Saturday, December 23, 2006

although its been said....

oh yeah i cant believe it that its almost a month now that i dont have an entry here. im online almost everyday but i dont have the time to post here. i would usually check my mail, chat with my mom or my sis, check my multiply account and friendster too. and before i even write something here, gising na ang little boy ko. so here, for more chicka.. just read on....

** my father in law had an emergency operation last dec 4, so we flew to iloilo with joaquim in tow. officially, that was his first air travel. i will try to post a detailed story of that trip. pag hindi ako tinamad.

** i love our decors... woohoo! i conceptualized everything, and our christmas tree has bumblebees. hehehe i got addicted with it since joaqui's baptism. since its the first christmas that we have a baby at home, i wanted our tree to have a kiddie theme =) i dont have my digicam for now, pics to follow.

** our aircon and water pump is busted! how miserable life can be! good thing hindi na ganun kainit. repairmen coming tomorrow

** im preparing a simple dinner/ nochebuena for us. and for my inlaws too. they will arrive on the night of the 24th from iloilo, so my mother in law doesnt have much time to cook pa. il prepare fettucine carbonara, garlic bread, fried chicken and gravy, all time fave HAM for christmas, and for dessert still thinking of oreo cheesecake or fruit salad. gelo received the grocery basket with a complete materials for the fruit salad so i might as well use it. hheheh

** im gathering thoughts (and writing it down) for what 2006 gave me and my family.pero syempre the death of my lola would also be a part of it.

** im quite excited and sad this coming monday. excited coz it's joaqui's first christmas, but im sad too coz its the first christmas morning that we dont have mama. for 26 years, i wake up seeing her either at the sala or kitchen during chrismas mornings. i will definitely offer a prayer for her as soon as i wake up.

** will spend christmas (lunchtime) at my inlaws, since my sis would be on duty then. we will pick her up at 3pm at UST. haayy how time flies and after 7 days, new year naman.

MAY YOUR CHRISTMAS BE FILLED WITH HIS LOVE!!! A blessed seasono to you and to your family.

Gelo, Peachy and Joaqui