Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weekend Fun

Here's a few of our shots at Villa Rowena Resort in Calamba. Joaqui still has colds then, he stayed at the pool for picture taking purposes only. His Plouf looks good on him, and for the short time that he was on pool, Gelo attempted not to hold him, and boy.. he's floating! hahaha! aliw na naman ako :)

Friday, August 24, 2007


Yey! Its friday once again, and as usual , we have a full weekend ahead.

But before the details of our incoming saturday-til-sunday getaway, might as well update you with the little boy first. As usual, he has cold, and I blame the Weather change for that. He had colds since it became really hot after the typhoon. He was given an antihistamine, as it is an allergy. Im also nebulizing him every 8 hours. His forehead is ok now, still got a bruise though, but its not that serious as we all thought. His "pasa" is slowly fading, and good thing that its not a complicated case of hematoma.

Now, i am trying to stuck him to bed.. or just to rest. but hello? Alam ba nya ang salitang REST? hahaa! Anyone who will see him now wont say that the little boy has colds, a hint of cough and a low grade fever (yes, he has, but i gave him paracetamol agad heheh). He still drnks milk, though i lessen the quantity by 1 oz. Now im thinking, di nya magagamit ang Plouf nya this weekend.

Yes, we have an overnight swimming this saturday with Gelo's family, or clan i should say :) Its our first time to have such an outing with them since 1997 ( the year we bacame BF-GF). I guess that explains why we are excited, as it is rare to occur. My side of the family kasi is into outings, lunch and dinners hehehe.. kahit tagaytay lang, ok na :) its just sad that joaquin wont be able to enjoy the water with his new gear :( I just hope that he is on his best shape when we go to Panglao by next month.

Tomorrow, we have to leave our place early, to pick up my MIL, then off we got to Sta. rosa Laguna first, coz Gelo needs to check some operations at the office. We might wait for him at Paseo de Sta. Rosa siguro. Then, Calamba na to meet his relatives. We won't be able to attend the 1st day of the new quarter at The little Gym, since we'll be too tired by then. I'll post pics on Monday maybe.

Any plans this weekend? .. Hope you'll have fun :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

boo boo

Because you're my little hurricane...

You dived unto your Elmo book and this is what happened. You cried seriously and a few minutes after i saw the mark on your right cheek..and after a while, the scar on your forehead appeared. As much as I wanted to shield you on any harm from playing and exploring, there are things that are still out of my hand. It was too late when i tried to grab you. Things happened soo fast. Mommy learned a lesson from that experience. I hope you did too.

Daddy took a break from work today coz he is insisting of bringing you to Dra. Rivera. And its quite a coincidence that you have colds today! Ano ba yan, may swimming pa tyo sa saturday?! Papano na ang Plouf? Hahaha!

Anyway, its part of growing up my Joaquin, though I wish that this is the last, and nothing really serious pleeaassee.

** Kamusta naman ang pictures nya? Obvious bang may colds?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out on a date

It was raining hard when we went to my MIL's place. Joaqui enjoyed playing with his Playdome (good thing i thought of bringing it along), so we "escaped" to visit Henry's Camera at Quaipo. We bought a few items for the cam of course, hehehe. I think its called sun filter?! It was Gelo who asked for the items so i don't have any idea with the exact name. We also had a plastic protector placed on the view screen. It was a quick trip , coz it was almost lunch then.

After lunch, I put Joaqui to sleep. I guess he got tired of playing and running around. Gelo and I left the house at 2:30 pm coz we need to be at MOA around 3pm for Kuya Ricky's ( Gelo's Cousin) birthday.

We met Kuya and some of Gelo's cousins there. My SIL , Love and her BF, JV was there too. We had an early dinner at Lamesa grill, and the boys had a few bottles after . And since i'm allergic to alcohol, i managed to keep myself busy experimenting with the cam. And making chika too.. hehehe :) Like my previous post stated, i am so proud that i was able to get nice unedited pics hehehe.

We ended the night with a bowling game. Oh i mean, they played bowling :) I have my "babaw" reasons on why i dont play bowling .. first, ayaw ko ng bowling shoes, pwede ba ibang style in the same sole? hehehe ..and second , im afraid to have an aching arm the next day, knowing ihave a toddler to attend to.

