Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Astrocamp Experience

Last May 21-22 , we attended the Nido Fortified Science Discocery Center AstroCamp Experience. For months now, my son is so much into planets and the Solar System , and when I learned about this AstroCamp through Facebook, I joined the contest right away to win tickets for the event. I won in the contest by posting a pic of me and my son inside the Planetarium. Posted it at their FB wall and viola, free tickets for us. I don't need to print it out ( i don't have hp printers ink cartridges anymore) ,everything happened in just a few minutes.

So there, we stayed at Microtel MOA since it is an overnight event. I just want to be near the location in any case my son will sleep during the camp. There were some Planetarium shows and games too. It was very educational , and I have to say that I was amazed with their presentations. I salute our Philippine astronomers who were parts of this event. The highlight was viewing the Moon at around 2:30 am. My little boy was kinda sleepy then but he woke up to see the moon. After that some other planets started showing up through the telescopes. What a great night ! My son went back to Microtel at 330am , then me and my husband went back to take a glimpse of the other planets.

Thanks to Nido Science Discovery and AstroCamp Observatory Services!

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