Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip to Manila Ocean Park

Last week, we had a spur of the moment, Lets-go-to Manila Ocean Park day. Since my husband is still on leave at work, we want to take the kids there on a weekday. I believe somethings are better to be unplanned. After picking up my son from school, we had lunch at home and prepared the kids. We are all excited to visit the place. Would you believe that it was out first time? The picture here shows how much my kids loves the underwater world.

Sorry if my sister looks a little chubby here, maybe that's the reason why she's trying to cover her tummy with her bag. I already told her she needs the best weight loss supplements to slim her figure down. She's gaining weight here in Manila because of yummy food!

Anyway, overall we enjoyed our experience. I know it's a far cry from what other countries can offer, but still, it's good to have one in our place. My kids look forward to coming back. Check out their website for some packages.

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