Gelo still plays good even without practice..he used to play a lot during college.

We had so much fun. I guess this is the first time that we all went out, and we should do it again hehehe. It was also a first time for me and gelo to be actually out on a date with cousins. Or just be out without joaquin. Kasi, we just had 3 movie dates eversince I gave birth. And that is like a year and 4 months already. LOL! Oh, and the movie dates are plainly "watch-movie-then-go-home-asap".

We are such paranoids, we kept calling my MIL to check if Joaqui is crying, sleeping ? .. etc etc. LOL

Nevertheless, its's such a fun , fun fun experience :)
See some of our pics here.

Monday, August 20, 2007


These are just some of my shots last saturday. It was the birthday of Gelo's cousin and we had dinner and bowling at MOA. These are unedited.. hehehe :) im proud of myself now that i am doing well with the cam..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Feast again

Describe your laundry routine. Do you have a certain day when you do it all, or do you just wash whatever you need for the next day?
:: Honestly, i don't do the laundry. Our househelp sually do it every other day especially Joaqui's clothes as he changes up to 4 times a day.

In your opinion, what age will you be when you’ll consider yourself to truly be old?
:: 60 i guess!

What is one of your goals? Is it short-term, long-term, or both?
:: to learn the basics of photography hopefully by next month

Main Course
Name something unbelievable you’ve seen or read lately.
:: A filipina in Hawaii who is such a racist, and finds filipino products to ba a junk.. Now she cancelled her blog , as a lot of filipinos commented on her.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how happy are you today?
:: 10 ++++

happy weekend

happy weekend

It's sure to be another busy weekend for us.. as always. So you won't catch me online at YM hehe.

I am meaning to edit some pics so i can have it printed tomorrow. ** cross fingers**

Have a great weekend everyone!

A Love Story

People are taling about it.. and i got curious with the few lines from the movie.. plus the fact that maricel is the lead actress..and aga is the leading man.. i need to watch this flick.

I attempted to invite Gelo, but of course, I failed. As far as i can remeber, the only tagalog movie he watched at the big screen with me was Tanging Ina of Aiai delas Alas. And the only Tagalog movie that he loves to watch over and over again would be Tanging Yaman of Gloria Romero. So now, wala ako kasama sa sunday.

My sis has plans of watching it with her officemates.. my cousin will watch with her friends..Poor me, all alone sa movie house huhuhu!

And just tonight, on our way to Cardinal Santos to visit Gelo's cousin, i was shocked to hear Gelo giving me teasers from the story. Nakakainis! Siguro nag ke kwentuhan mga operators nya sa office kanina. GGrrrrr! Si ano pala ang mistress dun.... hahah! Guess who.

Anyway, im still thinking if its safe to go alone on a moviehouse nowadays.. what do u think?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures from the past

God.. im looking over my old pics here and look what i found..

This is me, with my college bestfriend, June. Batang Bilyaran ako dati eh :)

At Antique after the wedding..

And this one i miss the most.. Being a bride.. My first fitting with Veluz at her place in Las Pinas.

Now, why am posting this?

I want my figure back! ASAP! I hope these pics would be my motivation :)

You wish Peachy.. you just had 2 Pizza slices , yakisoba and coke for merienda today! Oh, and you had Chuckie after lunch! Hahaha! Wag na kaya ako mag dinner? Whatchatink?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ganito Mag swimming Mommy

He discovered the joy of this position whenever his balls would roll under our bed. Sisilipin nya ang ball, trying to reach for it. I guess he got tired of reaching hahaha!

Then I asked him one time "Are you swimming Joaqui?..Swimming time?".. Lalo pa sya nag stay at this position. Funny thing is, we are callling this swimming, well in fact, he's not moving at all. He looks like a dead meat! nyay! He would stay motionless for 30 secs i think. And just before we go to bed, we showed that to his dad.. and the dad's reaction? ano pa? eh di tawa ng tawa!

