Sunday, January 31, 2010

After a long time..

.. I received two baby shower invitations . One is from my online friend and the other is from my friend since college. I haven't been to a baby shower for a long time. Well, we were supposed to have one last year, but we canceled it after the big typhoon that hit our place. now, i am excited to buy gifts from the registries. Both are girls so I am thinking which stuff to buy. As a mom, I have an idea which are really essential, like a grooming kit with thermometer, hairbrush, nail clipper , medicine dropper etc. This is one thing that I love giving to newborns, its a complete set and one can even carry it at their bag - very functional. Blankets are also good to have , it has a lot of uses actually. Next week, I will buy gifts at the mall and I cant wait to see my friends who will soon be giving birth.

He loves cars!

This picture clearly tells a story, and i find it really nice to see my kids this way. Joaqui driving the car, while the little girl Dominique seems to be saying something to his Kuya. Yet, the Kuya looks serious and in a "do not disturb me while driving" mode. Cuties! JOaqui is really into cars and driving that last Christmas, his dad gave him a motor bike with the Disney cars print. He was filled with so much joy when we bought it. I wonder at what age will he drive our car ? I surely can't wait for the time that he will be the one driving for our whole family. Of course, he needs to be at the legal age. And when will he ask for his own car.. hmmm just don't ask for A ferrari because we dont have a budget for that , not even on Ferrari parts . I heard its reaaally expensive. Maybe he can have something in red, so it will look like the red Ferrari somehow.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Vacation homes

I love going on vacations once in a while with my family. It is a venue for us to relax and unwind after a busy life in the city. This is the reason why we are saving big this time of the year. I was reading about vacation houses when I came across 3rd home . 3rd Home is the premier vacation property management and home exchange website. You can exchange your second home with other luxurious vacation houses and private destinations in the world. This is really like a dream for me. If only we have something to exchange for now, then I would certainly grab this home exchange idea. 3rd Home provides exclusive access to the finest vacation homes and villas at some of the most desirable resorts and private destinations in the world.

This is really something new for me, i would like to know and read more about vacation property management . I have a lot to learn , especially in 3rd home. Their goal is to create the finest, luxury, second home exchange program in the world - with the highest standards in the industry. Yes, high standards truly matters to me. Who wouldn't want the best for their families, right? I am dreaming of having one villa in either Miami, California, Palm Springs, or even France and Colorado. That's what I do best.. I dream big.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

playing around

Multi-tasking here on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I am looking for a MWF filter and at the same time, I am sorting out pics from our recent stay at Astoria Plaza. Look at my kids , they were both busy playing with the lamp and the telephone that i can't help but take pictures of them. These moments are precious to me, seeing them together grow is such a sight to behold. I enjoy taking their pictures , they remind me more of how fulfilling motherhood can be.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tiring day

My sleeping pattern is so screwed up because of my daughter. She would sleep late , wake up in the middle of her sleep.. then sleep again, wake up around lunch time. It affects me in a way that i can't get a good sleep and my head hurts from waking up from time to time. Our maid is also on a vacation, so I have to do the laundry for the kids twice a week. I so need a back massage on weekend.

Now my princess is taking a nap , so i am making the most of this time. I am looking for long distance movers online and checking my emails. Then i will clean their bottles too. Oh.. the duties of a mom are endless.. tiring... yet it is very fulfilling.

my boys

Last Sunday we went to the mall to look for TV mounts , and we were lucky enought to score one on sale. Most of the stores were on sale, including my favorite store for my princess, so i got her a few tops too. It was a usual Saturday for us , mall + good food. We had crepes for snacks and some Chinese food for dinner. My boys were on the mood for some shots while waiting for our food.

Notice they are wearing polo shirts of same shade (blue). It was my son's request with the dad, for them to wear the same colors that day, same shoe style (sneakers) , and a black belt of course. He so wanted to be like his dad :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Laptop replacement

My laptop has been my constant companion. It is a pathway for me with almost anything. This was a gift from my husband, an unexpected gift actually because there was no occasion at all when he handed it to me. Im one lucky girl, right?! But now that my boy is growing, I wanted to give this to him, then buy myself a new one. This is still in its best form and it has a sentimental value so I am definitely keeping it for my boy. Now I am on a hunt for a new laptop.

This is where hte hard part is, I cant seem to make up my mind with what to get. I am leaning towards Dell Laptops , as most of my friends are users and they only have nice words about it. But then I tried the HP netbook of my mom , something compact but very functional. Now I am torn. I need to read nore reviews of previous clients then I am off to comparing the prices too. I have a somehow limited budget, but still I want to get my money's worth. I will soon update you with what I will have.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

with his cousins

During our annual family reunion, my boy had a blast playing with his cousins. He was actually not feeling so well that time because of the colds, but still, they played together. He love his cousins that every time we will buy him something, he would always tell us, " Let's buy another one for my cousin". Such a sweet act , right? One time I was looking at some acne body wash at the display rack, and he thought it was a kiddie body wash so he asked me to get one for his cousin too LOL. I hope he would continue to show his affection to his cousins , family is the most important thing to me, as no once can surely replace them in my heart. I can't wait for them to grow together.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Losing hair ?

