Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

I hate it when it's payday and everyone is at the supermarket . That would only mean one thing..long lines! With the volume of the people shopping compared to the number of cashiers open to ring your groceries, a long line is really expected. But two weeks ago, I was amazed to see the new bluetooth barcode scanner at the cashier. Wow!It surely made everything a lot faster than before. A lot of customers were happy that they upgraded this tool from their old one. It made things easier both for the cashier and the customer. I hope some other stores would follow too. No one wants long lines when paying, right?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Natural Vitamin Supplements

Almost all the mothers I know have a busy lifestyle. Aside from the fact that they take care of the kids every day, they also do some house chores, finish some errands and even squeeze in some other activities at home. This is one reason why we all need vitamin supplements. In order to keep ourselves protected from illnesses and other health problems, drinking vitamin supplements has been one good preventive measure. To obtain optimum health, we need the right amount of natural vitamins our body needs. This is one reason why each of us needs to go to our doctors for check up prior to drinking any supplement.

There's a wide array of vitamin supplements in the market today and we should be aware which one would suit our health condition. Supplements help you overcome vitamin deficiencies and it helps strengthen our immune system too. A friend of mine is currently taking nitric oxide supplement and I got curious on how it helps one's body system. She only told me about the good effects of the product in her body and I am thinking if that would be a great supplement for me too. It is still best to consult a doctor and know more about your body system and find out which vitamin can give you maximum benefits.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Astrocamp Experience

Last May 21-22 , we attended the Nido Fortified Science Discocery Center AstroCamp Experience. For months now, my son is so much into planets and the Solar System , and when I learned about this AstroCamp through Facebook, I joined the contest right away to win tickets for the event. I won in the contest by posting a pic of me and my son inside the Planetarium. Posted it at their FB wall and viola, free tickets for us. I don't need to print it out ( i don't have hp printers ink cartridges anymore) ,everything happened in just a few minutes.

So there, we stayed at Microtel MOA since it is an overnight event. I just want to be near the location in any case my son will sleep during the camp. There were some Planetarium shows and games too. It was very educational , and I have to say that I was amazed with their presentations. I salute our Philippine astronomers who were parts of this event. The highlight was viewing the Moon at around 2:30 am. My little boy was kinda sleepy then but he woke up to see the moon. After that some other planets started showing up through the telescopes. What a great night ! My son went back to Microtel at 330am , then me and my husband went back to take a glimpse of the other planets.

Thanks to Nido Science Discovery and AstroCamp Observatory Services!

Bunn home coffee maker makes great tasting coffee

Coffee keeps me energized the whole day. Every single day , I make it a point to start my day sipping my cup of coffee so I can pump up myself with the things that I need to do at home. Before , I am just contented having an instant 3 in 1 coffee but things changed when I started using my bunn home coffee maker. So what makes it different? The Bunn coffee makes release all the water at once to create the needed mixing action to evenly extract the ideal flavor from the coffee grounds. It gives more flavor to the coffee bean and I can really tell the difference in it’s taste.

There are some other coffee brewer brands in the market now, but this specific brand is something I can really recommend based on my daily use. The temperature of the coffee is perfect too. The coffee brewer plays a vital role in bringing out the flavor in your coffee beans. There are a lot of online tips out there on how you can have a perfect brew. You may also try to combine and create your own coffee flavor that would cater to your specific taste requirements. Whatever way you have there, I am pretty sure you are enjoying your cup of coffee every morning.

Spa Filter Cartridges

Owning a spa can be such a rewarding business. Aside from earning money from your customers, you also get free services of your choice. I am really dreaming of having my own spa business in the future , but for now I will just enjoying going to one. Few years ago, my friend decided to put up a spa and she told me that it is really one great investment. But of course, just like any other business, you need to have time for it’s maintenance so your guests won’t be disappointed with its cleanliness. My friend use to pool filter replacement cartridge . There are a number of brands and filter numbers for the replacement cartridge but it comes with a good price.

My friend also made sure she has a stock of this replacement spa filter so the next time she will need it, she have it in handy. There maybe a lot of things to maintain in a Spa since we are always dealing with hygiene and sanitation. But it’s all worth it after seeing you clients with a big smile. As long as you have the materials needed like the spa filter cartridges, you are doing good in maintaining your spa itself. I am hoping that in the future I will soon have a business like this.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

With Grandma

My son misses his Grandma.. and I bet my mom is terribly missing my kids too. This is one great moment together during my mom's short vacation here in Manila. They enjoyed the X- Rider at MOA. It's a 3d roller coaster ride that they had. I can't wait for my mom to be back here .. for good.

Therapeutic boarding schools for teens

The modern society that we have now affects our children in so many ways. Some maybe good and some maybe not . There's a lot of influence out there which can highly contribute to the development of our children. As a mother, it has always been my concern about my kids. But of course they need to go out and explore the world out there. At some point , problems may arise especially during their teens. I have known a lot of stories about this from friends, relatives and even from the news. It is really heart breaking to know,but the most we can give them is our support.

Thankfully there are schools for troubled teens now that can give assistance to them. First thing of course would be the family's support for the student to lead into a new life. The school will provide them with the environment and programs they need. Shelterwood is an example of therapeutic boarding schools. They help teens change their behaviors from the inside out. They provide not only quality education but therapeutic interactions with their students.They are equipped with instructors that can cultivate their minds, thoughts and emotions as well. Their beautiful facility is located in Missouri.

There are other schools for troubled teens out there that you can check, depending on which one is near your place. IN this cases, what matters is the attention and support that we give our family members in trouble. It is one important factor that can really contribute to their total development. If you are interested with their site, you can explore and see their programs , Counseling and support section and what it is in their campus life. Get in touch with them and see how they can a loved one. I guess this is really a good option if you really want a life changing education for teens. What makes Shelterwood different is that they are a licensed therapeutic school so you know that you are getting the best education.