Haayy.. the joy that you bring Joaquin

mornings of Don Joaquin

He loves to sit here every morning while watching Blue's clues and some other Nick Jr shows. He sooo looks like a "DON".. mukhang tamad na bata.. hahaha

Sunday morning before the showday

This morning.. We woke up at 9:30 am.. sarap ng weather eh.. no more blue's clues.. spongebob na sa nick jr hehehe

we will conquer you soon...

The Bungalow...

The infinity pool...

The Seaview...

Own jacuzzi at the lanai...

These pics are from the net.. and next month, our very own pics will be posted here. We are so excited for this trip. It would just be the 3 of us the entire trip.. hehehe ;) Goodluck to us!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Show Day Fun

Its not fun at all here at blogger..

I am trying to upload a few resized pics here, but blogger is giving up on me again. Haayy.. My other opened sites are working well, so I can't blame Smart Bro for that.. :)

Anyway.. you can check out my multiply site for the pics during the Little GYm El Pueblo Show day last Sunday.

As i've said, Gelo had a total of 210 shots. Natakot yata sa akin.. I warned him kasi to take really good motion shots. And he did! He even tried out which camera mode to use before the class. I saw him taking pics of the gym, then he showed it to me..and said " ok na ba ganito lighting? parang madilim.." :)

I am happy with all your shots dad! congratulations to you too !
I am a satisfied client at last! hehehe!

Joaquin's Appraisal at Little Gym

Make way for the stage mom... Just wanted to share Joaqui's Appraisal card.. Read on...

Teacher's comments on GYMNASTIC SKILLS ( includes tumbling, vaulting, bars and beam skills) and LANGUAGE (includes cognition, attention span,listening, comprehension , verbal skills)

Joaquin made a great improvement this quarter! During his first day at class, he was crying and would not want to be with teacher at all. But now, he's already laughing, and running around the gym. He has started to clap and cheer for himself after a skill. He is smiling more often now, and wont hesitate to do a skill with teacher. He's trying to mumble a few words already like " Yeeey!" . He is really building his confidence here at the Little Gym and that's one of our main goals for our children.

( includes interaction, confidence, taking turns, sharing, courtesy, etc.)

Joaquin is very nice to his classmates. I've never seen him grab a ball from them. He would also help teacher pack away the toys when needed.

Congratulations Joaquin!

Oh, i guess you have to call us a stage family ( is there such ?) Daddy Gelo took 210 pictures! And most are really good continuos shots ( prang video na nga hehehe).. my sis was in charge of our handycam for the video coz we're gonna send it to my family at CA. My MIL was there too, one proud grandma.. and my Tita and his grand daughter Khloe had fun inside the gym.

Grabe, show day pa lang yan sa Little Gym.. pano pa kayo pag pre school graduation na? Baka buong clan namin mag attend hahahah!

Friday, August 10, 2007

my friday

... woke up at 7 am
... went to my FIL's office at E. Rod with Gelo & Joaqui for legal papers to be signed 9am
... met my MIL and SIL there
... stayed till 1130
... dropped by MIL's place (MLA) , SIL will not go to work, and she has to change clothes
... went to the BDO at SM Manila , we met SIL's BF there
... Had lunch and bought a blank handycam tape for Joaqui's show day on sunday
... Bought Alarm Clock, our old one was busted by Joaquin. Ikaw ba naman ang ihagis ng ihagis at ipukpok araw araw
... Went to SM Makati. Gelo saw the tv chair that he so wanted. Asked for a red and black stock and said he will be back for that
... MIL Bought 2 electric fans for Lola at Antipolo. And a small one for Joaqui, when we go ot other places daw, who knows when you need it?! Boy Scout!
... Went to Globe for G cash
... Went to Glorietta, SIL gave Joaqui a Plouf. Cuteness!
... Looked for Jelly Shoes at the tiangges, i have a brown one already, no size for the transparent.. kakainis! ( one hour yata kami naghanap)
... Went back to SM. gelo and SIL's BF picked up the elec fans.
... We all stayed at the dept store
... There's a stock of the red/black tv chair, Gelo called, bibilin daw nya. we waited na lang sa dept store
... Joaqui played at the kiddie area with study table and books.. napabili pa tuloy ako ng crayon at barney coloring book
... napa ikot na din sa Ladies dept, sale ang triumph, grab na din sa sale kahit isa man lang
... had dinner at Jollibee Quirino cor Osmena Hway
... SIL went to Levis Outlet Store.. ang jeans 850 na lang!!!!
... Nag fit ako ng nag fit hanggang may mag kasya sa kin.. alas! lucky me :) I had it altered, "back to original" was 80 only, not bad.
... Dropped off MIL at her place, and switched back to our car ( we used their van kasi)
... Joaqui was dead tired then.
... Nagising pag dating sa bahay... browsed his coloring book. Changed to Pj's, dilat na dilat, naglaro.. nagkalat.. nag milk.. tulog ulit!
... Si gelo??? pumasok sa office kasi hindi sya pumasok ng umaga hahaha! kakatawag lang., he arrived safely naman.
... at AKO?! ito, parang walang nangyari, nakuha ko pang mag blog!

