Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Drum Tao Experience

Last Saturday night, my husband and I watched Drum Tao : The Art of Drum at the Newport Performing Arts Theater , Resorts World Manila. I was able to see their sample performance few days before the actual show and I decided to invite my husband for a Saturdate. It was raining the whole day, some parts of the city was flooded.  We left a little early to anticipate the traffic and flood, but luckily , we were there in no time.  Here's a few pictures to share:

Outside the theater while waiting for the show to start

after 7 long years , we finally had some time for ourselves . We got the deluxe seats from Ensogo :)

And here is my favorite boy from the entire cast.. Takuya Era

Everything was great! The stage production, cast , music .. everything! It was one heart thumping experience we will surely not forget. No dull moment at all. There were some parts where they asked for audience participation. They said they would definitely come back, well I'll watch them again , that's for sure!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A New Addition to our Bathroom

Growing up, I had always wanted to have a big bathroom just like the ones that you see in the hotel; something about it just speaks beauty and elegance.  I consider the bathroom as my personal sanctuary, the one room in the house where I could spend some quality time alone. As we are about to do some minor repairs around the house, I started looking for claw foot bath tubs and see if there's one that will be perfect for our bathroom. 

Its shape and style complements a classic and Victorian themed bathroom along with other accessories that can highlight the area. I'm excited to check out the different models and colors that online stores offer and I'm hoping to find out that will fit perfectly on our bathroom. 

Flower shots

I really miss my grandma's garden. This is one of her favorite place in the house aside from the kitchen where she prepares our yummy food.  She has a vast collection of flowers from roses to orchids and daisies. I remember she would stay there to take care of her plants every morning. Its good that I was able to keep some pictures of her beloved garden , it brings me so much closer to her.

Setting Up a New Family Room

Homeowners want only the best when it comes to their houses. They want to stay in charge from the planning stage, construction and room decorations. While the kitchen, living room and bedrooms are often a mom's favorite areas around the house, there is one room that can get daddies into a decorating mode. The family room or the entertainment room is often the place where everyone bonds and have fun. 

Installing appliances such as television and speakers can be quite time consuming. So make sure to have stands and mounts ready before doing any setups. Finding the right home appliance and decors for the family room should depend on one important factor: available space. It should not take up much room around the area preventing kids to walk or run freely.

Random questions on a Rainy day

1. do you ever wish you had two different coloured eyes?
:: not really. I just wish mine is lighter like gray 

2. whose computer (besides your own) did you last use?
:: just my old laptop 

3 .what are you going to do now?
:: play time with the kids after school and cook dinner! Maybe we can have coffee later

4. do you know anyone in real life who puts videos on youtube?
:: yes , our organization puts videos about our volunteer work 

5. do you know anyone who is pregnant? if so, when are they due?
:: Yes, 4 friends!!!  one is due next month, and the other in 4 to 5 months time . Baby boom ah! 

Capturing Life's Precious Moments

For a family like ours that are constantly on the go and busy with different activities, a camera is to be considered as an investment. Countless of precious moments were captured by this small device and all these are treasured moments that everyone will remember. After five years, I think it's time to get a new one. good thing I found wolf camera coupons online that I'm planning to use on my upcoming purchase. 

I'm now looking at different camera models available online and trying to find one with great features, affordable price and the right one for our family. 

Family pictures overload

March 2008 , still pregnant with Dominique

Aug 2009

June 2010

Nov 2010

I love looking back to old family pictures. It reminds me of our happy moments at the beach during vacations. Hopefully we can still afford to have another vacation this year. Big part of our budget this year went to the kids education, something we won't compromise at all. Its the most important thing I could ever give them. 

Celebrating Summer with the Family

Summer season is all about fun and spending time with family and friends. Homeowners should start planning about their weekend activities early on so that everything will be in place. What's the best summer activity for the entire family? Everyone would probably want to take a dip in the swimming pool in order to beat the summer heat. It's time to see wooden picnic tables that will complement the look of the backyard. Start working on patio furniture that needs repair or replacement. 

As you celebrate a fun day with the family, don't forget to stock up on healthy and delicious foods that yoour family will enjoy.