id? - yeah :)

5. Do you phone friends at work? - Sometimes

6. Do you make personal calls at work? - I do

7. Who do you always say “I love you” at the end of the call? - i would say that sometimes to my husband.

8. Do you use a landline or cell more often? - the cellphone

9. Who in the blogosphere that you haven’t chatted with but would like to? - hmm i've met most of my online friends already and I had a great time chatting with them

Coins for my dad

Last Christmas, I easily thought of what to give my mom and my sister, but I really had a hard time searching for a gift for my dad. He is just a simple man , and he seldom fancies anything materially. So i thought of the only one thing that he collects, and that's coins. In most places that he have been to, he makes it a point to collect some coins. So i checked a reliable online coin dealer and I wasn't disappointed with the products I have seen. I ordered a gold coin for my dad and they delivered it right on time , considering it was a busy season. My dad was so happy with the coins I got for him, and he even asked me for the details of the coin dealer, he wants to get a few more because I told him that they have silver ones too. Im so happy that my dad liked my gift.

Saturday, January 10, 2009



1. What book are you reading? i have a lot of books lined up, but I still dont have the luxury of time
2. What are you listening to? does a crying kitten counts? hahaha
3. What are you wearing? white, super old Roxy shirt and ON sweat pants.
4. What are you drinking or eating? chicken
5. Who are you dating or crushing on? i have a huge crush with Gabby Concepcion :)
6. Who are you talking to? just having a ym conversation with a good friend
7. What mood are you in? recharged. i just woke up from a nap.
8. How is the weather outside? cold and a little windy. The leaves from our Plum trees are dancing.
9. What's the date and time? jan 10 , 2009 / 7:13pm
10. What do you wish you were doing? what else.. sleeping! hahaha

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Samson

We were supposed to seat on a chair in the midst of the 2 Santa Claus for our family picture , unfortunately, that never happened. I took a bath after this shot, then fixed myself ( it took me ages to decide on what to wear since I am BIG and I only have a few clothes that could fit me now). When I was ready , the little boy asked for milk and slept. That was it. My family was just inside our room from 9pm til the morning of New Year. They were all asleep so I kept myself busy online and waited for my mom at YM . I just woke up my husband around 11:45 pm with this line , "Malapit na mag New Year, gumising ka naman." LOL . A few minutes after , Dominique was up for milk- as usual. Joaqui cried and hugged me really tight because of the super loud noise in our neighborhood. At least, gising na kami lahat nung 12mn :) I ate my media noche inside our room since I cant expose myself with smoke too. Still, its a happy one for us - the kids made it special - as always .

Try your luck

Sports has always been a part of a mans life. Whether as a child or even until the time they get a little older , they never get tired of watching . My dad and my husband are big fans of sports, whether it is basketball, boxing, soccer or billiards. At most times during big games, they usually place their bets against each other, just for added fun and excitement. But lately, they are thinking of trying out something big and that is sports betting , particularly at NBA and NFL. In any game where you would place bets, anyone would definitely want to win. This is where a Sports Betting Professor comes in. Almost 90% of your bets at NBA and NFL has a chance of winning . They thought of trying out this sports betting professor because of the testimonials that they saw at the website. Oh well, I really wish them luck on their first try , and I hope that they will win in their bets. I've heard that they are starting of with a low budget since it's still a trial , and if things will be on their side, they are definitely playing with good amount of money. I hope that luck will be on their side.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Joaqui with cousins

During Dominique's baptism, my little man had a great time playing with his cousins even before the ceremony started and up until the end of reception. He had 2 boo-boos that time - a yellow-black mark on his right cheek coz he fell from the bed a few days before christmas and an "ouchie" on his left middle finger that he got with his toy car (notice his left hand ? it always looks stiff LOL).

Anyway, I just cant help but look at his pictures because he looks all grown up. I love this pink and brown polo that I bought the last minute, and his jeans looks good on him too (hindi mukhang super sale!). Honestly, i wanna get all the colors available for that polo since Zara is on sale now ( i should also try getting myself a lingerie - maybe this will make me look sexy LOL).