Gotta sleep now.. dalawa na tingin ko sa monitor hehehe..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

flowers at Lola's garden

Gelo's photography skills is really improving. I commend him for that. Let me share with you a few of his shots at Lola's Garden. This is his fave spot in the house, since Lola has a green thumb, grabe, ang gaganda ng flowers nya. She has lots of orchids too at the side, next time i will take pics of that. I was asleep with Joaquin then, kaya these are all Gelo's shots..

Lookie... Lookie...

i told you he improved a lot.. way to go daddy!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

July Roundup

I was tagged by Toni ... thanks toni :)

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Mags: Smart Parenting, Baby Magazine, Kris Aquino Magazine, Good Housekeeping
Books: What To expect the Toddler Years, i read in advance.. ( yippee.. Toddler na hehehe), Shopaholic and Baby

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
Movies: Harry Potter 5
TV: Barney and Blue every single day ... on local channels, Ysabella but not regularly, Ghost Whisperer on DVD

What special days did I celebrate and how?
July 15 - Papa's 40 days, we had family lunch at Antipolo
July 31 - Love's Birthday , dinner at TGIF
July 11 - mom's bday ( we just called her at CA)
July 21 - Bea's Bday at One Mc kinley ( and i saw ruffa there with her kids , LOL)

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
Receive: My Crocs ...Shopaholic and Baby book would count :)
Give: birthday gifts

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
No serious illness, thank GOD.. colds (the usual) and joaqui had a low grade fever coz of teething

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
Little Gym every Sunday is our typical family day.
Having a small family reunion during Papa's 40 days ( with Gelo's maternal side)

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
Recipes: Cajun Pork Steak. But the Korean Grill is better :)
Restos: Not actually new, but its been a long time since our last visit to TGIF, and i should say , i miss it really, that we came back after 4 days to eat again hahaha!

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
Hahaha! Shoes i bought at Multiply. New crocs for Joaquin

What were this month’s disappointments?
Hmm. The panglao trip , gelo's mom and sis wont be joining us.. So its just the 3 of us next month

What were my accomplishments this month?
Im now on track in saving Joaqui's monthly photos to a CD (babaw..delayed ako dati mag compile eh).

Edited some good pics and had it printed.

Seeing Joaqui learn a lot of new things every day.

Have a break and tag yourself.

bed weather and online shopping

yeah, it is indeed.

If only i can lounge all day and have a day off in being a yaya, LOLz...And coz of the weather, we are having crispy fried chicken wings and a cream of mushroom soup. Sarap ng soup pag umuulan.. can't wait for lunch hehehe :)

i feel better now. my throat is getting back to its normal state i guess.. being not too swollen just like the other day.

Oh, and i am awaiting my items from an online store at multiply , Dindy & Mitmit.. Goodness, im getting hooked with it!

This is mine..

This is for Ricca..