Last Sunday, I went online shopping for some vitamins and supplements. Wonder why online? Because I signed up with a website and I am earning pints from buying. I have a $10 in my account there so I used it since i got some vitamins for the kids, lotions, and even vitamins for hair loss for my dad. Well, he is not really losing his hair, this vitamins is just for preventive measures. He noticed some falling hair lately, and asked me to get him the vitamins. This is such big savings for me, maybe that's the reason why I shopped for more. Now I am starting to earn points again for future use.

Disney on Ice with Joaqui

He surely had so much fun .. and me too!

We left our place a little early to prepare for the show. I met some of my friends at Gateway , had snacks at Auntie Anne's then went to Araneta Coliseum. We loaded ourselves with popcorn and french fries. The show itself was spectacular, though Joaqui finds it a bit loud so he would cover his ears most of the time. But still, he would clap after every scene , jump and wave to the characters. It was worth every penny spent. I can see at Joaqui's eyes how he enjoyed it.

Before heading home, we went back to the mall to get natural acne pills for my cousin. We went to the nearby fastfood for our dinner. It was such a night filled with Disney Magic.

Diet pills again ?

Most of you may have noticed that I gained weight after the Holidays. Yeah, i gained a few pounds and now, i dont think i am losing any of it because I am still enjoying all the foods here. I wonder if i can eat and just eat then still stay slim , huh?! If things won't change by February, then I will definitely try the diet pills that my friend is currently using now. Well, she said that it is effective in her system, so I hope it would do me good too, and hopefully no side effects at all. Aside from diet pills, maybe i should do some exercise too, what do you think?

Child Stages - 12- 18 mos

My little princess will soon turn 15 months, and i am searching the net on what should I expect as of this time. ( I am actually multi tasking because I am reading about alli reviews too ). We all know that every child is different, but these are just guidelines that we can somehow follow. Here's a little sharing

Walk. Some toddlers will already be walking by the time they turn a year, while others will take their time and wait several months to do so. Either way, just about all healthy toddlers are able to walk independently without difficulty by 18 months, may even be starting to run, and often find a new way to amuse themselves by walking backwards.

Improve their communication skills. By 12 to 15 months, the average child says two or more words besides "dada" and "mama." Some 18-month-olds will even begin to put two words together, although this is considered to be a two-year-old accomplishment.

The second one bothers me because Dominique is not really into talking yet, so we encourage her by having conversations with her everyday. With walking, she walks on her own since December and she is running too and even climbing up the stairs. Time surely flies fast. Soon, i wont be surprised that she's 2 years old already.

New Year's eve

It was a simple celebration for us with our small family. We were supposed to stay in a hotel that night, but i scratched off that idea because i want us to be with my sister who waited for years to be with us on new year's eve. It was the best decision I made, there wasn't much smoke than expected. In short, my kids were able to stay in our living room til 11:30pm, and played with some of their cousins who came over. Me, i was busy preparing spaghetti, garlic bread and fruit salad for all of us. I got too tired after that night, but thanks to my vitamins , I got recharged the next day for another family reunion.I wish that this year, we will spend the Holidays with my mom and dad.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mommy's gift

This is my gift for Joaqui last Christmas day. Thanks to a dear friend who made shipping possible. I got this from Etoys at a discounted price, like 50%off its price here in Manila, not bad huh?! Actually, I dont have plans of checking out toys that time, I was busy reading about Fire Service degrees when my friend sent me a message about the ongoing sale. No regrets at all, my boy loves it to death and plays the Click Start most of the time. Its such an educational toy, just like all of his toys from Leap Frog. Now i plan to buy some more cartridge for added fun.

Off to Florida

I just envy my mom now because she is heading to Florida on summer. She will be meeting some of my aunts and cousins there and she is plainly excited to be with them again. As early as today, she is looking out for some south beach hotels already because it might get fully booked come summer time. So here I am , helping my mom get the best deals with her money. She is not into the posh ones though, a good 3 to 4 star hotel will do. Of course, she wants it clean , nice bathroom and beachfront.

Now i also want to look for some resorts for our summer vacation. Are we going back to Shang, or should we try somewhere else?

Monday, January 04, 2010

my toddler

She is one active girl.

She loves walking around the house, opening cabinets, grabbing things here and there. No wonder, I cannot finish any work in one seating. I've been reading about NJ Cosmetic dentist for days now, and I haven't checked the recommended websites yet. My cousin needs some help and hopefully i can provide her some details by the end of the week.

Anyway, back to my little girl. I hope she would lose some weight pretty soon thru walking. I dont want her to go on a diet yet, not this time as i find her too early for that. Do you think we can achieve a slimmer figure after a few months? Well, lets all wait and see.