Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips on How To Handle Your Child’s First Day At Childcare

Sending your child to daycare is a big moment for you and your little one. It can be exciting and scary at the same time. A parent will always worry how his child will do when he is out of sight and that is why parents take great care and time deciding which Childcare center to send their kid off to.

And now that you have decided, you must prepare yourself and your child on how to go on about this change.

• Start gently preparing your child in advance mentioning what a great adventure crèche will be with lots of friends and games. Creches called childcare centers in Ireland.

• Be sure and visit the crèche with your child a couple of times before starting so he can see the environment and experience it with you at his side first.

• Make sure you have everything packed and labeled properly for his day at the childcare – this includes a change of clothes, his snacks (note foods he is allergic to) and comfort toys.

• Make sure you have lots of time to get ready the morning of the 'big day' with a good breakfast.

• Most childcare centers offer a transition week. You will be allowed for a few hours in the room, lessening it as the week progresses. When the time comes for you to say goodbye, and your kid cries – DO NOT look back. Once you are out of sight the child will stop crying shortly and will be distracted by play and activities. Being firm and consist is the key.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Valentines!

The morning of Valentine's Day was spent with my boys. This was at my son's school where parents are invited to celebrate Love day. Food was catered by Josiah's Catering and as expected it was so filling! The kids made some picture frames while the parents were asked to make a card for their kids.

It was one moment for the parents to meet each other and have some chit chat too. We all had a great time and I can't wait for the class field trip for our next activity.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Silhoutte of us

We went to visit Manila Ocean Park last week and thankfully it's not so humid that day. The kids enjoyed everything they saw and are looking forward to going back there next month for the Musical Fountain Show.

This is me and my daughter viewing the fishes from one of the aquariums. I love how the silhouette effect made me look slimmer in this picture. I feel a little off nowadays because I gained so much weight again. I am already thinking of doing some weight loss diets to lose extra pounds, but maybe I should stick to silhouettes to crate that slimmer look.

Celebrate Year of the Rabbit

My son's school celebrated the Chinese New Year last Feb 11 . It was a fun - filled day when the kids performed 3 Chinese songs, games and art activities. My boy is the one wearing green cheongsam (his favorite color is green because of Ben 10) . My princess also came in her traditional chinese costume.

Kids and parents alike had so much fun that morning. There were sponsors in the event like Nickelodeon, Insular Life, Crayola, Off Lotion and Cycles.

Clearer skin for the Prom

It's prom time once again and I have two cousins who will attend their school's JS prom. Just like anyone out there, they feel nothing but excitement for this monumental affair of their high school life. My cousin has one problem though, she has some acne at her forehead that's why she wants to buy some acne products now to treat her acne. We are hoping that it will bring wonders to her skin, like maybe subside what she has now. The rest may be covered using the best concealer out there. She wants to look great on that very important night so we have to get anti acne products now!

Getting into shape

My dear friend from High School will be here in Manila for a month and we have scheduled some of our activities that would include meeting up our batch mates. There are 3 dinners arranged for her already and we are thinking that our weight would surely gain a few pounds after. I think I need suppress appetite before our meet ups. Or maybe I should get into shape now so I will be slimmer by the time we see each other. Who wouldn't love to eat at buffets , right? I look forward to those dinners, great food, great company, wonderful stories. I will definitely bring along my camera to capture the once in a lifetime moment with my friends.

the princess now

She is one adorable little girl. Or should I say, little big girl. She's now 2 yrs and 3 months old but her clothes size is 3T , sometimes even 4T! She loves to pose like a model but she can also move like a little boy, out in the loose! She's everywhere in our house, touching and playing up with almost everything. Sometimes I feel like I will be needing some hair loss products because people say you lose your hair when you get stressed out.

One thing I truly love about her is her sweetness! She loves to kiss and hug me in any random moment. She is my mini - me, every inch me.. and I love it that way.

Met my girlfriends

What a wonderful Sunday lunch! I met my dear girlfriends for a sumptuous Japanese buffet. They noticed that I look slim now as compared to last time they saw me which was last Christmas. They even wonder if I am taking diet pills now. Oh well, I am not, I am just busy with household chores and it is my daily dose of exercise. It keeps me fit because I am moving my away every single day. I just drink vitamin supplements to make sure I am getting enough nutrients for the day.

I really had a superb time with my friends, hopefully we can do meet ups even just once a month. We share the same wife and mommy stories, it's nice to know that you are not alone with your life experiences.

Trip to Manila Ocean Park

Last week, we had a spur of the moment, Lets-go-to Manila Ocean Park day. Since my husband is still on leave at work, we want to take the kids there on a weekday. I believe somethings are better to be unplanned. After picking up my son from school, we had lunch at home and prepared the kids. We are all excited to visit the place. Would you believe that it was out first time? The picture here shows how much my kids loves the underwater world.

Sorry if my sister looks a little chubby here, maybe that's the reason why she's trying to cover her tummy with her bag. I already told her she needs the best weight loss supplements to slim her figure down. She's gaining weight here in Manila because of yummy food!

Anyway, overall we enjoyed our experience. I know it's a far cry from what other countries can offer, but still, it's good to have one in our place. My kids look forward to coming back. Check out their website for some packages.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Almost Valentines Day

So what are your plans for valentine's day? Me, I will spend my morning with my boys. Parents are invited at my son's school to celebrate the hearts day. Some activities are lined up for the parents and for the kids as well.

After that we just plan to spend the afternoon at home. Traffic is terrible during this Day because everybody will have dinner somewhere. We plan to have a post - valentines dinner on Feb 20 and a Spa treat by the end of the month. We rarely celebrate Valentine's every 14th, and yes I dont even get flowers because I told my husband before that I dont want flowers for Valentines. He can give me other things though . *wink*

Friday, February 04, 2011

on Pedestal Sinks

My mother in law's house is barely 2 years old and I can't believe that her current sink at her bathroom had some cracks already. I'm not sure where they got it and what brand is it. So this time, it was my husband who took the responsibility of getting a new sink. We looked at some quality pedestal sinks and chose the one in the picture here. I can testify with this piece, it may come a little pricey than usual sinks, but in the long run , it can actually save you more money because it stands the test of time, no need to replace after a few years.

Go Green!

So whoever said that shopping is just spending your money? Have you heard about green shopping from ? Green shopping is about saving money, saving time and saving Mother Earth with one's purchases. When you shop online, you decrease the carbon dioxide emission
as compared to driving your car to shop in a retail store. makes sure that they have a highly efficient route to deliver items in individual homes to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Now this is one reason to enjoy online shopping!