Here's a few sites that you might wanna check out:

Ichigo Shoes
Love Shoe
M Barretto Bags
Sy-Kat Couture
Vintage of Elegance
Euphoria Accessories

It was my SIL, Love, who introduced me to multiply online shopping.. shoping could never be this easy.. hahaha! Since i dont have time to go the mall on weekdays, to actually look for my stuff (kasi pag nasa mall din kami, Gelo will make face if i try to enter shops , hahaha), ayan, new found haven for me. Paying is easy too thru gcash. Shipping fee ranges from Php 65-80 for manila. Not bad, kasi if il go the mall, how much the gas? parking fee?.. tapos we will eat merienda, lunch or dinner pa.. ( sige, i defend ko daw ito.. baka kasi nagbabasa si Gelo , LOLz)

But still, during weekends, a trip to any mall would make it complete ;) Ibang usapan na pag weekend.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

wala lang

just wanna share this pic.. taken last mothers day. Kalbo pa si joaqui jan hehehe :)

sore throat

God, its killing me. I wasn't able to have dinner last night, and i just had hotdog and coffee this morning. Nagugutom na kasi talaga ako. I am just taking strepsils, gargle salty warm water and drinks lots of water. I need to check later if we still have Bactidol.

Though its improving since last night, i still dont have the appetite to eat. And i feel soo sleepy . Im just waiting for the little boy to get a nap, which is anytime now, hope i will feel better after that.

And i hope i will shed off a few more pounds after this..hehehe ;) We have a family outing on Aug 25-26 (yeah , though its the rainy season, we have an overnight swimming with gelo's family), plus our much awaited trip to Panglao.. my tummy is still showing a bit! haayy..

Monday, August 06, 2007

happy monday

I actually hate mondays. Coz its a start of a long week.. and it would just be Joaqui and me the entire day.. Boring and most of all tiring.

But today, Gelo is on a leave. Woohoo! How nice to wake up on a monday morning with daddy still in bed. We had Sopas (from our visit to Lola at Antipolo yesterday) and Pancakes for breakfast. And it was Gelo who cooked the pancakes.. sweeeeett!!! Napa isip tuloy ako, baka may kasalanan to ah?!?! LOlz.

We are hitting the mall after lunch for a haircut.

And as I'm typing this, i am bursting into laughter, because our little boy is doing the "number limbo" dance from Barney. If you are a Barney mom, you should know it by now, hehehe :)

Whoah ! What a happy monday morning.. hope everyday is like today hihihi!

Happy Monday to all and may we have a good week ahead of us:)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

a little bit of everything.. again

I actually can't thnk of any topic to blog. Like one solid topic. So here, i'll just list down a few that i wanted to share.

* Joaqui gained 1 kilo in a month.. not bad, hehe, considering he's teething and he had fever pa last july. Ok na ko sa 1 kilo per month hahaha! He's into Gain Plus now, he is not constipated anymore, and eats anything with rice. Latest addition would be Sinampalukang manok :) Buti hindi nagmana sa akin.

* Papa will be laid to rest tomorrow. His urn is placed on the altar at their Antipolo Residence. We finally saw a nice columbarium for him, also at Antipolo.

* Tomorrow will be the 11th session at Little Gym, Show day na next week !

* Also, after Joaqui's class, we are scheduled at IMAX to watch Harry Potter! Woohoo.. At last, i can see the film at the BIG screen. Joaqui will stay with my MIL. Date muna kami ni Gelo.

* My sis told me that I need a new shoe cabinet, just for MY shoes alone. I had 3 cheapy shoes ( but such cuties) purchased last week. A brown jelly shoes, a zebra skin pointed shoes, and a patent sling back peep toe in blue! Yeah!

* We are going to Panglao Island Nature Resort at Bohol on September for Gelo's birthday and im sooo excited. I need to lose at least 5 lbs pa. Im actually planning on what to wear. Our Trip to Plantation Bay, Cebu last April was something i wasnt able to plan thoroughly, like what to wear, accesories... It was the day after Joaqui's party, so imagine super stressed ako while packing our clothes. But hey, not with our Panglao trip, promise ko yan sa sarili ko.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I posted some of Joaqui's books before (sensya na, mejo tinatamad ako to trace it back and link it here), and now, here's his dvd collection . So much like his dad, he loves to watch DVD too. Our day won't be complete without seeing Barney and Blue. That's why my mom and dad gave him an Audiovoxx that he can use at the car or anywhere else, like when we visit his pedia (nakikigamit na din kami minsan).

Im proud to say that all are original , unlike his dad, wala pa yata sa 5 original mo na dvd, out of 200 siguro LOLz. Most are from my mom and dad, except for the Blue with Dora, and Barneys Best Manners, both a birthday gift. Wala sa budget ko ang bumili ng original DVD hehehe. One thing good about it, di sya nag jump or whatever.. he's Barney's musical scrapbook can attest to that. He started watching it when he was 7 months old. Dala ko pa yan sa Iloilo at Cebu.. Hahaha. He never gets tired of watching it. Now he loves the Dino Dancing Tunes and Numbers! Numbers!

It might really be an addiction na nga, kasi makita nya pa lang ung Blue screen with an FBI Warning yata yun, tumatalon na sya sa bed.. tapos he sees the HIT ENTERTAINMENT Logo.. he'll say " BA.. BA.." (referring to Barney)... or when he sees the Nick Jr. he'll say "Blue"...

Siguro I'll be forever thankful to BArney and Blue, for without them, wala na ako magagawa dito. Its not that Im dependent na, coz there are times na ayaw nya na manood in the middle of the show.. but for those times that i really need a break ... Barney and Blue means a lot.. To My new found friends, thank you soo much for giving my son happiness every morning and before going to bed.. and for letting me have breakfast and have a shower too ... hahaha! Parang awards night! Drama !


I received a call from Gelo, asking me if I have recent posts with my blog. So, I said, Wala.. and now I have to do one just to make him WIDE AWAKE at work. Yes, he is not coming home tonight (its 10:23pm now), coz AS HE said, they have TONS to do with their new boss. So I said, "totoo ba yan?!" LOL.

So here, sana magising si Gelo kahit papano sa first blog ko tonight.. Here are things that I wanted to kwento

** Yesterday was my SIL's birthday. We had a good dinner at TGIF ( God, I miss this place so much). We ordered pasta, cajun fingers, onion rings, fish and chips. Yumminess! Joaqui had fries for appetizer,then fish and chicken fingers too. A TGIF celebration wont be complete without the TGIF HAPPY BDAY SONG, and a few scoops of ice cream with candy sprinkles on top, and a candle of course. It was a great way to end the dinner. Oh, and you might wonder, where are the pics?? hahaha! we left our camera at home, and my SIL's BF wsnt able to bring his camera too. Wow! Ang saya saya.

** Joaquin is getting MAKULIT, pero in a nice and funny way. He would get his dvd's then drop it on the floor. A few minutes later, I'll ask him to help me clean up. He shakes his head "NO". He loves doing that too whenever im giving him to our maid ( in cases that i need to pee, eat or take a bath). Pero di pwede sa akin ang "NO" nya when we have to clean up. As in , I teach him to pick up the DVD, and place it back on the cabinet. Yun nga lang, mejo sapilitan na minsan. From there, he will learn..hopefully. He loves showing his arm muscles too. Pero matatawa lang kyo pag nakita nyo sya. I'l try to capture it in photo next time. This skill is quite new kasi. He loves to lift/carry things too. Nakita ko na lang, yakap nya while walking ung cover ng plastic box nya.. around 24 inches long and 16 inches wide.. funny.. mukhang batang kargador sa pier.

** This is the greatest news for today... I AM NOW 110 LBS ! HUwaaat? Yan talaga reaction ko when i weighed at our scale this morning. Woohooo! I was 115 last month.. and with not much effort (honestly, i dont pano ba ko pumayat, sa pagod yata kaka alaga), im down to my ideal weight. Actually, dati yan ideal weight ko..pero now that i achieved it already... 105 - 107 lbs ang gusto ko. Madali na yun .. Hahaha! Getting ready for Panglao na! I just need to do some leg exercises siguro, un lang prob ko , plus the hips syempre. Wala pa ko anak dati, may balakang na ko LOL.

Here's a part of my YM conversation with Gelo a while ago...

daddy gelo
: ano yung 110 lbs!!! woooohhooo! ( referring to my YM status)

peachy : 110 lbs n lng ako

daddy gelo : so pwd na pala? ( referring to baby #2)

peachy : di pa

peachy : hahaha

peachy : 100 dpat !